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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    Ordered a necklace for my wife for Mothers Day. According to their website, I placed the order with plenty of time so my wife would have her present in time for Mothers Day. Now it's 4 weeks after Mothers Day and still no necklace !!! For the last 3 weeks the tracking states that the order is "in process". No luck talking to an actual customer service representative. This was my first and last experience dealing with Zales. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

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    Thu Jan 29 2009

    I have lots of experience with Zales and I find the service to be inconsistent depending on the employee I am dealing with. I tend to stick with the same store for all my needs and there are a select few employees I find to be wonderful! they are very helpful and do everything in their power to take care of my needs. On occasion I have taken jewelry from other stores to Zales to be repaired because they do such a good job. Not all of the employees are as pleasant, and some try to sway me with alot of technical jargon and "policy" that I know is not completely correct - just trying to make a buck. However I would not give the corporation a terrible rating only because of the few employees who actually do try. I work with people and I can understand some of the "situations" they are put into everyday in regards to customers. Just reading through some of the complaints posted I'd imagine you did not have the best of attitudes going in. Its understandable to be upset about your jewelry nee... Read more

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    Wed Jan 07 2009

    Just wanted to make a comment about the customer service at Zales and a comment about what jbugboco said. First, the reply to jbugboco, I have been in the jewlery business for 11 years, working for both large chain stores and small privatley owned stores,before going into business myself. Your misunderstanding of how rings are sized is obviously apparent. When a ring is cut to be sized, the excess band is usually FILED away - IT BECOMES DUST!!! This is done to ensure that you do not remove to much at once. One it becomes dust it scatters all over the workbench, the jewelers hands, it sticks to everyting. The only way to get it back is to shop vac the entire area and then send the sweepings to a refinery - which costs money. That is probly why they wanted to charge to get it back. I'm not defending Zales, I'm just sharing a little bit of information to those of you who think that the jewelers are "stealing" your 3mm worth of gold dust. That's less than $5 worth of gold, it costs them... Read more

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ZALES. They do not stand by their faulty products. I bought online a small pair of hoop heart earrings for my daughter and they broke within a month. I took them back to the store and they told me that they did not carry the same merchandise, so they could not help me. My "90 days for exchange" have expired now and customer service will not help me or replace the broken item or even apologize for the defective product. So now, I would like to warn you. Don't waste your time with Zales, it will cost you more in the long run.

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    Fri Dec 05 2008

    My experience at Zales has been the worst ever!!! First of all, I have a 2 ct wedding ring from them, a diamond bracelet, diamond anniversary ring and a diamond necklace. My wedding ring has been sent in once for a loose stone. I can handle that. I worked in jewlery for a long time and I understand things like that happen. My bracelet has been sent in once and just broke again and my necklace is fine (so far). HEREIN LIES THE anniversary ring! It has been sent in 4 times because multiple diamonds had fallen out or were loose. It's not even a year old!!! I got it Valentines day of 08. When I talked to the store about it, they were VERY unhelpful! Conviniently enough for them, they only had record of my wedding ring being sized once and my Anniversary ring being sized once. Mind you I already said my wedding ring had to be fixed, my bracelet had to be fixed and my Anniversary ring had to be fixed 4x!!!! NO RECORD OF ANY OF IT!!! Hmmm... Zales never once apol... Read more

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    I recently had the Zales store in Longmont, CO size my engagement ring down and I felt I was taken advantage of. I have very little experience with jewelry and admittedly didn't know what questions to ask - the sales people certainly weren't forthcoming with information. Anyway, I'm trying hard not to write this review simply to vent my spleen but to give others like me who may not be experienced with jewelry a heads-up. My engagement ring, which I did not purchase at Zales, needed to be made a size and a half smaller. Basically they were going to cut 3mm of the 18k gold out of the bottom of the band, solder it back together and do some sort of dip (since it is white gold.) When I dropped it off, I assumed that the gold would be returned to me since it is MINE. Actually it didn't occur to me that they wouldn't give it back so I never verified this. After I had dropped my ring off, a friend of mine who IS a an expert about jewelry asked if I requested to get the gold back, and adv... Read more

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    Thu Jun 26 2008

    Our wedding was planned for a month after we ordered my ring. we expected that the ring would not be available for the wedding which we were fine by. They did tell us it would take 4-5 weeks. Anyway, 2 months went by and we still didn't hear from them. Called them up only to hear that the ring was on back order and should be here in 2-3 weeks. Waited another 3 weeks only to be told that it would take another 5-6 weeks. That was the last straw. We canceled the order, got a full refund thankfully. Totally horrible at notifying you about any problems with orders and then they continue to jerk you around. Definitely look somewhere else when wanting quality and your order.

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    quality getting cheaper every year!

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    I was really offended with how I was treaded by Zales. I live in Canada, where Zales partner is Peoples, Peoples does not have online services, but direct you to Zales. Zales will not deal with Canadian customers. Even though I have a shipping address in the united states they will not accept my Canadian Credit Card. I can not apply for Zales credit card since I do not have an american social security number, I also can no use Pay Pal because Zales has instructed Pay Pal to not accept Canadian Credit cards. I have called many times, asking what I can do, can I send a money order, purchase gift cards online, etc. etc. I am so offended with how this company treats Canadians. It is offending and unfair. I am hoping you will join me in refusing to shop there until they are willing to treat Canadian customers equally.

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    Zales was very nice and helpful until they got the money. Then they lied to me repeatedly and ended returning my ring to me (after they were suppose to sauder and size it)in an inferior state. Now, the store and district manager will do nothing to rectify the situation and Zales Corp. will not return my phone calls or emails. Definitely pass on purchasing anything from Zales.

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    Sat Jan 19 2008

    my boyfriend has been a sales client for 4 years. i have never once had a problem with their service or thier jewelry. it might be because we always go to the same place but, the service is great, i was given a beautiful cocktail ring for christmas and the resizing took only a week. the only this that has ever slightly bother me was the fact that i requested that a rhodium to white gold, and a sizing and the first time i got the ring back it was only sized. afterwards they apologized and told me to comeback monday morning and said the ring would be ready by 7pm. and it was. i also love that they always do a great job on cleanings. i take all my things at one time and never have a complain!

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    A little over a year ago I bought a $2000 engagement ring from sales. No problems at the time but the engagement fell through and now I'm trying to sell the ring off. I got a rude awakening finding out the few places I took the ring to wouldn't buy it back for more than 300. Moral of the story, diamonds are worthless, capitalism wants you to believe they are worth something but if you must buy a diamond AVOID the big names(zales, kay, etc) at all cost as they have a high markup with very little resell value. You can do better shopping online or finding a trusted local jeweler.

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    Tue Dec 18 2007

    I would rate them a 0 if it would let me. I had a completely miserable experience at Zales. The people were rude, my needs were not met and I was lied to on multiple occasions. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to find another jewelry store to give your business to. I would if I could. Do not believe anything you are told by sales associates - make sure you speak with the store manager if you want any real information, and even then it's likely he will be lying as well. I do not trust them as a vendor and hate the fact that I'm bound to do business with them. They ruined my engagement by forcing me to buy a ring I am unhappy with and will not even listen to my concerns. Keep this in mind as you are choosing who to trust your engagement ring to.

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    Thu Nov 08 2007

    I love my Zales signature engagement ring. Especially the little diamond inside the band and the beautiful ring box.

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    Mon May 21 2007

    Hello, I am clueless on what to do next. I took my six month old daughter to piercing pagoda over a month ago now. The first trip I took her the woman was very polite and did her earing pretty nicely. Although there was ink everywhere. All over her! I asked her over six times how to care for the ears to make sure I understood what she was saying. She stated to take them out and clean them very well with the solution. So that night I took the one out and cleaned it and tried everything to get it back in this screaming baby. No luck. So I looked on the internet everywhere. And everything states to NOT TAKE THEM OUT! So I left the other one in, and went back three days later to see what she said. The same girl wasn't there. It was two other ladies. They said they would put it back in. And never apologized at all for this wrong information. So I handed her my babies earing we sat down and she went to put the earing back in. I have to mention this lady was very rude and impatient. And then ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 24 2007

    Dont ever go to Zales Outlet in Pearland TX. The mgr did not want to help me with my warranty on my ring since she wasnt getting the commission off of it. She made me call the store my boyfriend bought it from on my own cell phone, she was cussing the whole time and complaining about Zales and their stupid empoyees at other locations. Then when I needed her to size my finger, she said "You dont even know the size of your damn finger!" I then said please just give me my ring back, Im leaving and she gave it to me rudely saying "good I didnt want to help you anyways." My co-worker who was with me was appalled, other customers in the store left, the other employees were silent and shocked. I then asked for her business card and she said "NO and you better leave before I physically put you outside that door." I said, "ma'm I would like your business card (staying calm the whole time with this ridiculously rude mgr) and she said leave before I kick your two little butts out that door." I le... Read more

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    Fri Apr 13 2007

    My ex-boyfriend bought me one of the right hand rings with 5-6 diamonds (it kind of looks like stars in the sky....)... anyways, this was about a year and a half ago. First, I had to have it sized cuz the ones in the store come in a generic size 7 or 8. THAT took like 4-6 weeks to have done...... They finally called about 6 weeks later and told me it was ready. I went and got it..... but lo and behold it was NOT the same ring. There was a HUGE inclusion in the bigger diamond that had NOT been there before. So I complained about it and they let me pick out a different ring, which of course had to be sent away to be resized ALSO. They let me keep the first one so I'd have it to wear in the mean time. This was okay by me. But they'd already taken FOREVER with the first one and it wasn't even the same damn ring. SO I waited the alotted 6 weeks for the second one to come back..... at that time they still had not called so I called and they told me "OH, it's here, you can come in whenever yo... Read more

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    Tue Jan 30 2007

    Sales reps are great - but Store Managers are absolute crooks. Make sure when you return something to the store, you obtain a full refund first. Do NOT let them lure you into purchasing a new item on the same transaction as the Store Manager will twist it into an exchange and will not honor the 30-day refund guarantee for the new item purchased. Here's my experience: Purchased wedding band 12/9/06 on Took it to Chapel Hill Zales store for refund 1/2/07. Store rep sold me a diamond pendant. I said I preferred a refund first as I'll be out of the country on vacn till end of Jan, and the pendant wasn't on sale. Store rep reassured me it's OK to purchase as I have the 30-day guarantee. When I tried to return the item 1/29/2007 (because has a really good deal that would save me ~$150), the Store Manager (Larry Oliver) refused to give me the refund. He claimed that my 1/2/07 store purchase was an exchange, therefore, the 30-day guarantee is based on the first Zale... Read more

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    This is THE WORST jewelry store to go to. My fiance and I picked out my engagement ring there yet wanted it to be custom made with better diamonds. They originally told us it would take a week to finish. The week passed and still no ring. We had to call too many times to even get an answer. We were told their machine had broke and would be in in a day or so and it would only take ANOTHER week. So we waited again. after that they told us they had JUST recieved the machine and it would be ready the following day. We called the following day and it was still not done that they had only JUST THEN recieved the machine. So a few days later we called and they told us they had not yet recieved the machine!!! Yet they said the jeweler had a machine AT HIS HOUSE and would make it there that night. Now, if he had a machine at his house why didn't he make it there in the first place? Afterward they told us that the ring was almost done and again it would be ready the following day so we asked if w... Read more

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    Mon May 22 2006

    When ever I have shopped at Zales I have always recieved excellent service and quality diamonds. I would recomend anyone to a Zales store and I love the way that the jewlery shines.

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    Tue Mar 28 2006

    zales employees are rude and are only interested in closing the deal i was interested in purchasing a diamond pendant and matching ring and was still given attitude. they pay no attention to the customers needs as well as listening and showing merchendise that i was not interested to see. they could not answer most of my questions. i wasnt approached or greeted in anyway, i had to ask for help. poor customer service. i would strongly recommend KAY JEWELERS (stoneridge mall CA). KAY JEWELERS on the other hand has OUSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE which makes it such a fun and enjoyable experience!

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    Sat Feb 11 2006

    My boyfriend bought my engagement ring on Dec 10th 2005, within the first 3 weeks a stone popped out. We brought the ring back, (the sales guy was an unpleasant ass), we exchanged it for another(it was still within the 30 days). However, once again wihin a couple of weeks a FEW stones came loose. This ime we "sent it in for repair". It took "10 days". I've had the ring back a week and the stones are all loose AGAIN!! I don't think they ever sent it to repair, I think they just pressed the stones in, and gave it back. They have ruined what was supposed to be something very special. Now it's past the return time and I'm stuck with a very expensive , FLAWED, ring (that spends more time in a box then on my finger!!). Don't buy ANYTHING from them!! They are terrible. I'm going in once again today to deal with them, and will probably be in need of an attorney to help get the issue resolved!!! PLEASE DON'T PUT YOURSELVES THROUGH THIS ORDEAL WITH THIS COMPANY-THE PRODUCTS THEY OFFER MAY LOOK L... Read more

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    Thu Feb 02 2006

    Diamond quality is terrible (should not even be using these for jewelry, really obvious black inclusions, even to my untrained eye in poor lighting). When I tried to return earrings with receipt within 30 day return period, the salesperson wouldn't let me because I didn't have the credit card they were bought with (they were a gift, credit card owner is now far away). Also, the saleswoman was strangely rude when I said I wanted to return them and seemed gleeful when I didn't have the credit card. Look around before buying. Prices, quality, service all awful.

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    After making a watch purchase for my mother at one Zales, I wanted to return it at another Zales that was more convenient...not a chance! I had to take it back to the store where it was purchased, even though I had a reciept that was only a week old...they would let me exchange it, however...BLAH!

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    Mon Dec 26 2005

    I bought a saph/dia br. from the local Zales for my girlfriend. This was to be our first Chrismas. I wanted it to be special. She opened it the next day in which one of the stones fell out and the clasp was broken. When I went to return the item I was given more horriable service. I was told it would take up too, two weeks for a new one. I demanded my money back. Zales had poor service and even worse jewelry!

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    Sun Jul 10 2005

    I was always pleased with my jewelry, I shopped the Ontario Mills Outlet and got great deals. I no longer shop there for myself because I have a high end jeweler that I adore, but it is good starter jewelery for young ladies.

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    Thu Apr 14 2005

    Bailey banks and Biddle is owned by Zales. They have had my wedding ring for over 8 weeks now repairing it with no apology or explanation for the delay. This is an expensive piece of jewelry, even though good service should not be based on cost of an item. This is their high end chain and the service is terrible. I escalated my issue to the regional manager and he said it would be another 2 weeks before they had an update on my ring. All I need is a side stone reset because they did not set it right after it went if for repair last time. Do not shop here. Go to Tiffany's for great service and follow up. BBB/Zales does not care about their customers and this is evident their lack of concern and follow up.

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    Mon Apr 11 2005

    low quality...high price...lack of knowlagable salespeople ...if you like yellow diamonds and cloudy ones this is your place

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    Tue Apr 05 2005

    My fiance bought my diamond engagement ring from a local Zales. We special ordered it in white gold b/c the one in the store was yellow gold. Turns out, instead of making it from scratch, the cut off the yellow gold band, attached a white gold band, and dipped it in rodium. After having it cleaned, it rubbed off and the yellow gold still left on the setting was coming through. I would have to have it re-dipped every 6 months for $40 b/c they made it wrong! We returned that crap and got our money back! Zales has made the engagement and marriage process a headache for me. Don't go there!

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    Tue Dec 28 2004

    I have bought several Expensive [ieces from Zale and I absolutely love it there I have my own Jewler there that I can talk to at any time. I always get messages on my machines when the best sales are going on so I know when to shop. Every time I go in there my ring is always ckecked and cleaned they take good care of all of my jewlery I even had a special diamond ring for my husband they did a great job i have yet to have any problems with the any purchases that I have made there. In Daytona Beach there is a great Zale ask for Craig he will help you with any of your jewelery needs and if you have any questions about any thing that you have bought any where else he helps with that too. I have learned that if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. They keep their prices at the standard for the cut and clarity. It is a great store.

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    Tue Oct 19 2004

    I think it depends on where you are. I've bought/received jewelry from Zales in TX, VA, and FL and have been thrilled with everything. My most recent purchase was a sapphire ring online, fast shipping even to FPO, great quality, and good price (I waited until it was on sale). I've had nothing but good experiences with them, online and in store.

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    Wed Oct 06 2004

    Every mall jewlery store like this is complete junk! I wouldn't even dream of buying anything from there! Their diamonds are all dirty & yellow, yuck! There isn't a better jewlery store than Busch (in Illinois)!

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    Mon Aug 02 2004

    The diamond store is not my diamond store.

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    My husband bought my diamond engagement ring from Gordons (sister store) in 2001.It took them four times to get my ring sized correctly. After the ring was sized, one of the side diamonds fell out while I was at work. In 2002, the band cracked, so we decided to have Zales fix it because we didnt want to deal with the people at Gordons anymore. Zales fixed it for free after much complaining. Recently the middle diamond came loose, so Zales wants to charge us 14.99 per prong to tighten the setting. My ring has been sent away 6 times in less than three years! I dont recommend Zales or Gordons. Their expensive jewelry doesnt seem to hold up very well..

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    Sat May 22 2004

    They swapped a solid gold chain for a hollow one which was bought at another Zales in another state.

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    Tue Apr 27 2004

    Zales jewelry is of poor quality and the company that does their repairs is absolutely horrible. Save yourself a headache. (Gordons, Bailey Banks and Biddle are also part of chain)

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