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    Tue Nov 22 2011

    That sounds great! I have a BWI sedan service company that does airport shuttle transportation. I would love to get some online advertising done for my company! I could use some more customers! http://federalairportshuttle.net

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    Thu Sep 08 2011

    Hy, I just signed up and i am gonna start advertising locally with Yodle hope this works for and definitely i will come back to share my experience with you. http://limos4less.com

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    Tue Aug 16 2011

    Rude cold callers, trolling internet sites looking for marks. Obviously not professional, stay away.

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    Fri Aug 05 2011

    I literally get 100% of my business comes from Yodle. I’m an enthusiastic Yodle supporter. I’m not a pleased customer, I’m an ecstatically pleased customer. After 48 hours with Yodle the phone started to ring and it hasn’t stopped ringing. I had to pause my campaign twice because I was getting too much business.

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    Fri Aug 05 2011

    Awful waste of money. We started in May with them and were told that it was for 3 months, we wanted to cancel because the results are horrible and were then told that we could only cancel the pay per click advertising and that we are in a 6 month organic campaign that was never mentioned by the sales person. I feel that we are being held hostage by them as they do nothing to improve our placement on search engines. The results we received were other telemarketers and companies trying to sell to us instead of buy from us. Do Not waste your time or money with them you will get more results from a paper ad than you will with these clowns.

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    Fri Jul 01 2011

    I have been with Yodle for three months. I am cancelling my services with them as I have barely made the money I spent with them back. In turn, I am really just working to pay my Yodle bill. Not worth it. Yodle has a fun and detailed back end program but even that only worked for the first month and a half. Then my recorded phone calls were no longer working and most of my traffic was wrong numbers or spam. They suck you in with the hope of promise but in the end they are a hit and run company...

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    Fri Jun 10 2011

    Yodle Law is horrible. Just check their reviews online and you'll see that they are just PPC middle men who don't provide any value. The claims they make are outlandish...and just wait until you hear the condescension in their voice when you tell them "no." They will just keep telling you how all of the big firms use them. As if the big firms really track every advertising dollar. As long as the phones ring, they don't care what dollar spent was worth it, whether it be the tv ads, print ads, or Yodle's PPC management.

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    Wed Jun 08 2011

    Boy, I wish I had read the reviews before I wasted $3207 with Yodle. They promise big results, but most of my calls came from companies trying to sell me search engine optimization services. I got three small sales from Yodle. When I called to complain that I was getting nothing but search engine optimizers, they promised to change the listing. When I called after two more weeks of nothing, they promised to change again. Nothing. After two more weeks, I got no calls and no emails from either sales or service. Bottom line, I wasted my money. I do not recommend Yodle.

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    Wed Jun 01 2011

    Horrible! I am a attorney with a small firm looking to grow it through the internet. I already have three different websites but wanted to focus on google adwords and pay per click advertising not only on google but on other sites. I was contacted by a Yodle agent named Joel Karas who informed me that he could increase the traffic going through my website and have my phone "ringing off the hook." I spoke with him about what I wanted for my site and asked if that would be something he could provide. He assured me many times that it would be done and that he would have very "experienced" and "the best people yodle has" handling the job. So I trusted him and went forward with it. To clarify, what I wanted was just someone handling my google adwords, making sure that I was getting returns on what I was spending and that I didn't have to worry about it myself. He told me that because I had three different sites that it would be better to just have one site because too much exposure ... Read more

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    Tue May 17 2011

    Stay Away from this company first of all if you ask your account rep how much your getting charged per click the answer is we are not privy to those numbers (so what if they are spending your money)and then after having on going issues with placement and them spending my budget with out me getting calls they told me i have to give them a bigger budget which i did and got 0 for it when i asked to stop and refund my balance the answer was they cant give me a refund but they will try to spend my money wisely(what happened to algorithm they cant change?)since that email ive been falling further and further down the page while other yodle customers are #1,again what happened to the algorithm.

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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    During our first three months with Yodle we spent $2250 and received at least $5000 in new sales directly attributed to Yodle’s advertising efforts, not including any repeat business. What I like best about working with Yodle is that the advertising really works. It’s money well spent and we’re actually getting the results we hoped for. We sometime surpass our monthly ROI by 200%!

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    From the reviews I'm mostly impressed to see that Yodle is a leader at doing something that I have no idea what it is. Sign me up! What's a CrunchBase?

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    Thu Feb 10 2011

    You can be sure that any positive reviews are either fake or the very rare exception. Just Google "Yodle complaints" and you'll see the truth. I wouldn't put it past them to write some very illiterate complaints about themselves just to discredit those actually complaining. This company is fraudulent from the core.

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

    I signed up with Yodle & really connected with my sales guy. He said that my website would need to be approved before it went LIVE. Little did I know, once the sales process was overwith, Yodle would assign me an account manager who did not fulfill all the promises that were made during the sales process. Well, it went live before I caught it. The website was a disaster. Yodle had combined my landscape company with my mosquito misting company which is the one thing I definitely did not want to do. They are separate corporations with different markets as well as different brands. Yodle cheapened the look of my landscape company and watered down my efforts to do what I was trying to do which was market my mosquito business. It gets complicated, but after speaking with my sales person, he said he the web didn't have enough traffic to justify spending what they were asking for the mosquito business, & since I wasn't trying to target other insects, he would try to put together a marketing c... Read more

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    Tue Jan 25 2011

    This company is a scam. Been with them for 2 months and only got 1 real client. All my calls have been sales reps and my emails are spam. They actually had the gull to call and offer me $200 to write a positive review. So any business looking to sign up with Yodle Beware. If you have to bribe a customer to write a positive review your doing something wrong. If you were actually getting leads for clients they would be happy to write free reviews. Now I am out of 3K. Best part they said sign up before end of year so you can write it off. Sorry would have rather invested it into my business another way. BUSINESS OWNERS BEWARE THIS COMPANY CLAIMS TO BE THE BEST. THEY PAID THE DUMMY SERIES BOOKS TO SPONSOR A DUMMY BOOK FOR ONLINE MARKETING. THEY BASICALLY GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE THAT WILL MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SCAM WORK WITH A LOCAL PERSON WHO WILL DO FACE TO FACE.

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    Fri Dec 17 2010


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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    I signed up with Yodle for their 3 month trial basis. The sales rep told me I'd be so impressed with the leads I'd get, I'd turn my entire marketing budget over to Yodle to handle. Never believing that type of blanket statement, I figured 3 months wasn't long at all, and I'd give it a try. Quite frankly, I could have burned the cash in the fireplace and received better results, and probably had more fun. Sure, I got leads, and burned thru minutes with my receptionist, but the quality of those leads were bogus. I got calls looking for repair (which I don't do) , what the best price you can give me for XXX, and people that had forgotten they had even set an appointment with me. Yodle stirred the pot, and I got all the dregs. What a mess. When I called to complain about the service, my customer service rep never got back to me. Instead she passed me along to her supervisor, who apologized profusely, but refused to give me a credit for wasting my time and money. I am so pissed... Read more

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    I'm a solo practitioner family lawyer who opened my firm in the midst of an economic recession. I didn't have an extensive referral base to work with, so I needed to invest in advertising. But I realized that paper ads (yellow pages, news sources etc.) weren't a good fit. I was struggling to figure out Google Adwords and redesign my website for SEO. Trouble is, those aren't my skills and I was too busy practicing law to acquire that kind of expertise on my own. (I'm already lawyer, paralegal and receptionist wrapped into one.) Then Yodle stepped in. They reworked my website in less than a week. My account manager, Jason, planned a combined organic SEO and paid advertising campaign that fit my budget and began to yield results within the first week! On average so far, I"m getting 5-7 good quality leads from Yodle each week. (Any legal advertising is going to attract some "I just want free advice" types . . . so I'm not even counting those.) Definitely a worthwhile return on... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    “The world of online advertising is an extremely difficult area to navigate properly. Yodle has been straight shooters throughout the process, guiding me appropriately at every turn with advice and results. It has been a profitable investment that helped build and take my internet presence to a new level.”

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    I have been very happy with my yodle account. The return on investment has been much better than any other advertising that I have done. While it may be expensive to some, it more than pays for itself. I ahve gotten plenty of quality leads from yodle and I credit yodle for helping my firm grow. - Brian Schaeffer, Schaeffer Law Firm, Houston, Texas www.schaeffer-law.com

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    I have worked with Yodle for almost one year and have been extremely pleased with the results. The leads Yodle provides have been extremely lucrative for our business. As a business owner, I do not have the time to manage this aspect of the business on my own. It is such a relief knowing I have a team of people devoted to generating leads for my business. My Account Director keeps his eye on everything relative to my business. I have received messages from him "after hours" excited about the large amount of leads we received for the day! One would think in a large company customer service would be lacking.....that is certainly not the case with Yodle! I have complete confidence in the services Yodle provides to me. The revenue they generated for our new business was substantial right from the start. I shopped other companies prior to working with Yodle, however no one else offered as much value for my marketing dollars. I strongly recommend Yodle to any business looking for t... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Not at all worth the money. Their service does generate calls, just not the ones you want. They called me, offered a $750 a month deal with a "free" website and, of course, bashed my current one saying it was out of date. Bottom line is, they do get your ads out there, just not in places you can make money and they don't really care if what they produce is what you get. Telemarketing sales calls went through the roof to my business. I get about 4 or 5 calls a day from telemarketers because of Yodle. They simply search the interenet click and call the ad and then you have to pay for that click and call. Don't waste your money. Spend it on something more localized if you are a local business. You'll also spend ALOT of time on the phone with people who want "free" help or want you to "donate" your services and, guess what, you had to pay for that call because they found you through Yodle. My advice, its overpriced and doesn't produce the 10% or 20% "close" rate they promise. No... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    Yodle sucks, don't waist your money I highly urge you. I rad this reviews before I sign up my plumbing business so I can't really blame any one but my self. The sales man Erich sang me a very beautiful sung and I fall for it. I dare to say he lied to me. So, I started with $500 budget which he told me would be about $15.00 a day and will generate me about 30 calls and they will build me such a professional website. As it turned out they spend my $500.00 budget in 2 weeks which means $500 budget designed for 2 weeks not a month and of course I did get a 1% of promised calls 1 from some kind of sales man and 2 from same person asking me if they fixed a plumbing properly and if not how much would proper fix cost them by the way almost forgot about so called professional website www.upstatescplumbers.com . Also when I called Yodle and complained they told me that they never told me it will be $15.00 a day because there is no way to control CLICKS.

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    SCAM,SCAM,SCAM….. Yodle is truly the predator of small business. I signed up with Yodle on a 3 month trial basis. Their sales rep told me Yodle will build me a new website and advertise our services online. She said "Try it for three months and cancel if you are not satisfied. At the end of 3 months if you are not satisfied Yodle will give you the internet files for your website." She said they will charge me $750 per month for the first 3 months. The website they created was full of mistakes and misspelling etc. After 3 months I told them I wanted to cancel, they refused my cancellation request and signed me up for $450 per month deal. After repeated request to cancel, they continued charging my credit card, in one month they charged my card twice. After I received an e-mail from one of their managers saying they accepted my cancellation request, they still continued charging my credit card for different amounts, so it would not be noticed. I had to close my credit card account and... Read more

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    I went for an interview with this company and was offered a job before leaving the interview. I asked a recruiter i had been working with on another job if this was a good company because her husband, we'll just call him Russett Devit, is a VP there. She got pissed that i went with another company and had her husband call the managers and retract my offer within minutes. I am so glad because they are a scam. Go directly to Google for this and it's cheaper. Don't be middle manned. And joke ends up on these 2. The recruiter lost her job when the economy fell apart. She was having an afair and got pregnant. Now Russett raises someone elses child. It's called Kharma!!!!! Let's see you respond to this one Kara.

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    This is comical. It truly is ridiculous how many people/spammers/competition will use blogs to try to disparage yodle. Of course they have a mark up on the clicks! It's a freaking business! Ultimately at the end of the day it is about generating business. It doesn't seem like they would have been able to grow as much as they have if they were screwing people over left and right. Here is a challenge to all the people who gave negative reviews and made wild accusations about yodle. Re-post ON THIS BLOG with the name of your business. Obviously they will communicate with you and try to make things right. I'm sure they've done a poor job with some of their clients in the past. It just seems like a few of these blogs are competitors. Thompson Financial Group

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    Thu Aug 19 2010

    With Yodle’s online marketing campaign we are getting 3-5 jobs per month. Things have been going really well and we’ve been increasing our ad budget each month. The calls have increased every day since we first started advertising on line with Yodle. . I talk to my account rep regularly to make any changes and see how we’re doing. I like the willingness of the staff to make suggestions about how to improve my account. Yodle has really done a good job getting our name out. I have no complaints.

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    Wed Aug 18 2010

    I was contacted by a Yodle sales rep about 5 or 6 months ago and I decided to give Yodle a shot. I was working with another internet advertising company and wasn’t getting good results. Pretty much as soon as I started with Yodle I saw a major jump in customers. I am very satisfied with the work Yodle is doing for me. I would say I get 30 leads a month if not more than that. What I notice about doing my online advertising with Yodle is that they really care about your business. My campaign manager is always in contact with me and is very detailed about the campaign goals.

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    Yodle has proven to be a successful advertising service for my law firm so far. I’ve been with them for about 7 months and every month I received excellent results. Though I don’t always have the time to go in and track my calls, I’m happy that my account managers and sales rep still check in with me on a regular basis to let me know how things are going and suggest ways that we can continue to improve the account. You don’t always get that with companies and so it’s definitely made me feel good about working with them. -- Stephen H.

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    There are many different options out there for small business owners who want to start a low-hassle pay-per-click campaign. After using Yodle for 2.5 years and then switching to another provider (Google AdWords and Creative Link), I now know that I did not have a good experience or outcome with Yodle. 1. Technical Support and Marketing Savvy The representatives that I worked with were not very competent. There were typos in the PPC ads that they created for me. Typos! No further explanation required. 2. Our Interests Were NOT Aligned Some PPC marketing vendors charge you a flat fee for their services (campaign creation, landing page creation, etc). They will give you advice on how much money to spend on ads, but do not actually make money on the clicks you receive. Yodle, on the other hand, charges a mark-up fee on all of your ad clicks and conversions. They would argue that this aligns their business with yours, because they profit only when you get more leads. NOT TRUE ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    July 2010 In My Opinion: This company should be banned from doing business! The representatives are aggressive, lie about their service, don't deliver and more then 60% of the calls were staged, yes STAGED, with no intent to schedule services, they put services on your website you don't even do to get you calls. They just want and be CAREFULL they want your friends phone numbers and emails to go after them. Don't need these people, they use your money...pay google a % and keep the balance for themselves. You can do this yourself simply by paying google directly, write blogs on your company, pay for ads in the DEX, Yellow Pages and realize they ARE NOT doing anything for you that you cannot do yourself. DON'T BE FOOLED, I paid over $3500.00 and did not see the return promised. And after the three months they continued to bill my account. Cancel frequently prior to your 3 month period is up, document everything. Your business is important to you and you only, realize companies... Read more

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    My account representative at Yodle is really easy to get a hold of when I need to reach him. I can see pretty accurate data as far as new potential customers that have called or emailed me from Yodle’s online advertising. My #1 favorite thing about working with Yodle is that we can track exactly how our money is being spent so I can figure out the return on my investment for all the leads. We even put a Yodle tracking phone number on our other marketing materials so we can track their success too. We recently opened a new location for our franchise in Chicago and Yodle helped us to get it started. We used Yodle’s online advertising program to get customers and create awareness right off the bat.

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    We get 20% of our business as a result of working with Yodle to do our online advertising. With Yodle we get access to lots of metrics and data. The client service from Yodle has been wonderful. I signed up with Yodle after seeing a demonstration of the service at a conference I was attending and I have no complaints. Yodle has become a reliable part of our marketing campaign. We are getting a lot more business now.

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    What drew me to Yodle was the ability to get organic placement. I’d been looking for an online marketing company like Yodle that could do both PPC and organic management for me. Yodle is good for my personal well being. I love the fact that I’m on the first page in the search and also on all the sponsored sections. With my old online advertising company, I did not get this kind of exposure. The website Yodle built for me looks great and has lots of details. I love the quick responses I get from Yodle – the customer service has been great. They get back to immediately when I need changes. Yodle has put me on the right track!

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    My review of Yodle? Very good. I’ve worked with a lot of online advertising companies and many of them don’t make the cut. Yodle delivers me great leads and also great service. My account manager really knows my business and has even made some recommendations to me about how to improve my non PPC marketing. I like working with Yodle.

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    Sat May 01 2010

    yodle conned me out of several thousands of dollars. No return, no good experiences, they just plain suck! keith markun.

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    Mon Apr 26 2010

    I will add yet another bad review of Yodle. Truth is, I never used their service, but after reading all of this bad reviews, I decided not to. Well unfortunately they already got a "setup" fee out of me, and I doubt I'll ever get that back. I have disputed the charge through my credit card company, and will file a complaint with the BBB as well. I have made several attempts to contact Yodle, asking what I need to do to cancel the arrangement, and I have received NO response at all. Like others have said, they hound you to death to get you signed up, then once they have your money, they don't care about you anymore. They might have been able to save me as a customer if they would have responded promptly to my request to cancel and given me a good reason to try them out. At this point, however, they have no chance of ever getting my business. Hopefully I'll get my $168 setup fee back, but if not, at least I won't waste $3,000 on the advertising. Also, if they call you wanting yo... Read more

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    Fri Feb 26 2010

    Stay away, huge cost and low returns. You can do your own advertising that’s more local with Google, Bing and yahoo. Plus it will cost you 50-70% less. If you want the convenience of having someone else do the work for you then you can use Yodle but keep in mind they will make an exorbitant amount of money off of you. Plus if you cancel them you will lose potential customers that have booked the mirrored site of yours hosted on Yodle's servers. None of the advertising is directed to your business website or phone directly, it’s all channeled directly through Yodle first. ("Gotcha!" is what they should be saying)

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    Sun Feb 21 2010

    I began using Yodle to manage my online marketing campaigns and since then have nothing but positive things to say. I have received the support and feedback that is necessary to run a successful campaign and was pleasantly surprised at the level of interaction that I’ve established with the Yodle team. I recommend Yodle as a partner to manage your online marketing campaigns.

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    I am really disappointed for Yodle's service. I signed up for the service two weeks ago and I haven't heard back anything from my sales rep yet. The sales rep was very aggressive in the beginning to have me signed up for the service. However, the first thing that he told me right after I signed up is "Call me tomorrow". It makes me feel very uncomfortable. He only got back to me once for my 10 emails, no return call and I don't even have the login for my account. What kind of company is it? Are they trying to cheat people for business? Where can I complaint? They charged my credit card already and do nothing.

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    Wasted $5000 with this company. Signed up to get better PPC performance and CTR. The exact opposite happened. In the end I was paying $5.50 for clicks that I could buy for .35 cents on my own. I am back to managing my own campaign and i'm getting more clicks for 1/5 the amount of money. Do not believe a word the sales people tell you. They are slick and only looking to get your CC number. What they won't tell you is they "mark up" keywords and skim off the outrageous bids they place. When you cancel, they keep the website & 800 number, so your customers won't be able to reach you. Do yourself a favor and spend some money on a adwords seminar and manage your own PPC campaign.

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    Hi, I am going to start advertising with yodle. I hope it will work for me. I will be back to let everyone know my experience with yodle. www.songlimousine.com

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    Tue Dec 15 2009

    Stay away from Yodle. They have a high pressure sales team wich overpromises and underedelivers. I am involved in a better business bureau dispute. they copied my website against my wishes (that was my only condition for proceeding with them, and they couldn't even keep that request straight). I then cancelled my account, but they still charged my credit card. Most companies, when they apologize for a mistake, will accept to cancel the account. again, if you are looking to sign up with YODLE, please read the reviews that others like me have posted, and then think again . this is a highly disreputable company.

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    I signed up for an internet marketing program with Yodle a few months ago, I was promised a lead generating site that would get '' Calls not Clicks " as there site claims. This can not be further from the truth, this is no more than another company with slick telemarketers who promise the world and don't deliver . As a business person I am sick of getting ripped off by companies like Yodle. I questioned there methods on how they would accomplish this compared to myown PPC and other marketing efforts and they insisted they had this special software and site that would entice the coustomer to call. The system is set up well and if you have tons of money to through at it then it will deliver results but make sure you have your own site that is well designed to capture leads first. There account managers are goos as well , the main problem is they are very missleading and in to much of a hurry to sign you up befors making sure you have a proper lead gen site and make you commit to 3 mo... Read more

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    Mon Nov 16 2009

    This company is a scam, I would not be surprise if the ratings with the stars on them are not it's employees or execs, they will promise you the world before signup, they promise local ads, people I got to call me were way outside my area, There over priced and just rediculous, they give you a so called Marketing expert, she only contacts you when it's time to fund your account again, they are a joke, or worst a freaking scam KEEP AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, I'T BULLCRAP

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    Yodle.com is a complete rip-off. First off, their "technical help" are totally incompetent. I have spent over $10,000 designing my landing pages over the past few years for my business. Meaning I have spent $10,000 on split tests. My pages converted like mad, 30-40% of people would call or email. They were too stupid to figure out how to split landing pages per groups of keywords. Absolutely ridiculous. They couldn't give me FTP access, nothing. Second, they are WAAAAYYYYY overpriced. I have two years of data for my business. It costs me $1.43 per click, and roughly $4.46 per phone call/email. And I convert half of those calls, so it costs me about $9 per new customer. I spent over $1,000 with Yodle, want to know how many customers I got...... Wait for it...... Holding your breath..... 0. Flat out nada, zilch, no one. Nothing. Their clicks were $3.84 each, and were NOT converting. I would bet that most of the "positive reviews" are from Yodle employees, or people who have ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    Yodle parades itself as consumer education, but you'd get better advice on just about any topic from a homeless guy sorting through your garbage. The site's devoid of any knowledgeable or useful content, and plays on dim-witted shoppers neediness for tips on things like plucking your eyebrows. The site's a giant and cynical scam.

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    I'm thankful I have Yodle during these economic times. Right now I generate about 40% of my new patients from Yodle's advertising services. My account manager has also been fabulous -- she is definitely on top of my campaign and constantly tweaking it to make sure I continue to generate excellent results.

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    Yodle is a scam they do not come thru as promised. $2000.00 wasted in 3 months.

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    I used another SEM company to advertise my tutoring business online and it was a disaster. Therefore, I was apprehensive to sign on with Yodle, however, so far the experience has been great. My account manager is not only responsive to my inquiries, but actually checks in on a regular basis to keep me up to date with my campaign. We're even getting leads right now and the school season hasn't even started!