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    Mon May 24 2010

    I like most of the Wysong products. We have used their canned foods for our dogs, mixed with Honest Kitchen and since our cats will not eat most food we offer them except for Wysong, we feed that to our kitties too. I think they are probably more enthusiastic than our dogs are! My wife is not keen on the smell of the canned diets but that is a pretty minor issue. As far as I know this company has never been involved in any recalls. I am unsure what the 'animal plasma' is that they use in some of their diets and have never gotten an answer to this question when I have emailed them which is why I only give them four stars but over all the foods feed real nicely.

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    Sat Mar 27 2010

    I don't know why everyone is giving this dog food such bad reviews, because for me and my dog I have seen great results with this dog food. The one I choose to feed my Basset Hound is Wysong Optimal Performance dry dog food. I had my Basset Hound previously on EVO red meat small bites then onto the chicken/turkey formula, and he was doing poorly on it. His hair was coming out in handfuls, his eyes were constantly filled with "goo" and he generally had a dull coat and look to him. I then switched him onto Wysong Optimal Performance and within a couple of weeks, his coat was shiny again and he had this shine to his eyes and looked so healthy. I know not every dog food is going to be right for every dog that is out there, but for me, this dog food has worked. While I am not 100% happy that the dog food contains brown rice and ground oat groats (this isn't a horse we are feeding, it's a dog!), I am happy to stay with this dog food right now as he likes it, and it is better than feeding hi... Read more

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    Sat Mar 27 2010

    Loved Wysong dog kibble, always felt he was getting the best. Then my dog became ill, then I noticed the recall.I doubted the food was the cause, but the symptoms he was having prompted me to contact them as I read in consumeraffairs there was a reported death with the same symptoms as my dog. after eating their recalled food.I had to rely on them as I store the food in a container and no longer had the lot# .Horrible experience, total faliure on the part of the employees to communicate. Had to force them to get back to me over the test they performed on my food only to receive inadequate help. Negative or positive reults would have expedited him receiving proper treatment.VERY SCARY!

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    I think they have great canned food but I am not a fan of the kibble it contains wheat and corn and poultry fat.

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    Don't know why people don't like it - unless their animal doesn't, but when we picked up our puppy from Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) 15 years ago, they told us that this was the only food we should feed our dog and it was the next best thing to hand prepared. 15 years later, our dog still runs, jumps in the car, over hedges, has a shiny coat, all the promises of Wysong - longetivity and good coat. We have had virtually no vet bills aside from checkups and maintenance. We started him off on cans and Growth bags, switched to Maintenance and now on Senior. We are planning to take him back to PAWS to show them what happened to their recommendation!

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    Saw the nonsense firsthand, food is what is described, but they cut corners everywhere they can and will NEVER admit mistakes or issues, even with black lined canned food which are canned at Menu and Evangers - both involved in massive recalls and most recently Evangers. Knowing the questionable ethics of the company and the FACT that they advertise and claim the 'teams of veterinarians and scientists' that work at their company, and no animal testing, just means that Dr. Wysong who is ancient is the only vet who is on staff (lucky if there is even another college graduate among their employees) (and owner but rarely there now), who believes he can do no wrong and that every other vet or otherwise is absolutely wrong if they do not agree with him, makes you wonder what who are the guinea pigs for their company? YOUR PETS...Prior lawsuits have happened, now with Purina. Sure makes you wonder. My animals hated the food, no matter what kind and their horse food LOOKS like dog food. The... Read more

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    My dogs seemed to need more fiber in their diet, and the cat usually eats the same food, so we switched to Wysong Anergen. One dog became extremely ill - vomiting, diarrhea for days, lethargy. The cat's bowels became blocked and had to go to the vet as well. Never again.

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    Sun Nov 16 2008

    TeresaG and others -- I don't know which Wysong type you are talking about, but I've been feeding my kids Wysong Anergen for 15 years now and have only had excellent results. This is a lamb and rice formula and there is NO animal, poultry or other fat listed in the ingredients. My Yorkie LOVES it, as did my Pom and Bichon Frise, who both lived into advanced old age. NO corn or soy as well. Ingredients: Lamb, Ground Brown Rice, Ground Oat Groats, Ground Flax Seeds, Dried Yeast, DL-Methionine, Taurine, Lecithin, Fish Oil, Coconut Oil, Plums, Dried Wheat Grass Powder, Dried Barley Grass Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Extractives of Sage, Natural Extractives of Rosemary, Dried Kelp, Garlic, Black Pepper, Artichoke, L-Carnitine, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus casei Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus lactis Fermentation Product, Dried Saccharomyces ce... Read more

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    Wysong Canine Diet Maintenance is a well-rounded, highly nutritious diet designed for the long-term maintenance of dogs who have reached maturity. Maintenance is designed to provide optimum canine nutrition, thus enhancing vitality and disease prevention.

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    Sat Nov 03 2007

    Yuck! And just as an FYI for those who don't know, Poultry fat is Chicken and/or Turkey per AAFCO guidelines.  ANIMAL FAT is just that, any animal with the exception of a whale or elephant.  Every dog food used some fat ~ just be careful of what kind.  And as puppyloverkb has said,  always look for a MEAL as your first ingredient.  That is dehydrated ground meat and will STAY your #1 ingredient in the cooking process.  Ground corn consists of the whold corn cob minus the husk (yes, cob and all).  While dogs are omnivores and can SURVIVE on grains and plant life ~ there's a difference between SURVIVING and THRIVING.  And as Jakesire said, soy is not a NECESSARY ingredient and will do nothing for your dog besides give it gas.  AAFCO guidelines may not include things that WE approve of, but they ARE STRICT ~ pet food companies MAY NOT use road kill or other dog and cat parts (every other animal is free game).

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    Wed Oct 31 2007

    After my baby's bladder stone surgery the vet wanted to sell me some SD RX . I said no and switched her to Wysong Synorgon (from Nature's Variety). It's been a couple of years with no reoccurrence. Go to their website. All ingredients concerns are convincingly addressed. If you still don't think this is a great food you probably think 911 was an inside job,the CIA killed JFK, and Alger Hiss was not a Soviet spy.

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    Sat Aug 04 2007

    good ideas on food but not real good ingredients. to many grains not enough meat .

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    Mon May 21 2007

    Bad in that my dogs refused to eat it.

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    Mon May 07 2007

    I really don't understand this company. They make a halfway decent food in their archetype formula (In my opinion it is a 3 star food) But all their other formulas are extremely poor in quality.I don't know what merzi considers fillers, but Wysong has a tone of them. Their first two ingredients in their matinence formula are chicken and chicken giblets. This is good, but the fact that it is not in meal form means that it is about the 7th or 8th ingredient on the list (once you take out the 70% water found in chicken). Therefore, you are assentially feeding your dog Ground Brown Rice, Ground Wheat, Ground Corn, Ground Oat Groats (the next four ingredients). Then, if that wasn't bad enough, those are followed by poultry fat. What poultry?!?! Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Road Kill...what?Their can formulas have the right idea of being very simple in their ingredients, however, in their Duck, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Venison A Jus formulas, they have the ingredient of animal plasma!! Animal Pla... Read more

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    Sun May 06 2007

    The canned food only has four ingredients, mostly meat unlike other canned brands. My puppy loves the dry food and her coat is shiny and beautiful. Plus its not full of fillers so you feed less. Why feed your dog fillers?? Id rather they eat the real thing. I switched from Eukanuba and went from 4 cups to 2 cups, big difference. As for the dry the first ingredients are turkey, potatoe, and more that you can pronounce. If the first ingredients are by-products or meal, stay away!

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    Sat Apr 14 2007

    Yuk! Double Yuk! Gross! Give your dog something truly good for it like Blue Buffalo. No wheat, corn, gluten meal or soybeans. Just human grade chicken, whole grains like barley, rice and oats (not the junk stuff) vegetables and lots of vitamins, Omega 3 and 6, Glucosamine. Absolutely the best I've been able to find for my dog and she loves it! Some say it causes loose stools, but if you transition the dog slowly over the course of a couple of weeks, you won't have this problem.

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    Mon Mar 26 2007

    Poor foodChicken (80% water), Ground Corn, Ground Wheat, Ground Brown Rice, Ground Extruded Whole Soybeans, Poultry Fat, Corn Gluten Meal.Any food with corn should be avoided.  Any food food with wheat should especially be avoided. Soy is not reccomended for dogs as many are allergic to it.  There is further corn as a glutten meal. Poultry fat is an unnamed sorce product, and usually of low quality.On the other hand their Archetype and Archetype Buffet foods are decent quality.But do not get the 2 confused..... their regular formulas with the above ingred's are awful,, make sure you read the ingredient label, so as not to confuse formulas.

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    My dogs and cats love the food. I love that it is an all natural food without preservatives or additives. I've been feeding it for 16 years. I like the fact that they use whole chickens for many of their products.

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    Sun Dec 24 2006

    When the bags arrived (Archetype and Archetype Buffet) I couldn't believe it equalled 11 cans of food. Forget the Archetype plain stuff....Yorkie ran the other way! I opened the Archtype Buffet and as healthy as this food is, if I were a dog, I'd run too! It smells very fresh but since it's dehydrated food, it resembles sawdust and treebark with dried veggies mixed in. I measured out 1/4 cup with 1/4 cup of water of the Buffet type first night and my Yorkied scoffed it down. I was impressed. However, an hour later he was vomiting all over the place. Either he was overfed or it did not agree with him. However, since then I have tried it again and we played food games to get him to try one more time to no avail. I'm back to Merrick wet food (Smothered Comfort) and Life's Abundance dry, both excellent foods. My reason for switching foods was the Yorkie has been suffering with crystals and bladder stones, for which he is having surgery this week, and I felt that possibl... Read more

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    Thu Feb 16 2006

    ehh is all i can say

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    Sat Jan 21 2006

    Wasn't impressed. Dogs coats were dry, niether wanted to eat it, low palitability.

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    Sun May 22 2005

    They make an all meat variety which is supposed to be fed in addition to hard food that is low in protein, but not to be fed alone as it will not be a balanced meal.

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    This is a great brand, especially their all meat canned dog foods. Not full of junk and fillers like 90% of all the other canned dog foods. Great if your dogs have allergies, unique protein sources like rabbit and venison.