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    Tue Nov 29 2011

    World Moving cost us about $1,000 more than quoted and contracted our Chicago to Washington move to an extremely sloppy and unprofessional outfit called Able Moving, based in Chicago, that lost a box of valuable household items and severely damaged several pieces of furniture. World Moving charged us "shuttle fees" at our origin and destination, despite prior notice that shuttles were not required by law at either location, were not needed for the move, and not in fact used. After mind-bogglingly shady failures to return calls, hang-ups, and giving us non-existent callback numbers, World finally responded when we disputed their charges with our bank. Representatives from World Moving merely cited a “lack of proper permit” for a full-sized truck in vague generality, despite my repeated inquiries as to what parking or other permits were lacking. World Moving representatives’ assertion that “county permits” were needed is laughably erroneous and demonstrates their willingness to mind... Read more

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This group of individuals are CONARTISTS, corrupt. I booked with 'Carolos' in February for a move in JUne. I paid almost $700 up front as deposit. I was told they would contact me the week before the move to finalise arrangements. That week was a nightmare. I got concenrned when i had not heard from them by MOnday and called only to be told they would call back and they didnt. I called innumerable times that week. They told me that they had no mover organised to haul my stuff 3000 miles. I could not break the contract because they had until the end of the week. I was deaLing with Benajmin re the move. He stopped answering my calls. Didnt call me back. Didnt answer emails. Then i contacted Carlos. He too refused to answer his phone. Clearly they would screen the calls. I did catch them out with skype as they didnt recognise the number. They were abrupt rude and had no solutions. Customer service and the operator would just leave me hanging on the line i... Read more

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    Funny - I had filled out some online tool about getting estimates to move. So the guy from World Moving Services called me today. When I told him I had gotten a lot of other estimates over the last few days, he said "Well you were the one who filled out the online form!" Then he told me I need to check out their BBB rating to which I replied I was looking at a ton of reviews that rated them TERRIBLE. He got very defensive and asked where I got the ratings from claiming he hadn't even given me the name of his company. I finally told him thanks and had to hang up on him b/c he was getting so rude and defensive.

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    Fri Jan 21 2011

    Absolutely awful…… I like everyone else gave the $700 deposit!! UGH after that I started getting calls from all these other moving companies. And one which I thought was someone from WORLD MOVING SERVICES… but wasnt. Explained who they actually were - broker, jack rates up after the fact… etc, so he saved me.. in a way. My problem was I had already agreed and my move was immediate.. so based on their crap*ss paperwork, I had no chance to cancel without losing my deposit!!! Tried explaining to my CC company that they are STEALING money from me and other people. So in the end they are just THEIVES!!! Stay AWAY far far away… And if PETER MANFREDI calls you. HANG UP!

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    The stories that you read about this company are all true! Hate to say live and learn, but that is what you will do if you do not read this review and NOT go running in the other direction. World Moving Services use very friendly and knowledgeable people over the phone. They try to sound like they are your best friend, beware!!!. This is a broker not a mover, and what they say the weight is, (which they way over estimate..quote) is not going to be what the actual movers are going to say it is. They will tell you that you have the right to a re-weigh. This is what you have to do. Go with them to the weigh station, (who know where the heck it is could be over 50 miles) Have all of your belongings taken off the truck as well as whatever other items that are on the truck. Weigh the truck, then reload all of your belongings and re-weigh the truck. Who would go through all of this especially when they probably are not going to use the best of care reloading. They know they have you by the ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 12 2010

    This is the worst move I have ever made! They claim that they will weigh the truck and charge based on the weight of my items, but when they weigh the truck in South Carolina, drive to New Jersey to pick up my items (two days later), and then weigh the truck again 24 hours later in Massachusetts it makes me wonder just how honest they are - especially when I am told that the furniture (mostly inexpensive, college student quality) in a small one bedroom apartment weighs over 4 tons. The guaranteed price didn't count for anything! If they guaranteed your price for moving 5 large boxes and 5 medium boxes but the movers that show up think that 6 of your boxes are large and only 4 are medium sized then the guarantee goes out the window and they can charge you whatever they want. They don't tell you this until they are dropping off your things and they hold everything hostage until you pay them. The contract guaranteed a free re-weighing of the truck if I wanted one. I asked for one but... Read more

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    This past summer, I felt that it was way too hot, even for South Florida. I contacted them to push the earth's orbit out another 100,000 kilometers, and they said they couldn't do it. Hrumph. Hrumph. Hey, I didn't get a hrumph out of that guy...

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    I contacted world Moving to make my move. After making all the necessary contacts and giving them nearly 700$ the madness began. At the time of my belongings arrived I found out that the money I gave them was an additional fee on top of the original estimate. The original estimate was based on weight which is next to impossible to do over the phone let alone the the actual movers ended up basing my fee on the # of boxes not weight!! The original estimate was 1500$ it ended up being 1800$ the fee added on top of that took my final $$ to 2500$$ , 1000$ over the original estimate. World Moving does'nt do the actual moving, they sub-contract out the moving to a third party. This company never told me that their fee was an additional fee on top of what the movers charged!!! I would never use or recomend them to any one no one decerves this kind of headache. If your going to move use a national reputable company and make sure that they come out to your place and do an actual/on site estimate... Read more

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    As with others who have reviewed this "moving company", it was the most horrible move I have ever encountered when my daughter moved.. The hidden fees they so conviently forget to mention doubled the cost, They showed up 9 hours late and went until 4AM loading. Then the truck broke down en route and took almost 2 weeks to finally reach her. There was damage to several items that they kept saying was already there, despite photos to the contrary. Then to top it off, many items were stolen enroute. Other boxes showed evidence that they had been opened and searched. We ended up losing most of the very nice china, the brand new vacuum cleaner, all box and canned food and many other things. The first indication that this is a shoddy operation is the labeling system. NO NUMBERS on the boxes, just a box/item total on the paperwork. Unless you stand there and count each item as it comes in (including piece parts to beds, etc) you have no way of identifying if everything is there and w... Read more

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    Tue Oct 26 2010

    0 stars!!! This was the WORST experience in moving I have ever had!! And my biggest mistake was NOT reading the reviews prior to signing a contract with them! My move ended up being TRIPLE than what they gave me for an estimate!! I was assured there would be a nationwide moving van at my house...and, was an unmarked white truck with three men that could barely speak English, let alone understand it! The person who was "going to work side by side" with me throughout the move could not be reached when my furniture was being held hostage. And when the furniture was delivered, I got a call from World Moving Services asking if my things had been delivered? When i said they had just finished, she said "OK" and hung up!! Amazing there was no question about whether I was satisfied or not, & needless to say, there wasn't even a thank you for letting us do the job!! If anything positive came of this's the fact that I will be filing a complaint with the Better Busi... Read more

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    0 stars (put your rating here! 1-5 This was a corporate move. I have experienced far less pain with a U-Haul and my own bare hands. The tweedle dumb and tweedle dee team contracted by World Moving is nothing short of a joke. After arriving a day late, it took them 13 hours to move our stuff ( from a modest 1200sf home) from inside to the front yard. They did the initial walk through pointing at each item seemingly disgusted that I was asking them to move ALL my belongings. "yes, I'm taking my dining room furniture. Yes, I want everything in the bedroom to go." I couldn't make them understand I was "moving" 150 miles away, and I was taking ALL of my furniture. It was August, 98 degrees out, and equal humidity. I discovered all our electronics basking in the sun in the front yard after being taken out of the house hours before. I took matters into my own hands and began loading the truck myself. Boxes of dishes were dropped onto the concrete front porch. They attempted to take the sofa ... Read more

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    Sun Oct 17 2010

    Absolute nightmare. Worst moving experience in over 20 cross country moves. We called them 8 weeks in advance of move. They had more than enough time to coordinate and they got NOTHING right except the add on's and add up's and every contingency that would cost more money. They called me on a Friday and over the phone a guy named Ben went through the "contingencies" with me to explain why I needed to triple the deposit. Just like the last review I read, they lowballed the initial estimate to get us to go with them and then the week before the move was "supposed" to happen they call and demand another $2000! The guy assured me over and over that these were just contingencies and they would refund the money when they didn't happen - what it turned out was he "booked" the move with another company in such a way that the charges were going to happen no matter what. They never told me that they were "contracting" the move out. So, pick up didn't happen on time which meant the delive... Read more

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    Mon Oct 11 2010

    This is the first review that I have ever written. People have failed to serve me at resturants. I have also been bumped from flights. So, appreciate that it would really take a lot to get me to express my discontent online. Tomas Lee and Benjamin Aaronson can only be compared to conartists. I was given a "not to exceed quote" and led to believe that it was binding. Of course, the need for extra changes emerged 3 days before my move. I was told that if certain services were not delivered, I would get a refund. When I called back, I was told that refunds are never given. So, my $1400 move turned into a $3000 move--much more than the market rate. Trying to figure this all out took over 20 hours of time on the phone (trust me, I went over on my phone minutes). I was placed on hold and no one ever called back to answer my questions. To add insult injury, some of my goods were destroyed by the delivery company that they sub-contract to (Movers Express). The movers said that th... Read more

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    Thu Oct 07 2010

    To date this has been the worst experience of my life. I did everything in a prompt manner that they needed from me but I can say that was returned. I was told over a week ago that my things would arrive last weekend. Another week has passed and have never received a call, email or anything from a rep. I, myself through a 3rd party got a number for the driver who informed me he was on days off and my things were in Dallas but gave me another number to call that is a sub contracted trucking company who informs me that WMS never had the authority to tell me when my things would arrive that they do not do the scheduling. As of the writing of this review I still have not heard a word from WMS nor the trucking company whom I don't even know the name of. I was told I would be contacted a few days before the arrival of my things. NOTHING!!! I began making calls to the man whom took care of my paper work only to be told over and over that no one by that name worked for the company. DU... Read more

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    I have moved to 7 different states in my life and by far this moving company was the worst. You have to deal with too many people right from the beginning. Then no one is held accountable when things go bad. They all blame each other. Please ask if a 3rd party will be moving your belongings...I didn't even know this was a possibility. They don't disclose anything. They sold me "special" boxes and packaging for my HD TV's and all they were was a regular cardboard box with a blanket wrapped around the TV...I paid alot extra for their special packaging. I also paid to have each of my bikes crated. The sales person said that "x" number of feet was the amount I needed to crate each bike and it was "x" price. When the movers got to my house they did not crate anything. They actually bubble wrapped the bikes. I called to find out why they were not crated and of course I could never get the original sales person on the phone again. The person told me on the phone that the sales per... Read more

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    Fri Sep 10 2010

    0 stars DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Wow, what a batch of bad reviews here. I wish I had seen this before my move. The man who quoted me could not have been nicer before the deal was done. He came in lower than the other company and was able to promise me my move dates. The other company (Allied) came in and gave a quote and had their own drivers. I know others who have used them with good experiences. I was lured by a move that would be $500 cheaper and in the end paid about $50 more!! They farm out the jobs... find a company that has their own driver, comes to your house to estimate and gives you a firm price. Get that in writing. I flat out asked Thomas Lee when he gave me the quote what would happen if the weight was over and he told me it wouldn't be. He assured me that he had factored in a lot of extra weight. Sure wish I had presed him for a firm answer (sucker). He later called me a liar "customers always lie when they estimate", nice change of tune Thomas! I was killing mys... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! Here are what I had, eventually what you will get if you use them... (1) The estimator (Named CARLOS, *** ) will promise you whole a lot things, that really not true...( I ordered full services, including packing, then they ended up charging me 670$ more...) (2) The third party moving company will drive a huge truck to your place from really far away (My case, the driver drove a huge truck from NJ to DC, late for sure), and if this giganic truck cannot get in to your place, EXTRA COST. (3) They didn't find a car moving company to move my car after my household stuffs had been moved to the new place for a while. I ended up renting for a car in the new place for more than 3 weeks. The customer service lady (Name Julia, I really really hate her...) keep calling me everyday to ask for extra time for them to locate a carrier for my vehicle. No matter you agree or not, she will just do it ... looks like her job is just letting me know, not trying to solve the pr... Read more

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    My daughter and son-in-law recently used World Moving and had an awful experience. The horror stories you read about here are true. They lie to you, add extra charges, all of it. One review referred to it as "Bait and Switch". I would agree with that statement. I am writing this review in the hope that it will keep someone from using this company. I hope that this review will cost World Moving future business. My daughter and son-in-law were overcharged and suffered a lot of stress in dealing with World Moving. DO NOT USE THEM!

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    UPDATE AS OF 6/4/10 I contacted my credit card company to see if I could cancel the balance I owe them at the end of the move. Unfortunately, it was too late since the charge has already been processed. But, the credit card company was able to start a dispute file and they temporarily credited my account by the amount I requested ($1,000). I also submitted a claim report for the missing and damaged items with the company that handles World Moving claims. They took about 4 weeks to get back to me and finally sent paperwork to me stating they could only reimbursement $97. My credit card company and the claim department are now "discussing" the next steps..... Four months after the move and I'm still dealling with this nightmare!!!!! If only I had done my research prior to the move! ********************** OMG!!! THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST!! Please DO NOT use this WILL BE sorry!!! My first encounter was with Benjamin Aaronson. He really knows how to sell the comp... Read more

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    This was the worse company I have ever tried to deal with, I started to work with world moving in April to set up my daughter's move from Reno, Nevada to St. Cloud Florida. We had all the paperwork done and deposit made April 21 with the move to be June1&2. June1 comes we here nothing and in the middle of the day my daughter calls and finds out that there is no truck assigned to the move yet. I had been getting the run around from Thomas Lee for the last 2 weeks before the date and when June 1 came he was no where to be found to help us after claiming he would follow the move from start to finish. Come June 2nd and they still don't have a carrier so I ask for my deposit back so I can start finding someone to do the move, I am told I have to wait until 11:59 that night before they will refund which puts me in a real bad position do I wait or just find a different moverdo to the job. I was able to find a mover who could pick it up on the weekend and get it down to Florida that was Budget... Read more

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    I feel like a sucker and I am. Don’t let this happen to you. They flat out lie to you to get you to sign with them and put down a deposit. After that they do not answer any phone calls and give you the run around with customer service. My favorite is when they put you on hold and then just hang up. I have had three different people handle my move. No one will answer their phone when I call. The movers are shady and they keep adding things to my bill. My stuff is being held hostage till I pay double what they told me. I dealt with Lamar and Carlos. Do not be a sucker, if they already have your deposit it is sunk cost, get out now!!!!

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    Tue May 04 2010

    next time I will not choose this movers. Ben (benjamin Aaronson) coordinated this job. He talks so great but nothing will happen as per the plan. Your place will become dirty during lifting, Packing guys response is terrible. Get ready for paying min 15% extra what you have been discussed with him. He will say the estimate is at the worst case and He want to do a great job with you. He will talk what ever he can talk to close the deal. He is really expert there and if you are listening then be prepared to have a bad move. **********Please read all review on him, they are available here. If you coordinate with Ben, No doubt that is going to be very bad move.*********

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    Mon May 03 2010

    My experiance with worldmoving services was great. i really didnt have that much stuff to move but the guys were on time and worked very hard. i would definitely use worldmoving services again.

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    I had a good experience with World Moving and would use them again. The guys who moved my furniture were very hard working and did a fine job. My price did go up slightly because my wife forgot to tell the person that handled our move about some items in the attic. Luckily the truck had enough room but this caused the us to go over our budget. Not the end of the world but just one of those unexpected surprises that happens when you relocate. Hopefully this will be our last move for a while. Fingers Crossed!!

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! All you do is pay them to do something you could do yourself (i.e. call a local moving company in your area and negotiate rates). The sales people I dealt with on the first phone call were very nice. They led me to believe that we had come to an estimate that “unless I was missing a pool table” I would be ok. To my surprise, within days of my move, the company, via Ben Aaronson, contacted me to tell me they wanted to make sure my order was correct. I was led to believe I needed to change my order last minute because Ben told me I needed to adjust the weight for my move (because I supposedly didn’t have enough weight in my first estimate). In reality, the company was trying to get me to change my order so they could charge an ENORMOUS binding estimate fee for the change. As a result of the change I was charged an additional $800 binding estimate fee (from $400 to $1,200). At the time I asked over the phone why my required deposit amount was being i... Read more

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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    I used World Moving services as well! My sales guy, Thomas lee, was the same! Good sales personality with many empty promises! I was relocating from Phoenix to Santa Fe for a job. I was told a semi would be taking my stuff. That they would have saran wrap, moving pads, etc. They showed up, these 3 Eastern European men, (Bosnian, I think) from west Phx. One smelled of alcohol! The truck was a delivery truck the size of a large UHaul. They had no moving pads! I told them my stuff wasn't going to fit in there! At this point, I had no choice but to use them, as I needed to be in Sanat Fe to start my new job. Long story short...stuff did not fit, they shoved stuff in. They had to go get another truck, which they rented from Budget. 2 dressers, piano (40 yrs old and mint), bed, armoir...ALL DAMAGED!! I had some glass top tables. They said I needed them to be boxed, because, of course they had no wrap or pads!!! They charged me for "glass/mirror" boxes. 20-25 dollars each. A... Read more

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    My move with world moving services which was magnificent. My husband and I had moved from Boston to Philadelphia, we had to relocate because he was getting a promotion. We found this company through a friend and I did not regret it at all. They picked up and delivered on time, we had a few dents but we expected that with any move their is bound to be some sort of damage. We just want to say thanks to benjamin and thier staff for the wonderful move.

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    I hired WMS to move me from NC to FL. The guy I spoke with over the phone was great, very upbeat and prfessional. On the day of the move the guys came and did everything that they told me they would. The guys from American worked their butts off to get me out of my house in time. At delivery, the truck couldnt fit down the street and he had to go get a smaller truck but other than that the move was great, Their customer service stayed in touch with me and my moving coordinator checked in on me from time to time to make sure everythin was ok. Everything made it in one, piece except for a scratch on the headboard to my bed, but it barely fit through the wall bringing it in the new house. At least i bought the extra insurance that was offered to me. Very ha[py with everything.

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    This company is the worst ever! Do not book with them! I not! They broke two of my belongings that totaled to be over $130 and they want to only give me back $6!!!!!! Are you serious! This is so ridiculous! I am so outraged and upset. If I would have known how horrible their customer service is and their damaged claims recovery, I would not have booked with them. And I agree, if there was a no star option on this review, I would have given them nothing!

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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    I booked with World Moving as they were one of the lowest bidders on my move and the man I spoke to on the phone seemed very nice. I called the very next day to cancel my move to which they responded that I would not recieve my deposit back. They "gave" me other compensations which I didn't wish for anyway. On the day my items were to be picked up I had yet to hear from a driver so I called the man that set up my move and said that we were done. Finally, at this point he connected me with the only person actually authorized to deal with cancellations and inform me of whether or not I would get a refund of my money. I was blatantly lied to by two people in the company and when I complained to customer service they said there was nothing they would do about it. The only person that seemed like they actually cared was the woman that works the cancellations. THESE PEOPLE ARE A BROKER THAT FARMS YOUR JOB OUT TO SOMEBODY ELSE! Terrible service. The people I spoke to misrepresented t... Read more

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    Sun Dec 20 2009

    These guys are scum bags. No Ethics at all. They are brokers and talk sweet until they have your deposit. We booked them for moving from TX to CA and were assured about pickup date. No one called us even on the 2nd day. We tried reaching the customer service and were put on hold for hours or mysteriously disconnected. Carols -- that guy really needs to be kicked in his balls! I will personally do it. What they do is they lure the driver by saying the customer has 3000Lbs of household to move, and when the driver see's it as less he throws a fit and refuses a pick up. Its a game. Don't fall for this bastards. They have caller ID when you call them and they never take your call once they have your $$ --James

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    Mon Nov 02 2009

    World Moving Services was supposed to pick up our belongings on Thursday morning. Wednesday, they called to say they'd be there Thursday afternoon. Thursday morning, they called to say that they would have to postpone until Friday morning at 7:00AM. They arrived Friday morning at 7:30. But, the dispatcher reassured me, they would deliver on Monday to make up for it. Monday came and went. So did Tuesday. And Wednesday. Thursday they called to say that our belongings wouldn't be delivered until the following Tuesday. Frustrated, I called to speak to my friendly account manager. He's my advocate, right? At least, that's what he told me when he said he'd call the driver and see about getting things pushed forward to the weekend. By Saturday evening, when I still hadn't heard anything, I accepted that this was just a dishonest ploy to get me off the phone. Now, Monday, they called to say that they can't make Tuesday. They can't give me a date yet, but the truck hasn't left and... Read more

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    Fri Oct 09 2009

    Can I put zero stars? This moving company is the worst!!! My sales rep painted a rosy picture as long as I would sign the contract. He stated that my moving price was an estimate. However, when the weight of my move came in less, the sales person was nowhere to be found and the "estimate" magically transformed into a firm number. I have spent endless hours dealing with these idiots and it's always a different person. Don't even think about using this company or be prepared for hours of hassle with people that are out to steal from you.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    My husband and I had the worst moving experience with this so called company. It all started with their sales person Manley Aldof "promising" us to deliver on Sunday, August 2nd. We needed our belongings the following day for work related reasons. We repeatedly asked him to confirm that date since otherwise, we would have gone with another company. He said it would be there. The movers didn't arrive until the following Wednesday night and my husband lost work related $$$, we had no clothes nor computer to go to work. Plus, we had to call them day by day to find out where our things were, and when they would deliver. They would never call us with updates and never returned our calls. We were finally passed on to the actual moving company that provided the truck "Youdeliverit". (With a name like that, we should have known.) At least they gave us the real story as to the delays and gave us a final date and time. Still, we had belongings securely packaged that were damaged. The list for ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 07 2009

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I read the reviews on this website after booking my move with WMS and still decided to go ahead with them which was a huge mistake. I won't go through the details of my terrible experience as you can read plenty of them on this site. I will however provide several FACTS about this company that you should know: -WMS is broker. Despite what they may tell you and how they try to word it (I was told they had a "sister company" that did the physical transportatoin for all moves, which was a LIE. WMS will simply take your load and give it to the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE MOVING COMPANY they can find. -WMS is a terrible broker. The only reason you would ever pay a broker instead of just going directly to the moving company is to take advantage of price discounts the broker can leverage or the superior customer service they proivide. WMS does neither... -WMS provides absolutely no customer service once they receive your money. The company is extremly attentive right... Read more

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    Thu Aug 06 2009

    I had a great experience w/World Moving Services. I spoke at length w/Gerald. He was exceedingly polite and patient. He explained in great detail how their service worked and how it was priced. He was also clear as to what I should expect, and how to avoid nasty surprises. [like inaccurate weight estimates on my end.] I explained my situation. I had to make a move for my disabled brother with VERY short notice from CO to MA. Both he and his manager Peter bent over backwards to accomodate my situation. Once I had made a reservation and given the credit card # for the downpayment, I received very bad news. My brother had had a serious medical emergency and the move was off, at least for now. The team at World movers was considerate and gave me a full refund without any fuss. I enjoyed working with them. They were knowledgeable, articulate and set clear expectations.

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    Run and dont look back!!! If you have allready put down a deposit, cut your line and let them keep your deposit as you will be better off. I wish I would have. This company gave my wife the lowest quote and assured her that "a grad piano" could be added in terms of weight and space to our move without additional cost or consequence. The representative, Gerald, also assured her that the date and time that we needed the movers to be there that they would come and load our items. Our nightmare began the morning that, according to Gerald, the movers were to come. After the morning passed with no call or movers we called the moving company. We were quickly told that regardless of what we were assured by Gerald our contract is what mattered. Be advised to read every part of your lengthy contract, even the small print, and do not take forgranted that what you are assured will actually happen if it is not in the contract. The contract states that the movers can come anytime within a two d... Read more

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Worst experience ever. They give you a quick pitch and a low price and keep none of their promises. A week before the move they will call you and do a price increase. I would never ever use them. Be very skeptical. They do not use their own trucks, they are just a broker to other companies and the company the scheduled our move with was not even accredited with the BBB. Nightmare!!

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    Mon May 25 2009

    World Movers Thieves. These people wittingly rooked me by charging 3x the estimated price of the move. (The original estimate, done by their own professional estimator was supposedly the weight of each item x 2, so that I'd get a refund on the other end of the move. They doubled the doubled weight.) On the day of the pick-up, the driver asked me if I wanted to buy insurance, and I said YES and asked about the rates, and he replied, "I dunno." So I had no insurance. They hired a single trucker, not a mover, who asked me IF I COULD HELP HIM OFFLOAD. When the truck pulled up, it was a regular, unmarked truck with a CARDBOARD SIGN with the words "World Moving attached to the doors of the truck.I'm a 60 year old woman who paid DEARLY for that part of the service. I ended up hiring 3 extra men to do that ($$). They gave me 5 different delivery dates, required me to drive to New Hampshire (from Boston) to witness the weighing of the truck. Never told of this before. They opened all my box... Read more

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    Wed May 13 2009

    Horrible experience with Eric Coutrier, Karlos Stevenson and World Moving Services. Eric took my $1622 deposit and made all the usual promises, and the day after my cancellation deadline passed, Karlos Stevenson called from the "Quality Assurance" department and said he wanted to raise my weight (ie. PRICE) by 1000 pounds ($1100) or else I would "have very angry drivers show up". I told him to cancel my move. Karlos said "If you cancel instead of accept the $1100 increase, you'll lose your $1622 deposit, that would be stupid, does money grow on trees for you?" I told him "I don't trust what you'd come up with once you have possession of my goods" I cancelled and lost my deposit. I complained to D.O.T. and BBB no recourse. Google them, they do this all the time. 235 complaints at BBB.

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    Wed Apr 29 2009

    Move: Boston to Las Vegas Back in February 25th 2009 I spoke with Eric Coutrier. During the course of our conversation he explained in detail all your service offerings, estimated delivery date range 7-8 days. The part of the conversation that sold me on your company was the ability to track where the moving truck would be at all times. Once I knew my move date I called Eric back and he was able to set me up. In addition, Eric or his associate Brian was able to get me on a truck that was already scheduled to be heading to Las Vegas from Boston which reduced my cost. At that point in time I felt comfortable with your company. Especially, when Eric quoted over the phone a definite delivery date of Saturday April 11th. Monday March 30, 2009 the moving company arrived at the pickup location in Andover MA. The moving company did a great job according to the person over seeing my things getting moved since I had already relocated to Las Vegas. Once the truck was packed the moving ... Read more

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