Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair

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    Fri Jun 12 2009

    The chair is ok as back chairs go. Dont expect to use as a working chair per the pads have a very low density foam. You are actually sitting and kneeling on the wood.

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    Product arrived earlier than expected - well packaged - easy to assemble (I am not a genius at putting things together - but had no problems) Its comfortable and looks nice and the back provides a couple of nice options. Also - takes up less floor space than it would appear to. The one drawback - the seat and kneepad position is fixed and the angle of either is not adjustable. This can be compensated for by sliding up or down in the chair - but I suspect it won't be right for all heights(I'm 5'7")

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    I had a chair like this previously when I worked in a doctor's office. I liked how it made computer work less painful on my back, so I searched Amazon for a kneeling chair & found this one with the backrest (the backrest was more for my husband than me) for my home. Having had experience with this type of chair previously made me prepared for the fact that you have to build up a tollerance for sitting in it. Because you have to use your abdominals & back muscles for support, most will find it uncomfortable on their shins for about a week or two, until your body becomes accustomed to placing your weight properly. Afterwards you will be able to sit for longer periods because you will learn to draw from your abdominals. The gentleman in the previous review stated that there isn't enough padding. I assure you that you will not be aware of this in a week or two. You will it has just the right amount. NO matter how much padding this chair has (or any other kneeling chair has), you wil... Read more

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    Fri Apr 03 2009

    Initial impressions... I'll likely update this later after I've used it for a month or so. The chair seems sturdy enough, although it says it has a 200lbs weight limit which is not apparent from the description here. I'm 6'4" and 220lbs but it seems to be fine. The height adjustability is reasonable, although if you go for more sit on butt and less pressure on knees the whole thing lowers. This is kind of rough on a tall person. Padding... here's the biggest hit against the chair; it's just too thin on padding. I can only bear about an hour of it before either my knees, my butt, or both are hurting or getting somewhat numb. I paid about $120 for this including shipping -- I suppose that's a good enough price for what it is, but I am betting the designer of this chair didn't spend more than 10 minutes sitting in it.

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    Sun Jan 20 2008

    The blue isn't as nice and bright as it is in the photograph.. It's more like a navy color in real life, but the chair is a godsend on my back and it's even perfect for meditational sitting. The adjustable back is great! Wish the color was like in the photo, but otherwise a great buy.

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