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    Wed Aug 02 2023

    Statements every day and say them out loud to reinforce positive self-talk. Examples of Declarations include statements such as "I am successful", "I am capable of achieving my goals" and "I am worthy of success" - Winston Churchill famous words of the greatest president for the war years

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    The last (or at least the latest) great Western leader.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    If you believe Winston Churchill was a poor leader, you are the most ignorant person on earth. Every single half-educated person, I truly believe, would agree that Churchill was one of the greatest statesmen in the history of the world. I just completed my college term paper on this man and am amazed at his leadership, orator skills, magnanimity and amazing character. Yes, he had flaws, doesn't everyone? If you rate him anything below good, you need to open your eyes and read a book. It won't kill you, you bumbling idiots.

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    He was a bigot. On one side fighting for freedom and denying the same to over a billion people.

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    Fri Sep 14 2007

    Reminds me of Bill O'Reilly...though he would despise the comparison.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    Good war time leadership, but a racist, an imperialist, and before the war a sympathizer of fascism, what's the big difference between imperialism and fascism.   Anti- Indian and Anti- Irish bigot!

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    Fri Jan 26 2007

    He should have kept England out of World War II.

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    Individuals such as Winston Churchill don't come along just once in a lifetime, they come along perhaps once every 500 years. His span of influence is unchallenged. When he first took his seat in Parliament in 1900 he took his oath to Queen Victoria. When he resigned his seat in Parliament in 1964 Lyndon Johnson was president. He served in cabinets presiding over two major world wars, was introduced to speak by Mark Twain, was invited to the White House by President McKinley and was given honorary citizenship by President John F. Kennedy. He was the epitome of the Renaissance man for in his lifetime he was a soldier, journalist, author, artist, sportsman, historian, orator, statesman, and stonemason. As a soldier he saw action on 4 continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, narrowly escaping death three times. (He once said "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." Ronald Reagan used this quotation while being carried to the hospital after he was ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    there were many people in england at the beggining of world war 2 who would have made peace with hitler, especially after duncurk. a true leader who was important in leading the world through one its most difficult stages

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    Thu Apr 20 2006

    I have just completed an A level project on Winston Churchill's leadership, I was unsure of my opinion on him before my research as there is much criticism of him, but I now believe him being voted the greatest ever Britain is fully justified. I also believe he not only preserved Britains freedom but ultimately that of the USA's and Russia. If Britain had not survived the Nazi onslaught in 1940, Russia would have been defeated soon after, and then who next? who would have stopped Hitler with control of the fleets of Germany,Italy,Japan,France and Britain? We are able to speak our minds because of Churchill.. without him the outcome of WW2 would have been very different indeed!

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    A white supremacist, a supporter of violent colonialism, and the main culprit in the overthrow of the only decent leader Iran has ever had (Mossadegh, obviously). I'm surprised this guy was opposed to Hitler.

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    There's no denying that he was a stalwart presence in England during World War II and was an implacable enemy of Nazism at a time when many were in despair over the potential outcome. I suppose I react with the same sense of ambivalence when people talk about America's Founding Fathers. There's no denying the greatness they accomplished. Many of them were brilliant men (Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, etc.) and the ideals of freedom they talked about and expressed so eloquently were noble, beautiful, and would inspire future leaders as diverse as Ronald Reagan and Ho Chi Minh. And yet I always find it hard to get past the irreconcilable fact that they were slave-owners. So it is, I guess, with Churchill. A complex, flawed man. On the one hand, he was a great and legendary Statesman, not just in England but in America and much of the civilized world. On the other hand, he was a callous anti-Irish and anti-Indian bigot. When Gandi went on his life-threatening hunger strike, the only thing Ch... Read more

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    Sun Jan 08 2006

    Again, a bit overrated, and his conversion to the awareness of the actual dangers presented by the Nazis was much later than is generally acknowledged by pop historians.

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    Sat Dec 31 2005

    Want to buy a shirt that isn't brown? a snack that isn't a sausage? Hair dye that isn't blonde? Thank Mr C. No-one else really counts- Mr Gandhi at no.2 would be in a gas chamber in 10 seconds if Churchill had lost out to a certain confused decorator.

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    Sun Dec 04 2005

    A great leader.

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    Wed Nov 23 2005

    He might not have been a cuddly grandfather figure but when a country needs to defend itself from a man who though nothing of killing six million men, women and children simply for being Jewish, the last thing you want is a Care Bear. Yes, Churchill was blunt, rough and dry but brilliance relies on an ability to lead, not on how attractive the package is. Whether one seeks to draw parallels to the present day from the lessons of Churchill is subject to how one views his legacy. What is for sure, however, is Churchill's loyalty to the British people and to a greater extent, freedom.

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    Tue Nov 01 2005

    I am sad that I have to rank WC as a three. Fifty years ago when he was still with us, I adored him. I read everything he wrote and dwelled on his words. Now I realize that he was an old imperialist but did many great things. Be warned, dear RIA posters, your lifetime attitudes probably will change as you get more grizzled!

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    Truly one of the Greatest orators of all time, he could give strength to his public just through his words, took on a tough challeneg never backing down. Who could ever forget the image in their mind when you hear the words churchill, you automatically think of Winston and Roosevelt, Cigars in their mouths, Churchill has a cigar named after him for gods sake, The world would be a better place to have such a great duo back.

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    Tue Aug 30 2005

    He could've lost against the Germans but Roosevelt and Stalin helped him a lot.

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    Sun Aug 14 2005

    A great man, with a sound tactical mind and just like you and me, Flaws.

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    Wed Jul 13 2005

    In many ways this guy was a brass bound bastard, and as reactionary, despicable and callous a troll as England has produced. However, that being said, in Britian's greatest crisis in a millenia, this man was at the helm and duelled Hitler (there is no other word, it was a duel of rhetoric, diplomacy and warfare) to better than a draw and was a focal point in negotiating the alliance that defeated the Axis. He was instrumental in saving his country, and it's hard to get better than that.

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    Wed Jul 13 2005

    I don't think the world could have found a better leader during WWII. Churchill kept his country together while if faced one of the strongest military power that the world had ever seen. To call him childish names is an insult to the British people and every one who fought against the Axis. If we had more leaders like Winston today the world would be a much better place than it is.

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    Tue May 17 2005

    The strange part about this man, is he was part american indian, yet he hated his own race. You people have to realize in that time, most everyone WAS racist. But to hate your own race and your mother's race is a sad trait. He was a strong leader, he had addison's, which is a stress disease, yet he went on to the most stressful of situations. I don't know how he did it.

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    Tue May 17 2005

    i have just recently started to learn more of this man. i had always heard his name when ww2 was talked about and i want to know more. from what ive larned so far was that he was a man who stood his ground and would not give in or up

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    The greatest leader/statesman of the 20th century. There is nothing more to say about this great, great man. He was right about the sub-continent, they were far better off under the Raj.

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    Sun Mar 27 2005

    Great statesman, stuck it to the Germans & Japs with some outside assistance......took a slash on the Seigrfied line in 1945!!!.....

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    Mon Jan 31 2005

    A flawed individual but with all the right qualities to serve Britain when it was alone and its back was against the wall. Without him Britain and Europe would look very different, and not for the better.

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    Tue Nov 09 2004

    The only reason anyone cares about Churchill was because he beat Hitler. But, he was, in fact, a terrible racist, almost as bad as Hitler himself.

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    Tue Jun 29 2004

    Winston Churchill handled the ultimate fight between good and evil(Hitler),by trying-and succeeding(even if there were arguably a handful of others in his class)at being the leader of the century-when it really was a matter of life and death. This wasn't some character addressing a pro wrestling crowd,for example,when he said:Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,regarding the Battle of Britain.And in our time,in dealing with terrorists,his critique of his predecessor,Prime Minister Chamberlain,You were given the choice between war and dishonor.You chose dishonor and you will have war,tells it like it still is.

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    Wed Mar 17 2004

    Remembered as a great hero, and in memory he was. But if one refers to UK History Churchill was really a drunkard at might not have made some of his greatest speeches (replaced by a BBC anchor who could mimic his voice because he was too depressed or drunk), despite these flaws he was at the very least an inspiring figurehead for WWII England

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    Tue Dec 23 2003

    one of the greatest leaders in british history. warned the world of dangers of nazism and communism.

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    Thu Nov 06 2003

    REVISED: To start with a summary, Churchill was great for all the reasons others have noted in their comments; however, he loses a star for failing to recognize and timely act upon the nationalistic movements within the British Empire (eg India). In more detail: First, someone ignorantly said that Churchill had "nothing to do with the atomic bomb dropping" and that the U.S. failed to join the fight. Churchill was fully prepared to send substantial amounts of troops to support the invasion of Japan and fully approved of the use of the atomic bomb against Japan the (though he had no power to affect the ultimate decision). Second, it was U.S. aid (eg the Lend/Lease Act) which allowed Britain to fight with a population of ~20% more than it actually had. Though the U.S. deserves credit for these efforts, it was Churchill who pressured the Americans to understand and act upon the need. Third, Churchill successfully convinced the U.S. to adopt a Europe first war strategy when there were ... Read more

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    Thu Sep 25 2003

    He belongs here along with FDR, Gorbachev, and Reagan. These are the top four world leaders of the 20th century without a doubt. A very inspirational leader who changed not just England's history but also the rest of the world.

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    Fri Aug 22 2003

    History is written by the victors, and as a result he has been praised more than he deserved. He advocated the gassing of the Kurds in order to "spread a little lively terror". Who else advocated that? Oh, yes! Saddam Hussein! A hero indeed! He also praised Mussolini, who was Hitler's ally and prior to taking power, his idol.

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    Mon Aug 18 2003

    Serious badass. Strove to meet his goals and did what was best for his countrymen. Made ironcurtain speech in my homestate. Coolest picture ever is of him in trenchcoat, a bowler hat, a fat cigar in his mouth, and he's holding a tommy gun.

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    Sun Jul 27 2003

    Winston Churchill had precisely one asset: good public speaking skills. Otherwise he was nothing but a fat drunken buffoon who invariably had five whiskeys in him before lunchtime EVERY DAY. He was viciously racist and approved of the use of chemical warfare against the so-called 'savage races.' He also said that the Palestinians and the American Indians and the Maori and the Australian Aborigines had no rights to their own land because they were justly conquered by superior peoples. To hell with Winston Churchill. History would not have been so kind to him had he not personally written half of it. Man, people will love anyone who makes them feel proud of 'being' what they already are rather than actually 'doing' anything. Hitler succeeded in that tactic, but lost the war. If I were to visit Churchill's grave I would fling bags of dog feces at it.

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    Fri Jun 13 2003

    Boy, I'm glad Churchill is at number one where he belongs. You know he predicted in 1919 that Germany would be bitter against the West for not helping them after they'd been defeated, and would rise up in power against us? He warned for years that the Nazis were bad people, horrifically persecuting minorities and dissenters, and that they were long preparing to conquer the continent... but nobody believed him until Hitler stormed into Poland. In 1919 when the Bolsheviks took control of Russia, everyone held out that they would eventually become a "good socialist democracy like Sweden", but not Churchill. He knew they would be an enormous problem, and probably the biggest threat to modern freedom we'd ever know (well perhaps rather in the 20th century). He was wrong about preserving the British empire but he was a warrior who knew a threat when he saw one and knew when to take it seriously. But that comment about bombing Japan was bizarre - the dropping of OUR A-bomb, mr.rocket scientis... Read more

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    Thu May 08 2003

    a great leader for all times

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    Tue Apr 22 2003

    A genius. Read his books.

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    Mon Apr 21 2003

    I've read several of his books, and studied his life. Churchill was a genius, and was almost the only one to see through Hitler. Neville Chamberlin, Mr. Baldwin, and Mr. McDonald were all fools.

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    Sun Apr 20 2003

    The free world probably would not have survived had it not been for this man's bold leadership. He stood his ground when the Germans bombed London, and continued to press on until the Allies achieved victory in 1945. He was a great leader at a time when England was at its greatest peril. Unlike Roosevelt, he understood that it was necessary to dispose of Hitler before he destroyed the world. Churchhill helped make the world a better place for all of us. "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."-- Winston Churchhill, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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    Mon Apr 07 2003

    raped and pillaged the ex-hop heah with an overblown sense of himself...a terrorist to the Emerald Isle.

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    Sun Mar 16 2003

    Just a pompous person who relied on Roosevelt to take care of britian!

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    Thu Feb 13 2003

    Excellence incarnate.

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    Sat Feb 08 2003

    Awesome individual.The British are so cool.

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    Wed Jan 01 2003

    The best Briton ever. People can argue forever on whether Roosevelt saved America or Reagan ended the Cold War, but I really think Churchill saved his country-and Europe.

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    Sat Jan 19 2002

    Winston Churchill was unlike any other figure during the 20th century. If the outcome of World War 2 had been different, then the whole world would be completely opposite. Churchill took the first step and entered the war because he did not want the Western democracies to lose power. The other Allied powers, the United States and Russia could have fallen if Britain and its extraordinary leader would have. But the British entered the war early enough so it saved the other nations from destruction. Churchill ordered for the aircraft’s and submarines and he also had the ideas on where to attack and how. Also he was a great leader and because of that he was the commander in chief of the war and he had direct control over military operations. He refused Hitler’s offers of “peace” and organized a successful air defense that led to the Battle of Britain. Other powerful leaders such as Roosevelt followed Churchill’s lead. Churchill was great in dealing with public affairs. Finally h... Read more

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    Sat Sep 29 2001

    Genius. He held Britain together through brutal bombing by the Nazis.

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    Sat Jun 16 2001

    "...we will never surrender!"

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    Tue Mar 20 2001

    One of the true great leaders of the century. As a Reagan-fan, I like to note that Churchill is celebrated for having been giving early warnings about an evil empire, that he'd later help thwart when it mobilized toward world domination. Reagan of course was able to created public consensus about the USSR as an evil empire before it was too late, and managed to win the Cold War without firing a shot. So I'll give 5 stars to Churchill, but only while noting that Reagan deserves 6.

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