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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    A soap-opera premise that some deranged exec tried to turn into a sitcom. Thoroughly dull and unsympathetic characters.

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    Sat Jul 14 2007

    Not exactly a show for people expecting to "laugh their ass off" but a good tv show, the comedy is a lot like what you'd expect from Seinfeld.

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    Sun Dec 03 2006

    "Wings" may not have been one of the best shows of the 90's, but it was pretty close. As other reviewers have noted, clearly the producers drew on their prior work on "Cheers", but that didn't ultimately take away anything from the series in my opinion. The writing was usually superb and somewhat intelligent, and the cast was well balanced. Notwithstanding Tim Daly and Steven Weber really not having much success afterwards, they were both strong as the Hackett brothers. Crystal Bernard (Helen) sometimes irritated me a bit, but was usually okay. Of the rest, both Tony Shalhoub (Antonio) got his big break on the show, and Thomas Haden Church (Lowell) pegged his character. The show did suffer upon the latter's departure, as his replacement Brian Haley (Budd) was a poor substitute. I will say that I usually hated Amy Yasbeck as Casey, and Farrah Forke was a bit too stoic as Alex (even for that character). Anyway, "Wings" had a strong final episode (especially when compared to, say, "Seinfe... Read more

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    Sat Jul 29 2006

    I really liked the show when it came out but they ran out of ideas after a couple of seasons and it lost its punch.

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    Fri Mar 17 2006

    This show was so gawd awful and boring, shaloub is much better in a far, far superior show, (Monk). After watching this show I realized it was, like Coach, terribly over rated boring junk.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    My all time favorite show. I watch during every meal and before going to bed. Great cast, great storyline, great show! By the way, I came across this link while searching for Wings on DVD. Is this legit? ** Scroll to the bottom to find Wings (alphabetical order).

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    This is a typical white bread, lame , no edge to it, sitcom. Bland and unoriginal.

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    Sun Oct 02 2005

    wings was funny. antonio and lowell were the best characters on the show.

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    Thu Aug 18 2005


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    Thu May 05 2005

    I always liked this show. The combination of Lowell, Brian, Joe, Helen, Faye, Antonio and Roy was great. very funny how that I miss.

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    Mon Apr 18 2005

    I love this show. i still watch it today. brian, joe, and helen are the best!

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    Tue Mar 29 2005

    I remember seeing like 5 episodes of this and then they changed it to a different time in which I could no longer watch it.

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    Fri Mar 25 2005

    More bemusing than funny. Can't say I watched it much, largely because I found most of the characters vapid.

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    Tue Dec 28 2004

    I confess that I'm not a fan of sitcoms. I rarely watched Cheers or Seinfeld or Frasier, and I never watched Friends at all. But I just loved Wings. I still do. And I record all the episodes I can off Nick at Nite because, for some unknown reason, Paramount has not seen fit to put it out on DVD yet. What can they be thinking? How often do you get great writing, great acting and great chemistry together in one program? Not as often as one would like.

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    Thu Dec 09 2004

    This is one of the funniest classic sitcoms of all time. Why hasn't the series been released on friends and I are all waiting for it!

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    didnt really watch wings until it started coming on late nights on nick at nite. God how did i miss such a funny and great show? PLEASE release this show on DVD!!

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    Mon Nov 01 2004

    This show was funny but no where near Friends or Cheers. When Lowel left it jumped the shark and was never very funny again.

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    Sun Oct 31 2004

    I have all but 2 of the episodes recorded and watch them very often. Hard to believe I still laugh so hard after seeing them so many times. I'm definately a Wings junkie.

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    Sat Oct 30 2004

    WINGS is a great show... it is very underated... bring it to DVD!

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    Wed Jul 28 2004

    As a teenager in the 1990's, Wings was one of the shows I grew up to. I had a crush on Crystal Bernard. Plus, I understood being the guy who 'strikes out' when it comes to woman like Antonio does.

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    Tue Jul 13 2004

    Just like I will never understand the popularity of Everybody Loves Raymond, I could never understand the animosity towards Wings. I think it deserves to be listed along with other modern classics like Cheers, The Simpsons, The Cosby Show. Taxi, Frasier, Seinfeld, and other sitcom greats. It's such a hilarious sitcom with a talented cast, lovable characters, and great writing. I can't believe it never got so much as an Emmy nomination. It's a fine example of intelligent comedy.

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    Sun Jun 27 2004

    I love the show...I only wish it were out on DVD..I would buy every episode...

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    Mon Jun 21 2004

    I take it back, this show is a piece of s--t. I think my brain cells decreased whilst watching it. I'm still a Thomas Haden Church fan, I've been 'Wingless' for two months and I love it. I think that THC fans should be watching less Wings and getting more involved in the 'Harry Potter' books/movies/video game series. Getting into some of Sonic the Hedgehog games can also be an alternative. That's what I've been doing and I've never felt better. Less Wings, more Harry Potter and Ned and Stacey!

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    Tue May 04 2004

    It's a good funny show to watch and unwind after a long work day , we go to bed with a smile .There is a petiton On Petetion Online requesting DVD release youcan sign by clicking on:

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    Sun Mar 28 2004

    The best sitcom of all time.

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    Tue Sep 16 2003

    Great show, funny, great subjects, love watching it on reruns

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    Sun Aug 03 2003

    I loved watching Wings and enjoyed it enormously. I wish they had it on DVD.

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    Mon Jun 30 2003

    Overall, this show really did NOT impress me at all. There sure was alot of hype, but NO delivery. The only good thing about it was all the good looking And I KNOW I am not the only one who thinks that about this particular "bite me" to the haters who are surely to bitch at me for the

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    Wed May 28 2003

    I LIVE FOR NICK AT NITE so I can watch shows like this one. Why can't they make TV shows like this one anymore? This show was great, until Lowell left, then it just wasn't the same. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Only Frasier has surpassed it in comparison.

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    Sun May 25 2003

    Horrible show. Blah.

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    Sun May 11 2003

    Incredibly boring and it should not be at the top of this list.

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    Thu May 08 2003

    very good not great but good

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    Sat Apr 26 2003

    My memory must be failing me. This was never one of the highest rated shows, but, nonetheless, it's near the top on this site.

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    Fri Apr 25 2003

    I think Wings is one of the funniest sitcoms of all time

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    Thu Apr 17 2003

    Wings was always my favorite show when it stared on USA network in the morinings. I hear the ratings was good all over where ever the station the show went. I love wings and the characters, it was truely funny. And it was just what I needed to relax from fraustration from school, I love wings and hope everyone gets the great share of a show of the lifetime as I did, Thank ye Cast and Crew!

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    Thu Apr 10 2003

    From season two until Helen's stupid sister joined the show, it was the BEST comedy, bar none. Yeah, that broad, along with the overall change in style, really ruined it for everyone. I can only hope the fantastic directors, writers (like Ian Gurvitz, was it, and company), and the rest of the crew would get together again and produce another masterpiece. Thanks for all the laughs, guys.

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    Sun Apr 06 2003

    I loved Wings. I hope they release it on DVD soon. I would buy the entire collection.

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    Sun Apr 06 2003

    I dont get it, is there something about pokemon snap that they don't like. Why do they have to be in the airport, not my favorite show. SUBMIT

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    Sat Apr 05 2003

    Wings was certainly one of the best comedies during the 1990's. It had a wonderful ensemble of actors, great writing and plots, and it just seemed to have something for everyone. They just don't make shows like this anymore.

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    Sat Apr 05 2003

    Wings...there are no words to describe my feelings for this show!! To say that it was underrated is an underSTATEMENT! Wings was by far one of the funniest shows of it's time...and still remains to be the funniest in my book. The goodness...the humor people!! The thing about it's humor was that it was "real" humor. Meaning...I'd watch the shows with my friends, and we'd all be! that sounds like something we'd say! It wasn't boring and predictable humor like most of todays sitcom's seem to be. Wings...nothing could ever replace it! WE MISS YOU!

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    I love this show. I thought nobody else watched it.

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    the most bone headed show on ever never caught my attention at all just terrible if there was a zero rating i wouldnt even give it that

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    Sat Mar 22 2003

    Probably the best show to ever take place on Nantucket.

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    Mon Mar 17 2003

    Wasn't the best, but certainly not the worst either.

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    Mon Mar 03 2003

    This is my favorite all time sitcom. I love it so much and wish i could get it on dvd. :)

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    Sun Feb 16 2003

    Where 3rd Rock was a second Seinfeld, Wings was a second Cheers (the show even took place near Massachsettes), and recreating Cheers isn't easy. If you were to take the characters from Cheers and place them in the spots of some of the characters of Wings, few differences would have been noticable. Helen Chapple was Carla Torteli with a southern accent, a snobby waitress who wasn't afraid to tell people off. Antonio Scarpachi, a poor working man who was sort of a nutcase, dead ringer for Cliff Claven. In Brian Hackett I saw another Sam Malone, a fun loving girl chaser who probably spent too much time on his hair. In contrast to Joe Hackett who I am convinced was Diane Chambers in a previous life, a hard worker who sometimes took things too seriously (though he probably did not know nearly as much poetry). The only difference between Lole Mather and Woody Boyd was a name change. Then we have Roy Biggins... Well, he was as fat as Norm Peterson, but that is pretty much where the sim... Read more

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    Sun Feb 09 2003

    I have never understood the animosity that TV critics and NBC have towards Wings. I have always thought that it was such an intelligent, well-written sitcom and just about everyone I know who has seen the show has said the same thing about it. I think Wings is just as good as Cheers, The Simpsons, and Frasier and it is definitely far better than Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, which all the critics seem to love so much.People should ignore the critics and watch what interests them. Wings interests me; Everybody Loves Raymond doesn't. UPDATE: To the person who rated all my comments "Not Helpful" about 5-9 times each over the last week, GET A LIFE!!! If you're thinking you can change my opinion, think again.

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    Sat Feb 08 2003

    come on guys .... wings ?? how the hill did you make this below average show to be #1 ?? strange !!