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    Mon Sep 19 2011

    The doughnut case in the Spokane store is full of flies! I mentioned this to the bakery manager the second time I noticed this and she barely acknowleged me. She said something like, " There is nothing I can do about it" I looked again the next time and once again- more flies. I counted 6! Very gross. Never will I buy anything from the bakery. And the parking lot is a pig sty. I quit shopping there because it is dirty and never enough checkers. Do not buy doughnuts in WinCo unless you like fly poop.

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    Thu Sep 15 2011

    MY PREGNANT WIFE WAS FORCED TO PISS HER SELF WHILE WAITING IN LINE!!! My pregnant wife just had to wait over thirty minutes in line while the machine rebooted. The lines were moving slowly to begin with, and went he checker got do with the customer in front of my wife and went to proceed with my wife her machine froze and had to be restarted. the lead clerks end up coming over to try and fix it over the span of time... the whole time my wife asking about just going to another line, but constantly being told just another minute ma'am. with our food on the belt my wife was not able to go to another line or use the bathroom after pleading several times she ended up urinating in her own pants in public. As soon as she told the cashier that she just [pissed her self the manager [really just a lead clerk according to the other lead clerk I talked to on the phone.] took her to another line. When I called and asked to speak to a manager I got a run around from a lead clerk, finally ending wit... Read more

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    Just returned from yet another frustrating shopping experience in the Indio store. I have never visited the store when there hasn't been kids digging their bare hands into the bulk foods containers or families helping themselves to candies to enjoy for their shopping excursion. When they reach the checkout... food had all been eaten. with the law requiring selaled containers for public safety.. how does Winco get around the unsanitary handling of their bulk foods section. I have NEVER seen an employee deal with kids or adults eating out of the containers. Today an employee did come between me and a teenager that I was chewing out for digging into the candy containers. He and his buddy were eating freely for at least 5 min with 2 Winco employees circulating around them and saying nothing. This was the first time I took matters into my own hand.. and the employee was then quick to come up to say "is there a problem here?".. and "I will take care of it". I NEVER buy food from the co... Read more

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    Their customer service is horrible when they allow the on-site manager to dictate that my daughter of family of 6 can only use 2 (two) coupons per purchase of like items. She wasn't trying to use two coupons on one item. She wanted 8 bags of rice and had 8 coupons. With 6 kids she needs to stretch her money as far as it will go and she receives NO state aid of any form, even though she has special needs kids. I know their policy states its up to the manager on duty, but two? Come on, let's be real. Within 10 minutes my daughter was on Facebook with her friends. You wouldn't believe how much this will cost them in potential sales from a family of 8 and all of her friends who are beginning to become disillusioned with WinCo Foods.

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    Tue May 10 2011

    I live in Eureka California. your store #0007 has closed down it's Flower shop.. (so Sad) witch sit right next to the Bakery. the space where the Flower shop was , has become what appear to be storage space for other products , and is very unattractive. I have an idea that would be attractive , customers would like and make money. why not take some cafe tables and chairs. a couple of coffee machines and turn it in to a small but inviting spot in your store to enjoy your fresh pastries, and a cup of coffee. the aroma of the Bakery and fresh brewed coffee will draw guest to shop longer in your store. and a place to sit .That do it for me ! . I can't take my Mother to do her shopping cause she can't stand for long and I Know she would give her eye teeth to do her own shopping if she knew she could sit for a minute . enjoy eating a pastry , a cup of Fresh Brewed coffee. please conceder this as an o... Read more

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    I have shopped at Winco for a about 8 years. The prices are great and the store is clean. My only complaint is they allow dogs in the store that the person who has the dog with them will openly admit that it is just a comfort dog. They REFUSE to say anything to these people. They do not post the Departmen of Agriculture sticker on the door that I have heard is the law. The management says they are not allowed to say anything to these people and an employee told me this is the corporate rules. I have gone in there and a woman had her dog in the cart and I asked her if it was a service dog and she said no it is a Pomeranian. I was told by an employee she says she will have a heart attack if she doesn't have it with her. Its a comfort dog. I have encountered 6 incidents where there has been dogs in the store and if you say anything they are like,"Talk to the hand". They just don't care. I'm the bad guy if I complain. They give me bad looks after I say something.

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    I have worked for Winco for 11 years in several of their fine and not so fine stores. I have sat here and read through almost all of these reviews and frankly i am offended and please at the same time. I am sorry to all those ex employees who had their hard times with Winco and just couldn't make the grade honestly it takes a strong peoson to work for Winco. Honestly everyone hates something about their job at one time or another even People complane about our customer service but have no idea about the constent crap we get all day everyday and we have to do it with a smile and a thank you for the butt chewing may I have another. It becomes a bit much so forgive us if we don't smile like you want us to after being cursed at while pushing 5 thousand customers through your checkstand in an 8hr day... There are also those welfare people who think we are always out to get them and we hate them. We know you are our bread and butter and so are the soccor moms and dads so we are not l... Read more

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    Sun Sep 12 2010

    No matter where you go, its what your make it. Dont like it, Dont go back Have an opion, let them know (comment card) Its your life, your money Some one made them #1 I dont have enough money to make anyone #1 and if I dont like it, I dont go back no matter how much I save! Wanda

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    Sundays, weekends and holidays are the busiest. Yes we may have long lines on a weekend or evening. Wincos are doing 2x or 3x the volume of any other grocery store. Not every employee is trained in every department. There are huge signs posted stating that we dont take credit cards. We are constantly running outside to bring the electric carts back in so they can charge. A typical cashier is ringing up about 40-60k of product in 40 hour week. If there is something that you want brought to the attention of the VP of the company ask your Cashier for a comment card. For people that have problems with the hiring practices we hire everyone as part-time. Seniority dictates full-time status. There are three parts to the hiring process. Orientation, a phone survery and an interview. Its a great company to work for. It is a bare bones operation but then again that is the same with any retail operation. We are interested in providing low prices to all customers. Personally I am glad th... Read more

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    Sun Aug 15 2010

    i just spent over 200.00 ran my credit card(can not be used as a debit) and the cashier told me they dont dont take credit,in order for me to get my grocerys i had to go to the ATM to get money off of my credit card,then when i got my money they had to have a manager over because the cashier canceled my transaction i have never heard of any store not accepting a credit card it was the dumbest thing i have ever heard inconvient can one store be?

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    Sun Aug 15 2010

    Just scrolling through some of the reviews and a majority of the "bad" comments are based off of specific store problems. Poor management and no follow through is the result for a lot of bad experiences while shopping anywhere. Go to a Wal Mart, Kroger's, or Roth's review and you'll probably see the same thing. That being said.... The Winco in my location has its pros and cons. My honest opinion, I love the place. I look at the competitors around the area and there's no way on my budget I could get all my groceries there. Winco is at the right price. As for the cons. My store is ran by a pretty good management team and any problems I usually have are normal for any other place of business. Every once and a while you'll run into a employee thats probably had a bad day, or a dirty bathroom that some nasty person has just destroyed, or just any small thing that I would expect. I've never really had a bad enough experience that was not expected at a high traffic retail store. ... Read more

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    Wed Jul 07 2010

    Wico is the best. It's employee owned and the cheapest prices. Who cares about the customer service. I would rather pay less money. Oh and by the way the complainers are usually crack heads or stuck up rich pieces of crap. How many of you with bad reviews have asked where something is and the employee says it's right there. When he or she really wants to say turn around stupid, maybe I can baby sit your kids too... Prices are all that matters, unless you want a burger then customer service matters... When your going to make your own burger prices only matter... If you don't like it go to safeway I heard their prices are just a little more... I wouldn't konw I only shop at winco...

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    I work in a winco. I am appalled by some of the things I have read in these reviews! I know that customer service can be a problem. It is hard to work everyday with the public and be pleasant all the time but, the blatent rudness described here only happens occasionally where I work. I happen to work in the bulk foods section and we try very hard to educate our customers on cleanliness. I am constantly talking to people about not letting their children touch the bins let alone the product in them. I used to work the customer service counter and cashier and I never had occasion to be rude to a customer even when they were rude to me. I like my job and have been with winco for 11yrs. It wasn't this bad when I started. I hope the corporate and local management get a clue about how to train their people and treat cutomers! I'm sorry for the bad experiences others have had. Please know that some of us are trying our best to be nice and give good customer service!

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    My experience at Winco has not been good. Employees have had little or no training in customer service. The amount of people who are on welfare and or food stamps using the debit card provided by the state of Nevada are rude. They don't start bagging at the beginning of the check out process which then only delays the customer waiting in line. Not effecient when the check out clerks don't enforce the process of self bagging. I done shopping at Winco.

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    Sat Jun 19 2010

    Winco is a wonderful option for working families where they can get value for their money. I have shopped at Winco's in Idaho and Oregon. I have always found the customer service to be exactly as expected. There prices always ring up as the displayed price. I will always be a loyal shopper at Winco. The few times that I have shopped other places, I always find out that I paid far more than I would have if I had bought the same item at Winco. I am very satisfied with Winco and there employees and have always been greeted with a smile. Additionally, every Winco I have been in has a sign clearly stating that they do not accept credit cards. Keep it up Winco you are the best!

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    Thu May 06 2010

    You get what you pay for, period. Moldy and expired food is a problem and other food items seem to be "seconds", for example, when you buy a loaf of San Luis Sourdough bread at Winco, more often than not, the loaves are irregularly cut or so full of holes it looks like Swiss cheese. The same loaf of bread elsewhere is uniform and a solid loaf of bread. Also, I will not buy produce or meat there as I don't trust it's quality. Plus there are very little options when it comes to buying organic. The time it takes to read expiration dates, return spoiled produce and meat, and bagging your own groceries might be enough to pay a few cents more per item.

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    Mon Apr 26 2010

    We adopted a dog from the Humane Society and the Pedigree Dog Food Co. generously sent us a coupon for a free bag of dog food as a reward. We went to the Longview, WA Winco to redeem the coupon. The checker called the manager on duty when we brought the bag, along with our other groceries, to the check stand. The manager refused to honor the coupon and said it might be counterfeit! We were very insulted. How petty and stupid can a company be?

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    Wed Apr 07 2010

    Yes you are correct with your post. As I have previously worked for winco I can definitely relate. You work your butt off only to be victimized, harassed and verbally abused. They get you with intimidation and threats and everyday you try to hold on to your job is an accomplishment. I have seen people fired for the most petty and ridiculous things. And it doesn't stop there once they fire you they fight you on your unemployment which you will never get. And the ESOP employee owned bull is a joke. Any potential customers going to winco should know that the look on employee's faces is complete exhaustion and fear.

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    Sun Apr 04 2010

    I think that Winco Foods is very unprofessional. They treat there very good employees, like dirt. Once you have given your 150% to them, they throw all the hard work you did out the door. Doesnt loyalty, and a proven worthy record for a decent amount of time, show Corporate the true value of a good employee. People make mistakes, and people change from a past. Couldnt they see the conduct and professionalism in a loyal employee. No!!!!I think you are heartless and you deserve to be closed down.

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    Fri Mar 26 2010

    I work at the Longview, WA store in the produce department. We have a high turn over on fresh produce in this department. As for the complaints about UNWASHED produce, Are you not suppose to wash produce at home prior to consuming it? We bring out the produce as we get it from our suppliers. You can still get salmonella and other bacteria from pre-washed produce that sits on the shelves. I would suggest everyone to wash their produce from anywhere you get it. To save costs to the consumer we get our produce direct from the supplier. If all the produce was pre-washed then the costs would be higher. As for over ripe fruits and veggies please let us know in that department and we should take care of it as soon as we can. We only have a couple of people working the department at a time. So we can't find all the produce that is going bad but we try to. I know personally that I throw away a lot of produce that has gone bad. I know that in our department at the Longview store we try our ... Read more

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    I recently got hired at the new winco in vancouver washington. The second week one of the people training us claimed I called her a Bossy Cow which I never said. The third week I got called into the office about it. I of course claimed I never said it. So I work 2 days, get a day off then come to work only to be fired for something I didn't even say but get this, the last day I worked I smashed my finger pretty bad and was told to go to the secretary to fill out an accident report. I did and you know what she did? She told me rudely that she was too busy. So I went back to the MIT and told her what the secretary said and she was upset over it and took me to the asst. mgr and she helped fill out the report. I also told her how the secretary treated me and she apologized and said she would look into it. So while I'm getting fired I told them that I'm getting fired for something I didn't even do but yet the secretary can get away with being rude to me and to others and you know what they ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    WinCo Foods is the WORST Employer I have ever had the displeasure of coming across!!! Are all the other employees on food stamps while working for them too??? Is it normal for the Person In Charge to yell at new employees during their training??? Do the customers at all WinCo stores complain about the management??? Do all employees that don't have to be on food stamps degrade those who are??? Even when they have a job??? Working at WinCo!!! Do all stores hire new employees to avoid paying medical and giving the current employees the hours they need and want??? Do all WinCo's give their buddies more hours and neglect other faithful employees??? Is it common practice in a very high theft store to fire the employees for not catching a thief??? Is it ethically right to fire employees for filing for unemployment when they are only scheduled for 5-18 hours for the week when they were told at hire it is full time??? Do all WinCo's practice bad employment practices or is it just the one in F... Read more

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    I like Winco and I've never had any employee issues at all. I've been to several Winco's in the Vancouver and Portland area. Their produce isn't the greatest, but I always do fine with the more stable fruits and vegetables. I never buy from the deli counter at any store and I probably won't after reading this forum. There are two products I've purchased that are consistently bad. The bagged potatoes are not fresh. I've even gotten rotten potatoes when I wasn't paying attention. Now I thoroughly inspect the bags and only purchase the smaller ones I can use up quickly. The second item is so bad that I won't purchase it at any price and that is the boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts. Twice I've gotten them and they were rotten when I went to use them. I got my money back the second time, but it is a pain to drive all the way back with rotten chicken in the car. The other meats seem fine. I've never had a problem with any of the beef. Even after I've waited too long to cook it... Read more

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    Sat Jan 16 2010

    I was in the area of the Indio store yesterday, so I spent some time and money there. Here is an example of their pricing: Welches White Grape Frozen Concentrate (3 cans) $3.39. Unbelievable!! My burger buns were .88! Wow! Everything else I purchased was priced great! I will go back! Definitely!

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    I had just moved into the area from out of state and decided to check out WinCo Foods in Beaverton. I usually shop at my neighborhood Fred Meyer or Safeway in Portland where I live but decided to try it out as I was actually driving this time (I usually walk to the grocery store). They do have some pretty good prices and I decided to buy a bit more than I usually do when I am walking to my neighborhood store. Imagine my shock when I started to bag my groceries and whipped out my credit card (since I bought more than I had originally planned on) to pay and the cashier looked at me like I was retarded and mumbled that they don't take credit. I was stunned.. especially since there are no signs at the register, in the store or even at the front entrance to the store warning people that they do not accept credit. I should have just left the groceries on the counter but I went ahead and used my debit card. I called to complain to the manager about there not being any signs posted alerting f... Read more

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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    what is going on with the winco store in roseville? nobody seems to know what the heck their doing and when i asked one of the employees about the falling standards she told me there is a new management in the store that is worthless. I'm tired of empty shelves and angry looking employees. Too bad, I gotta look elsewhere pretty soon.

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    Sat Dec 19 2009

    I was leaving a Winco Store in a disability cart(Neurosurgery, blown spinal disk and disabled) and was demanded a drivers license by an employee. After disbelief and thinking she was using humor as I was in an electric cart, she said no and demanded a drivers license. There was nothing on entrance explaining this policy or where the cart was when I picked it up. I refused and just went outside the door on the sidewalk and left the cart and walked to my car. I did not know what they would do if I used it to get to my car so I did not do that. I also do not like to be viewed as and responded to as a potential thief when I am on store property. The extra walks to chase drivers license's and carts since there not conveniently by the door with the push carts so as to protect them against a loss seems more important to them than causing undue pain to the handicapped. To some people it may look like were to small a group to worry about. If Winco wants to use a "license requiremen... Read more

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    Tue Dec 01 2009

    I went into Winco yesterday. All their lettuce was brown and rotting. When I got to the checkout, I said hello to the checker and she looked at me with something like scorn and mumbled something I couldn't understand. At the end of ringing up my order another checker took her place. I was facing her, standing a couple feet away, waiting for my Visa receipt. Instead of handing the receipt to me, she put it down on an item closest to her and turned her back on me without saying thanks or anything else. I figure they don't want my money. Maybe I'll try them one more time. But if I get the same treatment, I'll stop shopping there. If they don't like their customers they probably aren't aware that it's customers that keep them in business. Oh well, their loss. There are plenty of other groceries around here. Walmart has comparable pricing to Winco. Fred Meyer has good quality, though they cost a little more. Safeway and Albertsons are high price unless you shop sales or their store bra... Read more

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    Sat Nov 14 2009

    3 stars My rating for your store for prices, etc., is 5 stars. BUT my rating for accommodating the handicapped inside your store is ZERO stars. You have your battery carts as far away from the front door as you can get them. This makes no sense at all. They should be by the front door as you enter the store. It is very difficult to walk all the way to the far wall to get a cart. It's even worse when you walk all that way and then get there to find that there are no carts available. We then have to walk all the way back to the front of the store to get a regular cart. UNACCEPTABLE. Unhappy handicapped person.

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    Sat Nov 07 2009

    Winco Foods for the most part has good value pricing. I don't care much for their customer service but then again I don't go there because I like the people. I like the pricing and value. However, Winco Foods has adopted a new house brand, Hy-Top. I have tried maybe 20 different Hy-Top products from crackers to tuna and in every instance I find the Hy-Top product to be sub-standard in quality, taste and performance. When the product purchased does not fulfill the shoppers expectations then the value is lost. I don't shop as much at Winco Foods as I used to because the value has been diminished and I can find name brand values elsewhere.

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    Fri Nov 06 2009

    I want to share my daughters experience while attempting to return an application for employment... The Customer Service Desk had an elderly employee whom harassed my daughter regarding her application stating they were not accepting applications(however the web site stated that store location was hiring) .... my daughter asked for the phone number to do the online survey/pre-employement questionnaire and was told there is no such thing( We all know there is a pre-employement/on-line survey, another WinCo employee told us of this and said to take the survey before the interview) The woman accused my daughter of calling her a liar in front of other customers in line, then used the overhead loudspeaker to call for a manager, said she had a rude customer and that the customer is calling her a liar!! When the manager came( a woman but can't recall her name) my daughter reached out her hand to shake but the woman manager crossed her arms instead, she didn't blink an eye when my daughter exp... Read more

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    Sun Nov 01 2009

    I love shopping at the Puyallup winco. The employees are nice and the store is clean. Of course, the prices are great, but that is a given. No store is perfect, but i think that reasonable prices make up for it. I've saved a lot of money since I started buying my meat and produce at Winco and find that the quality is comparable to other chains. I can't speak for other stores in the company, because I haven't been to any of them, but the puyallup store is great. Thanks.

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    I am disabled and can not walk they have motor chairs but you have walk into the store to use them or my daughter has to take my wheelchair out of the car let me go into the store to get there carts and then she has to take my wheelchair back to the car. After I am through shopping my daughter has to do the same to get me out to the car. The 99hiway store has polls on there cart so they can not leave the store. So because of this I can not shop at winco foods. Thanks for nothing.

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    Fri Oct 16 2009

    The assistant manager is white and the manager is black, both names Steve. after filling out my application, he told me he wanted me to work for him, so he gave me a interview and told me to come back. so I showed, ditched school at CCC to be there, he asked if i had a criminal and i told him yes. I had one misdemenor, for talkin to a hooker in 95. so he ran myback ground and it turns out there was a type o and it got put in twice, now i was neever charged and released. so on my last interview this bald black S.O.B tells me that i cant work for safeway and winco and to quit, so i did, then he comes at me like i lied about the second charge of talking to a prostit tute, he made it out like i lied to him on purpose and i knew it was going to come up on the background check, any way he said he would call me and i got a letter today in the mail saying that they went with someone else, now that is messed up... maybe he shoudl go home get his balls out of his wifes purse and be a freakin ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    I do most of my food shopping at Winco, but was recently disappointed with their pumpkin muffins. We look forward to these muffins every ye...

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    I don't do all my shopping at WinCo, but I do go there for specific items I can't find anywhere else or that I know will be significantly cheaper at WinCo. The store nearest to me has a great selection of so-called "ethnic" foods. I go to WinCo for their pre-sliced "carne asada" meat, which is always reasonably priced, fresh, and not available anywhere else. Their pork shoulder roast "carnitas" are also a great buy. Another item I stock up on is the "Aussie Gold" aged white cheddar cheese. It is the best white cheddar I've found for the price, and puts to shame Trader Joe's similar cheeses. I've never been too impressed with their produce, and their bulk food selection (while very large) sometimes sits out for looooong periods of time. So I just go elsewhere for those things. (Although sometimes they have some very unusual or rare produce which is very expensive at other stores, and quite reasonably priced at WinCo. For example, we recently discovered that my 3-year old love... Read more

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    Funny you can say you shopped at Winco Foods in Hemet. The store is not even open yet! It is October 2nd and the hiring process is still going on. I have shopped at Winco for years in Northern California and Perris, CA and have never had a bad experience. Shop for yourself in Hemet when the store opens and make your own decision. I believe you will be pleased.

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    I have read several of the reviews, and have to agree with those who rate Winco as terrible. More times than not I have purchased items that when opened, they are spoiled. I used to shop at Winco for the bulk items, but no longer do as I have seen young children with their arms up to their elbo's in the bulk item bins. I understand the parents are to blame here, but have complained to the store employees to no avail. The fresh fruits and vegetables department is anything flavor or too ripe. Lettuce is dirty...who does not see mud and dirt sealed into a head of lettuce? Nothing fresh about it! The breads and muffins will mold within a day, and bakery items are not baked fresh...but pulled out of a freezer. I personally don't like the taste of freezer burn. I would rather pay more, don't care how much either, to have fresh food. It seems that buying good and fresh food is actually cheaper at certain stores; i.e. Costco. I can buy 6 heads of romaine lettuce for $2.99. ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 04 2009

    I shop at the Winco in Hemet, California and prices are good, but I keep finding products that are produced in China and other countries like Malaysia that makes me check labels like crazy. A while back I went to buy ready made potatoe salad and when I noticed the "buy by" date, it was weeks out of date. When I told a manager, he told the deli manager and later I saw him 3 times carry arm loads of product from the shelf to the back. Recently I purchased a large American sub and some of the meat in it tasted terrible. Threw it out. In the same purchase I purchased Rojos Spinach dip and when I got home read the date on it, it was 07-18-09 and the day I purchased it was 09-02-09. I am sending a complaint to the head office. It will include an attachment with a copy of my receipt and the dip lid with the out of date date.

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    Tue Sep 01 2009

    WinCo is ok. The prices are good. What I wish you would carry is V8 Fusion Peach Mango Light. We have to go to other stores to get this product. WE would shop at winco more often if they would carry the V8 Fusion light products. Light style products, good wine at great prices those are things that would keep us from shopping at any store but WinCo.

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    Sat Aug 29 2009

    Customer service SUCKS !! YOu cant even get or find a link on the Winco home page to send in a e-mail about the POOR POOR SERVICE and the LONG LONG LONG SLOW lines at the checkout and this is at 1-2 AM when I get off work !! Good prices? YES!! worth it HELL NO!!! I'll go a couple miles more to the 24hr Super WallMart instead !! So Long WinCo and your poor ass customer service and your hiden corp. e-mail or the lack of being able to voice my concerns to Headquarters !!!

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    they are rude and they walk away when you are asking a question and when you bring it up to the lady store manager she says I believe my employee that he wasnt being rude or hearing you and so sorry Im all most 50 not in a habbit of being rude. I had a friend with me and she was so surprised of this person and the management. So we don't shop there sorry prices arent worth being treated like you don't matter. I was a shopper over 26yrs. NO LONGER

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    I moved from the California Bay area to the Valley. In the bay area there is a nice grocery store at least amile in every direction. I loved being able to have my choice of Safeway's to go to. If I had a problem with one, I would go to another. It was great. Then I moved to Modesto. Modesto has Savemart. Savemart is expensive, the only Safeway I've been to seems more like a luxury store than anything else. More like a Nob Hill, and it's not conveinent to go there. Winco however, there's one right next to my house. I have a choice of either going to Winco or Savemart. Savemart seems to think that everyone is ignorant of the fact that some of their items are much higher than everyone else. But I go there instead. I love the customer service, their store is always clean, and I would rather pay $20 more for the same items than to go to Winco. Winco... I guess the fact that flies were surrounding their tomatoes and other produce, should have disgusted me, or perhaps their ill ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    Been shopping at WinCo for years. My only complaint is the quality of their fruit which I have found way to green, or overly ripe, and some...

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    I just had THE WORST experience I have ever had shopping at a store. It happened at Winco and I have to share it. Unfortunately, it looks like it's more common than not to have a bad experience there after reading the different reviews listed on here. Here's the scoop. I was in the same shopping plaza as the Winco Foods here in Marysville, WA to get my daughter her hair cut. I needed to get a few things and thought that, because it was conveniently located next to the salon, I would go there to Winco. Big mistake! I had purchased the things I was in there for, and then some. I loaded my groceries onto the belt and waited for my turn. Since the lines in Winco are always long no matter what time of day I've been in there I read one of the magazines to help pass the time. So, it's my turn and this bitch of a woman named Wendy was the cashier. She continued to hold a conversation with the customer who was in front of me, who was bagging her groceries. No acknowledgement of me, no gre... Read more

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    Not a store for health nuts... Okay, I do shop at Winco, sometimes. But I am less likely to have a good experience there than at other stores. I first started shopping at Winco in Moscow, ID. I thought, great, I was a dirt poor college student trying to stretch my money as far as possible. But there prices are deceptive, if you ask me. They pull you in with cheap boxed/canned foods on display, but not everything's actually cheaper. I just moved to Richland, WA, and the story is exactly the same. One big problem that I have with Winco is that I like to cook a variety of foods don't fit with what I like. So I end up having to make a pit stop at another store. It annoys me that their meat section only offers huge portions (not great for two people). The last straw was when I looked around my Winco one day and realized that a great deal of the people shopping there were overweight. And, since I'd moved to Moscow, so was I. I needed a healthier alternative. Now I shop at Fred Meyer. I spen... Read more

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    I love to shop at Winco, i have never had a problem with their customer or broken cart incident. I mean there are time where you are like like, "are you kidding me, you dont know whwere it is?" but give 'em a break, shit move around all the time, and people do get fired and hired. I personally shop at the one in Elk Grove, on Sheldon. Their pizza is hellllllllla better than Round Tables, or Pizza Huts. I just got 2 large multiple topping pizzas for under 25. You can't beat it. The floors are the best, but im not there to buy floors, i am there for food, and the food is fresh and constantly stocked & rotated. How hard is it to get another cart if the wheels on the first one you picked aren't quite working. It aint!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a break, when you see a roach, complain. Until then they are great.

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    Mon May 11 2009

    Seriously, everyone who complains about trash being in carts, .. don't leave trash in the carts, ... viola, problem fixed. Carts not rolling properly? Don't leave them on curbs around the parking lot, or slam them into curbs for that matter, .. put them in the racks where they belong. Bad customer service? Approach them nicely, and you'll get the same in return. NO CONTACT INFORMATION?!! LOOK ON YOUR RECEIPT RETARD. Stop finding shit to complain about, ... makes you sound ignorant, and ontop of that, you can shop else where if you hate shopping there. SLOW CHECKOUT LINES?! Well, when you find another store who does 1.5 to 2 million dollars of transactions a week, and still can keep lines down, .. you just let me know. JUST STOP COMPLAINING. Bunch of whiny assholes!

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    I love shopping at Winco. Our local store has almost everything I want or need to buy. I'm constantly amazed by all the stuff like Nancy's Organic Nonfat yogurt. I used to buy this at the Sprouts down the street, but they suddenly stopped carrying that particular Nancy's product. Also I like to bag my own stuff, don't seem to spend as much because I have to pay cash or debit, and I like to buy from the bins. Going for products with less packaging is good for the environment. I've heard it is hard to get a job there, and once you do, you are expected to work your ass off. Can't comment on that, but I like the staff at our store. There are a few checkers who are usually working every time I shop and I like to go through their lines.

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    If you are looking for the absolute cheapest food to put on your table then this is the place. The problem is we always end up having to stop at Safeway or Walmart because Winco did not have something. In their meat section, they have tons of beef but want turkey products they have almost nothing. The last time we got 2 salads from there deli, then next day when we went to have them one had a dressing packet over a month expired and the other had no dressing packet.

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