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    Mon Aug 13 2012

    I have wasted several hundred dollars, over 20 hours, and much frustration, and would not recommend Wildblue to anyone. It’s not that their service didn’t work – that can happen – it’s that their billing and customer service are dishonest and not reliable when dealing with problem situations. I ordered Wildblue in early Spring, when the leaves were off the trees. Installation went fine, although it took a long time to accomplish. About 2.5 months later the service stopped working. When I requested support, a technician came out, and was unable to restore service or find line of sight to the satellite. He theorized that it was due to the leaves on the tree, and requested that I cut down a large limb. I did that, the technician came back and still couldn’t obtain the line of sight or service. Wildblue started charging for non-existent service (continued the normal billing), until I noticed, called and complained. They stopped charging, and the technician came back again. And again. T... Read more

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    Wed Dec 28 2011

    I have had Wildblue Internet for almost 4 years. It started out great and has gotten progressively worse. I am getting download speeds of only .26 Mbps or less and Upload speeds of not more than .04 Mbps, many times .02. I have contacted Wildblue tech support and it has troubleshot my system and had a tech come troubleshoot my equipment; neither my system nor the equipment have any issues. The issues are with Wildblue. I have been notified that there are known issues with the sector my service is in, so why don't they fix it. I will be changing providers as soon as possible.

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    Wed Dec 28 2011

    Slow due to transmit time and the download limit is very deceptive! The time it takes to send and receive is lengthy (you can count out load before the data is received) VERY SLOW, even if you get the best package (worse with the value packages). The thresholds are very deceptive. If you have the 17 Gigabyte package, you cannot exceed 70% of that amount per rolling month or they slow you down to almost nothing (they reduced me to 20kbps) that’s slower than dial-up. The dial-up I had was better than the Wild Blue transmit time. Don’t forget if you hate the service, they will stick you with the cancellation fee: $135 for me (the service sucks and that’s why they make you sign a 2 year contract). It was worth the $135 to get ride of the service($15 per month).

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    Fri Oct 28 2011

    I can't believe that anyone would rate Wild Blue as positive. These people are either complete idiots or they have never experienced what a good quality internet service provider does for you. I use the highest service that WB provides yet I constantly worry about exceeding my download quota. I don't download that often - everything is now video based and routine usage will eat up your download quota in a heartbeat. If it rains your service will be down. The usage meter they provide for each account has been down for over two weeks and when I called, the lady I spoke with stated they couldn't verify my current usage because they couldn't locate my account info. What a joke these people are. Wild Blue is truly a last resort when no other ISP is available.

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    Wed Oct 12 2011

    SCAM!!! they just wiped out my bank account!! i moved somewhere they are NOT even available and they are still charging me 14.99 a month, then turns out they took it all at once!! i am on a fixed income and they took it all, left me with 17 bucks in the bank!! you know what they said... "take it up with your bank" wtf???!!!! so i did.. but now i have to get all new cards so they have no further access to account. Watch out!! there are fine print things that you are agreeing to that you will never know about until you leave them!! then they will find a "fee" to charge you!! as it was it was crappy internet service to begin with!! STAY AWAY!! THE MOST HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

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    Sat Oct 08 2011

    I called about 2 months ago to get service in a rural area..... never got a call back, I called them again a month later.... now 2 additional weeks later, they said they would escalate. guess they don't want my business. I will not call them back. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone when the call should have taken about 30 seconds. I'm done.... read the reviews, not too positive.

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    Thu Sep 15 2011

    We have only had Wildblue for a week now. But inspite of an occasional glitch, it is wonderful. Even at peak times when it slows considerably it is still faster than the dial up we had. Also during heavy rain and clouds it did not go out at all. Our installer was knowledgable and very professional. We signed up for WB after our dial up provider cut ties with our phone company and no other dial up provider in the area has a local access number for our town. And we qualified under the 2009 Recovery Act for rural people so we figured we didn't really have much to lose. Even if it was only twice as fast as our dial up that was still an improvement and so far it has proved to be much much faster than dial up. The satelite was down for 4 hours this morning but every thing is fine now. So far so good......

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    Mon Sep 05 2011

    Wild Blue is the worst internet I have ever had in my life. Dial up rates higher than wild blue. I have had the service for 1 week and called and asked if I could please get out of the contract because it had never worked since it was installed. They wouldnt let me out of the contract. My computer freezes up all the time. It's slower than dial up. It takes over a minute for the home page to come up. I can't hardly do anything on facebook. I would like to know who would pay the kind of money they want per month that something that is slower than dial up and all you can do is maybe check your email and surf the internet VERY SLOWLY I might add. Please dont ever get Wild Blue its not worth the money by no means. I would of rated it negative but they didnt give us that choice. WILD BLUE IS THE WORST SERVICE OUT THERE....

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    Wed Jul 27 2011

    Wild Blue is the worst Internet Provider I have ever used. It is dead slow, photos will not upload and forget downloading a video. I was told when I got WB that if I did a lot of games or downloaded a lot of videos they would slow my service. Now I find out it's not for video or photos. All it's able to do is e-mail (I can do that on my phone) and if you want to cancel they will add 2 years to your direct TV account. Run far far away from Wild Blue!!!! Get a wifi hotspot from a cellular provider.

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    Wed May 11 2011

    A very small step above dial up. Not worth the $70 per month fee. I had it for a year and a half and Frontier installed DSL in our neighborhood. No comparison in price and speed. The main problem with WB happened when I called to cancel. It has been over three months since I first called and I couldn't get them to quit billing my credit card. It was always the last person didn't submit my request properly. Same story everytime I called. Customer service is terrble.

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    Sun May 08 2011

    WildBlue is a scam operation that needs to be shut down. After over a year of struggling I canceled my 2 year contract. -paid the $79.95 monthly for up to 1.5Mps downloads ("up to" is the key phrase here as it never reached that speed); online banking/paying credit card bills impossible because passwords time out -WildBlue dropped service more often than not -unresponsive/untrained IT support (could not get through to them--get put on hold for hours then disconnected; when you do get through they are rude and condescending, as if the issue is on your end, no desire to kick into solution mode) Was told I had a choice of either removing the satellite dish, modem and the rest of the equipment myself or could pay $150 to have a tech come and remove these. I opted for the tech, less of a headache. However, a month later was charged another $300 for not having sent back the equipment, although the tech did take it away. Was told that I needed a tracking number; without it I had no pro... Read more

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    Tue Mar 22 2011

    This "WildBlue" is the biggest rip-off, load of sh&* on the planet! DO NOT USE WILDBLUE as you will be very, very sorry! It is SLOWER than dial-up, ALL THE TIME! It freezes up when you click on "send" after writing a great e-mail to someone, and you lose the e-mail and end up with high blood pressure! This goes on many times a day, every day! Then, all of a sudden, it starts scrolling down the page all by itself and you cannot stop it. Even if you try to shut off the computer with your mouse, it does not work.....it just comes right back on again, over and over and over all by itself. You have to cut off the electricity to get it to stop. Then you have to go through signing -on again. It is a pain in the a$$, all day, every day! Sure customer service answers and talks to you, and they are very nice and try to help.....but NOTHING helps, because this company has a VERY POOR satellite connection---it bounces back and forth and back and forth before you can get a page to sta... Read more

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    Sun Feb 27 2011

    I run a pc service & after reading some of the propaganda out of guilt I had to share my personal experience with WildBlue. Almost 2.5 yrs ago I tried it: 1) System was installed properly with excellent signal 2) I acquired latitude & longitude of my address...I verified dish was aimed dead on 2) All cabling met specs 3) Install done in a professional manner (pole mounted..I verified it was level & plum) After approx. 1.5 yrs things went downhill like being unable to use my wireless router. I called tech support after confirming the dish had not moved & pole was still level & plum only to be told my router had gone bad. Okay fair enough since I had explored any & all possibilities, so I drove almost 30 miles one way & purchased a new wireless router. After the 60 mile roundtrip & replacing my old router...same problem unable to use my wireless router. Again I called tech support & was told it was my pc...I replied," ALL four of them??" Their tech finally admitted "they were having ga... Read more

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    It is better than dial-up, but doesn't come close to cable or DSL. Early in the morning and late in the evening, speeds may be as fast as 60 kb per Second, but between 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST, when I'm home and not in bed, my connection is considerably slower. On a good night, I may download around 20 kb per second. On a bad night 5 kb or slower. Frequently, I have problems accessing websites and sometimes the service won't access my web-based email. My contract will expire in a couple of months and I'm considering not renewing it for another term. Now that I have a taste of high speed internet, I don't want to go back to dial-up, but don't believe the speed is worth the price.

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    Wed Feb 23 2011

    We initially called DISHnetwork about internet service and they connected us to Wildbule (WB). The WB rep made numerous claims about their superior speed, service, etc. and told us if we weren't 100% satisfied we had 30-days to opt out. We were almost immedately unhappy with everything about WB. We had just purchased a new Dell laptop with wireless capabilities and we assumed we would have the luxury of using our new computer anywhere in the house. WRONG! We were confined by a six foot piece of coax from the WB modem to our computer. When we questioned the installer about this, he said we could purchase a device at Wal-Mart for about $80.00 which would give us the wireless service we wanted. Strike one. After the WB installer was finished and packed up his gear and left, we couldn't wait to try out our new toy. It took several minutes for each and every web-site we visited to load. What a pain in the tush. Strike two. We continued to put up with this sluggish nonsense for a... Read more

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    -1 Rating. Do not sign a contract with this company! When we went to disconnect service after 6 months because we had to move they told me to send the modem back but not to worry about the dish portion cause I could not get to it. I did have to pay early termination fees, which I completely understood. I sent the modem back and was charged $150 for a piece on the dish that was not returned. When I called customer service they told me that I needed to return this other piece and if I could not get to it I needed to hire a "handyman" to do it for me. What a joke! The really great part of the whole deal is I signed up with them because there was already a dish on the rental house. So it is really great that they are billing me for something that some other poor sucker already paid for. Sure glad I could contribute to your profit margins!

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    I am an expert and have been in this industry for 22 years with over 26,000 sales and installations completed, I have seen it all and have delt with many issues. I am sure this post will get all sorts of reactions but is the honest truth and the result of a lot of experience. In reading all the Wild Blue reveiews i can ensure that if it's sold correctly and installed correctly it is great system, I have over 2800 customers that have switched from Hughes to Wild Blue, Not one wishes they were back on Hughes or even dial up. Sure 10 Megs of download would be great but rural areas just don't have that available right now. 1-1.5 meg consistant will get the job done. I have created a troubleshooting area to help everyone, if you address these issues, your system will work very well. It will be fast and reliable. First: Don't get your system from Dish or DirecTV, get it direct from Wild Blue or through a local independent dealer not associated with Dish and DirecTV. You want Wild ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    DO IT!! DO IT!! DO IT!!! GET ON BOARD WITH WILD BLUE!! WHAT A REFRESHING EXPERIENCE! I'M SO GLAD TO BE OUT FROM UNDER HUGHESNET! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! It's internet the way it's supposed to be. Initially it seemed a bit slow but then I downloaded their "Optomizer tool" which synchronized my 2 computers with the modem and "voila!" I was up to full speed. Also, I immediately noticed my latency was half the time that Hughesnet was. Am I a happy camper!! I ordered my system thru their authorized provider and the installation was done by Wild Blue's technicians and it was all done very professionally not like Hughesnet which was a nightmare with . The techs were well trained and polite. Wore booties in my house and didn't try to sell me anything. They did an excellent job. If you are going to convert to Wild Blue it's important you don't do it thru a mom and pop dealer who purchase the equipment from Wild Blue and then subcontract the installation to poorly trained installers an... Read more

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    There isn't much to say that hasn't allready been said. I would go back to dial up in a second, it isn't very good but a lot cheaper and at times just as good and the rest of the time allmost as good. Wild blue would be out of business without the contract. I have done speed checks on the the wild blue and local dial up and actually had at times a faster speed on the dial up which happens to be one sixth the price. Have had quite a few problems with the service not working at all and the dish guy comes out and tightens on the conections and it works again for a little while. overall it is an expensive headache with terrible unreliable service. looking forward to getting rid of it, couple more months. by the way if you have any weather ( wind, clouds, rain, snow, etc.) it will cause problems with service.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE !!! HORRIBLE!! Do NOT sign up for Wildblue. The service is terrible. Even when it is working it is 100% slower than it is suppose to be. When the weather is even cloudy a little, you will have NO service. And then trying to get away from them is even worse. They hang up on you and that is only after it has taken anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get someone on the phone in the first place. They keep deducting money from your account even after you do get the service disconnected and then tell you that they have refunded your money to you. So then they want you to fax them your bank statements and then call to verify that they did receive the fax....so there you go trying to get thru to a person again. I tell everyone that I know to stay as far away from Wildblue as they can, you are better off without any internet service rather than to be sucked into Wildblue.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    Paying for 1.5 mb connection, lucky if get a 66kb download speed. When contacting WB the always claim that that I have a better connection then I have. Have 2 independent company's test the connection an show the connection is slow. When submitting the testing information to WB they claim the testing was done incorrectly an the results are incorrect. WILD BLUE SUCK.... they will steal you blind.

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    Sun Dec 19 2010

    This service is terrible. Do NOT sign up for it. The speed they give you is no where near what they claim. They do not provide any help on resolving problems. They just claim that they have a disclaimer in their customer agreement fine print that lets them off the hook and that you just have to live with it. I repeat - do not sign up for this service.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    Yep they suck hairy ass!I just found out that they have been having their way with my 72 year old mother.They have taken money from her account for no reason plus give her the run around about refunding so much that she has just given up on getting her money back.They have on several occasions stopped her service claiming that she has overused,that just sorry.All she does is email and chat with friends.I don't know how others would deal with this but as for myself if I ever meet a man or woman for that matter that introduces themselves as Mr or Mrs Wild Blue they will most likely get a 3000 dollar ass whippin!It is a sad state of affairs in this country when a company can take advantage of someone for the simple fact that they didn't understand what they were getting into.Wild suckass blue will be cancelled and I will be getting her a wifi hotspot for her home.Don't get the wrong idea I would never hit a woman but I would sure as hell pay another woman to do it for me.Stay away from Wi... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    Don't do it!! Worst service ever. SLOW SLOW SLOW. My AT&T 3G service is faster and we all know that it's not very fast either. I switched from Hughes net to Wildblue because wildblue promised to be faster. They lied. It sucks. Just got off the phone with them to cancel my service and the lady was like talking to a wall. She was a complete idiot!! Do not waste your money with Wildblue because I can promise if your experience is anything like mine it will be a complete waste of money.

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    Sun Nov 28 2010

    Wildblue internet is broadband internet (barely). But when you talk to a wildblue representitive they list off their recommended things to NOT do with your internet. Including EVERYTHING you would need broadband for. The only things they didn't list off was buying stuff online, chatting, reading text pages. (Pretty much dial up material) If you use this internet for video etc. they will shut you off fast. I even tried to limit my video watching the second month and still got shut off. And i'm using the Pro Plan!!!! And with a fake 1.5 MB/s transfer rate (it doesn't go that fast EVER!!!, i'm always opening a page then walking away to let it load!!!) They say you get 17 GB of download per month but man does it go fast. Wildblue would probably say: "blah, blah blah, it's something you're doing wrong" If you compare dial up to wildblue's pro plan. You can do the same stuff. Except dial up won't shut you off for running over their absurd limit. (i really don't see how i went over ... Read more

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    Out&out crap!!! I keep going up in speed'for more&more money.STILL CRAP. I think I'm one step above dialup.It will not download video properly. The video's play faster then it will download. It really SUCKS!! Waiting for UVERSE.Then goodbye to rip off server.

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    Wildblue "representatives" to whom you talk when activating service obviously are working on commission, like used car salesmen. After an unexpected and incredible argument with one such individual I threw up my hands and said forget it. (I'd had wildblue before, and it had been adequate and wanted to re-activate, but they insisted they had to sell me everything again that I already owned). Then the rep came down $15 dollars a month to 49.95, which in a short time went up $5 dollars to sell me the dish and modem again which didn't work but the old ones did! That's another story. They wear you down. When you absolutely have to call them, you will have 2 hours sucked out of your life. 3 and a half hours once. They know this. They just want our money. They apparently don't understand word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers will get them more business. I tell everyone they should stay away from wildblue. Also, after 2 hours on the phone early in my nightmare with these... Read more

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    Wed Nov 10 2010

    Horrible!!! We were suckered in by the sales pitch "faster than DSL, lightning fast downloads" all lies (I thought I was more discerning that that - my fault for believing). This "service" is the worst I have ever used. We got rid of DSL due to the extra costs with the phone line (cell phones wiped out our need for a home phone anyway). BIG MISTAKE!!! We were never told that YouTube videos would kill us. In a few days my kids watched videos (that we didn't know would be a problem) to the point that the "service" is down to a crawl. DON'T USE THIS "SERVICE"!!! It is not worth the trouble. The old adage that "if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is" is right on the money here!!! Again, Horrible!! Can't say that enough.

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    Wed Oct 27 2010


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    Fri Oct 15 2010

    (1) Wildblue satellite internet service; to round it off. It sucks. Customer service is lousy. I hooked up about a year ago. All seemed ok until I had to move. First of all when you move you have to take the dish components off the roof yourself. Then you have to wait until you actually move before they send the box to return the equipment. If you don't get the box they send, they charge you $286.00 even if it's there fault. When I called to see what was going on, no one in cutomer service could help, an even the managers are not willing to help. Needless to say they sent my account into overdraft and I'm the one who has to pay. Also on the move they billed me twice in one month. Buy the way the Internet service I slow as hell. Once I received the boxes to send the equipment back they said it would be 30-60 days this company sucks From Perry .

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    Wildblue is now the official worst internet company I have ever dealt with. We had to wait 2 weeks for an installer to come and instead of knocking on the door he looked in the window put a note on the door and bolted to another house so as to get off work early on a Friday. Seriously we have 2 dogs that bark till tues if anyone knocks at the door, we would have known. We were told there was no way to bring him back and would have to wait another full 7 days for a reschedule. 2 weeks after installation we were cut off and told we had to pay a bill. After 2 weeks?? Give us a month at least!! then after paying and realizing how slow the service is we upgraded to the highest package at like $80.00 a month only to get cut off after downloading a few movies and games without warning and being told we went over our download limit of 17GB per month!! WTF? Are you serious? 17GB is nothing!! Don't even think about watching movies on Netflix. Your limited to emails only with the best of the be... Read more

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    Fri Sep 24 2010


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    Tue Sep 14 2010

    This has to be the most deceptive company I have ever dealt with. RUN RUN RUN....your dial up is about the same as WB and ALOT Cheaper (WB 49, 69.00 and 79.00) and NO FASTER. They have to be breaking a lot of laws. Deceiving with their contract, billing and speeds. I had a speed reading of .24k download and .02 k upload and cs said " I show your signal is strong" and that is the only response you will get out of them. PS: I gave them NO Stars, but had to in order to rate them. They really aren't worthly of the "ONE"!

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    Save your money - run for the hills. WildBlue should be sued for false advertising. Have the service (if you can call it service) for 14 months now. When first installed, the installed ran an internet speed test and downloads were running about .48 mb. This was close to .5 so it was reasonable. Since then, it is has gone down hill. Ran test last night and it was about .18 mb. I tried various tests and all had the same results. Piss Poor. I had called WildBlue before on this and they recommended I change browsers to FireFox. I told them BULL - my original test was with MS Explorer and it worked fine. The tech then had me unplug the modem and wait 2 - 3 minutes and then plug it in. After a few tries, I finally succeeded in getting a different spotbeam that was not so busy and voila, my speed was running around .4 mb. The tech indicated that I should try using the internet at a 'non peak' time. WTF, I do not want to be up at 2:00 am to check my e-mail. My neighbor has... Read more

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    Do not waste your money on this service. It says it is better than dial up; which is a complete lie. I did not see any difference with dial up vs. wild blue. Originally we had started off with the Silver package, it was way to slow to do anything. So we upgraded to the Gold package which is 69.95. There was no difference, and we were stuck in a 2 year contract!!!!!! We live in a rural area, where there is no internet connection. Their customer service is very rude and not helpful. Our contract is finally up and I gladly canceled the service. Only problem now is I need to return the modem and tria. They want me (I am 5 foot) to climb up and take this down even though a professional that is trained in dealing with this equipment put this up. The first time I called and said there is no way I could do this; they simply told me to get a neighbor or something. I live in an area where there is nobody around; this is why I had to get wild blue. Second time I called they said they can send s... Read more

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    Tue Sep 07 2010

    This will not work unless there are no clouds in the sky. I have had my service ( if you want to call it that) for about 1 and 1/2 months. Worst service I have ever had. Do not really like anything about this service. I only got it because of unlimited downloads, but then again that is misleading. If you go over a certain point than the company reduces your speed. Speed is a joke also. My Verizon Broadband is faster than this crap. I wish noe I did not get this service, but needed something I thought would help me in an internet business. I was Wrong. As soon as I can get out from under this contract I will have the dish removed. I cannot get regular cable internet because of where I live so this was my only choice, other than Verizon, Sprint, etc. Do not let someone talk you into doing this service. I have also had problams on days when there are absolutely no clouds in the sky, and the service would not work. If you are looking for something to download videos then run as fast as you... Read more

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    Sun Sep 05 2010

    WildBlue is almost as slow as dial-up. And we've just been notified that we are close to exceeding our usage per their Usage Agreement. What? All we do is check email, and watch some music videos or youtube now and then. THAT has exceeded our usage? You've got to be kidding me. This is their way of making a person increase their plan to the most expensive one if you don't want to be "punished" by having your speed decreased. Go ahead, WildBlue, decrease my speed...it couldn't be worse than it already is. And if we don't want to be stuck with them for another 21 months, we have to pay through the nose to get out of the contract. Boy, they screw you coming and going! STAY AWAY FROM WILDBLUE!!!

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    Installation: This was the only good part, as the installer, at our insistence, did an excellent job of tucking the wires away both outside and inside. Much appreciated. Internet Quality: This is where Wildblue is almost a complete failure. I wish I had known. I have had dsl for the last four years but just moved to a place in the woods that has no telephone or cable lines. The bottom line: This service is barely faster than a dial-up. I can't watch the news live. I couldn't watch the President's speech last night. I can't watch Daily Show or Colbert or any other shows. Uploading photos--I am a serious photographer--takes forever. Downloading friends' images is like surfing mollassas. Yup, you can get your email and use internet sites that are read only, but if you want to fully utilize the internet, avoid WildBlue. If you can get cell phone service, you will be much better off, cheaper, and not locked in for two years if you get a cell card for your computer and pay for monthly cel... Read more

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    Sat Aug 21 2010

    Switched to Wildblue from Hughesnet. Differant as night and day. Fair access policy actually pretty fair. Support people speak English. Do lose service if it gets really cloudy, but that's to be expected. Hughesnet is horrible.If you must go with satellite, Wildblue is to me your best choice that I know of. Hughesnet sucks! If you ever do bussiness with them, I guarentee you will regret it.

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    If ever you need to contact WildBlue customer service, it is necessary for you to block out 30 minutes of your time (at least). I have had billing problems with them since January, where they were double billing me. Finally in May, when they owed me in excess of of $400, I was able to get the funds returned to my account. However, the hours (literally), that I put into it for 5 months was absolutely grueling. Each time you call there, the minimum wait time to speak with anyone is approximately 11 minutes. Then you will get a representative that will promise you 3 months of free service because of your trouble, and trust me....you will never, ever see it. HughesNet, here we come!

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    well I’m in a hole I don’t have wild blue or any satlelight internet. I play Disney's ToonTown online and I need a better ping but satellite internet dose not have a faster ping but I can play on dial up and I called all the internet comps but none of them is in my area and i live in a grate neighborhood about 200 homes I don’t know why they don’t come out here about 3 miles down the rode they have Comcast SO IM VERY ANGRY :# NOW i GOT BROADSTRIPE INTERNET AND IT ROCKS...but not as much as comcast :(

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    Wild Blue SUCKS! Please save yourself the stress, the trouble, and the money and go with another company. One star is being way to generous. My wild blue dish was installed by a direct tv trouble shooting technician. Not a Wild Blue installer. He straight up told me that he didn't know much about it at all, because it's not what he "normally" does. What a great way to start off my wild blue experience.... Every question I asked about wild blue was answered with a "I don't really know...". It took 4 hours for my dish to be installed, and even after all that time, it never worked properly. I contacted Wild Blue right away. I was told, everything looks fine. There is no problems on our end. blah blah blah. Guess what? You're wrong! It is not fine. I cannot check ANY email besides my wild blue email account. No Yahoo, No Hotmail, no nothing. I cannot sign into Facebook. I cannot access my Vonage account online, nor can I sign into my Bank. What good is the internet if I can't do any of ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    We have terribly slow internet. We have called the company numerous times. We have had two technicians visit our house and tell us that there is nothing wrong with the service, yet our internet still cuts out at least twice daily and is extremely slow. I cannot believe we are paying for a service plan that will not back up the service speed advertised with the package we purchased. Today, I was asked what the weather was like in my area. It is partly cloudy today. The sales reps told us that that is probably why it is not working. I asked if I could then document when the internet service was affected by the weather, so the company would reimburse our monthly bill accordingly. My call was mysteriously disconnected. My husband called back and got the same responses from a very friendly customer service agent. About four months ago when we called, the service provider told us to upgrade our service to make the speed increase. Nothing happened. So, my husband decided to ask t... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    ZERO STARS!! NEGATIVE STARS EVEN!!! we had this service for TWO days before my boyfriend and i told them to cram it. we got sold by their false advertising claiming to be super fast when in fact they are slower than dial up, and you never have very good connection if you even get connection at all. the day we had the dish installed, the tech guy didnt even ask us where we wanted the hole drilled into our wall, so now we have a hole halfway up the wall with black wires comin out going nowhere. we had probs connecting to the router which connected to my mother in laws desktop and boyfriends laptop a month ago just fine, and they told us the router was the problem. we are using it now with another ISP and its workin great. and even though the dish was on the highest point on our roof with no trees around it, a few people from the company still tried to tell us that the dish had poor signal, while others said our signal strength was fine. after we got fed up with only one laptop out of t... Read more

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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    " THE EIGHTIES CALLED.....THEY WANT THEIR INTERNET BACK" This reminds me of the first dial-up service I had....really sloooooow, customer service was like a comedy routine right out of Saturday Night Live. We just had moved into our new house, only had one computer hooked up, two days into their service I get a phone call...they tell me we are using up too much bandwidth...(the only thing we did was check our e-mail and download a movie) and they would have to charge extra for that. That was just the beginning....billing problems, service outages etc. The only solution the Customer Service Dept. had was to "up-grade" the service....of course that would require more money. All I can say, If your thinking about using WildBlue...don't. (I didn't forget about the stars...I didn't give them any).

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    When I got wild blue it was great, nice and fast (as can be expected). Over 2 years it got slower and slower. While on the phone with tech support and doing testing, it took 1 minute and 45 seconds for Ebay to come up. the woman said "your connection is slow" I said "no shit, what are you going to do about it" she goes "give you level 2 tech support". 4 days later it was still slow, so I refused to pay the bill and switched. Oh, the local supporter offered to bump up my service to the next faster one, or repoint the dish (both at a cost). I simply replied (look, between 8 and 10 pm I can't get on facebook or do anything, other times it is fast. don't tell me it's equipment, it's over sold). the local rep said "I think you should file a complaint, we are not even allowed to install it anymore in the area (Buffalo NY Southtowns)" I just replied "no, I'm going to forget this nightmare, and you can forget about being paid". The service was good, but crapped out in the end.

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    WildBlue's service is very very poor. It started before I ever had the dish installed. They lost my order, and there was a weeks delay getting installation. My download speeds are much much slower than I was told they would be. Their upload speeds equal about those of dial-up. They are constantly sending me emails saying that I am using too much bandwidth, and I am in violation. When you get enough of these they cut back your service. Recently, my internet was out for three days. A tech had to come fix it. Later that day, I watched one thirty minute show on Netflix and checked my Facebook. The next morning, I had an email saying I was exceeding my bandwidth. Keep in mind that I am paying $80 a month for the Pro package, and had my system checked for security, and I had just been three days with no service. I live in the woods down a dirt road with two neighbors. The chances someone was piggy backing off of me was next to zero anyway. Another time I was having trouble with the router. A... Read more