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    Wed Oct 19 2011

    The following all took place today (10-19-11) within about 3 hrs!...After I read all these horrible reviews about people getting fake diamonds from Whitehall Jewelers, I started to panic. My white gold wedding set (which I recieved as an anniversary gift 7 yrs ago) came from Whitehall. I rushed (while trying to avoid having a full blown panic attack in front of my children) to a local jeweler (very good place) and asked them to check my rings (specifically my 2 carat center stone). They could have easily said it was fake in order to try to get my business..They said it was real as were all the smaller diamonds on the 3 bands. WHEW!! She said there was a piece on 60 minutes not long ago about competitors placing bad reviews trying to make other businesses lose customers! PLEASE be careful about who you trust to inspect your diamonds and take them to at least 3 places to verify. I think if a business can't make it without trying to shut down other businesses, then they should even be all... Read more

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    My engagement ring is, no joke, the most beautiful ring I've ever laid eyes on. I am so thrilled my husband chose Whitehall!

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    I found out that I bought fake diamond from Lundstrom jewelry. I bought 2 bands, there are 10 diamonds each. One of the diamonds are cracked. Unfortunately, they happened to both of my rings. How's the real diamonds cracked? I bought warranty plan with them but they were out of business. If someone can give me an idea what I should do, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    Had an horrible experience there. I co signed for some wedding rings for a young relative. I made sure that the payments were made and the the account was paid off in full. 24 months later I get an call from Arrow Financil collection agency wanting money as they had bought the past due account from Whitehall. The young couple had went in after they had paid off the rings and charged an additional $4500 worth of jewelry. Whitehall had reopened the account and wanted the $4500 and interest and late fees totaling over $5300 from me since I had co signed on the original account. Guess who they wanted to pay off the balance of the closed account Whitehall had re opened. They deserved to go out of business and any bad things that happened to them they also should all go to prison for the type of business they ran.

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    Has anyone checked their diamond to see if it is fake. Found out my stone was fake when I went to have it reset at another jewelers. I have put in a complaint with my bank, the police, and the better busines bureau. Whitehall was hoping people would think they had no options after they purchased a fake diamond stone. But I refused to buy that. I sued them and won, even though my receipt stated "no returns". The judge thought it was outrageous that a major jewelry chain would sell moisanite (a man made diamond) as a diamond. I than filed by claim with the company's bankruptcy. I also found out that my city has a program to reimburse you if you were cheated by a corporation and can prove it and were denied payment. So if I don't get my money back from the claim, I will be applying for this. Check with your local Consumer Protection Agency. Here we have 4 years to file a claim (Los Angeles, CA). I showed all the actions I took to retrieve my money. I sent Whitehall headquarters a lett... Read more

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    Thu May 28 2009

    I have read the various reviews about Whitehall Jewelers and found that like most of you, I have had a horrible and embarrasing experience with dealing with Whitehall. I do not want to go into details about my situation, however, I am sending you a link to send your complaints to regarding your purchases. It is unfortunate that I purchased my jewelry from Whitehall years before the company went out of business, and just found out recently that the jewelry that I purchased was not what it appeared to be. It is not okay that just because the company had a liquidation sale, you believe that you got a "great deal" and that it is okay to be swindled. Check their mark-up price (not their "retail price") and find out if you really did get a "deal." Anywho, I intend on taking my complaint to another level, and ask that you follow up with your various complaints against the fiduciaries of the now defunct Whitehall Jewelers, Inc. Who knows..., maybe there can be a class action suit filed. ... Read more

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    Mon May 11 2009

    I found the warrenty number for Whitehall. New is the company and they will send you out the mailing slip for free shipping. They look you up with your phone number it does take around two months. 1-877-338-7826. Good Luck

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    Sun Apr 12 2009

    One of the bridal sets I bought set in platinum for under $400 had to be taken in the other day as my wife pushed it against something and spread the prongs, rendering the center diamond loose. Upon taking it in they had to give a rough estimate of the value for insurance purposes. The stone was a approx. 3/8 carat about VS1 clarity and they estimated a similar ring would be $2000. That wasn't even the best deal I found there. Goes to show there were some decent deals at the going out of business sale, just had to be looking for the right stuff and shopping smart.

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    Tue Mar 31 2009

    I have the worst experience with them. My husband bought me a dimond ring there and a couple of months later when we took it to a jeweler to reset it in to a pendand we found out that the stone is a fake dimond. The size and weight of the stone is less than on the certificate and other characteristics of the stone prove that it is not a real dimond. It is a fake. I took it to 2 jewerly stores after that to get an apprisal and was told that it is a fake. Could somebody give me an advise please what I can do about this. We bought it in November and just found out the thruth a couple of days ago. The company is out of business. What can I do?

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    Thu Mar 26 2009

    Does anyone know what "N.E.W."'s phone # or contact information is? My husband's wedding ring was purchased at Whitehall 1 1/2 years ago. We also were talked into purchasing the extended service plan that would replace his ring if it ever "got thrown down the garbage disposal, etc." However, I never received any information about who to contact for repairs or replacement since they went out of business. Does anyone have this information and would you please be willing to share it? I tried searching online and couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you!!

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    My husband bought my engagement ring and wedding ring and we also bought his wedding ring there 17 years ago and I have NEVER, EVER had a problem with the jewelry or the company. As a matter of fact, I have never had to take my rings in for anything but cleaning. I JUST NOW 17 years later, am needing to take it in somewhere to have a prong fixed that I broke. I loved them and am sad that they are out of business!

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    I was also a manager for 2 different stores, and I loved my job. The person named "The watchful eye" is 100% correct about the white/blue tag story. A lot of the bridals and solitares that were being sold with white tags were beautful and certified.... if anyone was lucky enough to get an actual Whitehall piece before it sold out, they got a great deal. I think its sad that Whitehall, as well as many other companies, are out of business. I hope we have better times ahead of us. Also, if you purchased a warranty on your jewelry, its still covered through NEW. They were offering warranties up till the end. If you're a Whitehall customer, your credit card can now be used at Ultra Diamonds, a different jeweler.

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    After being a store manager with Whitehall for over 3 years from 2000 to 2004, I can finally say something good about them. THEY'RE GONE FOREVER!!!! The most overpriced, undervalued, lowest quality jewelry in the industry. I've been in the jewelry business for over 40 years and to this day am embarrassed to have been associated with them. Going out of business is the best thing to happen to the retail jewelry business in this country in decades. And to those of you who pissed away your money on a "deal". just remember this....you have NO after-purchase support you would have from a legitimate jewelers....you have NO recourse if what you bought turns out to be garbage....you have NO body to complain to when you realize you've paid good money for stuff they could never sell at regular prices. And for all of you who bought a WHITE GOLD ring, when it turns YELLOW after a few weeks wear because the rhodium plated a yellow gold ring to appear white, who are you going to complain to? ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 02 2009

    i m trying this option to write review

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    Mon Feb 02 2009

    we bought my ring in nov 2008 knowing the store was going out of business my expectations were not high,however we purchased a beautiful 3 stone diamond ring a $1200 ring for $600,its beauiful & appraised for what its worth,i realize they are out of business &hope i have no problems. so far so good

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    Sun Jan 04 2009

    Does anyone know who to contact about previous warranties I purchased with my wedding bands last year? I want to know if I can be reimbursed or if some other company is taking over their warranties.

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    You guys are buying all these higher priced items from a store that is going out of business and now you guys want to complain about the merchandise not being good merchandise. What do you expect when you buy something from a store that is going out of business without a warranty. Stop talking shit!!!!!! You guys got a great deal and now you want to complain. GET OVER IT...

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    My nephew bought his girlfriend an engagement ring and presented it to her on Christmas day as a gift. After wearing it for two hours she looked at the ring and the stone had fallen out. They were unable to find the stone and returned to the store today and were told that nothing could be done since they were in liquidation. All guarantees are void. Listen up! DO NOT buy anything from them or any other store that is not on firm groundng during this recession. They may not be around tommorrow and you are stuck with junk or nothing at all. This is so unfair, buyer beware! I repeat "DO NOT BUY" anything from them. Go to a reputable jeweler who you know will be around years from now and will stand behind their product. Look at the reviews below and you will see what I mean. This company is crooked and out to cheat you with low quality workmanship and product.

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    My fiancee and I just bought my engagement ring set there and my soon to be husbands wedding band there. I know diamonds like the back of my hand, and I also know a good deal when I see it. I looked at the diamond through the magnifier as well before I bought it. I couldn't get any papers or certs on it because it was a "pre-owned" or "trade-up ring". I got a very good deal, I haven't had it appraised yet, but I have to spend 100 of my own dollars to have that done (which I am fine with)I knew that when I bought the ring. I'm pretty sure though that Whitehall jewelers wouldn't sell me a fake diamond, but agian I could be wrong. Although they have been around for over 100 years and not sure they were in the business of selling fake diamonds. Let's face they are going out of business!. I am shocked at the reviews I have read. THEY ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!! If you have problems with your jewelry you must understand that they will NOT be able to help you. Again, THEY ARE GOING OUT OF BUS... Read more

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    Sat Dec 20 2008

    It was the worst shopping experience I've ever met. I don't even want to give them a single star. They cheated about the discount and refused to give any diamond certificate. They even wanted to sell me the warranty for extra charge, without informing me they're going out of business. I decided to return it just in 5 minutes. They were extremely rude. They told me they were going out of business, and even if the diamond was fake, I couldn't do anything to them. Finally they gave me a telephone number for customer service which you could never get through.

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    Bought a ring at Whitehall's last week. We were told there was no one at the store that could re-size it because they are going out of business. They told us to take it to any jeweler and it could be sized. When I took to the jeweler, he notified me that the ring had already been resized and it had been a crapy job. I needed 350.00 of work done to the ring. I went back to Whitehall's to let them know they sold me a USED ring without disclosing. They could care less. "Sorry nothing we can do" If you buy here, know that they are packing up shop on the 24th. Don't forget you can always place a stop payment on your credit card. Call your credit card company and ask for help, Whitehalls won't!

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    Sat Dec 13 2008

    My daughter and I were in the Whitehall store in Pensacola, Florida today (12/13/2008). The sales signs were showing 70 to 80% off. My daughter found a bridal set that she fell in love with and decided to purchase it. The rings were in a slot in the ring holder showing an original price of $2000.00 on sale for $532.00 with an additional 20% off. The sales girl came over and quoted her a price and she decided to buy the set. The sales girl's name was M. Mathis. Well, my daughter, being young, did not think to look at the sales receipt before she signed the credit charge. As we walked away she pulled the receipt out of her bag and noticed that she had been charged $795.00 plus tax for the rings. I told her we needed to go right back to the store and let them know about their mistake. We returned to the store only to be told that she had quoted the wrong price, that the acutal price of the ring was $895.00 with 20% off. I told them that was not the price quoted and that was not ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    You people that are upset with Whitehall just don't get it. First off...don't be upset with the company or it's original mission...for they carried a complete line of budget quality items like all the big box jewelry stores do, but they also carried pieces that were unique and of better quality for those of us that understood the value behind the higher price. Don't be mad at Whitehall...be mad at the jokers at their corporate office that made stupid decisions, or committed unethical acts within the business environment. They're closing their doors and are in liquidation because of poor decision making...not because of the economy. As far as their current jewelry goes...realize that the majority of their stock is now pieces brought in from other sources, including jewelers such as Friedmans that closed their doors 8 months earlier. There's a lot of low quality jewlery out there that liquidators grab up, and need to "unload". Just because it says "Whitehall" on the store front, doesn't ... Read more

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    Fri Dec 05 2008

    Whitehalls sold junk jewelry and now that they are going out of business the Center Stone Lifetime warranty is not being carried over the to the third party plan administrator for those of us who bought the lifetime center stone warranty. I have had accent diamonds and gems fall out and were covered no problem by the plan administrator however now that my center stone is loose I am told I am basically out of luck and need to find a jeweler in my area to have it repaired. Thanks a lot Whithall for sticking it to us once again.

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    Last evening my boyfriend and I decided to go ring shopping we 1st went to kays and I found a ring I fell in love with. We then decided instead of doing a payment plan for this very expensive ring we should shop around first to make sure it was worth it. Well we went over to whitehall because we saw huge signs saying 70-80% off! Well the ring was slightly cheaper than kays but def. not 70-80% off at all... anyways I got into the pricing with the sales lady the warranty would be ummmm like 100 extra dollars probably no more... I asked her if she could look and tell me the exact price she said I would have to call. So whatever I thought maybe ill just put it on my insurance and if something happens they will take care of it. Then I asked what size is the center diamond? She said its a total of 1 and 1/8th ok but what I asked was the size of the center diamond she just said that when I added it to my home owners insurance they would be able to tell me. Uhhh why am I going to buy a ri... Read more

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    Thu Nov 13 2008

    My husband bought 2 new rings 2 months ago from Whitehall Jewelers for my birthday. While I was at work, I washed my hands and after drying them I looked at my hands and realised that the blue gem from my ring wasn't on my setting...I had to panic!! Thank goodness a plumber wasn't far away, he was able to get the gem out of the pipe...phew! I called Whitehall Jewelers and they were no help at all, pathetic to be quite honest. They said that there was nothing they could do to repair it or fix it and that I'd have to go to some other jeweler to get it fixed. Which means I'd have to go out of my way, spend my money, which we already had done (buying 2 rings, never again!), find another jeweler and hopefully not have them charge an arm and a leg!! Whitehall Jewelers suck, they screw you around, don't buy especially when they have a sale, it's bad quality, won't last!

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    Fri Oct 31 2008

    Mr.T works security at Whitehall.  For every 8 hrs, he gets one gold chain link.

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    Write them ,they are liquidating! They dont even have a company anymore! Youre not going to get a response.

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    my husband brought my bridal set back in 2000 and its still in good conditions and still shinining more than ever. the diamonds in place and every where i take it to get it cleaned we would get a compliment on the ring. if it's not that thier going out of business i will recommend a friend there

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    Tue Oct 07 2008

    i was interested in buying an egagement ring from there since they have pretty good deals going on. I seen a ring that was a very good price and my girlfriend loved it. My only concern was that something would happen to the ring and i would be screwed or that the ring was a fake. Can anyone give me there input?

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    Right now Whithall Jewelers has a sign saying that they are going out of business. Well that would attract buyers because you think they will have great deals. Think again!! I have had my eye on a particular ring that I have been considering on buying. Two weeks ago they had the ring at regular price $499.00 on sale for $199.00. This is when they had the signs up for 40/60% off deal. Well when I saw that they had a sign up for 50/70% off that caught my attention. I wanted to go back in and see what the ring would be selling for now. Guess what? The same exact ring was now regular price $699.00 on sale for 349.00. Go Figure. I was outraged that they actually jacked the price up. I will be writting the company a letter of complaint. Buyerd beware! How true that statement really is. So buyers please think hard before buying something from them. Your not really getting that great deal after all.

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    Sat Oct 04 2008

    I have bought diamond rings with life time diamond replacement guarantee (as long as I had them inspect it every 6 months). Now the store is out of business and liquidators are selling off inventory and staff were all mostly let go; no one can tell me what I can do to get their jewerly guarantees honored. Junior staff liquidators now hand out "N.E.W." phone number, but after calling them they say that they can not help. NEW says they only help the newest customer who purchased jewerly and paid for the new repair policy. They left long time customers stranded and pissed off.

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    Thu Sep 25 2008

    DO NOT BUY from WhiteHall Jewelers! They are in Bankruptcy and will not guarantee any merchandise you purchase. I bought my diamond there in 2002 and did all the exams. The prongs were wearing and I went back on July 23, 2008 to have it checked. The salelady talked me into upgrading (spending $500.more) to a "better setting". They did not mention Bankruptcy or a service plan. 6 weeks later, the diamond fell out and is lost. I contacted the store, corp. office, BBB, a lawyer, and Consumer protection. NO ONE will help because they are protected under the LAW! So now I have a setting worth $1500. and no stone. That star rating should be a big fat 0.

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    Sat Sep 20 2008

    They got some nice jewelry but I'd only shop there during special promotion pricing. I know of other locations that sells at a lower price of same quality product.

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    I've always had a positive experience with Whitehall until now. In Oct. 07 they had a restyling event so I had brought my husbands grandmothers ring in (it was missing the main stone and we wanted to replace it). I had a canary diamond placed in the ring and bought the diamond replacement plan. The ring came out beautiful!!! This June my diamond fell out I was devastated. I went into the store and the Mgr was nice and said not a problem you have the warranty on the diamond we'll get it replaced not a problem. Two months two weeks later mind you my ring was 1 month two weeks past due it came back unfixed. I was very Upset, the Mgr told me that I had to go through the insurance company myself it would just take a little longer to get my ring fixed. So I called the insurance company and they are refusing to replace my diamond saying that it's not thier responsibilty to replace the diamond. So now I'm trying to get a hold of Corporate to try and get my diamond replaced. Since my ring was i... Read more

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    The only reason this company got a single star from me is because it doesn't allow you to give them zero! My husband purchased my engagement ring in December 2005. They didn't have my size in stock of course, so he knew he would have to wait until it came in, like most people do. They gave him what they called a "loaner" in the meantime. My husband is really weak when it comes to waiting, so he went ahead and proposed with the "loaner" ring. It was a size 7 and I wear a 4.5, so I had tons of string and tape wrapped around it just to keep it on my finger. We kept getting dates promised for my actual ring to come in and every time they would change the date and come up with tons of excuses. We wrote three letters to corporate and the manager at our local Whitehall (who was as helpful as she possibly could be) was on the phone with them taking notes on our situation at least once a week. We never got any kind of response from corporate after the letters. The ring didn't come in until Marc... Read more

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    My fiance bought my gorgeous engagement ring in Nov. 07 from WHJ in AUSTIN, TX. The peeps there were great to us. No complaints. We bought the warranty and protection plan. SO, my question is: with them going out of business what happens to my ring's warranty? This is a ring that NEEDS to be checked regularly to prevent diamond loss, so what do i do? are we S.O.L?! Can we take it to another store and get it covered on a different policy there? I'm thinking that since my ring is a solitaire, I could probably buy a new setting from a different store and then have the loose diamond be insured there? If anyone could please send me some suggestions or advice WE would greatly appreciate it! ~austin girl [email protected] ps. We have been recently shopping at Helzberg and LOVE them!

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    HORRIFIC experience!! My soldier husband who was leaving for Iraq in 2 months purchased a vintage bridal set from the Mentor OH store and due to the small size of my finger (4.5) was promised a special order be delivered by our wedding date. Two days before the wedding we recieved the call it was in. Excited, we rushed to the store and were devistated when they presented us with an oval ring that had been sized from an 8 to a 4.5, not the special order we were promised. Due to the shape, the ring was falling off my finger. They had to send it back to the jeweler and have sizing beads saldered into it. We got the ring back late evening the day before the wedding. It was falling off when my husband put it on my finger at the alter! 2 mo. later my special order finally showed up the very day I was saying goodbye to my husband as he headed to Iraq. I wore the ring for less than 6 hrs and noticed a diamond had fallen out and another was loose. I took it back and the manager (Vince) refuse... Read more

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    We had a great experience initially with them at the Escondido, Ca store, when we bought our wedding bands. Since we had a good experience there the first time, we decided to bring my engagement ring there (which was not bought from Whitehall) to have some adjustments done. Well, that was almost a month ago, and they have never called. We have had to call them every time and each time, they say the outside jeweler has it and they cannot get a hold of them. I have tried their main office and filed a complaint, but no one has returned my call. I am getting married in a little over a month and still do not have my engagement ring back. I will never deal with them ever again.

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    We LOVE the Cross Creek Mall Fayetteville, NC Whitehall!!! After searching EVERY jewelry store in three counties, my fiance' finally found the perfect engagement ring for me. We got an awesome deal on the ring and the customer service was INCREDIBLE. It's not often you enter a store and don't feel extream preasure to buy something, anything just because it's right for the store and not right for you. Every sales person in this store is wonderful (thank you thank you thank you!!!). I can't wait to go back and pick out our wedding set and anything else that tickles our fancy.

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    excellent product and service from the staff at the puyallup store. wouldn't shop anywhere elce.

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    Mon Jun 30 2008

    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE (5 times in a row) Boynton Beach Mall, FL. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING INTO THIS STORE. Staff too busy talking on phone about where to have lunch, staff doses not acknowledge customer unless the customer approaches them, staff unsure of layaway policy, Manager Jim rude and does not care that staff are lazy and unknowledgeable. That must be why the store is always empty.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Modesto, California Vintage Faire Mall Location NEVER AGAIN -- NEVER! I cant believe the terrible service White Hall has. The store, "customer service" phone line and corporate office are all a JOKE! The mall store LOST.. Yes LOST my Husbands wedding ring. After 7 days of unanswered questions and unacceptable service from the store, we called "Customer Service". We were told that customer service cant "help us" that we had to call the corporate office.....! So we did- and of course got a voice mail. We left 2 separate messages regarding the loss of the ring and NEVER got a return call. This is outrageous. We have purchased 5 items from WH, with no problems, when your spending money on big ticket items such a s wedding rings they are more then happy to be friendly and knowledgeable. But as soon as they screw up-- everything come to a halt and you cant get anywhere with these people. They have no answers; no offering of a result-its absolutely horrific! I DO NOT RECCOMEND WHITE HALL, STA... Read more

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    My fiancee and I had a great experience with the whitehall, PA store at the mall. The sales woman was very knowledgeable, polite and helpful. My fiancee and I are fairly young (24), but treated us with more respect than absolutely any of the other stores we visited. We ended up with a gorgeous engagement ring/ wedding band set from the Imperial collection, and have had no problems at all with the band or the diamonds. I highly recommend this particular store!

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    Thu Jun 12 2008

    Everything was great i got approved for 1500 bucks no intrest, the guy was very helpful and friendly the ring got back after being sent off mon an got back wed and its a really nice ring maybe it just varies on which one you go to i went to the one in hulen in fort worth tx the only bad guy was this guy who sounded kind of rude on the phone

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    Sat May 31 2008

    This store is terrible!! My boyfriend bought me a two year warranty (thank God) but that obviously is not good enough, because when the chain on my necklace broke just two months after a stone on my pendant fell out, they told me they would replace it but that there would be a huge bump in it. They said that you chain would then not sit right and would probably break again. I was FURIOUS, I can't believe that that's the best they can do with my warranty!! NEVER buy anything from them!

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    Fri May 23 2008

    At the Las Vegas Whitehall Jewelers in the mall my daughter send her ring in for an appraisel. They have no record of it. The saleman turned the computer screen around and showed us they had no record, whoopee, doesn't he know just a touch of a key can delete anything. They do not tell you to keep your paperwork, and my daughter has bought several things from this store. Unfortunately, without her paperwork she is out of an engagement band. He did not offer any assistance other than telling her that without the paper there wasn't much he could do. I hold Whitehall Jewelers and the appraisal store at fault. IF YOU PURCHASE FROM THEM, AND I WOULD ADVISE AGAINST IT, KEEP ALL PAPERWORK AND IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ANY PAPERWORK-ASK FOR PAPERWORK! I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE. ONE WOULD BE BETTER SERVED NOT SHOPPING AT WHITEHALL JEWELERS!

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    Thu May 15 2008

    Melbourne Sq. Whitehall... This store and the regional who runs it, do not deserve any business from anyone in that area! I have watched that company get rid of every good and descent employee who truely cared about their customers over the years. They replaced them w/ unknowledgable, low pay workers. Not to mention, they have repeatedly fired and unfairly terminated people for being VICTIMS of grab and run incidents in the store, terminated single mothers and let a woman go because she was to 'Perto-Rican' for their image. I have spend thousands of dollars in that store, and I will never spend a dime in there again.

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    Wed May 14 2008

    The reps at the WH were dismissive of my fiance, dismissive of me, did not keep their promise date for resizing, and were just generally inept at being professionals. How does the company stay in business? Extortion! They take your money and then don't produce.

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    Horrific "customer service" (if you can call it that) at 2 California locations (San Jose and San Francisco); multiple "customer service" personnel were incredibly rude on the phone and in-person (they actually hung up on me several times). After the chain broke on a necklace after 6 months, the company backed out on their own guaranty, saying that "there's nothing we can do - you should have purchased the insurance program". Of course, no one offered any "insurance programs" during the initial sale. Overall, a shocking experience; how Whitehall is still in business is beyond me.