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    Fri Apr 13 2012

    I'm a student who used Wells Fargo through college. I've paid the price - over $1500 in overdraft fees in the last 18 months. Sure, some of these are my own fault. But on more than one occasion, they have re-sequenced my transactions, putting the higher-priced purchases first in order to collect more paid item fees. Last month I made several purchases, then turned in my rent check. Sure, it is my fault for not being able to cover the rent, but I was going to be short about $30 for rent. Then, I would receive a $35 overdraft fee, which I was willing to pay because unfortunately I was in a pinch. I later noticed that Wells Fargo processed my rent check before they processed other purchases. So, instead of paying the single overdraft fee and having my account sitting at -$65, I was charged several more fees. The rent went through, followed by the three other transactions I made PRIOR to writing my check. One was for a small amount of gas, another for a $1 refill of soda at the g... Read more

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    Wed Mar 21 2012

    I just spoke to an incredibly rude man on the phone who instead of listening to me explained that I was totally wrong with out listening to me, explained no I could not speak to someone above him and then hung up on me. I will never use Wells Fargo again.This whole issue was because I made a payment in jan. Then later in the month made a payment for my Feb. payment. Because I did not make a payment in Feb. They charged me a late fee. Instead of waiving the fee since obviously I was paying on time, they were rude. Not only that told me I needed to make my payment like they said or they will keep charging me late fees. Then made a rude comment about if I could read then I would have known their policy.

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    Thu Jan 26 2012

    Been a customer of Wells Fargo Financial since 2000, never missed a payment, always paid at least 10% more than minimum on any loans accounts with them. Then a few months ago I lost my job due to corporate downsizing and even though I had unemployment insurance with them and perfect payment history they still sent their collections department after me withing 5 days of missing a payment. The first guy I talked to called me a deadbeat and started quoting my personal financial data off my credit file in an attempt to intimidate me, - I asked him for his name and he hung up. They use a calling computer that puts you on hold when you answer the phone, the operators they use (if you wait long enough on hold) to call you are ignorant, call you names and refuse to identify themselves. They would call 6 times a day and when I asked to speak to a manager, they hang up... You can not call them, just end up on hold or the same person in Customer Service who can not help. After closer review of my... Read more

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    Sun Jan 15 2012

    My rating - I had to give it one star to have it show up. They don't warrant an 'Awful' star!! Where to begin! Don't go near this bank! Several years ago I ran the Christmas Kettle program for The Salvation Army. We were required to count the coins by hand and then roll them before the bank would take them. Writing The Salvation Army information on each wrapper! When I deposited the money in The Salvation Army account Wells Fargo CHARGED The Salvation Army $70.00 to deposit The Salvation Army's money into their own account!!!! This latest Fiasco occurred late summer 2011. I took my father in law to Wells Fargo Pine St. branch in Redding, CA because he is in a wheel chair and can not drive. It is procedure for Wells Fargo to ask customers why are they withdrawing their own money and what they are going to do with it! I spoke up and gave my opinion because my father in law doesn't answer those questions to even his wife or children! I continued to share my opinions that what he did with ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 05 2012

    Like many other reviewers, I had 2 free checking accounts with Wachovia happily for 12 years. When Wells Fargo took over Wachovia, I went in to close my 2 accounts and a customer service rep talked me out of it, stating, "If you stay, your account will remain the same as with Wachovia, but if you leave, you won't be able to open the same type of account." So I kept one account open, only to receive a notice that I would start being charged $3.00/month for the privilege of having a debit card. Meanwhile, I had joined a credit union. My mother had also been with Wachovia since the beginning of time and when she passed away on 1/30/2011, there was a delay in getting her death certificate so that I could close her account. I went into Wells Fargo and requested that her account be frozen so that no one could use it and the rep assured me that he had done that, including cutting up her card. Once I got the death cert, I went in to close out the account and get the $16.00 she had left, only t... Read more

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    Tue Jan 03 2012

    zuhairwater reviewed Wells Fargo Jan 3rd 20122 out of 5 marks“Problems with deposits and internet banking” I'd like to say that I've opened my account with Wells Fargo about 5 months a go and I faced many problems regarding cheaques deposites and all that were (I guess) due to some mistakes from the branch employees. I would for sure go and open a new account with another bank (may be Chase) cause I can not continue with Wells Fargo. I can give many examples for what I suffered with Wells Fargo and I can not continue in this way, they put me in a very embaressed situations with maany parties and people due to their mistakes. Also, the way they are arranging the account in the online banking is so confusing and can not fully control my accounts due to that.

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    Wed Dec 14 2011

    Like 99% of everyone who posted....EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!! ESPECIALLY WITH THE LOAN PROCESS. I could go in to a lot of detail and rant and rave, but just the very fact there are a ton of unsatisfied customers on here proves they are horrible! I will be moving my business accounts, brokerage accounts, checking and savings accounts. I will also ask my husband, daughter, and in-laws to do the same. I have had to do most of their work and they still missed the 90 day deadline. Guess who has to pay the penalty? Not Wells Fargo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wed Nov 23 2011

    I just closed a 6 figure account with Wells Fargo today and the bank officer did not care!! Since Wells Fargo took over Wachovia, the service has been horrendous. The bank officer in the Syosset, NY branch gave me incorrect information so when I went to Florida to specifically take care of business for my mother's account; I could not complete this business. In addition, the bank changed the type of account my mother holds (obviously the woman on the phone wanted her brownie points and commission). When my mother called the bank to change the account back, the CSR said this could not be done over the phone. So Wells Fargo can change her account over the phone without permission but cannot bring the account to its original account state over the phone. She will also be closing her account. You work hard for your money - make sure you place your trust in a banking institution that deserves and appreciates your business.

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    Sat Nov 12 2011

    Prior to Wells Fargo taking over Wacovia Bank, I was a happy customer. We never had a problem depositing or cashing checks against the account. Now that Wells Fargo took over ,the tellers want to know why we don't have a debit card. Business cannot be transacted until they are fully satisfied that I DO NOT WANT A DEBIT CARD. First I made a deposit. Everything went smoothly. Then I wanted to cash a check against the account, here is where things got tricky. They asked for my debit card, when none was forthcoming they wanted to know why? Drivers license was given and then the round of questions began. Who is authorized to use this account? Do I have direct deposit? Do I have automatic bill payments, and to whom? How many accounts did I have at this bank? I asked the teller if I had to answer these questions every time I wanted to cash a check? The teller said yes! I told her we wouldn't be a customer much longer. She couldn't care less. What is it with the debit cards? Ar... Read more

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    Wed Oct 19 2011

    I have had a wonderful relationship with Wachovia for nearly a decade. Recently, they were bought out by Wells Fargo. The transition just took place this week and I am already looking for a new bank. First of all, WF's website for online banking is ridiculously confusing. Wachovia's website was incredibly user friendly. The Droid app is absolutely useless. No one from customer service can help me get it to work, and the implication is that it's MY fault. Then, I find out that Wells Fargo charges $12.50 any time they transfer money from one of my savings accounts to cover an overdraft. I know it is a bad habit, but there are times when I will make a late night purchase, knowing the money is not in my checking account but knowing it's in savings and I can make a deposit the next morning. No problem with Wachovia, but WF uses this as a way to gouge me. In other words, I get charged to use MY OWN MONEY! Wachovia did not charge for this service. I called to ask about these charges and ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 10 2011

    WELLS FARGO IS NOT THE PLACE TO OBTAIN FINANCING FOR YOUR HOME MORTGAGE!!! If I could give less than one star, I would. Wells Fargo is NOT the place to obtain financing for your home mortgage. They lure you in with low interest rates and cash-back-at-closing incentives. Unfortunately, the customer service is horrendous and it is very difficult to get an answer from anyone. We were continuously asked for information that was already given to them weeks and weeks ago. But, we stuck with them because the "deal" was so sweet. Well, the day of closing finally arrives (after three rescheduled closing dates!) and THAT MORNING the bank calls to say that we should bring double the expected amount to closing. The bank fees miraculously doubled since their last estimate. The money we were expecting from Wells Fargo was now going to be used to pay for their unforeseen charges. Their up front "deal" they promised was a scam and now they were asking for the money back. After coming so far, we went ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 26 2011

    That 1 star is one star too many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLOSE YOUR WELLS ACCOUNT(S) Wells Farce as I read another reviewer call them, well(s) they are nothing but crooks! I will be closing my accounts there as soon as humanly possible. They are sneaky bankers that shift your money around haphazardly. I have noticed that they fail to mention "all" transactions online which keeps you in a state of confusion as to how and why $$$ is missing or you are being charged an overdraft fee. I never had this problem with Wachovia, EVER!!!!! I do not use the word hate, but Wells can kiss my arse, I hate you!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't want anyone to experience the frustration that I have with this thief of a bank! CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS WITH WELLS!!!!! I am one of the most patient people you'd ever meet but Wells Farce has managed to push all of the wrong buttons already. We poor Wachovia customers had no idea what was in store for us. We went from Movado to vending machine junk jewelry... From a yac... Read more

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    Thu Aug 11 2011

    DO NOT TAKE A LOAN WITH WELLS FARGO!!! They have my husband and I jumping through hoops the night before closing asking for items they never said they needed. I think they were only trying to avoid having to pay us the monthly mortgage payment that we were promised if they could not close on time. We are still waiting to find out if they will even close. They have had 6 weeks to get the loan together!! We are in Wichita kansas and I wish I could mention the name of the lady we worked with to warn you-she is terrible!! I tried to give them 0 stars but wasn't allowed.

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    Wed Jul 20 2011

    Since they changed from Wachovia who was rated #1 in customer service I have experienced the following things: 1. $2.00 balance inquiry fees 2. automatic deposits used to drop to my account at 4am are being held until 8pm the following day calling them a firm deposit and funds are not available on the days they used to be. 3. This caused scheduled bill payments set to concure with such deposits as overdrafts 4. An unsolicited charge came through my account on the 11th this charge combined with holding my deposits an extra day caused overdrafts. I called Wells Farce of a bank and they said as soon as the refund processed to my account they would refund the fees in overdraft it caused. The refund processed on the 14th so I called back. They said I am not due a refund of any kind because I got a same day refund from the unsolicited company. This company sent me an email with a confirmation number that verifies they took a transaction from my card on the 11th. Wells Farce of a bank moved ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 13 2011

    I am a former (very happy) Wachovia customer. My level of dissatisfaction with Wells Fargo is likely umeasurable. My entire happy little banking world has been blown apart since Wells Failure's acquisition of Wachovia. I am at a loss to understand how Wells Failure bought Wachovia and failed to incorporate any of Wachovia'st positive, customer friendly ways of doing business. I am furious at the unilateral imposition of new and grossly excessive fees charged for various things by Wells Failure. Wells Failure's attempt at linking its customers' account for over draft protection is practically bogus, since we now have to pay a fee for such access to our own money. So much for peace of mind. Wells Failure's on-line bill pay system is not user-friendly and difficult to manuever. I do not understand the need to pull out a customer's money days in advance of the scheduled bill pay date. I have complained about the changes to my accounts and explained my dissatisfaction with Wells F... Read more

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    Sun May 01 2011

    DO NOT EVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH WELLS FARGO. EVER!!!!!!!! If you have one now switch to some other company...as soon as possible. This is , by far, the worst company I have ever dealt with. The internet is full of problems with their banking divisions. We have been dealing with their brokerage and estate processing groups. They haven't gotten one thing right in all the transactions that have occurred. Not one time! They don't return calls, they don't send requested forms, they have ridiculous excuses for every mistake they make (and there are lots of those), every person you talk to gives you a different story, it always takes 3-5 days for them to act on a problem that may or may not get straightened out. If it doesn't, then it is another 3-5 day wait. They continually ask for forms and signatures that have already been given to them. They continually make error after error. The account people have no idea what the estate people are doing, and vise versa, so they use this as an excuse... Read more

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    Fri Apr 29 2011

    Like many other I wish I could give no stars or even negative. Wellsfargo has to be the worst bank I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I have been a customer with them for 10 years, and had no issues with my checking account, but their credit services are ridiculous. I received a credit account through them without requesting it, then they raised my credit limit without notification on several occasions, but then they refuse to lower my interest rate every time I call regarding it. I have a great credit score, never made a late payment, so why am I paying 20%+ in interest? On top of this, on my last statement they decided to lower my credit limit, again without notification, but they lowered it so that after adding the finance charges I would now be over my credit limit. Wtf?! Is that even legal? They also sold one of my student loans to a different lender, but didn't give them my correct address so I did not get a bill. Luckily my husband is in the military so I will be s... Read more

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    Thu Apr 14 2011

    New Wells Fargo signs but still horrible Wachovia tellers

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    how much was wachovia? il buy it back

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    I have account with wells fargo that is free but i have to transfer 75 bux to savings automatically every month. This is a trap so they can charge overdraft fees if you happen to forget this. Sneaky bastards.... creating unnecessary transactions to catch you off guard. But I keep a close eye on my account and I never paid any fees. Beware of this dirty trick.

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    Thu Mar 31 2011

    I feel bad for that star, I wish I could give a negetive star. I have an account with them and its a nightmare. they been over charging me by a "mistake" and just got my bill for the same "mistake" amount. I been telling them that I am being charged for an excessive amount for weeks now.

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    Sun Mar 06 2011

    FRAUD! LIER, CHEATERS, That is what Wells Fargo Bank is all about. My Name is Dr. Anu Nandeesh, from Modesto. I have a loan with Wells Fargo Bank. I have been making my regular payments and extra money for my loan with Wells Fargo Bank. Every year my accountants dollar amount for my loan balance and Wells Fargo Bank never matched, the reason was ALL THIS FUCKING WHILE THEY HAVE NEVER PUT MY EXTRA PAYMENTS TOWARDS THE PRINCIAPAL OR THE INTEREST. They put it in a LOCK BOX. OH MY GOD, since 2006- 2009, they had my money in a fricking lock box, for what - i can't begin to tell you how furstrated I am on hearing this in 2010. In 2008, this idiot manager named Mark tells me that, he CAN NOT apply the extra payments to any thing. " That is not the way our banks work." So what was his solution he issued me a REFUND CHECK. How many Loan companys actually give you a REFUND CHECK. This gets better and better what LIER's they are. I look at the contract for my intrest rate, NOT WR... Read more

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    1 let's start a boycott! Some decisions are final..

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    never bank with wells fargo, it is the worst bank ever. They are very seaky and try to get as many fees they can get as possible and they will not refund even if you go through all their customer service and supervisor. Onc ethey charge the fee they pocket it and will never let go. Their system set up to allow them to take advantage of customers, charge fees and then will never refund it. Customer service just flat rude in general. The worst customer service I ever dealt with. For example: I had my account efaulted for only $13 dollars, my account set up not to accept charges if there is no sufficient funds and to generate alerts once account defaulted. Certain charges will still go through and they will tell you that is how their system set up and alerts wiill go next day so you cant make up the payment same day and avoid charges. Onc ealert go next day, it is too late, very slick banlk and way to do business, beware.

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    I wish I could give this bank 0 stars. Everything they do is horrible. I called them regarding my credit card payment that was automatically deducted even though I paid it myself at a bank location. They said they would reverse the overdraft fees because it deducted the automatic payment from my checking account, which had no money in it. They said that when it reversed the automatic payment, all the overdraft fees would be reversed. Of course, this never happened. So I called back and told them what the other person had said, that it would automatically reverse. This new lady said "I don't know why they told you that because that's not the way it works". I was thinking.... of course that's not how it works, of course that's what they told you, and of course they don't even know how things work there. How is a customer supposed to know if they don't know themselves??? BTW, this is already after we got screwed by Wells Fargo when we were trying to get a home loan. We were ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    2 stars 1) WF ask if I wanted a banker to call me to set a checking account. I said no but got calls anyways. I was a little annoy but let it go. 2) Went in to pay my mortgage, got my receipt and notice the amount was totally different from my deposit loan slip and check. The teller corrected it with no apology. 3) Got an insurance check with my name and WF. Went to WF to have them sign off the check, banker told me I needed a specific letter from my insurance . I told him I have a different letter with the same information. He was adamant that he need that specific letter and wouldn't look at the what paperwork I have. I call my insurance and they told me they don't use that specific letter and what I have should be good enough. Went back to the same banker he finally look at my paperwork and said this was exactly what he needed. URGG! Waste of my time to drive back and forth to the bank and contacting my insurance, when he could take a moment and j... Read more

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    They are the worst and I tell EVERYONE to stay away! After paying on a car loan for 6 yrs. the loan matured, and there was still an outstanding balance of $3000. for all kinds of fees and a few months payments I deferred during the years of paying because of a temporary job loss. They refused a payment arrangement and wanted the money immediately. I then spoke to a supervisor and they agreed to take half when I got paid in a week and the rest in 3 weeks when I was to receive more money to pay it off. Well, after 6 yrs. of payments.... you guessed it....they repossessed the car, two days after our conversation and agreement!! Now the bank is auctioning if off and we have to pay the difference if they don't get all their money plus all the extra accumulated fees. And we don't even have the car! This is a heads up for everyone....DON'T Do Any Business with Wells Fargo because they don't care about their customers, apparantly don't want repeat customers and will never bend or w... Read more

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    The absolute worst bank I have ever been with. Just to speak with someone on the phone you need to provide a blood sample. Once you get someone on the phone they are rude and don't care if they assist you or not. I hate this bank so much.

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    I agree with many statements on this page and look to close the worthless account with them ASAP! I have been treated negatively by more than one account representative which indicates that this is an intrinsic characteristic of this bank. A bank such as this negates the reason to even have an account in the first place!!! Thye have nothing to do with the roots or core values Wells Fargo has had in the past!! It is a company infiltrated by financial imposters!! The name means nothing any longer for me!!!

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    Customer service at Wells Fargo is non-existent. They cheat their customers with excessive fees and are generally unable to answer questions with the first agent you contact. Being a former long term employee, I have personally moved all of my banking from them and would recommend everyone do the same.

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    Too greedy with overdraft fees. I was once charged $105 in overdraft fees because a check deposited into my savings account didn't clear, and they then subtracted its value from my checking account. That was fixed, after a full evening on the phone. Recently, I (online) transferred $8000 from a savings account to my checking account to cover another transfer to a brokerage. The $8000 didn't show as a 'pending transfer' and didn't show as a completed transfer several hours later (during the business day), so I issued the transfer order again. Then WF transferred it twice, overdrawing my account and earning me a $35 overdraft fee. I called to complain that it was the fault of their computer system, and I was told (pretty much automatically) that I qualified to have half of that returned -- an appeasement fee, and a bit insulting, too. And there was nothing more that the person could do. "It's the computer." Like a bad sci fi movie. I've had an account with WF for 9 years, and t... Read more

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    Wells Fargo keeps sending me notices to authorize my credit card, even though I've done it already. When I call to do it again the computer says it is already authorized. I had an issue trying to review transactions and receiving a new money order for the one that was stolen. I spent hours on the phone and still had to go down to the bank to get it straightened out. I am very ill and house bound and they would not work with me. At the end of it all it took 30 days to receive a new money order. This is outrageous given we had already determined that the order had not been cashed for six months and I had to pay for the stop payment. Further more they had changed management staff and the front line staff dealing with my issue at my branch, Grant Park and Little Five Points area. I found them defensive, argumentative, unprofessional, and poorly trained in language and customer service skills. When I complained to the manager he was the same as the front line service people. I have neve... Read more

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    Wells Fargo is a nightmare come true for Wachovia Bank customers! Doing business with Wells Fargo is like going back in time and it's not the Wachovia employees fault. They are being forced to do things by Wells Fargo that are silly and give the branches a less than authentic atmosphere. In fact it is a very uptight atmosphere and one of fear. Wells Fargo has been a real downgrade as far as "one on one" banking goes. The branch employees are forced to basically read a script to you. It's sad when you know the person you are dealing with and that they are not even allowed to be themselves... even slightly. I blame Wells Fargo's Raleigh / Durham NC Regional Management for this... based on my research. Also........ Wells Fargo Mortgage company is unable to verify payments made at Wachovia Bank branches. The 2 systems do not work together. It has been this way throughout 2010. Therefore you receive telephone calls from Wells Fargo mortgage co. requesting payments that have ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    Recently, the local Wells Fargo branch LOST a substantial deposit of mine. It caused hassle for those whose checks were in it. I'd say my wife spent over an hour and a half altogether dealing with it. Guess what we got out of the deal. Nothing. They wouldn't even give my daughter a toy horse. "Gotta open a new account to get one of those." Um, and why would we ever open another account at WF? Now, if it was the other way around, and I was a penny short in my account, guess what they get. $35.00 per insufficient transaction!

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    Mon Dec 06 2010


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    Fri Dec 03 2010

    Wells Fart-go has the DUMBEST online bill pay ever. I have been paying the same bills twice because they did not properly convert Wachovia's automatic bill pay correctly with Wells Fargo. Here is another thing that blows me, if my bill is DUE ON the 14th do not SEND BY the 17th. I want it paid on the day its due, why do I have to send it out several days in advance just to pay it. Oh and why is it so difficult to cancel a bill through bill pay. Nobody wants to go through all those steps everytime they decide to cancel a bill. Wachovia had a much better online bill pay system. Wells you need to revamp your online bill pay because it is so asinine and I really considering leaving you and your horse and wagon. Yours truly, Unhappy Customer

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    1 star (1 star) There customer service is terrible. For hours u can wait and wait on the line. I just got my account a month or so ago and all I hear is fees. Fees. Fees. I didn't go over draft or anything but they say it's service fees and transfer crap which they won't turn of and just sucked money outta of me even when they said they will refund. There full of CRAP and liars. If u like given away free money wells fargo is the place for u.

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    Thu Nov 25 2010

    I have dealt with Citi, JPM Chase. USB, and Wells Fargo. Wells has my business act., my invstment act. savings, mtg., credit card, and checking. I have never worked with a more responsive and ethical bank. this holds true for Milwaukee, Tucson. and San Diego.

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    As a contractor for fire & flood restoration, the insurance companies often put the homeowners mortage company on the check. Wells Fargo is beyond difficult to get paid from. The delay payments months even after work is 100% complete, inspections have been done. This is NOT their money but they sit on it to make money on the intrest which is so harmful to small business. They are notorious for this and we have had several dealings and all homeowners had to fight and waste several hours of their time in order to pay their contractor. No other banks do we ever have a problem with. Stay away from Wells Fargo, they are all about the money they make and customer service comes a far far second.

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    Wells Fargo is FULL OF CRAP! Since the switch in October my account has been overdrafted twice! NEITHER time was my fault. They don't show your true balance and the customer service sucks!!! They keep you on hold for an 1hr plus only to tell you there is nothing they can do about the overdraft or the dang fees! LOL but thats not the part that ate me up the most...When i asked which transaction(s) caused the overdraft...THEY HAD NO CLUE!!!! Last night was the first time i recieved descent customer services and also a refund! Lol looks like you guys made history with that one. Word of advice to anyone looking for a bank. RUN FAR AWAY BECAUSE WELLS FARGO WILL EAT YOUR MONEY UP AND WON'T HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT HAPPEND TO IT. If you all keep this up you'll be going out of business as well.

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    Oh ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is-a Going down the loo Oh please don't let them borrow any more. They got a trillion or a zillion or a whole bunch of shady mortgages ...just for me...

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    Purchased furniture from Raymour & Flanigan in NYC. Got a bill from Wells Fargo, tried to pay online but was told repeatedly the account was...

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    Mon Jul 27 2009

    If you like having your children harassed by phone while you're at work during the recession. I ran into financial difficulty and they were ...

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    Sun Mar 22 2009

    I have bad credit and Wells fargo finacial is the only ones willing to give me a auto loan, I am paying high itrest rate, but at least I go...

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    Fri Feb 13 2009

    6/15/08, I bought a Tempurpedic mattress (which I love) on a 0% Interest/0 Payment(s) for 12 months contract. The purchase went through Tem...

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    Thu Feb 05 2009

    Get a life and stop crying. You get a statement every month telling you what is due and when. If your payment is late it's late. Any comp...

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    I also have a loan with Wells Fargo for my furniture, I pay my bill via my bank, they sent my payment out on Dec. 26, to the Las Vegas store...

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    Thu Jan 08 2009

    I've had an account with Wells Fargo financial National Bank located in DesMoines, IA for about three months. first of all, I've never dealt...

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    Wells Fargo is a great bank. If you get a loan you should read all the paperwork like these other people didn't. Obviously they did not re...