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    Fri Sep 09 2011

    Al Roker looks like he got hit by the AIDS Bus

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    Thu Jun 30 2011

    What has happened to The Weather Channel? I agree with most everyone else: Since NBC took over, this channel stinks. It's most always wrong. I can't understand the Local on the 8's because it's so misspelled that it's jibberish. And the hosts aren't any good. Some are unprofessional, some are trying to be cutesy and failing, some seem to be C-students fresh out of on-line broadcasting school. I can do without Al Roker, he'd do better back on the Today Show. It's too painful to watch so I find some other ways to get the information, usually Wunderground. I must admit, I do like some of the movies, Storm Stories, How the Weather Changed History, Storm Chasers; but mostly I want the local forecasts, which are crap. So, what's up with 'Local on the 8's'?? The only thing I tune in for and it's so misspelled that it's shameful. Imagine what travelers from other countries think when they come across that!? "American quality right there!" Day-in and day-out, months and years of this "qual... Read more

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    Thu May 12 2011

    Nine times out of ten, when you turn on the weather channel to catch the current temperature, or you try to get 'local on the 8s', you get commercials and the possibilities of what could happen tomorrow! It's worthless, it stinks, and we don't watch it anymore. It's much faster to get on the net and immediately get the info you need. They really ruined a good thing.

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    Sun Mar 06 2011

    My wife and I stayed in Bullhead City Arizona 3 weeks ago. We were getting ready to leave for Phoenix (It's the Capitol of Arizona), and the weather was terrible. I listened to your Weather Channel for a couple of hours hoping to hear about the weather conditions across Arizona (Something similar to how you report the Eastern States). There was an eight second report on California that covered a very short rainy report on Arizona. 90 percent of the 2 hours I watched was concerning the Eastern United States, eventhough we also pay for this channel. With that short rain report we left Bullhead and 15 minutes later we hit the worst hail storm I have ever experienced. Cars and trucks on the freeway went in every direction. I stopped to keep the windshield from breaking out. All the way to Phoenix (The Capitol of Arizona) we had dangerous floods and extremely heavy rains and wittnessed numerous car and truck wreaks. I want to thank you for the 8 seconds of weather reporting we received. I ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    TWC is pretty much worse than useless here in the Pacific Northwest. This morning the temp in my community was -1*. Spokane was -8* according to the NWS, but the lowest temp they would report on was a balmy 15* in the Midwest. Last week we had 80 mph winds. Not a word about it. Instead it was reports from very tiny areas of the east experiencing very mundane weather. Obviously it's all about focusing adverts on areas of higher population density, not about where there is weather worth reporting. .

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    News at 11! Weather Channel forecast! Dark, and Dismal! What a complete waste of time it is to tune into the Weather Channel these days. Forget the idea of weather! Its the MSNBC sister station filled with news! Their morning show, a joke! Those shows like, If could happen tomorrow, Storm Stories, Cantorie Stories, and other "must" a waste of time, especially since they repeat them over and over again. Then there is the Friday evening movie selection. Huh, a movie being shown on the WC that relates to weather! WOW! Amazing! Ground braking! NOT! Remember the old saying, if it isn't broke, don't fix it!!! They should of taken that advice. My favorite thing that the weather channel talks about are earthquakes and fires. Although very important news story, and something people do need to know about if it effects them. But my question is.... how do they relate to weather? I suppose I could rant and rave for hours, but it does concern me. These day... Read more

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    It used to be a lot better before NBC bought it. Now there are too many reruns. When I turn on The Weather Channel I want to see the weather not some show about when weather changed history. It makes me mad when severe weather is in my area and I turn on the weather channel to only find one of these rerun shows. I miss Hilary Andrews. Overall, it really shows how "liberal" journalism has crept into this show. The meterologists act like they have to report "bad happening" events instead of just reporting the weather straight up either good, bad or both. This show has become way to commercialized.

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    Terrible Weather Channel What part of "WEATHER" does NBC not understand? I used to watch this, until NBC purchased it and TWC became a joke and an entertainment program. Why try to compete in ENTERTAINMENT when this genre is over-saturated? There is a massive void in WEATHER genre on cable and satellite and NBC doesn't "GET IT". Al Roker, no degree in science of any kind is a JOKE. The radar sweep... might as well show a radar sweep as seen from MARS. There is no detail when they show a PLANET SIZED sweep of the UNITED STATES. What happened to smaller sweeps showing a couple of states and not from Belieze to Canada. The Weather Channel to NBC is what "New Coke" was to Coca-Cola when the screwed with their long-popular formula. God, I hate the "New NBC Screwed-up Weather Channel."

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    Should be called News, Other Stuff, and oh yeah, Weather Channel.

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    Mon Jun 14 2010

    The Weather Channel has become much less informative and much more educational. I am not nearly as interested in the creation of a tornado, or hurricane as I am the forecast concerning one. Nor do I care for all the other non-informative programs that now exist on TWC. Al Roker has done little to enhance my interest. However, I would marry Stephanie in a heartbeat. TWC needs to concentrate on letting their personnel do what they went to school for; meteorology. No more useless movies or tornado chasing. Just good informative forecasting! Oh and Stephanie, I was just joking about the marriage, but I do appreciate a beautiful smile first thing in the morning.

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    I used to enjoy looking at my local forecast with the smooth jazz music they used to play. Recently, they took that music off and replaced it with rock music or something and now I am hearing that they play smooth jazz from time to time again, but not like they used to. Also I hear they changed the format a little?

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    Sat Jun 05 2010

    The Weather Channel used to be good until they sold out.

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    Absolutely horrible! I could sit in my basement, with blinds closed and headphones on and do a better job at prdicting the weather around here. IT NEVER FAILS! Tomorrow rain all day...then tomorrow comes...oh well its not going to rain until tonight...oh as tonight comes...well its not going to rain until after midnight..etc WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! Some one needs to let these idiots know how rediculous they are. And someone pays them for this. I traveled to a local amusement park last year. It is abount an hour and a half drive so we try to check the weather before we go. PARTLY CLOUDY all day says the weather channel. As we near the park slight chance of showers. As we arrive at the park an hour later and it is pouring...slight chance of rain! It rained all damn day! The only day they do not predict rain and it rains all fucking day!!!

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    Personally i think the Weather Channel is fucking garbage.Just call for Rain EVERY single fucking day and when it doesn't happen just come up with some bullshit excuse.By the way ,same shit today.Weather channel calls for rain and thunderstorms all day AND night and once again NOTHING.Fuck the weather channel.

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    Fri May 21 2010

    When the sky is black and the rain in coming down in buckets, I would really like to see the weather when I turn on the Weather Channel. Instead, I get a storm story of some sort, a movie, a commercial or an hour long coverage of a rain shower in Miami, FL. Sometimes you just need to know...will the storm pass in 20 minutes or is it going to last 3 hours. Sorry, nothing against Miami...but so many times there is complete coverage of some minor storm somewhere, and here in Kentucky the tornado sirens are going off, the wind is blowing about 60 mph, the rain is torrential and the weather person is standing in front of Kentucky pointing to Washington DC, commenting on the beautiful weather the capital is getting and how the cherry blossoms are doing so well this year. HELLO! Kentucky is about to be blown off the map...anyone care??? Sometimes we get an off-hand comment, like "and Kentucky is getting some wet weather, too". Yeah, wet weather....thanks....excuse me, where's the TV ... Read more

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    Fri May 21 2010

    Same story in Indiana, severe storms are upon us and sirens going off before the Weather Channel even posted the warning. Last time a bad storm came through, it had came, passed, and minutes later we got the warning over the Weather Channel, and at that time it was already headed into another county. Not good. I do have to agree that the storm stories and now movies, on top of what I mentioned above, have caused me to rethink if I truely trust them to deliver my weather information to me. When severe storms are incoming, the last thing I want to turn on is a movie or a story. They do keep saying time is of the essence yet, some of us are left on our own to watch the skies since not all things can be depended upon. The real kicker is, the local weather channel has my city dot almost in a southeastern county when it's supposed to be in the center of the county itself. Personally I didn't feel a thing when the whole city moved lol. I've gone so far as to leave feedback on their... Read more

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    ILOVE THE WEATHER CHANNEL!Keep up the goodwork!

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    Tue Apr 13 2010

    I've watched this channel since about 1991. It used to be a great channel to watch with nothing but weather, and slowly and surely over the years it got worse and worse. Then they sold out to NBC and it just sucks now. For one I do not want to watch flick and a forecast.... For god's sake it's supposed to be the weather channel not the movie channel. Another thing is that I work outside all day. I need a dependable forecast to get me through the day so I do not get rained out. I love it when it calls for sunny skies, high 82.. Then it rains you out and is like 75 outside... Gets old so quickly when the weather channel cannot deliver what it is meant to give. the F*&^%$ weather ! I know weather isn't 100% all the time and things happen... but these guys really shit the bed and ruined a once dependable great channel. Oh well, I enjoyed a good run with them while it lasted.

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    Wed Apr 07 2010

    I like the Weather Channel. A lot of the times, it's more reliable than local forecasts, in my opinion. The Weather Channel also has a lot of hot 'weather babes.' I will deduct a star because local idiot fat man, Al Roker, is on there in the mornings.

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    NBC (No Brains Corporation) is good at screwing up a good thing... NBC did to the Tonight Show, what they have done to The Weather Channel... they totally, TOTALLY screwed it up. Al Roker is not a meteorologist and doesn't even have a degree in anything related to weather or science. They need to keep Al on the Today Show. Nice guy, but not a forecaster. It Could Happen Tomorrow, Forecast Earth, Backyard Tips, When Weather Changed History (and all their other "entertainment" programs needs to be dumped. Why is it that NBC management CAN'T UNDERSTAND "don't mess with a good thing?" And now CANTORE STORIES? NBC is trying to re-cycle & re-market Cantore as the Crocodile Dundee of "WeatherDum". What the devil happened to their weather radar? It used to show some detail. Now it is zoomed out so far, from Canada to Cuba, nobody can see weather patterns in the state/county they live in. Thank God for the iPhone, having applications that BLOW The Weather Channel Away. Now, when I need i... Read more

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    Mon Mar 22 2010

    Gee, thanks NBC for totally screwing-up what was once a good place to get instant weather. I travel over the road and would check the weather channel each morning to see how my next 600 to 700 mile drive would be for that day. Now, if I even bother to watch your channel, it takes me 30 minutes or more to get the info I need to making decisions on routes and times and I now have to wade to a bunch of rubbish about Hollywood, News and Business reports. If I wanted that info, I would tune to a channel that is a lot better in reporting it and not this cutesie tripe dished out by Roker and Abrams. You used to have good informative forecasters but you either got rid of them or pushed them off into other time periods where most people don't even watch. Your channel is just about useless now. I would rather go through 5 or 10 minutes of online info with a search with Accuweather, Intellicast or WeatherUnderground than look at Roker the grinning fool or Abrams with her hyper-active nons... Read more

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    Tue Mar 16 2010

    I don't like the change to the bottom scroll. I used to tune in for current local weather. I have no need for current conditions in far away places.

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    The Weather Channel has changed it's focus to making money making rather than it was at its highpoint as a source for accurate and in-depth weather information. I no longer watch and, even more disturbing, is that its website is now incredibly slow to load. It's so terribly slow and it's because of advertisements. The page figures out your location, then loads advertisements that target you. In my mind, they are saying, we've put the weather on the back burner now, our interest and focus is on advertising dollars. Too bad, I loved watching the weather channel.

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    Is and always has been a sorry excuse for weather info. I laugh at myself on the rare occasions that I turn it on looking for current weather info, and all I see is another Discovery Channel type show about tornadoes, floods, etc. There is a huge open spot in the market just waiting for someone to move in and kick the WX Channel's butt. I have a degree in Meteorology (Penn State 1982) and I just rely on internet sources for real Wx info. The only guy worth watching is Dr. Greg Forbes. He taught me and many, many others during his years at Penn State how to forecast severe Wx. In 1999 I had gotten out of the TV Wx biz in North Carolina, and hopped the fence over to TV advertising sales. While selling for Time Warner Cable in North Carolina, two perky, overly happy reps from The Wx Channel popped in to give us sales people a pep talk about how they were taking The Wx Channel in a bold new direction. They claimed that The Discovery Channel was beating them in rating because they ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 21 2010

    Arizona??? Is this part of U.S.??? We are in a Tornado Watch! Nothing has been reported! It's rather funny that we have broken all the old records in rain fall- yet, California is the only state on the weather channel discussed. We now have a Tornado Watch, as well as flooding and Nothing is being said! The weather channel sucks! All they care about is the east coast. I wish we had our own West coast channel. Get your money back from the Doppler Radar, or find out how to use it! "0" You shouldn't even be on the air!

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    Hey, news flash Weather Channel....Haiti's earthquake, although very important, is NOT about the weather! When did the Weather Channel become Headline News?? I guess since there is only about 5 major news channels broadcasting 24/7 they thought they also should jump into "news" reporting?! Somehow a bunch of meterologists have a special edge on current news that isn't being covered??? Remember when the Weather Channel was about the weather?? Those were the good old days. The Weather Channel stinks!!

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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    They have a ton of shows (sort of related to the weather) but nothing that has to do with the actual weather today. Sort of educational but most these shows are hypotheticals. Also the Weather Channel trails off on subjects like the Earthquake in Haiti that had nothing at all to do with the weather and about 25% of the day is covered with just this one topic (the earthquake). I'm sure if you streatch your imagination you can find a very indirect correlation between the earthquake in Haiti and the Weather Channel. You can still find a forcast but it's FASTER to simply go "online" and find your local weather report ASAP than to wait for the local on the 8ths (which don't show you the actuall forcast until you sit through all this local radar and other crap before getting down to the actual weather forcast). Anyway, don't get me wrong about the earthquake because I never said it wasn't important to cover - but if they call themselves "The Weather Channel" they need to get control o... Read more

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    The channel has gone down hill. They never have local weather when you need it. the weather people they have now are stupid. Bring back George !

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    Chose one star as ZERO is not an available option. Once a great single focus network, now mostly gawd awful feature shows about stuff that no one cares about that are repeated over and over, and lowlighted by a horrid AM WOW piece. I won't even go into the movies they show on HD. I tune in less and less as I don't care about 99% of the drek they broadcast, I want actual WEATHER!

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    It used to be 4 stars before NBC ruined it.

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    The only station that is wrong about things more often than Fox News!

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    Sun Dec 13 2009

    The Weather Channel has lost its mission of providing current weather information. They do so many specials and then repeat them over and over again. The special I would like to see them do is "It Happened the Day After Yesterday". Cable needs a new weather network that gives the current conditions and predictions.

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    Wed Nov 18 2009

    Not too bad, but could be much better. It bothers me that the local on the 8s is often not available at that time. It seems there are an awful lot of "Storm Stories" or "It Could Happen Tomorrow". I tune in the Weather Channel to see THE WEATHER. Most of the time, the music background is either extremely monotonous or extremely nerve wracking. Light classical or easy listening music would be much more pleasant.

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    Tue Nov 17 2009

    I remember it was nothing but the weather channel now it's turned into another program that went downhill. It's almost like MTv more cable crap then what the program is suppose to be. It's really sad commercial's ,nonweather show's, movie's, commercial's etc etc. Have the time they don't look like there confident as to what there forecasting (except for some of the vets that have been on there for awhile. Bottom line they get 1 sad star! -Soldier Ft Dix,Nj

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    Wed Nov 11 2009

    The Weather Channel was once a triumphant network. Like many cable networks founded in the 1980s, it was launched with a singular purpose: weather 24/7. And, through the 80s and 90s, it was awesome. As someone looking to enter the field of TV weather, I was a loyal viewer in the 90s when I was in middle and high school. During that time, the maps were great, the music and local forecasts dependable, and most importantly, the weather was omnipresent and the analysis fascinating and detailed. Flash forward to 2009. One indication I see of when a TV network begins to decay is to look at its logo. Once stylish and rounded, it is now flat with completely lowercase text on a bland, monochromatic square. But, again, a bad logo can be saved with good content. Sadly, that is gone. First and foremost, The Weather Channel is now. SHOWING. MOVIES!!! This is crazy. Bill Cosby once wisely said that the Weather Channel has no reruns. Weather is ALWAYS happening. Now, they show movies that aren't ev... Read more

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    Sun Sep 27 2009

    Always wrong on what the weather will be like everyday.. Like one day the forcast was called for mostly sunny and no rain, and it was suppose to be cooler than it turned out to be by like 10 degrees or more and what happiened,it rained that day.. They can't get one day right!! Plus lol I go to the website would'nt you know its info of the weather has been change to what was happiening as for raining but not till it was happiening lol.. Weather channel suxx ass...

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    NBC has officially destroyed The Weather Channel. I've been a fan of TWC since its very beginning. I've even visited their headquarters and have been part of focus groups for them. But after integrating their recent purchase with the rest of their news and entertainment platforms, NBC has rendered it unwatchable as far as I am concerned. When I turn to it now, instead of getting solid weather information, I now get Al Roker hawking movies, celebrity gossip, and other useless trivia. And when you think it can't get worse, you then get force-fed snippets of MSNBC, the lowest rated and absolute worst of the cable news networks. The other day, one of their twits actually said "Regional flooding is the result of rain". Really? My wife quipped, "They really have dumbed it down, haven't they!" Does NBC not understand that people watch TWC for weather info? If I had wanted movie hype and insipid celebrity crap, I'd turn to the dozen other channels that exclusively spew it. If I want... Read more

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    l One can only digest "I wake up with Al" for so long. Would be a great time for someone else to step up and offer a channel featuring weather since there wouldn't be much competition. By the way I've been a fan of The Weather Channel for at least 15 years but not any more.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    Our family has watched the TWC since it's inception. Lately it appears that all it's for is the promotion of MSNBC which is the biggest propaganda machine for the far left in the country. From now on, when we need weather forcasts, we'll go to the internet or get it from our local stations. By the way, we were getting sick of the "Adventures of Jim Cantore".

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    They seem to be fascinated with Hurricanes. I mean come on they are huge storms but they affect a very small part of the country. This morning somebody said there was a possible large storm and that will be exciting. Exciting? Please give me a break. Was Katrina exciting? Not for the folks in Louisiana. Sheezzz how about covering the rest of the country in such orgasmic detail!! I only give them the 2nd star for the weather babes!!

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I can't believe the direction TWC has taken recently. Living on the east coast of florida, I'm very in tune to the Atlantic and monitoring the action there. While watching TWC channel recently, I got little information due to the fact that they had to play a ridiculous commercial comparing Jim Cantore as a professional athlete..."the undisputed weather champion". It was an overdramatic display of pure humor. He's a meterologist for god sake. Then, another commercial for Greg Forbes comparing him to a rap artist..."Storm Master G". Unbelieveably retarded. The worst was watching their new segment called "Wake Up With Al". Abrams (who obviously slept her way to the top) and Bettes (same) and Al Roker (incredibly obnoxious) were joking around in such a bizarre way, I thought I was watching some weird kids show. They were yelling "WUWA" and telling each other how great they are. Very, very odd. I'm really over the ego trip with this channel. They need to keep telling us how great they are. ... Read more

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    It is manipulative and sensationalist. I have stopped watching and get my weather easily online at accuweather. If the weather channel actually showed "the weather" it wouldn't be so bad...only inaccurate forecasts. But they show that stupid Jim Cantore sitting in the middle of some lame storm or that stupid storm stories. Also, what's up with the new MSNBC news? If I wanted that I would go to a real news channel. TWC is obviously ratings starved. And lastly I will never forget this line when Vortex 2 had not dicovered any tornados. "Oh, maybe next time (soon as they were travelling into Okalahoma) we'll spot some." Did you get that? Tornados kill people you morons! The tragic weather matters over people to these people...don't kid yourself. It shows clearly in the Neuro linguistics.

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    TWC needs a massive ENEMA! I started watching the Weather Channel when it first came on years ago. Back then, they showed very decent radar loops that were large enough that a viewer could see the general area of the specific state they lived in. The loops were slow enough that you could see some detail, and "back then" they showed at least 5 repeated loops before going to the next area of the USA. Thank goodness P. Allen Smith is gone. Please also dump the guy who gives backyard tips. STICK TO WEATHER... My local TV stations do a better job (and I live in Hicksville) but they only do weather at 6 and 10 PM. These days, they only show 2 loops and they are so DAMNED ZOOMED OUT that it is impossible to figure out the weather event in a small area. Plus, the idiot running the loop must be on "speed" because the loop is too fast. To show a radar loop from south of Cuba to North Dakota defeats the purpose of showing a radar image at all. I wish they would go back to showing smaller (zoo... Read more

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    This channel can't even give an accurate forecast (ie.. the local on the 8's), and they dwell more on the east coast and northeast and southeast. They don't even know the geographic United States. I can get an more accurate weather forecast from my dog.

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    Fri Jun 05 2009

    The Grape Tomato Search ... maybe they should try a produce market? Like many commercial information outlets, The Weather Channel's favorite story is themselves. For weeks, even casual viewers have been saturated with their on-air personalities ( these are NOT meteorologists ) covering their coverage. They've deployed SO MANY on-air personalities, SO MANY tracker vehicles, SO MUCH technology, and are covering SO MANY states where tornadoes may occur in A VERY HIGH PROBABILITY at this time of year, and are CONTINUING TO COVER this for us, the viewers. To date, they haven't found a single grape tomato. Try NOAA, the government agency that monitors the actual weather, if you wish to be informed. Or any other source that is geared to the working-mans need for useful weather information. ( Beach forecast? ... c'mon, I WORK for a living ) Call your cable operator and let them know that you consider The Weather Channel to be a self-serving, self-promoting commercial enterprise ma... Read more

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    Wed Apr 08 2009

    They never seem to talk about Tennessee, especially West TN where i'm from. If they show the Memphis Radar, they show it for 2 seconds and then they go back and talk about Atlanta again. Even though I don't live in the West, they never talk about it, EVER!!!!! It's as if Atlanta is the only city in the US!! Also, they show silly show like "It Could Happen Tommorrow" while sometimes they are okay, I feel for those people in tiny towns who don't have a local news station who are getting an F5 tornado while "It Could Happen Tom." talks about a tornado hitting Dallas or something and they have no way of knowing about the storm. Then the next day on TWC, they talk about "a small town in Kansas is wiped out due to an F5 tornado hitting the area. " And then they act all suprised.

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    I am a weather geek so I LOVE the Weather Channel.  I find it so interesting!!!

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    This channel is terrible. This should be called the Dixieland Weather Channel or the Southern Weather Channel. They dwell on the South constantly, then once in a while they will talk about the Eastern Seaboard and even less about the Midwest. It can be blizzard conditions all over the West and they will barely talk about it. I timed them once. In one hour, there was 30 minutes of forecasting going on. 20 of it was on the South and some minor rain storm, about five was on the Eastern Seaboard, three was on the Midwest, and one was on the Mountain West while completely bypassing the West Coast. There was a severe blizzard all over Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. I barely saw the white on the map and they scrolled over to some little rain storm in Louisiana and Texas that wasn't even a thuderstorm much less tornado-producing or hurricane-producing (this was December). Hey Weather Channel, the United States of America includes more than just the South. How many people have gotten killed be... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Why isn't 'Local on the 8's' on at every "8?" I don't want to see old tornado footage and hear the chasers stories.

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