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American superhero drama limited series based on the 1986 DC Comics series of the same title created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Website

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    Thu Mar 26 2009

    Okay, to put it plain and simple, this movie is one of the most dissapointing pieces of cinema I've seen in awhile. Going into the theater with my popcorn and soda at hand, I expected an action packed, thriller filled movie (that's how it was advertised, right?) Well, 3 hours and a full bladder later, I wanted to cry. Not because the movie touched me or moved me, but because it was so damn bad. I had been looking forward to Watchmen since the summer, and what a slap in the face. Before I get into the bad things, I'll name the few goods things.... Acting was good, story was pretty good and unique, and special effects were cool. Sounds appealing. Don't be fooled. The movie, which is a whopping 3 hours, is simply 3 hours of suck. It tries to hard to touch you, takes itself to seriously to be taken seriously. The worst part is, there is barely ANY action in it. I'm sorry folks, but if it's a superhero story, no matter how powerful it's meant to be, it needs action. Plus, you see blue penis... Read more

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    Thu Mar 19 2009

    1 star for the 'mankind is an affront to creation... but who cares anyway' and 1 star for Blue Penis.

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    In an excellent opening title sequence, this movie creates an alternate reality from 1940 where superheroes are a part of everyday life. These opening credits are, unfortunately, the best part of the movie. If I had walked out after them it would have been $9 well spent. Instead, I stayed, and was treated to nearly three hours of costumed preaching, pontificating, and a few slow-motion fight scenes. A few people walked out of the theater early, I should have.

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    First be warned about the grossy and nudity scenes in the film. Probably its better to learn the story from someone first before you hit the theatre. the graphics are ok. the sequences are tied to each other so make sure you are awake for the entire movie to understand.

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    Sat Mar 07 2009

    Guess I am going to be the first one to rate this movie. My fiance and I had been looking forward to this one for months. We went on opening night to see it like a couple of nerds! I was excited to see what Snyder would do for this novel, as I was really a fan of 300. I tend to like these "graphic novel turned movies" like the aforementioned 300 and Sin City, so lets just say, I had high expectations. It began well. There was a stunningly surreal montage of American history images set to Bob Dylan's "Time are changin." I will admit, I was stunned when they recreated the assassination of JFK onscreen and showed the man on the grassy knoll. That was strike one. While the effects and photography were beautiful, there were a plethora of cringe-worthy awkward moments throughout...I could feel the audience around me shrinking back, giggling at seriously strained awkward moments and gasping out loud. And this was an audience who was expecting a GRAPHIC movie. It just went "there" too often. I... Read more

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