Walter Payton

American professional football player who was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears Website

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    Asides from Walter Payton's great career, you'll frequently hear me use the words 'fuck you, Tecmo Bowl' when I have to play the unstoppable Walter Payton and the Chicago Bears on Tecmo Bowl.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    Never seen any better! Guts, determination, versatility, and talent. What more can you ask for? Oh ya.....and a GREAT PERSON!!!!

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    How can you argue with Sweetness? A great running back who mainly played on poor teams until the end of his career. Payton truly loved the game.

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    The absolute best there was ~ and ever will be!!  Nuff said!!

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    He was all heart! He played every down like it was 0-0 and the game was on the line. Not scoring in the Super Bowl and coming up one yard short in his final game vs Washington were some heartbreaking moments that showed how much class and heart this guy had. Sitting on the bench crying at the end of his career in his final game still brings me to tears! The guy just loved to play football. I'd give him the nod over Barry because Sweetness was one of the best overall players ever in the NFL. Barry was cut from the same mold though...very humble, private, lead by example types of guys, and both played on bad teams for the majority of their careers. Payton #1 Sanders #2

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    Thu Dec 13 2007

    Best all-around halfback ever!! I hated him when I was a kid in the early to mid 80s,(born into a Packer family)  but as I grew, I came to realize how great and special the guy was. He was one those backs that you could just sit back and watch, and you knew he was great. His team stunk troughout the early years of his career, but that was alright... he didnt need a great team around him to deliver the goods. (see Emmitt Smith) Yes, he was better than Jim Brown. Brown was bigger than the linebackers who were trying to tackle him...I mean, come on!! As Walter aged, he got the good team around him and got his ring, and even though it was with the Bears.. I'm glad he did. I don't get misty about much, but Walter dying in '99 almost did it to me.

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    Ain't no backs can come close to Sweetness past or present the closest behind him would be Barry Sanders.   Emmitt Smith is a Joke, the one that is left standing without a chair when the music STOPS.

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    Sat Jun 17 2006

    He could ram through a line and get 5 or 6 yards. This at a respectable 5'10.

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    Sat May 13 2006

    He could do it all. One of the best.

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    In a class by himself. Wonderful person. Terrific attitude. Hard worker. Best back of all time.

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    Wed Nov 16 2005

    solid performer and never complained

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    Tue Nov 15 2005

    I don't think that I've ever heard anyone utter a single negative comment about this guy. He was as tough as nails and he gave 100% of his effort at all times. A total class act and one of the finest people ever to play professional sports. Take note Terell Owens; This is how a real man carries himself. I wish that we had more like Walter Payton. Oh yeah, and he was a pretty fair runner/passer/receiver/blocker too.

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    Fri Nov 04 2005

    Thank you Walter for showing how hard work can pay off.

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    Class act. Dearly missed. Watching him juke people outta their shoes was an awesome sight to behold. If anyone remembers the first Tecmo football game he was able to score a tochdown everytime he got the ball ;)

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    He was a pretty good player but i would say Emmit Smith and Barry Sanders are better 2 more years pro and he might of had the rushing yards in a career record

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    Thu Sep 22 2005

    I met Payton (VERY briefly) in a mall just outside the Louisiana Superdome in December of '89. He was on his way to do some analysis for an NFL game that was about to be played. What struck me about the encounter was that Walter Payton A) had been retired for two or three years, and B) had a reputation of being a bit small for an NFL running back. But when I shook the guy's hand he had the the strongest grip I have ever felt (and he wasn't hurting me or squeezing hard). He was just a thoroughly ripped powerful, powerful guy. He oozed of physical strength ... and he was so thick and solidly built ... After that meeting I could understand how he got all those yards. Quite frankly, I simply find it difficult to imagine anyone having been able to knock the guy down.

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    Tue Sep 20 2005

    Walter Payton, Sweetness, had all the intagibles to be a good back. He wasn't good though, he was great. I think it's unfair for people to say Emmitt Smith or some of the other more recent backs were better. Let's remember early in his career, Walter played on some garbage teams in Chicago. It wasn't until Ditka got there when he really became more well known, but he had already been putting up Hall of Fame numbers despite the lack of his team. He's probably the most complete back ever. He was a hellacious blocker, a great reciever for key situations, and he could throw a pretty spiral. Although he wasn't the athlete, Jim Brown was, he made up for with heart and determination. I was deeply saddened when he died at such a young age. A void that may never be feeled, in the NFL. A great man, and the way he went out, with the heart of a champion. Damn shame, he didn't get a TD in the Super Bowl. Best running back, ever.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    A great running back who could run over,around or through you.Very durable and his longevity was one of his best traits.His character on and off the field was to be commended.I put him at number 2 all time just behind Barry Sanders and closely followed by Jimmy Brown.

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    Thu May 19 2005

    i was shocked that he died so young

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    Tue May 17 2005

    Was a pioneer, for the NFL such a talent every time I see old clips and pics of him in action it makes me wish I would have played football all my life.

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    Sun May 15 2005

    The best runner of all-time. Those who compare emmitt to this magnificent talent are just plain naive. The overall skills of walter payton can be schooled to emmitt. sanders a close contender, but that whole quitting issue has gave him the underdog label. it pains me that this man is even compared to other backs.

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    Wed Mar 09 2005

    One of the best. Very smooth and aggressive in the way he played.

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    Wed Feb 09 2005

    Greatest ever.

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    Fri Feb 04 2005

    Hands down the best complete back in NFL history. He was extremely tough for a fairly small guy. He wasn't the fastest, not the quickest, but he was a combination of every thing. I think Barry Sanders was a better runner, but Walter was the best all-around player. He was a tremendous blocker and a great reciever. Heck, he could even throw a nice ball and kick well too. He had the biggest heart of all time. Ner Die Easy! Whenever I see Emmit's name above his is breaks my heart. You gotta remember that early in his career his line and his whole team was bad, unlike Emitt's all-star line. He was my hero, and always will be. To think such a great, couragous man is dead, breaks my heart.

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    Sat Jan 01 2005

    He was the strongest runner I have ever seen play the game.

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    Sun Dec 26 2004

    Great person bad kidneys.

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    Wed Oct 27 2004

    One of the greatest to watch (Barry Sanders obviously being the greatest). Sweetness was literally unstoppable, although sucks that he did not score in their superbowl blowout.

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    Fri Apr 30 2004

    They should name the MVP trophy after sweetness.

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    Next to Emmit Smith, Walter will go down in history as the second best running back of all time. The numbers don't lie. However, Walter will always be known for the class act he was on and off the field. The toughest running back? yes! The best, no. Barry Sanders would have eclipsed his record if he would have stayed in the league. The hapless Lions management caused that. Sweetness should have been given an opportunity to score at least 1 T.D. in 1985 when the Bears won it all. A travesty that he wasn't...He deserved it...

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    Wed Mar 31 2004

    You can't describe it much better than Sweetness. Just the epitome of class and athleticism. Greatness incarnate. The critisicm of him not being the fastest or quickest or strongest, etc, etc, etc, makes him all the more impressive. He was without question the toughest yet smoothest, hardest working yet most playful player in the history of the NFL. And Payton is probably one of the greatest role models for kids in history. He will always be my biggest inspiration.

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    Tue Mar 16 2004


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    Wed Mar 03 2004


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    Wed Feb 04 2004

    Great person as well. Hope to play with you someday, Walter.

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    Wed Feb 04 2004

    one can only think how much more he could of dazzel us

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    Wed Jan 14 2004

    Sweetness was a class act. He ran hard and ran tough and was very durable during his football career. He never ran out of bounds like some of today's runners.

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    Sat Sep 06 2003

    A good runningback runs. A great runningback also blocks and catches. Walter Payton did all three of those things a well as a runningback ever could, and through in alot more. He could pass (look up his touchdown passes)! He played with heart that has never been matched by anyone else at the position, even Emmitt Smith. He was a leader. Ditka once said he wanted to see an interception just so he could watch Payton block. And don't forget his class, his enthusiasm and his kindness. Just an incredible player and human being. Never quit!

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    Sat Jul 05 2003

    The BEST running back and all around football player! No attitude, no glitz--just pure football. What an exciting player to watch every weekend! I hated playing the Bears (I'm a Packer fan) because I still secretly loved Sweetness and his play!

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    Sat Jun 21 2003

    Never saw the guy play but from what most say, he along with Jim Brown are the two greatest ever. That is the consensus. The thing that i hear about him all the time was that he was a relentless runner, never running out of bounds despite his small stature. And i think he was very durable, i think he missed just a couple games his whole career but could be wrong.

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    Fri Jun 20 2003

    I never had the honor of actually watching him play in a game, but I have seen countless highlight films and came away more then impressed, speechless at times. I love how he punished people who had the intent of doing the same to him. Of all the videos of all the "old timers" I've seen, he gets my vote for the greatest running back of his era. Long live Sweetness. R.I.P.

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    With higher caliber teammates.....?

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    Sat Jun 07 2003

    The greatest athlete of all time. God I miss my childhood hero.

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    Tue Jun 03 2003

    The single greatest running back of all time nuff said

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    Wed May 28 2003

    The worlds greatest back Ever. He was before my time but i have seen many tapes. I listen To the story's my dad told about Sweetness and i realize how great he was. The footage we have of him is incredible. and it was a terrible lose when he died.

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    Fri May 02 2003

    The best football player ever.

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    Thu May 01 2003

    Anyone who's seen Walter run behind crappy o-lines on crappy Bears teams knows who's the greatest back of all time. Emmitt Smith please. That guy wouldn't have half the yards Payton had if they switch teams.

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    Fri Apr 18 2003

    He was the greatest running back of all time not because he had the most yards.....but because everything a running back has to do...he did it great. He was a great blocker, and he is the Bears all-time leading reciever, to go along with the 16,726 yards.

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    Tue Apr 15 2003

    Wally Payton ... # 34 Chicago Bears ... I loved to be alive to watch him. Give Payton the ball, and he was gone. The reason Soldier Field was replaced is because # 34 tore it into pieces with his play. He was a real ambassador to the NFL game. There were no drugs, just grit and determination, mingled with hard work ! Walter; NFL fans miss you !!!

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