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    Sun Oct 02 2011

    Up until today, I would have given Walgreen's a four. for years I had pretty good luck with this pharmacy. THAT ALL CHANGED TODAY. October first seems to be the transitions day. the last day for health plans before the NEW YEAR ON OCTOBER 2nd starts. I had to get a prescription filled for my son. He ended up in the Hospital er this morning. there for three hours had to have a procedure done on his esophagus. we had already been up all night exhausted we went to our local Walgreens to get his new prescription he needed for his throat. I got a new very nasty woman named TRACY. TRACY CALLED US BACK TO THE PHARMACY TO INFORM US OUR INSURANCE WAS NO GOOD UNTIL OCTOBER 2nd. Now we have the same insurance Blue care Network. we had it all this past year and renewed for this year. SO WE ARE COVERED. WE SHOULD BE COVERED!TRACY BITCH ACTED LIKE WE WERE TRYING TO DO SOMETING ILLEGAL AND REFUSED TO FILL OUR PRESCRIPTION. to add insult to injury the other female pharmacist joined in and said " you b... Read more

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy http://www.trustedtablets-online.com/?wm=11492&tr=8027 I recieved my pills within one week of ordering them. P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 4y3g6f4k

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    Tue Mar 29 2011

    I have never written a review in all my 24 years, nor have I ever had a real reason to - till now. My husband had all 4 of his wisdom teeth out this morning and needed heavy medication to keep the pain at bay. I stopped by our local Walgreens pharmacy around 11:30am to fill all 4 of his prescriptions. They told me that his medications would not be ready until 3pm. I thought that seemed a bit late, but decided that he would still be numb till then, so that was ok. Upon arriving back at 3pm to pick up the meds, I was informed that "it will just be another 15 minutes". I sighed, but sat down, knowing that they are the professionals and they know what's going on. I was wrong. To say the very least, I was wrong. Usually when you see 6 (yes 6!) people behind the pharmacy desk you can assume someone knows what's going on, but not in this Walgreens. I waited for 15 minutes and decided to ask about the status of my prescriptions. Again I was told that it would be another 15-20 minutes and that ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 16 2011

    horrible, dreadful experience. moved my rx from CVS to walgreens in anaheim. did it online, registered, filled out all the details, rx number, dr name, number, dosage, etc. online report says it would be ready the next day. wife gets alert on cell the next day and picks up meds on her way home. Guess what? WRONG MEDS!!! these were in my history from my previous pharmacy but i didnt request these, but wait, theres more!!! i go online in the morning and follow up...low and behold, my requested meds are sitting there on my computer screen, as waiting to be picked up. everything the way it should be, dosage, correct meds, etc. I call up Walgreens' and spoke to one of the rudest jerks around,saying he will order them again, but the meds my wife picked up...is what i ordered. I tried to explain that i was looking at my computer screen, on their website and it showed the correct meds..but he wouldnt hear it. cut me off saying, "listen, im not no technology expert, if you want to call some tec... Read more

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    Tue Mar 01 2011

    Excellent experience with WALGREENS in Binghamton, NY. C V S really has to shop Walgreens to see how it's done. The pharmacy dept really cares about you at Walgreens. Even when busy, the pharmacy department will take the time to talk to you AND walk you to the product that would work the best for you. The stores look clean, bright, uncluttered and modern. The employees look like they love working there, unlike CVS with their crazy CVS card! Walgreens rules!

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    Sat Feb 12 2011

    I will never use walgreens again. I went to the one in Midvale, UT. I brought my perscription in to be filled because my regular pharmacy didn't have the medication I needed in stock. When I brought in my perscription the pharmacist was very rude! She told me I wouldn't be able to pick up the medication until the next day because medicaid wouldn't cover it until then, which was fine I had enough to last me until then. I came back the next day to pick it up and they told me medicaid wouldn't cover it and I would have to wait until monday. I have never had a problem getting this filled and having medicaid cover it. I tried to talk to the pharmacist about it and she wouldn't even explain to me what was going on. I've never meet someone so rude. So I bought some pills to last me until monday at $15 a pill! I left very upset with how they treated me. I decided to call wal-mart and have my perscription transfered to them. Magically, they could get my perscription to go through with medicaid.... Read more

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    Fri Feb 04 2011

    3 stars (1) Today I went to the boynton beach Florida Walgreens on military and wollbright. I went thru the drive through and the lady there was so rude she yelled at me and told me to shut up and took a very long time to get the pills she said that my insurance card was for diabetics which is completely untrue. I have never been treated so badly. I am never going to Walgreens again for my medication. I really think that they should hire people who have skills on how to deal with others. They are careless and rude. I would strongly recommend not to go. I much rather prefer cvs now. Sent from my iPod.

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    Sun May 02 2010

    Went there for my regular medication refill of vicodin and left 5 pills short. When I called to let them know, they tried to accuse my gf of stealing them from me! Then the pharmacist said he would give me the 5 pills back but put it on my account. Why would they give me the 5 pills back if they were sure they had given me the correct amount on a CONTROLLED substance?! Makes no sense to me! I made a formal complaint to the district pharmacy manager who also accused my gf of stealing them. After about 30 minutes of me arguing with him, he finally told me that they would review the tapes. I had gotten the medication back so why would I have continued to argue with him had I not thought the pharmacist stole them? If I were lying about it, wouldn't I have NOT wanted them to watch the tapes?! I will NEVER use Walgreen's again!

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I don't recommand walgreen drugs at all. They have a lot of stores, however, they make a lot of mistakes and the clarks usually have an bad a Attitude torch me, espcially in san francisco california, I understand the are alway busy, still need to treat customer with respect in order get my business otherwise i rather used a local drug store. dave

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    Thu May 21 2009

    They make a lot of mistakes, so I don't really recommend them. This is why we switched to the Kroger Pharmacy, which is 50 times better.

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    Sun Jan 04 2009

    Walgreens is my best choice for pharmacy. I love the convenience of the drive through feature and the 24 hour service. You can always count on the pharmacist to help with answers to your questions.The employees are also quite polite and helpful. At walgreens you can be sure to fill your prescriptions, buy your perfumes and cosmetics, develop your films, and buy some grocery and general merchandise.

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    Walgreens 9550 hageman Drive Bakersfield, CA 93312 tel 661-587-0838 On 7/18/08 at 12:35pm, I went through the drive-thru window to pick up a refill of medication. When the clerk handed me the bottle, I noticed right away that it was not completely full. I immediately opened the bottle and counted the pills before leaving. There were only 23 pills in the bottle even though there should have been 60. I paid cash $33.99 for 60 pills. I gave the bottle back to the clerk who told me that it was full when she handed it to me. I went into the store and spoke to 5 employees, two of which claimed to be managers, who all told me that I must be lying, that I must have stolen the pills and now I was just trying to get more. One employee said (who claimed to be a manager) that if I wanted to give the pills back to her I could but she would not refund my money. I was told that they would call the police if I didn't leave. Because the medication was vicodin, they claimed there is no way that a mi... Read more

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    Wed Mar 05 2008

    The selecton is great, the prices fair. Fantastic tasting caramels wrapped in waxed paper by the registers (hard to find, but worth the search).

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    Fri Feb 29 2008

    After repeated mistakes and two amazingly rude encounters with the Walgreen pharmacists in Little Rock, AR, I moved to USA Drug. While I was recovering from my hip replacement, USA employees actually carried my purchases to my car. You'll NEVER see that at any Walgreens in the country. My husband has migraines. At midnight I went to Walgreens for a refill for his imitrex. I was told that all other prescriptions that were waiting (even though NO ONE was at the drive thru or at the pharmacy) would be filled before mine. I waited two hours while my husband threw up and cried in pain out in the car. Episode #2, at 2 am, my 90 year old mother called to say that she was vomiting. I went to the Walgreen's pharmacy for advice and stood at the counter. Again, no one else in the store, no one in the drive-thru. After 3 minutes of being ignored by a pharmacist seated 3 feet away, I asked for help. He told me in a very snotty tone that in order to help me, he would have to stop what HE was doing. ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 18 2008

    I renew my Rx's on line. Because they were making mistakes in dosages, I made sure I had a print out of what I ordered. Last week they restocked 3 out of 5 Rx's filled on the same day because, they said, I didn't picked them up. I had checked online every day and it said they weren't ready. The pharmacy ass. wouldn't listen, disputed my print out and put all the blame on me. I lost 2 weeks worth of my prescriptions and had to use my emergency supply. Everyone needs to have an emergency supply for this very reason, not to mention in case of a disaster situation. Isn't it interesting that 80% of drug ingredients come from China, yet prices stay so high. Between the pharmaceutical companies and chain drug stores, the American citizen takes it in the shorts one more time.

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    Tue Dec 04 2007

    I am a Former Walgreens Employee of almost seven years. I turned in my resignation on November 25, 2007. My reason for leaving is that I heard the answer "NO" to becoming Assistant Manager for the last time. Previous times things were said that the District Manager said, Like she wouldn't allow me to move up and "to stop putting in applications, because the answer was NO!" I want to know why Walgreens will hire people straight from College with a Business degree for Assistant Manager, but they have NO Retail Experience, NO Cashier Experience, and/or NO Customer Service Experience. I on the other hand have over fifteen years of Experience in Retail and Customer Service. I worked SIMC with Walgreens for three years.(stepped down because the work load was too much at the time and I was going through a stressful situation at home) I knew the store backwards and forwards with my eyes shut. I had other Employees coming to me for help instead of Assistant Managers. I had Assistant Ma... Read more

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    Mon Nov 19 2007


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    Mon Oct 29 2007

    Ok, with good prices for the most part. I used to like buying seeds from Walgreens, they used to have good plant seeds.

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    Tue Oct 02 2007

    I am looking for a direct email address to either a Walgreens district manager in Tucson or Gregory D. Wasson. Last year was one of the hardest years of my life, and Walgreens pharmacy reps did not make it any easier. I believe an email is necessary at this point, or possibly a more formal letter to most managing staff throughout central Tucson. Can anyone provide me with contact info? I know I will be speaking on behalf of many of you. Your posts, if you so desire, will be included within the letter. The individual with the 8/27/2007 post actually made a pretty good point - the pharmacy really does act like they are doing you a favor. They made a mistake on my scrip last time (as they had so many times before) and I suspect they blamed ME; I truly believe the head of this particular pharmacy thought I might be submitting fraudulent prescriptions. So, this is true. Accusations are one of their first tools on hand, rather than concern/compassion.

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    Mon Aug 27 2007

    Walgreens Pharmacy service is horrid. They act like they are doing you a favor instead of providing the service that they get paid for. I have had four incidents where they screwed up my RF and blamed it on my doctor and/or the insurance company only to find out that they had lied. I might add, they gey paid as much as three times more than other local pharmacies by always charging the maximum amount, even if it is illegal. Look on other sights for pending litigation in many states. I am on Enbrel injection therapy for Aklylosing Spondylitis and was told by a tech. who had entered my ins. information incorrectly that I did not qualify and I would need to call my Ins. Co. I did that night. They had it on file and told me to have it filled elsewhere. I did get it filled at another pharmacy, right across the street, NO problem. It is a $2500.00 per month Rx. I think it's funny that Walgreen's can't manage to enter 8 numbers into a screen so they can recieve $30,000.00 per year on ju... Read more

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    They have really done a good thing as a Canadian Drug has done not a long time ago, as the article says. The good thing about big pharmacies chains is that they are as serious as one can hope and that they will almost always provide very high quality services, not to mention the fact that they often have consistent discounts.

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    Thu Aug 02 2007

    We have been ordering Rx for years from Walgreens. Each time it has been filled correctly and promptly. We are always approached by clerks to see if we need any help. I have NO complaints about Walgreens - they are wonderful.

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    Thu Jun 28 2007

    Well i recently went a 24 hour WG Store to get medicine @ the pharmacy. It took so long & I really had to use the Restroom. I found the restroom but it had this stupid code to get in. So I asked an employee nicely if he could enter the code so I can use the restroom.8-( He told that the restroom was closed. I'm like this a 24 hour store. Everything is open including the pharmacy at 12 in the morning. Why in the world the restroom would be closed.Then within less than 5 minutes I used the RR in IHOP near there. But if u want to use the Restroom @ walgreens don't. They are REALLY RUDE associates who REALLY don't care. & i've seen other customers using their Restrooms & they will someone to open it 4 them.

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    Fri Jun 22 2007

    Not impressed.  Sale stuff not there lotta times.  Overrings frequent at checkstand.  Don't have item-free-if-overrung policy--but should.  :(

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    Thu Feb 08 2007

    Walgreen's photo center is the only great service, and the only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1. When Eckerd's closed last year, I changed to Walgreen's pharmacy--BIG mistake. One of my prescripts was misplaced and there was an issue with my insurance (Walgreen's mistake). When CVS moved in, I went with them and haven't had any issues. Almost a week ago a co-worker was complaining that a Walgreen's employee charged her debit card 4 times for a prescription that costs $110...4 x 110= Yikes! She didn't know until her bank notified her the next day. She had a hard time with the Walgreen's manager being defensive about the employee and reversing the extra charges--wasn't really apologetic. She's switching to another pharmacy as well.

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    Tue Aug 29 2006

    I have found that the customer service is the worst of any place I have ever visited. If you have a problem with the pharmacy at walgreen's, you get a standard reply, I understand your concerns from the store management but nothing will change. This walgreen is located at the corner of cty rd 13 and 42 in Savage Minnesota. My wife called to have perscription refilled 2 days ago and we were informed that they need a doctors approvial to refill the perscription. I tried to pickup the perscription, 2 days later, and they stated that they never received a fax back from the doctor oking the refill. I asked why the doctor's office wasn't recontacted and was told that wasn't there policy. You would think that if they didn't hear back with in 24 hours that they would recontact the doctors office. The last time this happened I contacted the doctors office and found that the doctor did reply back the same day. Tommorrow I will probably find out that this is true again. I have discused other pr... Read more

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    Mon Apr 10 2006

    Two days ago I was in line at the Walgreens in Tucson, AZ, Speedway and Harrison, and there were about 6-7 people there. Since there are two lanes cars kept arriving in the other lane from me. Since the pharmacist cannot see sideways out the window, he just kept waiting on everyone else. I sat there for about 10-15 minutes waiting while everyone came and went. I was the last person waited on and there were other cars waited on before me. I don't think they are equipped to handle two lanes. There is no fair way to help people in the order that they arrive. One of these lanes should be closed so everyone gets waited on fairly. The pharm tech suggested that I email Walgreens and suggest this.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    the best!!! their photo staff is very knowledgeable. teh check out people are very friendly and the beauty staff always has an extra money saving coupon if i check out there. The pharmacists are always willing to help. this is why i will always shop at walgreen's. Thank you for such great service.

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    Fri Feb 24 2006

    My husband recently had surgery. It took 3 hours plus to get his postoperative pain medicine filled while he waited in pain in the car. This medication was to be taken 2 tablets every 3 hours as stated by the label and prescription. I was given 30 pills. I requested a refill 4 days later by phone and recieved a confirmation to return to the pharmacy that my refill was ready for pick up. When I got to the store I was told that this was a 1 month supply and could not be refilled until next month. Obviously, 1 pill per day was not adequate dosage for my large husband nor was it the dosage that was ordered by his physician. Nevertheless,he would not need the medication in a month. Then it was blamed on the way the physicians order. I am a nurse and I read the prescription and the doctor did not order it incorrectly. This is one of many problems that I've recently experienced at this store.

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    Fri Feb 10 2006

    Omaha, 132nd and Maple. My doctor called in amoxicillan last week. They filled it but gave her the wrong medication all together. She is only 2 and had an allergic reaction. They did not realize the mistake until my doctor called and that is when they checked their records and admitted the mistake. Today I called about a Wellbutrin. They said they had to wait several days for my insurance and doctor to give pre-authorization. I called back about 3 mintues later knowing that my doctor had already done this and she rudely said well our computers have been down, I guess it is right here. They are too busy, and too careless. Oh and they do switch meds with out telling you and on two seperate occasions they have shorted my prescription by half of what I was suppose to receive with out telling me.I have a friend that is also a pharmacist there and he admist that he would only take his prescriptions to a samller pharmacy because of the no. of mistakes made due to their high volume.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    i can not find any thing to contact corporate walgreen's where the web page came up. i am so sick of these people. they will not stock smith kline products and fill my prescriptions using my company's products. they will not hand the atm card back to you, they tuck inside the bag or the info sheet stapled outside the bag. i had to come home one night and cancel my atm becasue they lost it and accused me of having it in the car and just not seeing it. the phone system is set up to contact the doctor by the script number you enter for a refill and they have called the east coast several time for refills even though i have been living out here for 18 months. i get calls from my old doctor and am told until i come in for a check up they will not refill it. when i questioned the pharmacist on duty how this could happen he gave me the run around and finally ended up in a louder voice asking what do you want? i said for you to fill my prescription. ! he hung up on me. i ask for a list of my m... Read more

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    Thu Jan 05 2006

    You can get just about anything there, and their pharmacy cannot be beat. If anyone deserves to have a monopoly over American drug stores, it's them.

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    My experience with this drugs store in VA was to have my prescription lost in the time it went from drop off window to the pharmacist (about 5 feet). I was very upset and the staff seemed to accuse me of not knowing if I left the script. I know this is a violation of the Federal HIPPA regulations and feel they did not keep my information private. So beware, even if drop the script off the staff and wait in the store-you never know about yor information and may not get timely antibiotic therapy.

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    Tue Sep 20 2005

    Always have good service and good prices!

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    Thu Jun 02 2005

    everywhere you turn there is a walgreens popping up. i dont really mind cuz i like the fact they are opened 24 hrs a day .

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    Sun May 01 2005

    Walgreens seems to be everywhere. Even so theres been times when I was looking for a product and they didn't have it.

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    Mon Mar 21 2005

    Great store and great photo shop. We have one a few blocks from home, so it's very convenient. The people there are pretty nice and helpful.

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    Thu Dec 23 2004

    On many outings to this Chicago-based shop, I happen to pleased that this store that I trust is everywhere in the country. It is a fact that some stores are better than others (depending on how organized they are), but their service is outstanding.

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    I also shop at Walgreens and they have pretty nice stores. Plus good prices.