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    Wed Mar 20 2013

    In terms of societal impacts, it certainly isn't positive. Wal-Mart keeps its costs down by underpaying their workers and then expecting that food stamp programs (WIC, etc.) and taxpayer-supported clinics will make it possible for them to survive. Higher health care costs are also passed on to everyone else, as the government is forced to pay for emergency room visits through subsidies. I no longer expect the citizenry of this country to climb the ramparts and start demanding an end to this type of corporate welfare, which IS a true drag on our economy. But at the very least, they should stop carrying water for those who benefit from sticking it to the taxpayer, while blaming the poor for this country's budgetary issues.

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    Sat Feb 16 2013

    I frequent Wal-Mart a lot. I would stop going there if there were more mom and pop stores around.

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    Thu Apr 26 2012

    I loathe Wal-Mart for various reasons and I am sure the location near my house is one of the main reasons. I used to shop at Wally World, but they treat their customers like shit. Sure you can save money, but at what cost? I used to do the whole price match and coupons and what not, and I realized the few cents I was saving wasn't worth the shit I had to deal with in that store. Wait 20 minutes to check out, only to have the cashier act like a total CU next Tuesday to their customers. I had a friend that worked there and they refused to pay over time and when she was getting over time they switched her to salary and she was working some 60 hours a week to what equaled out to $10 an hour. Wal-Mart doesn't care, as long as they are making money....

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    Wed Apr 25 2012

    hey now, there is nothing wrong with Wal mart! I love this place and go there all the time for anything I want and need! Hooray for Wal mart!

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    Wed Dec 28 2011

    I worked in Wal-Mart headquarters in 2006. Earlier I had worked in the headquarters of two large supermarket chains, one of them for ten years. I will write this review from a business, rather than consumer, point of view. As change management administrator for Wal-Mart IT, I could see every change that had been made between 1996 and 2006. There were shockingly few. Each store has a Unix box in its back office. There had been zero changes to that software. The world's largest retailer, with 6,000 US stores and enough money to do whatever it wanted, changed nothing about its way of doing business in ten years. The reasons were A) lack of new ideas and B) a middle management culture that fights change. Wal-Mart's top managers know the company is stuck in a rut. They are keenly aware that the average Wal-Mart shopper has a household income of $35K versus Target's customers' $70K. They are obsessed with envy for Target. They keep trying experiments to break out of their rut, many of whi... Read more

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    Sat Nov 12 2011

    I like shopping at Walmart. It has great prices and you can find pretty much anything there. That is not what this review is about. My review is about when I worked at Walmart. I am 33 years old, and I pride myself on being a hard worker. I am 99% of the time on time, I work as fast as I can, I do my job and volunteer for anything that needs to be done. I like keeping busy and I respect my managers, even if I don't like them personally. I don't text or even have my phone on when I am working. I got a great review for my 90 days. The assist manager said she wanted me to go to customer service because I was great with customers and then eventually she would want me to be a CSM (supervisor). So, I was excited. Thats when everything started to turn into crap. I got a lot of hours, but it was always on the smokeshop regsiter. Instead of explaining why this register sucks balls, I will just say that everyone HATES this register and the front end manager has told the assistant ma... Read more

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    Fri Sep 23 2011

    I heard that there're some dirty rules in Wal-Mart, ture?

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    Fri Aug 12 2011

    I'm agreeing with Frank on this, if it wasn't them it'll be someone else. I live in an urban area so that Wal-Mart is just one choice for me. In a rural area I know that they really hurt small town business. I've read that Wal-Mart screwed up a bit with the changes they made like cutting the variety of inventory and eliminating layaway. Many people, myself included, now have moved some of our business to smaller chain stores like Dollar General, Price Rite or even Target which has just added produce and expanded their grocery dept in my area. On a personal note I've always wondered what people in the past said when a discount retailer like Woolworth's or Sears and Roebuck opened in their area.

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    Thu Jul 21 2011

    Nuke Wal*Marts. Not for any particular reason... Gotta nuke something.

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    Thu Jun 02 2011

    All their products are poorly made and loaded with carcinogens and other toxic substances. Plus, this industrial plastic turd that they are proclaiming to be a lawn chair generally overpriced.

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    Tue Mar 22 2011

    This is one of my favorite places to shop, although I do not like the prices of food in the market center. Everything else is priced pretty well, and I love it. I love when all the clothes go on clearance, and I can buy my daughter tons of clothing for $20. Or that I can go in there and find the perfect shirt for $3-$10. I also love that the wal-mart by me has more sizes, and I can go in and find something that is cute and fits right. This is a great place to shop if you are looking to save money.

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    Sat Mar 05 2011

    Best supermarket imo :)

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    Sun Jan 02 2011

    No one makes you go to Walmart! You go because of the prices! And yes Sam Walmart is dead, and the products come from China,India,Japan,Etc, just like every other store in America, and this was due to president Clinton sending our businesses over seas. The employees come off the street, most have better educations, some don't. They work here because there are no jobs out there. I have shopped at Walmart for more 9 years. These employees at times are under alot of stress from consumers and these better than life computers. I have never been to Walmart when the parking lot isn't packed. Someones must like the store. I bought a flat screen tv and 13 days later it just stopped working, my husband through away the box, but I had the receipt. I called the store where I bought it and they exchanged it with no problem. I've had simuliar experiences no problems. Have you ever been in Walmart after Christmas to Customer Service, with items most have beened opened or no receipt, these emplyees n... Read more

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    Mon Dec 27 2010

    Wanted to share my 2 cents about Walmart.com. I have no problem with the store. However, ordering online and needing to make a change in address is terrible. Placed an order that needed an apartment number and one number change and found there is was no way to change the address, even though the order had not been delivered. Contacted FexEx (the carrier) and was told only Walmart could make the change. Contacted Walmart and was told only Fulfillment could make the change. However, was also informed that there is no number to reach Fulfillment so the order will be shipped to the wrong address. FedEx said they had not yet received the package so there was ample time to make the change. Walmart was not helpful and did not care whether or not it was delivered correctly. It also could not be cancelled because, even though the carrier had not yet received the package, they claimed it had already shipped. How is that for customer service??? Would rate this as TERRIBLE Customer Service!!!

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    This hear is whar Baccerchewer57 does alla his fine shoppin' seein' how it's just up yonder from th' trailer park...

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    I hate Wal-Mart for many of the aforementioned reasons, especially the sweatshops and the fact that people are economically feeding China by shopping there. Also, it seems like Wal Mart draws the trashiest crowds as well. Just take a glance at peopleofwalmart.com to observe these doofuses in their natural habitat. One might think that they are rare exceptions but it's actually fairly common to see these types of idiots at Wal Mart.

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    Guess what Walmart haters, the crap you buy at other dept stores come from the same places, only you pay more. Now tell me who is more dumb?

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    Thu Nov 25 2010

    Before Sam Walton died we used to be able to buy American made products in Walmart, He was very proud of that fact. This is not the same WALMART that it was then. To See all about the REAL WALMART , try watching the documentary Walmart The High Cost of Low Price it is available from Netflix under the documentary section ... The reason Kmart and Target or any store for that matter cant compete with Walmart is because Walmart has factories in India where they pay employees 18cents an hour and several factories in China where they pay their employees less than $3 a day. Employees are paid for 6 day work weeks but are made to work 7. This all happened after Sam Walton died ... China now has a direct pipeline to most USA stores because of Walmart ... If you dont want to see our country fall to China shop USA and bring back the Mom n Pop stores and our factories that built this country... So this XMAS please shop American Made wherever and whenever you can. Save our Co... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Great deals, fast shipment! Easy in store returns.

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    Sat Oct 23 2010

    1/2 My most recent experience at Walmart was by far the worst I have had anywhere. Upon entering store # 0937, the "greeter" did not greet us but instead, looked away. When it came time to check out, the cashier wordlessly started to empty her cash into a pouch. We asked if the lane was still open and she, cashier # 00004899, kisha did not even look up. After waiting 5 minutes, with no apology for the wait, she started to ring us and twice again ignored questions that were asked by us. As we were leaving, we noticed she had rung an item twice so we headed back to her register and again, were ignored. The cashier next to her politely asked if we needed help and went to get the manager. Our cashier, knowing what was going on, said no apology for the mistake looking as surly as ever. Going on break, she spoke to a coworker with a smile-what a slap in the face-I had thought she was incapable of such niceties.. After being there 20 minutes longer than we should have if she had rung us corr... Read more

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    Pretty sure these reviews just make me laugh. Why are there some people bashing on the people reviewing? This site is specifically for reviews... good or bad. We all have a chance to voice our opinion and others can take it for what it is worth to them. I think bottom line, no matter where you go, there will always be something that could be made better. I guarentee if you would to start your own business, there would be things that we, as reviewers, could complain about. So I say... take it for what it is, make the best of your shopping experience, and if it makes you that mad every time you walk into the store, I'm pretty sure you need an attitude adjustment and they would probably prefer that you would shop somewhere else anyways :) That's my opinion. Take it or leave it :)

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    They have great selections on DVD movies at low price unlike Target; great television selections like Vizio. I bought Polaroid HDTV 19" for $299.99 back in 2007, they have no problems so far. Thanks to Walmart.

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    Tue Sep 07 2010

    I have bought the following appliances from wal-mart over the past decade and they have all had problems: emachines computer - after one year the power pack burned up and destroyed motherboard gold's gym treadmill - after 1 1/2 years it quit working. went to turn it on one day and no power Canon digital camera - after 4 months, the zoom stopped working, no explanation Haier air conditioner - after 1 year it blew up. Yes, blew up in our window and stopped working. Mr. Coffee coffee maker - it lasted 2 1/2 years and quit 4 Tires - after 5 months, one of the brand new tires went flat. they replaced it but they couldn't find a reason why. Ipod Nano with camera - lasted 8 months and died the end of my buying from this store came when I bought some danon kids yogurt for my 3 year old and she nearly died from food poisoning. despite the expiration date showing it was fine. Now, do any of you feel comfortable buying your medications at your pharmacy? I was getting my blood press... Read more

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    I have enjoyed reading all of your comments on Wal-mart. Many of you feel that you have the worst Wal-Mart store possible but I assure you Canon City, Colorado makes the rest of the stores look like Macys!! This town is lacking for requite shopping. Sometimes we are just force into the store because of a lack of choice. Twice in the last few weeks I have had to go outside to find a manager! The customer service department will page and get no response sooo I go on the hunt. They are outside smoking. At lease one of them could stay in the store to handle problems. Have you ever noticed how the cashiers can't count. If the register does not give the the amount of change due they can't figure it out. PLEASE CANON CITY PLANNING DEPT. ALLOW OTHER STORES TO COME INTO OUR AREA. I WOULD RATHER GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    I've never had a good experience walking in to a Wal-Mart in my life. I bought a camera for $400 and then went home looked online and found it online at Walmart.com for $50 less. They say they matrch so I went back and explained I want the $50 and they refused and said the 2 were seperate intities and they couldn't match their own price online. thaqnks walmart I then returned the camera and bought it somewhere else for $100 less I only asked for them to match their OWN price and they refused.

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    I ordered an item on line and chose Site to Store delivery to the store at 17251 Foothill Boulevard, Fontana, CA 92335-9044. On August 13, 2010 a transaction that should have taken place under 2 minutes turned out to be 15 minutes of disrespect and aggravation. First off, the area to get to the counter of the department was blocked by boxes and actual merchandise. Employees were walking by to the back room and would completely avoid me and when I would say excuse me, they ignored me. I squeezed to the counter and pressed the call button twice. I finally got the attention of an employee who went to get another employee who went to ask another employee in the back, which responded to her to ask me if I pressed the call button. I replied yes, twice and all I want is my order. She went back to the employee in the back and came back to tell me they could not find the person that handles the counter. I then asked for the manager and was told they didn't know where he was at, but that I c... Read more

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    WALMART DISTROYED MY LIFE:Three years ago, as I was going into Walmart to shop, I tripped on the carpet at the door. The carpet was worn and the rubber edging stuck up. As I landed on the cement, I knew I had torn my knee up pretty bad. I had to ask for help to get up and ask for an accident report to be filled out. Employees looked on but did not offer any help. I ended up at Prime Care, then the emergency room then surgery for all the damage that had been done. I had just started a new job and my insurance had not kicked in. To make a long story short, I am now on disability and have had to file bankrupcy just to survive. Walmart removed the carpets at each door for three months. Admission that the rugs were in bad shape? Not hardly, Walmart REFUSED to cover any of my medical bills and after speaking to 4 different lawyers, each stated that I had no case. Walmart does not carry insurance to cover accidents at the store and as I was told by each laywers, I would have to prove they ma... Read more

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    I get so sick of hearing people bash Wal-Mart. I have been to many Wal-Marts in the U.S. and I have only had a bad experience at one of them and that was more due to the area it was in than the corporation. All corporations have a bad store somewhere. I just chose not to shop at that one while I lived in that area, the same choice all these Wal-Mart bashers have. Never have I ever had a problem with Wal-Mart taking back an item if I needed to return it. it was always a quick and painless process and the customer service people were friendly. Never have I had to deal with employees that couldn't speak english. I have found things at Wal-Mart that I could not find anywhere else. I have learned to look at Wal-Mart first...often they will have the same thing another store has, the same brand, etc. for a much cheaper price. Even the sale prices at other stores in town are usually higher or the same as Wal-Mart's regular prices on the same items and brand. As far as crappy prod... Read more

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    I am still seeking an employee or even a customer that was roped, bound and draged into a Walmart store and made to work there or shop there. If you are out there, let me know. I am so sick and tired of employees and negative talk about Walmart. If you don't like it, quit and go someplace else, no one made you apply for a job here. You knew the salary when you applied. If the crowds bother you go to one of the other stores where apparently no one shops and then you can be the only one. Go to a movie and it may be crowded, a restaurant and it may be crowded, etc. Why wouldn't Walmart be crowded? Because most people love it and that is where they shop. I worked in a Walmart Deli in Myrtle Beach, SC. The bosses were excelent to work for, most of the employees the same.(of course always the lazy ones were the complainers) They would complain no matter where they work. As far as obnoxious customers, these are the same as you will meet anywhere. In the parking lot, on the highways, in o... Read more

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    Sun Jun 27 2010

    I can't dig Walmart. They do have cheap prices, but the warehouse feel and the clientel make me not want to spend much time there. So really I haven't even thought about Walmart these past few years, and have been strictly going to Target.

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    Tue Jun 22 2010

    I gotta say, i didn't expect some many low ratings on Wal mart. If you want to buy something real cheap and don't care for the service, Wal mart is good for you, but their selection sucks.

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    Sat May 22 2010

    We had new tires installed at the auto department in Aberdeen, South Dakota. We got home and were short a hub cap. We called them and they said they had video of us leaving with all four. We never had any problems with any of our hub caps prior to their shoddy work putting them back on. They refused to replace it.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    i agree this walmart in torrance has the worst employees of any walmart i have ever been in. you are afraid to ask any one for help. you are...

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    After purchasing a snow blower at walmart.com, we placed the following review that was rejected by them: "My family and I ordered the product just after the 2010 snow storm in DC. We choose next-day shipping for obvious reasons, but we got the product 12 days later!! (two days after the limit date kindly set by walmart). We had decided to cancel the order, but canceling was not possible, even when the order was still under processing (yes, processing for 10 days!). We decided anyway not to return the product because we thought it could be useful some day. We were not capable to fully test the product yet (the snow was melting when we got it), but so far we can say: Pros: Cheap product. Cons: 1) The product does not come with a cable extension, so if you do not have it, you are in trouble. 2) There is no battery to power the engine, so depending on the distance from the sidewalk you will need a huge extension cable, which makes the product not reliable. 3) The engine is extremely no... Read more

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    Wed Mar 03 2010

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The customer service is terrible. I once tried to return a solar light kit because it had missing parts in the box. It was the last box on the shelf so it was probably returned by another customer previously. Anyway, the return desk gave me the most difficult time as if it's my fault that Walmart sold me a product with missing parts. I don't know what's worse, the employees who obviously hate their jobs or the occasional bizarre people who shop there. I have to admit, some of my strangest shopping experiences were at Walmart. I've had a male shopper with a foot fetish ask me once to remove my shoes so he could stare at my toes. Today, I came across another incidence that made me feel like I was in the Twilight Zone. A female customer was standing next to a shelf. I was trying to do the polite thing by maneuvering my cart behind her so that she wouldn't have to move out of my way, but even though I was kind enough to go around her, she turned to ... Read more

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    Tue Feb 23 2010

    This place is a train wreck!! All the employees need to be fired for their rudeness and lack of common sense! I was at the electronic department and I saw one of the employees take a xbox game and put it in his back pocket. When I went to confront the manager it took 15mins to talk to someone, and when I did they told me their employees don't do those kinds of thing. I can't tell you how many times I saw "walmart associates" just hanging out talking and ignoring customers as they didn't care. Do these people know that having a job in these tough times are rare and they just think of it as a easy paycheck. When I walk outside to get into my car I notice to men fighting and pushing each other, as I walked closer the men turned out to be workers of walmart who got into a fist fight outside. How can you hire these kind of people?!?!

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    Tue Feb 23 2010

    This place is a train wreck!! All the employees need to be fired for their rudeness and lack of common sense! I was at the electronic de...

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    Absolutely killing the small businesses in the small city that I live in. I do enjoy super low prices of course, but not at the expense of local business owners. Local businesses have normal hours; closed in the evening and one day a week maybe. Walmart jobs are retail hell; all-holidays, 24/7 random scheduling etc. etc. Spending 10 weeks in Europe last year gave me some perspective. At first I didn't like the fact that all shops close early in the evening and on Sunday, but after realizing how much happier the local workforce was, the trade off is understandable and enjoyable. I fear we here in the States are headed down the road towards retail hell.

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    Not a big fan of "Wally World" myself. They are the bull in the china shop of retailers when it comes to buying power from suppliers. Litterally issuing demands for what they are willing to pay for goods and threatening to take their money elsewhere as leverage to force compliance. Yet another issue concerns how they deal with their employees. For example, they pay most of them minimum wage, only work them enough hours per week to be considered part time, which means no benefits, and they are "not always" the lowest price in town. Additionall, there have been studies conducted on the "hidden cost" of employees working for Wal-Mart that also recieve and use public assistance programs. In 2004, a study released the UC Berkeley Labor Center found that "reliance by Wal-Mart workers on public assistance programs in California comes at a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $86 million annually; this is comprised of $32 million in health related expenses and $54 million in other assistance.... Read more

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    Wal-Mart does not even price match their own website. Many other stores will match competitors prices to ensure they get your business, but Wal-Mart won't budge on their prices even a few dollars if their website is cheaper. This is terrible business. I stood there trying to convince three employees on this and they weren't having any of it. Also their customer service is terrible. The people that go into these stores are always something else too. I went from a semi-regular shopper to a "you better have a good f'n deal" shopper for me to even go into a store or visit their website. Shop elsewhere.

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    All cheap-quality items. If I'm lucky I have some stuff to buy from there. The customer service is poor, with people who can't even speak English serving at the cellphone kiosk. Extremely slow checkout.

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    My experienc with Walmart or HELLMART in a word, Sad!! Recently I purchased household products, towells,sheets, and ect. the service was p...

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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    I was trying to find slippers for my Mom recently for Christmas, as I entered the Slipper aisle there was a worker on a buffing machine following me. I kept having to step away from the slippers and go into some other aisle, when he would go somewhere else I would go back to the slippers and he would AGAIN buff the slipper aisle, forcing me to move. This went on for like 10 minutes, it was ridiculous. He clearly knew I was frustrated but didn't care. Why would he go into other aisles just to come back to the slipper aisle and force me to move? Ugh. This isn't the only reason Walmart sucks.

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    The only good thing that I can see about Wal-Mart is that it keeps mikeholly off of the streets and out of the mental asylum.

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    Sat Nov 28 2009

    I never shop on black Friday because it isn't worth all the pushing, shoving and rudeness from shoppers and workers. But this year I saw on the news that Wal-Mart was doing something different to help keep down the crowds. They were offering the sales of electronics online and to be shipped to your house for 97 cents. Well was that a crock of BS. I saw a laptop I liked at a great price and clicked on it Thurs. (day before black Friday). It stated that it was out of stock online but when you clicked on it to see more it stated that it was available online and in the store Nov. 27th. So I set my alarm for 12am to see if I could purchase one. Nope, the same note was there. So I was getting up for work at 4:30am and thought I would try again at that time. Nope, the same note was there but you still could not purchase it. I tried again at 5am and 5:30am and still could not purchase it. So on my way to work I figured I would stop in the Wal-Mart store to see if I could purchase one. I saw t... Read more

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    I don't buy into the 'WalMart is Evil' line of thinking, that they have set North America on a road to consumer ruin in their race to reach the lowest cost point. But I do subscribe to the 'WalMart is Crap' school - that even though you aren't spending much, you are generally getting what you pay for, or less, when you walk out of the store with a bag full of merchandise. We are all, or should be any way, reasonably smart enough to do the calculation on the cost/quality ratio of the money you spend there.

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    Wal-Mart is a pretty good store. The one in Morristown, Tennessee became better in 2001. They moved across the road from the College Square Mall. Their new store is bigger than the other one. When they moved to the new store, they started selling groceries too. Their employees seem to be friendly. But in late 1993 an old hag who worked at the Morristown Wal-Mart was rude. I hate to refer to a person as an old hag but in that woman's case, I'll make an exception. Wal-Mart will take returns without a receipt. All you have to show them is a Picture ID. They won't give a refund without a receipt but they will give store credit. I like Wal-Mart better than Kmart. I bought a one gallon gas can at Wal-Mart for about $2.66. Kmart was charging $8 for a one gallon gas can. I know which store I prefer.

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    Why can't Walmart be clean with professional employees. Why? The worst Walmarts I have ever been to were located at: 1300 Des Plaines Ave (at Roosevelt Rd) Forest Park, IL 60130(708) 366-3608 4650 W North Ave (at Kilpatrick Ave) Chicago, IL 60639 (773) 252-7465 I need to know why the Walmarts located in Chicago are filthy with unprofessional employees? It's not just one employee, it's all the employees and the overall condition of the store is terrible. This is what I have experienced: 1) Employees talking loudly about their personal lives, or gossiping about their co-workers. 2) Employees using their cell phones in the store and restroom (texting, taking pictures, talking, etc.) Isn't employees using a cell phone in the store against store policy? 3) Employees telling their personal lives to customers. (One employee told me about her diabetes. One talked about her kids at home. One felt compelled to tell me about her cheating boyfriend. I did not initiate these convers... Read more

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    Enjoy getting freebies from the store. :D

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    Should change their name to "Made in China Mart". They sell the lowest quality goods on the market. I do like to go inside just to cause trouble though.