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    Sun Nov 01 2009

    Rip-off scam! Vonage charges a two-year fee. Don't be fooled. I specifically asked when signing up about contracts, and the representative said one year. The ads said one year. When I cancel after one year, Vonage hits you with a termination "fee". It's not a "contract" they say. What kind of bull shit are they pulling? But I got the last laugh. You can cancel their fee by telling your credit card company not to accept the charge. I just called and had my credit card company cancel the Vonage bullshit fee. Now the bastards are stuck with that. They absolutely do horrible business practices, and no one should do business with thieves. Everyone who works for Vonage should be ashamed of themselves and find other employment immediately or jump off a cliff because they deserve it for ripping off honest people.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    Absolutely the worst experience I have had trying to transfer a business number. I put in about 20-30 calls to this company and received different answers about getting a business number transferred from each person.

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    Wed May 06 2009

    My daughter had an extremely bad experience with Vonage. They recently moved and Vonage had PROMISED them that they would be able to move their business phone with them to their new location. After repeated calls to Vonage and talking to several different people who each promised again that the service would moved by the next day, they were about to give up and hire a lawyer, when after 3 weeks their service was finally moved and installed. In that time, there is no telling how much business they had lost because of not being able to access their phone. After doing research a little further they have heard many horror stories about Vonage, that the fees continue to be taken out of your account, even after the service has been cancelled, and some have said that their service took over a year to be transfered. So I would warn others not to even consider Vonage.

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    WOW!! I have had Vonage for about 2 1/2 years now, without any problems. But after reading some of the other reviews on here, I wonder what is going to happen if I want to cancel my service!! I have never had any problems with the quality of the phone calls. So far...So good..

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    Sat Jan 17 2009

    Stay FAR AWAY, far away from VONAGE. Wow...it sucks to say this, but I'm glad I wasn't alone in being treated so poorly by Vonage. Their customer service is the worst (right up there with Verizon)...and they do it with such a pleasant tone of voice, too. They do not allow you to cancel your service any way except calling them, which is a scam to begin with...seriously. So I can access my account online, make changes to my account online, view my call history online, listen to my voicemails online...BUT I CANNOT CANCEL my account online?!?! Yeah, right. I tried for over a month to cancel my account...and every call went the same way..."we're sorry, sir, but we cannot cancel your account right now because our systems are down and we cannot access your account". Why is it that I (customer) can access my account and you (Vonage) can’t...stop lying to me. Plus, they refuse to call you back in those situations. I said, "fine, you can't access my account now, call me back when you ca... Read more

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    Tue Dec 30 2008

    Stay as far away from VONAGE as you can. If you read this and then still get the service, tehn you deserve to get screwed. This company is the VERY WORST in the industry. The catch is the price, but remember, " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". I never really knew how good my old phone company was until I switched to VONAGE. I will nto go into the nightmare of a 4 month fight to leave them, just read most of the other reviews to learn that. As it has been said many times,"DON'T WALK AWAY - RUN". This company will soon be NO MORE, its only a matter of time. CTR

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    Sat Dec 20 2008

    I love Vonage. It has been my only phone company for ten years, during which I lived in 16 cities, using 16 different cable companies. I plug in my Vonage router and, shazam, my home phone is active. It even works in hotel rooms with wired broadband. The bill is $25 per month with unlimited US long distance. For an extra $5/month, I have an 800 number. I don't understand why there are so many complaints.

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    What ever you do do not order Vonage!!!!!!!!  I called them and ordered their phone service and had to pay $40 for the equipment. Fine.  They tell me that Time Warner is the provider in my area.  Fine.  So I call Time Warner and they do not provide in my area.  So I immediately call them back to cancel my oreder and of course the cancel department is closed.  He told me that if I call back first thing in the morning they wont charge my card and it will be cancelled.  Fine.  So I do that.  She tells me my order has already been processed and that I have to wait until I get equipment and send it back for a full refund. Fine. So i do that.  The guy I talk to was as rude as rude could be. I told him I no longer had the card I had becasue I closed out that bank account and they would have to send me a check. He told me they wont do that I have to give him another card and pay another $40 to get my $40 back. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! He talked to me like I was stupid which pissed me off because the... Read more

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    Have had Vonage for 2 years. Other than State Taxes for having it.  It's still only $33 a month.

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    If you have crappy internet provider/connect dont complain . It takes high speed excellent internet . The better the internet connection the better Vonage quality of call is . Also dont assume you can have several computers using the same internet connection to the maximum (aka bandwith) and assume you will have a perfect call . It is minimal IT knowledge . If you follow these rules you will have excellent quality of call for one of the lowest prices in the market. Another thing , all companies have penalties if you try to leave them. The only complain is hang ups one per long call that is why i gave it 4 stars , by long call i mean 1 hour call !

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    this company charges your card without your authorization to do so, and once you wanna cancel they try to scam you with extra charges.

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    Steer clear of thi service. They charge an outrageous connection fee, and if you don't read all the fine print you get screwed if you disconnect. The drop off rate is ridiculous. They do not prorate when you disconnect and they charge you 40 per line to disconnect. It is a complete sham!!!

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    Mon Apr 28 2008

    Yup it's brutal alright! The connection and quality was terrible. Every time I would call one of there "techs" all they would do is have me reset or check my downloads speeds. They were always excellent and they could never figure out why my service was so bad. I had to call to cancel on my cell phone and when I was talking to the account manager they kept asking why I would want to cancel. This is the best part... " You will have to excuse us we are having difficulties with our phones today " No kidding huh. I had to call on my cell phone. She laughed and cancelled me with no extra charges. Seems I got of lucky. Vonage spends way to much money on tv ads and not near enough on service. Don't waste your time on Vonage

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    I'm adding my most unpleasant experience with vonage to this site. Having experienced so many problems with their service, I decided to cancel the service. As many noted, however, canceling the service was not easy. On top of that, I was shocked when i was told that i would have to pay $40 cancellation fee!!! I'd strongly discourage anyone who would consider vonage for their phone service. worst experience ever!

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    Fri Mar 28 2008

    Horrible company with no morals. Steal from their customers, make illegal withdrawals from checking accounts and credit cards. File a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney Generals office. CAMPAIGN: SHUT DOWN VONAGE!

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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    Would strongly discourage use of Vonage. Depending upon the area in which you live, VOiP phone service isn't as reliable as traditional phone service. That notwithstanding, Vonage customer service is the most HORRIBLE I've ever had to endure. If you decide to discontinue service, expect very long hold times, lots of questions and pressure (from a representative that barely speaks English) and lots of cancellation fees. If you like the idea of VOiP, choose your local cable provider or go with traditional phone service- you might spend a few more dollars but it will be money VERY well spent.

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    VOnage is not an excellent like any phone providers out there but it's the best..very cheap and they're tech support and cust service is A+..they stay there until they resolve your issue and ofcurs they keep in touch with you until you are satisfied. I've been with Vonage customer with for as long as 5 years already.. and I hope this company will stay a live for forever.

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    VERY difficult to set up for a "non-computer" person. Terrible service - looooong phone wait times for help. Several people complained that they couldn't call me. Service goes down periodically. Definitely DO NOT recommend. Roger in New Mexico

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    We had vonage for almost 3 years (this month would've made the 3 year anniversary). With 3 cell phones in the house, made no sense to keep vonage. so, I tried to cancel the service back in November and the service rep pressed hard to keep it for one month so that I could think about it and not be charge and should I decide to cancel that I could just call them back in december before the billing cycle. Well a week ago I called to cancel and the guy told me that he will process the request and that we were paid up until December 26th which then would be terminated. So the 26th came up and the next day I noticed that Vonage tried to charge my bank account. Luckily my account had no money in it. So I called the next day very angry and spoke to a rep who then said there were no notes about my request to cancel and that they would have to transfer me to an account manager. Little did she tell me there was a 20 minute wait time!!!! So I hung up and try to call again. And the wait time... Read more

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    My experience with Voyage has been horrible! The worst I have ever had dealing with a company. We requested a simple change to our phone, change the number, and instead they added a second line. When we called to correct this we were told they would and they didn't. By the time we realized they were still charging our credit card for two lines we were told it was too late and we would have to pay a disconnection fee. No one at the call center would/could help us, they apparently don't take notes of customer requests, and they said we would have to write a formal complaint to the department that can listen to the phone conversations (a physical address, not an email). After 3 weeks not hearing anything we called again only to find out we now have 3 phone lines!!! Once again we were told there is nothing they can do except cancel all our lines for a fee of $40 a piece. Now we are left paying for 2 lines we didn't want plus the cancellation fees. This is ridiculous. They have no c... Read more

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    Tue Dec 18 2007

    The telephone service is not bad compared to what we have to pay but the customer service is lousy and their cancellation policy is the WORST !!! Reminds me of the AOL cancellation problems.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    I too have had a horrible experience with Vonage. People were trying to call us and they would get an error message. My brother came over and called my Vonage phone from his cell and got the same message. What's funny is that my brother called around 6pm. The next morning on Saturday the phone started ringing at 6am and showed my brother's phone number. I was worried something was wrong since he never gets up that early on the weekend. I answered and no one was there. We continued to get these strange calls waking us up all morning. I called Vonage to complain and the wait was over 1/2 an hour. I finally gave up and sent an email instead. They said they were working on something. I told them I wanted my account credited since I missed about 20 phone calls and was woken up by the phone ringing exactly 12 hours AFTER someone had actually called me. The said "We regret to inform you we cannot credit your account". I replied "I regret to inform you we will soon be canceling ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 05 2007

    Worst customer service I've ever experienced.  Dishonest business practices, false advertising, rude associates, awful and inconsistent call quality...

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    Mon Nov 19 2007

    Do not sign up for the early service. Vonage does not refund money. So, if you want to cancel or change service after 60 days you will loose money.

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    Sat Nov 17 2007

    Vonage Complaint Cancellation problem - Internet phone Vonage Complaint Cancellation problem - Internet phone Location: New York, ny VONAGE Account Created: OCT. 25, 2007 I use the Vonage line as my primary to make international calls to Dominican Republic and Spain. I got the $24.99/month plan. Unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Now! FREE Calls to select European countries! ONE MONTH FREE! On OCT. 25, 2007 I opened an account with Vonage. I had Vonage for over 22 days. On November 15, 2007 I wanted to cancel. SO I called Vonage and spoke to a foreign operator who appeared to be reading from some script. I told her no for over 45 minutes, I even told her I was running late for work which she ignored and kept trying not to cancel my service with questions and other "offers". Cancel the account. I say cancel the account, I don't mean help me figure out how to keep it, I mean cancel the account. The phone went myster... Read more

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    Vonage's customer service told me that the "device" would make all the phones in my house run off of vonage. I didn't see how this could be, but went for it for the long distance savings. When I learned that this was not true, that it would only work if I had multiple wireless sets (and no phone when the electricity or computer were out) I decided to cancel. It took multiple calls and I received argument after argument from the "customer disservice" people in Wherever-istan (one gal came on and said this is Maria, uh, I mean, Heather. Don't know your name Ishkabibble?) trying to get me to buy whole house wiring, etc. I was put on hold for lengthy periods of time and forwarded 6 times per call to different people who all were incapable of helping me. DO NOT MESS WITH Vonage! You will lose your phone number and bring yourself a world of trouble.

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    I was very leery of Vonage and had heard good and bad so a few months ago I did a lot of internet research to see what people thought, reviews here were also mixed. I can tell you, 3 months later, Vonage is great. I've only had one minor problem with it and it only happened once. I was on a conference call and started to download a huge file using my DSL (which Vonage is attached to). I lost the call. Other than that one time, no problems, great reception all over my apartment. Recommend. Jeff

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    I called on Saturday to sign up for service and two hours later after discussing this service with my Husband we realized that this service would not work for us because we have an elderly relative who resides with us, if power went out they would not know how to activate the serice. We were told when calling back on Saturday, just two hrs. later that we had to call back and speak to an account manager during business hours Mon. - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 EST. I called back on Monday at 9:00 held forever and then finally got a human (I use that world lightly) they told me that I couldn't cancel until I received their equpment and then I was to return the equipment at my expense and then they would charge to a disconnection fee, they already charged me for activation on something that to date I have no equipment. The thing that burns me is they had not even shipped the equipment when I called Monday but it was in the process of shipping and they couldn't stop it. Customer (no service) is a... Read more

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    Fri Sep 21 2007

    DON'T GET VONAGE !!!They will rip you off. The "free month" was only 5 days until they billed my credit card. The static was terrible and they couldn't get it fixed. When I asked to be changed back to my previous carrier as part of their "Free switchback guarantee" they told me it would take 6 weeks to change me back with my same phone number and that would mean I was outside of the 30 day guarantee. They then charged me 40 dollars. It was worth it to get rid of them. Never Again!

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    Terrible service! Most times it was almost impossible to get a connection at all. I have broadband internet and yet even at the lowest quality setting it was horrible. I called and the guy from India I talked to was nice enough, and he said he did something to correct the issue. Did it work? Hell no. Many times I would be talking to someone (albeit with difficulty) and suddenly there would be dead silence. The connection had been lost. If Osama Bin Ladin is using a VOIP, I hope it is VONAGE! Finally I could stand no more and cancelled and they had the nerve to charge me 39.99 for a disconnect fee when they simply have to hit a few buttons on their computer. What a bunch of crooks---BEWARE!

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    Sat Jul 14 2007

    I have vonage and the price is ok, its not great, they're charging me $10/mo. in fees which is as much as 50% more than any VOIP provider. Also, my voicemail has been broken for 6 months where whenever someone leaves a voicemail, the only thing that will make that stutter tone go away is to unplug my vonage adapter for 20 minutes, and I can't get them to fix it because of their passive aggressive "technical support" and "customer service" people, all of whom operate under procedures which are CLEARLY designed to discourage customers from calling by deliberately making any call you place to them for a 60 second issue take 1/2 hour with aggressive long windedness wherein if they're spending 60 seconds stating some obvious point, they won't stop talking when you start trying to speak, they raise their voice above yours, among other things. I call them and they all want me to sit through the same 30-60 minute steps of their card reading trouble shooting before they transfer my call to ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 13 2007

    I signed up after the pushy saleslady said it was a "30 day money back gurantee" Yah right. My modem finally came and within the first 5 minutes I realized this was not going to work. The connection was so bad that when I called to disconnect the guy had to call me back on my cell. This of course was after I had waited half an hour on hold. I was given a confirmation # and told I would receive a call back within 24 hours with a return authorization. 28 hours later I called to find that it had not been disconnected. They tried to get me to let them "tweek" my connection, but when I refused and said I was done with them they wouldn't answer anymore questions. I asked how much they were planning on charging me and after she tried to hang up on me I was told nothing and then hung up on. Then they had the nerve to charge me $43 almost instantly as in before I could hang up and log onto my bank. (supposedly I'll receive that back when they get their modem back within 14 days- but I'm hi... Read more

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    Tue Jul 03 2007

    Vonage service is terrible. After explaining my home fiberoptics connection to a Circuit City employee, he suggested (and I bought), a Vonage router. I drove home and tried to connect it to my wall outlet and discovered that this router would not work. I had called Vonage's technical team and had a great deal of difficulty trying to understand the directions they gave. I think I was calling Mumbai, India. After a lengthy conversation with their techie, he suggested a different router. I returned the 12 miles to circuit city and again came home with a different router, this time costing $94.00, and hooked it up as instructed. This one, again, did not work out.....no dial tone. Using many more cellphone minutes, I called Vonage again. The techie was very polite but difficult to understand. Still it didn't work. No one seemed to know how to solve this problem. After losing an entire days time, lots of gas amd cell phone minutes, I decided to cancel Vonage and try Comcast's digital phone s... Read more

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    Sun Jul 01 2007

    Horrible customer service! After spending two hours with someone that had no idea how to help except read the same troubleshooting guide that's available on-line, she transferred me to the tech expert, who immediately told me that there is an issue where my router and the phone I ordered were not compatible. Thanks for wasting not only my money, but my time. I received an alternate device and the system still did not work. I tried to cancel and when reaching a CSR to transfer me to the account specialist, my call was dropped. This happened twice! After reaching the account specialist, she actually offered me a free month. Hey that makes sense, a free month for a service that didn't work. So I'm sure it'll be a pain in the rear to get my money back, but I'm going to fight it anyways. After seeing so many people with vonage issues, anyone up for a class action lawsuit?

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    Thu Jun 28 2007

    Last week I set up vonage 500 basic. Representative told me that for now they are unable to transfer my phone no ( they have to buy it which takes 1 to 3 months) She said I will get temporary no for that time. Then I would get my old no back free. Yesterday I called to check on the status. Nothing was done. I was told that my old number is available :!: and to swap it fee $10. There was another option; get another line with phone no I want, free for 2 mths. Fee approx $2.5. Rep however did not specify that this is only for unlimited plan not basic 500 so I went for it. I checked my account online today and to downgrade fee $10 :twisted: Managers supposedly not available to complain. Be aware of this when dealing with vonage

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    Fri Jun 15 2007

    Worst company to deal with!

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    Vonage is only worth it if your phonebills are very high (such as calling long distance a lot). I never got my adapter out of the box. I have an alarm system hooked to my phone line. For the emergency calls to go out I would have had to pay $300 + $15/month to have a cellular box put in so that the emergency calls go out over the cellular network. Plus they never told me that the adapter has to be hooked up to a computer for it to work. I have a laptop not a desktop! I just felt that Vonage was in such a hurry to sell me the service that they left out key details.

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    Mon Jun 11 2007

    Vonage is the best service I have ever had!

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    Tue Mar 13 2007

    The quality of service was very poor. I add an additional business line and it took 3 days for them to set it up, because of router issues. It was up fo a week the router died. We decided we would just cancel that line. After working with them for a few weeks they tell us its been over 30days and we have to pay $39 disconnect fee and $45 for the dead router. They said they didnt want the router back they wanted the $45 for the router. Unreal, Worest customer service ever.

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    The worst comany and the worst service ever. Their commercials lie. The service is not reliable, many outages. The service is not clear--choppy, static and voice mail does not work. Transfer number--wrong--could not transfer my fax mumber for over 4 months. Lies, Lies, Lies !!

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    Wed Jan 24 2007

    Terrible. Enrolled in September 2006, never got ANY service. Tried to cancel several times and they never did. Finally today they charged me 42$ to cancel a service I never had. Not once. Stay away from them. If you really want Voice Over IP, use your Internet provider.

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    Fri Nov 03 2006

    Vonage is the worst service provider I have ever dealt with. I DO NOT recommend this service to anyone. Its is TERRIBLE!!!

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    Mon Oct 30 2006

    The quality of the service was fine. But the quality of your service is greatly dependant on the quality of your internet connection...and those vary greatly. Their web site is over loaded and that causes voicemail retrieval to be very slow and cumbersome at times. And the one thing that I am VERY unhappy about is their poor business practices. I bought a wireless phone from them and found out later that they have the phone preconfigured to ONLY work with THEIR service. AND, if you cancel your service with them they will not let you reinstate service on that wireless phone, not even with them. The phone is a paper weight. Also, they have a disconnection fee hidden inside of their legal paper work for when you decide to cancel on them they can stick you one more time.

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    Thu Oct 05 2006

    Beware. OK for first few months. Then terrible. Dropped calls, static connections, sounded like bad cell service. No help from tech support after 8 calls. They said it was ISP problem. I'm on cable modem with 3 meg+ solid connection. Cancelled service and they had the gall to charge me a $40 termination fee. BEWARE!

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    Wed Sep 27 2006

    Terrible! Run away! Run away. I literally had no phone service for about 2 months because of this terrible service. I called a zillion times--it worked for about a week then died dead dead dead. I switched rounters, boxes, lines, phones--it was hell paying for no phone. It screwed up my land line service so badly that for awhile I was paying for two phones and had none! I emailed for help--it sucked. I called and the person I talked to after I tried everything they said gave up. Get SKYPE--its free and it works and you dont need all the crap of vonage. I cannot diss this company enough--they SUCKED and will screw you.

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    Tue Sep 05 2006

    stay away !!! if you do buy in and then want to cancel, expect an aol style run around and extended fees. I used vonage for 1 minute - sound quality was very poor - I missed the 30 day cancellation and ended up paying $100 for that 1 minute call - service reps lie to you about 2 month cancellation of equipment and cancellation charge - it was really 3 months, now I'm not even sure they will stop trying to charge my credit card - STAY AWAY !!!

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    They Suck. Voice quality is not good. Billing practices are horrible. They know that they are cheating customers and made cheating a business practice.

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    Fri Jun 09 2006

    They called me. I bit, they issued me a California phone number, but I live in Montana. Turns out that I can't change the number as they don't service Montana. If they don't service Montana, WHY ARE THEY CALLING ME KNOWING THAT THEY'RE GOING TO GIVE ME AN OUT OF STATE NUMBER??? There was no mention of this fact when talking with their CS people who are knuckleheads. I asked them to reimburse me for shipping their equipment back, but they declined. Now it looks like they're going to charge me a $39.99 disconnect fee. I called to ask about it, and was on hold for over 50 minutes (which is not an unusual hold for Vonage Customer Service).

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    Sat May 13 2006

    I love Vonage! I think a lot of the quality problems earlier posters mentioned might actually be the quality of their internet service to blame. I've never had a single problem with Vonage. I love it! And now you can call Europe for free. Brilliant!

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    Fri Apr 07 2006

    Dont get Vonage... Internet service up and running (cable), modem works fine. Cant get internet when running though Vonage router. 1st, 2nd & 3rd level support unable to help...customer service ran out of ideas....asked to to call cable provider to unlock modem. modem not locked- wrnt through several levels of vonage customer support again - 1 week later, still no phone service...and it will take 30-60 days to port the phone number to another provider....