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    Sat May 23 2009

    After reading the most recent negative reviews, I believe this shop is under new ownership. Quality and over-the-top customer service is at its best at Visage! Looking for a unique & fresh look, then Visage is the place for you. You undoubtedly will spy your new pair of eyewear here. I had a rave review experience. From the time I walked in to picking up my eyewear, all aspects were easy going in a top notch manner. I was greeted when I walked in. With the shop full of customers, I was periodically asked in a sincere tone if I needed help. I noticed all customers were treated in the same manner. I received the knowledge and assistance to help me choose the perfect eyewear for me. and I tell ya, I LOVE my new glasses! What a relief to find a high end eyewear shop that treat their customers with professionalism and fabulous customer service. Visage Eyewear does care and it shows. Thank you Jason and Visage!

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    This place is awful. Here my hellish tale. I saw Dr. Clouse, and got a prescription. For 6 months I struggled with the glasses distributed. I finally called, and they admitted that the perscription for the right and left lenses had been swapped, because the receptionist, Brandy, wrote the wrong symbol down on the order to the lens-maker. For six months I have been suffering. When I called to tell them -- after admitting their error -- they made no offer of responsibility. Wouldn't handle the shipping (I live out of state now) nor throw in something for my trouble. Then, they take 3 WEEKs to fix the problem, and won't overnight the glasses to me due to expense. This is ridiculous. I urge you not to go to Visage Eyewear or Eyedentity -- for they don't value their customers -- or the money they bring to the business.

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    Fri Nov 23 2007

    These loser's worked for reynolds optical and after scamming them out of a number of patients and being fired for false treatments and STEALING patient files somehow got a grant too start up companys like this piece of poo and steal patient files from keiser to reel them into their false practices. expect nothing else than getting ripped off by cowards. that absolutely dont know what there doing they will tell you that you have problems and then leave you guessing. and when you complain they actually call you at home threatening that they can screw things up for you at keiser if you are insured by them or they can have this boy cop named orphicer southern too harass you. beware of this disgusting company wanting nothing more than too take your money. steven clouse is a joke and trevor hay his alias that he uses at keiser is a fraud. look up trevor hay on google. it will show you.

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    Fri Sep 28 2007

    Upon losing my glasses on a kayaking trip, I called my usual optomitrist for an appointment. There were no immediate appointments available. I found Visage Eyewear and Dr Steven Clouse via the VSP (my insurance co.) website. Not only could they fit me in right away (I called on a Sunday and they gave me a Tuesday appt.), but I received excellent service! Dr. Clouse was knowledgable (my mother has glaucoma and I have fears of getting it too -- fears that he put to rest) and he did a wonderful job or examining my eyes and answering my questions. I felt well cared for and Dr Clouse isn't hard on the eyes either! ;-) The staff was very helpful in finding frames that suit me well. I don't make these decisions easily and it was hard for me to branch out and try something new. I walked in wanting to stick with the tried and true oval frame look that I was accustomed to, but ended up with more up to date frames that are a really cool shape, 2 toned color and very lightweight. I am t... Read more

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    Fri Jul 06 2007

    Then visit Visage Eyewear... Actually, see Dr. Clouse first, he is awesome and has the latest in eye exam techniques... then visit the lovely ladies in the eyewear section, they really know how to help you find the look you are seeking! I spent a few hours on a Saturday afternoon getting my exam and selecting eyewear, including some great shades! They really are great, the best selection, and 2 thumbs up for service!!

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    Sat Jun 16 2007

    great atmosphere with constantly changing local artist (part of first thursday). i have never seen such a great selection of frames, styles of all kinds, something for everyone and wonderful customer service to help you look and feel very positive and excited about your decisions. i have sent many friends there. takes a little longer for the lenses but worth the wait. very positive experience. good music, art, feeling all around and again the very best selection of frames.

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    It took 5 weeks to get my glasses. Very expensive frames, below average exam, just OK staff. Very little explanation of charges for lenses. Overall, not worth the price.

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    I went to Visage looking for new frames. I already had my prescription (from my ophthalmologist). The frames were purchased for me by a friend and I returned with them a few days before New Years (December 2006). It is now April 3, 2007, and I still have no glasses. Here is the horrible story: Bringing in the frames and prescription, I was greeted by extremely loud music (think dark, loud club). The woman working there made no brisk attempt to turn off the music after I, as a customer, walked in. Rather, she turned it down only after realizing I couldn't hear anything she said. I then gave her my frames and my prescription, and selected the lens materials from which they were to be made. I was told turn around time was between 3 to 4 weeks (longer than other places with whom I've worked, but I agreed nonetheless). One month later, I receive the phone call that my glasses are in. I drive down there two days later, only to find the place closed because the woman decided to le... Read more

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    Wed Mar 21 2007

    I have bought several pairs of glasses from Visage and have had positive experiences every time. The staff has been great at selecting unique frames that fit me well. Offering advice if you ask for it, Visage employees will also give you space to do your own thing. I agree about the curator's inaccessibility and lack of responsiveness, but like (most of) the art itself. For selection and style, you can't beat Visage.

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    I bought a painting on first Thursday from this gallery. I buy a good deal of art not just from galleries, but local clothing shops like Local 35 who have wonderful work on their walls. I go by the next month's first Thursday and am told the "curator" needs to remove it from the walls and the staff can't help me. So I await a call to tell me my piece is available. None comes. A couple of weeks and I stop in. They aren't sure of which piece is mine and finally come out and hand me my oil painting. It's big, it's pouring outside and it's unwrapped. Not paper, not bubble wrapped just a $500.00 oil painting shoved into my hands. I ask for something to put it in and after a half hearted attempt I'm told the "CURATOR" could wrap it later, but I'll have to return.

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    This optical store offers eye exams, in-house lens crafting, contact lenses, and more stylish frames than you can possibly count, in additio...

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    Wed Sep 07 2005

    Visage is an excellent space. They carry both desirable and beautiful eyewear. I was put off by the help I received. The young hipster helper was very anxious and abrupt. I asked about the type of lenses they offered she whipped out a scratch paper and a sharpie and scribbled a few numbers down. For the amount of money you pay for frames + lenses, I was disappointed by her attitude and lack of helpfulness. I do love my frames though but I will be seeking other shops who carry the line next time.

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    Wed Apr 23 2003

    This is one of the best optical shops I have ever been to! The design of the space is flawless. It's a creative, clean and welcoming space. Perfect for picking out new specs! The experience is matched by the engaging and knowledgeable shop owner. And he's pretty cute too! I highly recommend checking this place out.

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    Sat Jan 11 2003

    I love this place! It feels very hip, very neighborly. The service is great and makes you feel like part of the family. There are tons of frames to choose from, and the owner helped me find the most flattering pair for my face. He was very helpful when I came back for an adjustment. I have recommended Visage to all my friends and they love it too! There's just nothing else like it.