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    Fri Sep 02 2011

    No Stars! Virgin Mobile continually disappoints! I've had a Virgin account for 6 years and as long as you don't upgrade to a new phone or require any support from the website or by phone, you'll be okay. (Except I've never been able to "Top-Up" automatically no matter how I set up the account.) Everytime I get a new phone, it won't activate. I have to call in and suffer throught the numerous hangups and keep dialing back. The phone service is so cheap because the customer service is so bad!!! Try another service provider.

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    Tue Jun 21 2011

    Well i have been with virgin mobile for about a year and it is just getting pointless to have this phone service. I pay $25.00 a month for unlimited text, web, data and 300 calling minutes and i have the L.G Rumor Touch. Well when i got the phone and started my service it was great for a few months then it started to run a lot slower and sometimes stop completley. The phone after a while will malfunction and will turn on and it will stop at a point when it is turning on. Thats what happened to me it has been a whole month and i have not gotten my phone yet and when i talk to the reps they start using a cocky attitude and won't listen. I was on the phone and one of the girl reps said "good a calmed you down!" and i wasn't even been a dick or anything i just want my phone! Well if your reading this and you want someones opinion then i would say go with boost mobile or don't get prepaid.

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    Tue May 24 2011

    I love this cell phone service. The plans are: 60 a month for unlimited every thing,/40 a month for 1200 minutes and everything else unlimited/ 25 a month for 300 minutes and everything else unlimited. You can also choose Paylo Pay As You Go Plan which includes: 30 is 1500 minutes 500 messages and 10 MB for web/ 40 is 400 mintues .15 cents per message and 1.50/MB web. To be honest the best kind of plan is the monthly plan not the Paylo Pay As You Go Plan. You get great service pretty much where ever you go. The phones are cool as hell too. They have 3 touch phones. the only thing is that they are a little bit exspensive. here are some of the touch phone prices: LG Optimus V is 199.99/Samsung Intercept is 179.99/LG Rumor Touch is 99.99. Overall Virgin Mobile is a great cell phone service provider if you are looking to pick which kind of service you want you most deffiantly should pick this one.

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    I had the LG Rumor 2 from Virgin Mobile for not even 1 month. After 1 month the LG Rumor 2 started up and stopped at the load up page that says "HELLO". I immediately called Virgin Mobile Tech. Support and Tech. Support said that my phone was defective and Virgin Mobile would send me my new LG Rumor 2 overnight at no cost to me. I got the Virgin Mobile Rumor 2 the next day. Then I had to call tech support again because that phone was defective after 2 weeks. I ended my service with them after they had sent me 4 or 5 phones and all of them with the same problem. Virgin Mobile Tech. Support was very unreliable and unhelpful. I have had nothing but problems with Virgin Mobile's Technical Support. If you ask me DO NOT go with Virgin Mobile as a provider. I have had Verizon now for about 6 to 7 months with no problems what-so-ever with my phone. I SAY GET VERIZON PREPAID.

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    The phone wouldn't activate. Support kept telling me it was activated. They couldn't understand that it said "device not active". I spent a day trying to fight thru the language barrier. The phones on their side were breaking up and one rep clomplained about problems with the phone he was using. They wouldn't take the phone back until I disputed my credit card charge. I have to pay to ship the defective phone it back to them amd then maybe I'll get a refund. If they sent me a free phone I wouldn't use it because their suppport is so bad I won't rely on them.

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    New Customer I was going to switch to VM because of their deal on the optimus v. Thankfully, having talked to VM representatives has prevented me from doing something so stupid. Their customer service sucks to say the least. They sound like they've had 10 minutes of training for their jobs. They barely speak English and I had to repeat my address 3 times for them to get it. My call got dropped twice and the third time the customer rep I talked to took about 20 minutes to get all my information only to tell me the system won't let him complete the order. I had tried earlier to buy the phone online but the website was so buggy that it failed. This company stole a hour and a half of my time and I am never buying any of their products.

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    Virgin Mobile is the WORST!!! I have been calling their tech dept DAILY since Jan 27 - today is Feb 18! They cannot solve the problem, I am constantly told to call back the next day, no one ever responds and my problem has been 'escalated' to a mysterious 'higher level' that won't take calls and apparently has no accountability to anyone. THEY SUCK. I have been a VM customer for 7 years and they used to be great, but they are awful now. Tomorrow I am switching carriers.

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    Fri Feb 04 2011

    If i could give Virgin Mobile a minus 10 stars i would....they are horrible. Just got off the phone with them again for the umteenth time to try and resolve the same issue i have been having for the last 4 months. I am not able to receive texts or now cant even check my voicemail. Every time I call its always a different story....they qoute 2-4 hours to resolve the issue and of course it isnt resolved. Now they are telling me my phone isnt under warranty and wont be able to send me a new phone. Last time it took them almost a week to fix the texting issue. Three weeks ago when i called with the same issue the rep told me she would credit my account for for ten dollars as well as give me 75 minutes air time but of course she didnt and when i called back to ask when it would be credited this rep told me the last rep didnt put notes on the account saying that she was going to do that and because there were no notes he couldnt do anything to help me. I used the Contact Us on their websit... Read more

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    Thu Feb 03 2011

    Ordered an I phone 4 Dec 13 and paid, phone they sent was defective. Told me to get a new sim card which I did, still didn't work. Told me to send it back and they would send me a new one. Today is February 3rd, guess what? no phone. Called them today they said the phone had not been shipped and the earliest they could get it to me was Friday next week, yep ten weeks from time of order. No phone for ten weeks and I am out $341.20. Told them I wanted a new phone tomorrow, all charges reversed and a three month credit. What do you think?, somehow I don't think I will hear from them again.

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    Trying to join Virgin Mobile has been a BAD experience for me. First the 1229 Silas Creek Pwy, Winston-Salem, 27127 Radio Shack rep. sold me the phone with the knowledge that I wanted to keep my old number, but activated the phone without doing such. I get to the parking lot, call a friend and he tells me I have a different number. So I go back into the store and an hour later I leave having spent $200 but still using my Verizon phone, with the understanding that my phone should be working with my number "soon". Called 888-322-1122, Virgin customer service, several hours later only to find the genius at Radio Shack had given the them wrong Verizon account number, so I correct that with the rep. and was told it should be working "soon". Next evening, like 25 hours later, the phone switches over but is telling me I need to add money.I go online to try and resolve the problem but the phone number and password Radio Shack provided me wouldn't work. So I set up a Google account online, to... Read more

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Billing: I’m a new customer and paid for 30 days, the plan expired in 2 weeks. Called customer no-service and was offered a $5 credit. Not good enough, I only asked to receive what I paid for and was denied. Will go to another company for future service. Do not recommend this company as I was over charged with no recourse.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    Don't be fooled by the low price of Virgin Mobile; you get what you pay for. I ordered a Samsung Intercept back in mid-December. They charged my card but I never received the phone. After many many emails and attempting to get someone on the phone to rectify the problem, they cancelled my order last night. Of course I can reorder the phone today at $249, $100 more than my original order. After three weeks of chasing down my order. I finally got a customer service rep to call me (from Nicaragua, I also spoke to people in Mexico and the Philippines) who told me the order was cancelled because there were no phone to fill the orders. However, there are still taking orders on the website today. I asked them to honor the original deal but they refused sighting company policy. If they cannot be trusted to honor their agreement now; what will happen later? I would definitely recommend another provider. At least you can get a US based person to help you.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    DO NOT DEAL WITH VIRGIN MOBILE THEY ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT! They are in serious need of some skills instead of their BS "We want to make sure we are treating you real nice" This felt more like an insult after I was through with them. This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever been through!! I cannot tell you in words how frustrating is to deal with this service. I tried several times and spent an unsurmountable amounnt of hours on the phone with both postpaid and prepaid. I spoke to at least 15 people with all the transfers and even spoke to a supervisor whom promised to resolve the issue...promised to call me back the next day and confirm the transaction went through...and of course DID NOT! I called again and got the several transfers and oh this is going to take 2/12 hrs. Three times they put me through this and it still did not go through. Oh yeah, and the supervisor told me I alway's have the option to take the phones back...2 days before xmas...thanks, I said.

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    December 12, 2010 On December 9th I received my bill for November for the amount of $78.05 which was dated for December 10, Friday. There was no way I could get to the bank until Monday December 13 has the bank is closed to make my payment. On my membership agreement there is a spending cap of $200.00. My bill due is $78.05 and not $200.00 yet this morning, December 12 I went to use my phone only to find out service has been suspended without any previous call concerning whatever the issue might be. Virgin Mobile Canada has not even given me any reason or warning to this you just simply cut me off not even allowing a grace period for payment to be made or go through. I don’t expect a response to this email since I emailed you guys two weeks ago with questions and went completely ignored by service customer has well as called last weekend with a question and was treated by some obnoxious customer service rep. This is how customers are treated? Wow. Sure other carriers might charge ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I would like to inform anyone looking in to getting a virgin mobile account, to think again and very hard about it. I don’t usually write on websites about my unhappy experience, but sadly this has been the 4th time in a row and something needs to be said. 3 months ago I noticed that I was paying for each text and each phone call even tho I was on a "pay as you go plan” my plan was $40.00 unlimited evenings and weekends, 100 day time min. And $10 for 2500 texts. I NEVER go over my plan. I contacted the company and after about half an hour they fixed it up for me. The next month I was out of town about 4 hours away and they did it again. I was in a no service zone and had to find a corner that I could get reception just to make sure that I could contact someone. after about 40 min on the phone telling the guy what had happened, he fixed it up and said it was good to go in a half hour. Half way through the month I started getting texts at 1:00 am saying my balance was too low, and ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    BAD! BAD! BAD! This is the worst cell phone company in existence! I was a customer for a couple of years, and I loved the low rates, but then I wanted to add another phone to my account, suddenly my credit card (the same one as for the other phone) was not good for them, (although they kept charging auto top-ups to it). I pursued this issue for several months, to no avail. It seems, they just couldn't care less. Now my card is about to expire, and the new card I want to register isn't good for them either. OK, I want it fixed. Suddenly, they charged 22 top-ups to my "bad" credit card, all in one day. When I complained they said to take it up with my bank; Which I did. I then cancelled the credit card, and switched to TracFone, guess what? It is cheaper and they treat me like a person. I did in a few hours what Virgin Mobile could not do in 7 months!

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    My elderly mother had a Virgin Mobile phone account and after her death we asked them to stop taking out the payments. They continued to debit her bank account but did reverse the last payment they took out. There is a balance of $155 on her account the they will not reverse. This was accrued while she was sick and in the hospital and rehab before she died. They were taking out automatic payments which we did not know about until after her death. They are not budging and giving no consideration to the circumstances. Their solution is to use up the balance on the account. Why would we want to do that when we have established phone numbers and service with other providers. They market themselves as the hero to the low income, elderly and those who cannot qualify for other services but beware they are only out for themselves and will screw you whenever they can.

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    As others have said, the customer service is absolutely worthless. I've spent the last two weeks trying to get the number from my old carrier moved to Virgin. Virgin keeps telling me their is a problem with the serial number on the phone they sold me. Every time I call, they tell me the problem has been escalated to the next department. Still, nothing actually is resolved. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they tell you there is no way to connect you. The only thing they can EVER say is, "we'll have this fixed in another 48 hours." And then they don't.

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Virgin Mobile is the worst cell phone service I have ever experienced. I activated my prepaid phone in October 2010, and after a day the web quit working on it. I called every other day or so, and every time they were “opening an investigation” or “sending a report to headquarters/tech support”, and I was typically told to wait 24 hours and call back if the problem wasn’t fixed. I left Virgin Mobile a month and a half later, and it was NEVER fixed. I was lied to &/or hung up on at least 1/2 the times when I called, typically in response to my asking to speak to a manager. The one time I actually got through to management, I was essentially told to go screw myself. My month was extended by 11 days due to all the problems I was having, and he seemed to think this was compensation enough for paying for services I never received. He said I had to purchase another month if I wanted to keep my service. Now, I’m not normally a mean person, and I managed to keep my cool for the entire 6 wee... Read more

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    I bought virgin mobile contract when I arrived in Toronto last year and I am very much disappointed with this phone company. There are always signal problems with virgin mobile. In fact I don't get any signal at all in my apartment where all other phones (fido, rogers, bell etc) get very good signal. So I have been paying $52/month for some useless phone because I am stuck with this contract. I argued with them so many times last year when I got to know that it doesn't work at all in my apartment. But they were so useless and unprofessional. They asked me to buy a new phone to solve the signal problem. I bought a new phone (for $50) because I was desperate. But it didn't work at all. After that I just got tired of calling them and waiting for hours to talk to them about my problem. The customer representatives were rude with me and often gave me wrong information. It was just complete waste of time. Having contract is ok. But you can't cheat people based on the contract. It's not some... Read more

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    ok i dont know where to start first off i registered and did the 25 dollar a month plan then i went to 711 and bought the top up card for twenty-five dollars i program the number on the phone and a message appeared that said: "top up:$25.00 tax:$0.00 total:$25.00 new bal: $25.00 ========== received 07:31pm 11/13/2010" after that i went to the menu and went to my account then went to "balance and usage" after that it said "monthly service charge failed on:05/02/2002",what!?now below that it says "top up at least 25 dollars plus tax to restart your monthly plan,"what i just paid $25.00 for the dang card. i didnt even do anything at this point and now it says i have $24.85 as my cash bal.!!!and not only that it says "you are paying 20c per minute from cash pal" what the heck is cash pal i dint sign up for cash pal under that it says: "current plan: 300 anytime mins. unlimited msg unlimited Data Reactivate this plan" what does that mean? so when i click it it says "renew my current pl... Read more

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    Don't register a credit or debit card! I was charged on the 28th, and again on the 1st. I called complaining that I was charged twice. They had no record of two charges and are sending it to corporate headquarters for investigation. I have removed my card so they cannot charge to it again, but I DID receive a refund for the extra charge on the 5th. Deb Charles, Brunswick Maine

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    Sat Nov 06 2010

    I got the phone b/c of the $25 for unlimited texting. The plan comes with 5 hours of talk time. I am a texter more than a talker. I find that sometimes people get my text several hours after I send them. OR they don't get them at all. Also the internet is really slow and outdated. But you can't expect very much for $25 per month. So far I haven't had to contact customer service, so I can't comment on that. I am ugrading to a plan with another carrier. I want better internet access and video streaming.

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    The worst service I have ever used, customer service has left me 3 weeks without a working phone and am still being billed as if I had a phone that could make or recieve phone calls. Customer service has wasted an entire week having me run round in circles, nothing achieved at all, am never using any virgin product again and will encourage everyone to never use it.

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    Sat Oct 30 2010

    If you want a phone justr for emergencys their cheapest plan cost you .20 cents a minute and must top up $20.00 dollars every 3 months or you loose all your money you have stored up. My Mom has $75.00 stored up and never uses her phone.Customer service is people in india or somewhere,, NO HELP AT ALL . THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU AT ALL! They simply say ' I dont know to just about any question you ask!!!!

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    Lets just say the "number one customer service" as they claim.. falls short of its name. the only reason i use this service is because i am a teenager and i have to pay for my own phone. the prices are fair. 25$ a month for my unlimited text, plus minutes, and web access, is very reasonable.... but.... only IF YOUR SERVICE AND PHONE IS ACTUALLY ABLE TO WORK. the phone.. in a word.. is crap. in glad i got the warranty.. but customer service is very disgruntled at the fact i requested a replacement phone...the replacement phone.. not only TOOK 5 WEEKS TO ARRIVE... but i had my account locked twice..unable to use the phone ..!! because my mother went out and got me a cheaper phone for the mean time (its a convenience for her to stay in touch with me this way). they sent us a very rude email stating---------------- " oh we se you have activated another phone. why do you need another one?"--------------- -.- ... well... I activated another phone because the replacement phone TOOK SO LONG ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    here we go...I purchased a $100.00 phone for my son Chris. It broke. One month on and off with tech support, they agreed to send him a new phone. When they did, I promptly sent the other phone back in the bag that was provided. I also included the return number on an index card inside of the envelope. My son received a text stating that if he does not return the old phone, his new phone would be shut off. I called tech support to find out what happened. I was told that they were not able to contact the warehouse where the phones come into and that we would have to wait until his service was suspended to get any further assistance. It has now been suspended. I called twice, the first time they attempted to connect me to the "warehouse" and I was on hold for 10 minutes then disconnected. The second time I was on hold for 15 minutes and the person I was speaking with simply said I did not return the phone and that I was to leave a contact number so that someone could call me ba... Read more

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    Virgin mobile is the best. I purchased an LG Rumor Touch for $150 and love my phone. If you go to bestbuy for $20 you get insurance on your phone for 2 years. You can't beat that. Virgin mobile's customer service is fantastic. Need to change your phone number? No problem, a simple click online takes care of that. They have great quality phones. Their plans are so affordable. Most packages include unlimited text and web! For $60 I have unlimited everything. I pay $40 for my son, he gets unlimited everything and 1400 minutes. When he runs out of minutes, he just can't make any calls. But is still able to text and surf the web. An awesome feature is google maps. I got lost in an unfamiliar city and was able to get GPS style directions, and the map showed me where I was currently. No extra cost. Also if you look online you are able to download a program to make your own ring tones. All you need is an micro SD card which you can get for less than $20. I was also able to download some fr... Read more

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    ALL IS WONDERFUL AGAIN! VIRGIN MOBILE UPGRADED TO 4 STARS. 8/8/2010/CDH MY STORY: 1. I've had my Kyocera X-TC cell phone since October 2009. Whenever I call to a land line phone my phone number continues to show up under the name of the previous person that had the number. I've called Virgin Mobile 10 times and every time customer service goes through the troubleshooting process, so I hang up and call a land line number (my mother or a coworker) and it's still the same problem. Virgin Mobile said that I have to call the local phone company and have them fix the problem. That may be so but I bought the service from Virgin Mobile so they should call the local phone company (whoever that is) and fix the problem. I would switch cell phone companies but I have read online that other people are having the same problem with their cell phone provider. This is ridiculous! 2. About a month ago I started getting the message "You are within range of a Sprint private network. Please mo... Read more

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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    Every 1 Star review you read about Virgin Mobile is painfully true. I had the absolute worst customer service experience of my life. Spent probably 8 hours wrestling my number back from them after their grossly incompetent phone agents failed to activate my phone time after time. A true disaster. Wouldn't refund a dime of my unused airtime, in spite of the legendary hassle they put me through. I advise any and all prospective users against Virgin Mobile with every ounce and fiber of my being.

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    Wed Sep 22 2010

    Virgin Mobile without a doubt has the worst customer service of any company in existence. Getting through their idiotic voice recorded phone system is enough you make you want to throw yourself out a window, once you actually get to a real advisor you are numb with frustration. I’ve yet to speak to anyone at Virgin Mobile with a brain, and getting your issues resolved [or even getting them to understand your issues] is impossible. I’ve not been able to use my phone for over two months, it is set on auto top-up and an active credit card is attached to my account, however my phone will not top-up and I have absolutely no service. I’ve had the perseverance to call them 4 times (that took every ounce of patience I have!) And I’ve emailed their customer service dept. 7 times. Guess what? Nothing is resolved. NO ONE EVER CALLS YOU BACK, OR EMAILS YOU BACK, OR GETS BACK WITH YOU AT ALL! Today I called and after explaining 15 ways to Sunday to the unhelpful person on the phone, I was placed ... Read more

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    Sun Sep 19 2010

    I absolutely HATE Virgin Mobile! 1) Terrible customer service. The people at the stores don't actually have authority to do anything. The people who I talked to on the phone couldn't do anything. The people on the phone promised to get other people to return my call to deal with some issues and that never happened. I emailed them because I wasn't getting answers with a phone call and they never replied (especially not within the promised two business days). 2) I rarely get reception. I was with them for two years and moved a few times within that. I didn't get service at any of my houses when I moved around. I would run around the house to try and get a text to send. I would receive texts hours later. I'll give some examples of when this was a big deal. 1 - I was trying to talk to my boyfriend via text to see when he would come over. He just ignored me! I was so upset that he was ignoring me. I kept sending him texts like "when are you coming over?" etc. No response. A ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    I have been trying since August 25 to get a MIFI up and running. I've have had at least 8 phone calls that have lasted at least 45 minutes each. Two of them lasted 1.5 hours. I usually speak to someone from India that I can barely understand. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I usually wait on hold for an additional 20 minutes and then the line goes dead. On the third call I said the heck with it but then an additional MIFI came in the mail. So I pressed on. I've been with and put up with AT&T wireless for years. Virgin makes AT&T look like heaven. I have never experienced such a terrible customer service process. I finally gave up and sent the unit back.

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    I had the LG Rumor. The coverage where I live was said to be good, but it turned out BAD, so I returned the phone. When the phone had coverage it worked well and I liked it, but having to go outside to use the phone was not acceptable. So I had to call Virgin Mobile, I will not use the "support" term here because what I reached was not support. After 6 calls and 2 hours of being transferred, I finally got though I finally got to someone that could help me get the phones returned, which I did 2 weeks ago, now I am waiting for my refund. So Virgin Mobile is not bad if you have coverage and do not need to talk to anyone, which is a strange though, after all this is a communications company....

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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    1 stars Virgin Mobile sucks!!! I never experienced these problems in my entire life. I so called ordered a replacement phone and the order wasn't placed in entirety which was an inconvenience. I called up and was told that the order will arrive in 3-5 business days. When the sales person investigated, they never placed the order that was supposed to arrive overnight which I charged $7.99. That is very contradicting because overnight shipping means just that not 3-5 business days. The supervisor then informed me that I would need to put in the order again and asked for my card info. He then advised me that I placed an order for a free phone which again contradicts his statement of me providing the credit card info. If it was a free phone why do I need a credit card???? This company is unprofessional with no customer service skills. I was always told you get what you pay for and this statement definitely holds true with this terrible company. Beware!!!!!!!

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    Sun Sep 05 2010

    They refused to replace my faulty phone (still under warranty). Called 4 times (about 70 minutes each time) to try to get it replaced, but each time it was either "out of stock" (while still for sale of the website), or the customer rep's computer "could not process the order", how convenient. They would put me on hold for 20 minutes just to check if the phone was in stock, WTF? Anyway, cancelled today, see ya

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    I've had virgin mobile for 2 days!!!!!!!! Youu don't understand how bad this company is!!! i put 50$ into my account nd right now i have less than 20$ they steal youur money!!! And i can not send any of my texts!! I call customer service and they say that they know the problem and they've been trying to fix it! yesterday the same thing happened! i couldn't send texts at all! from 12 in the morning till 3 a.m then i got all my texts at that time! what the hell! seriously this company sucks. don't ever buy it its a waste of time and money! i say if youu want a cheap bill and good company go to cricket i had them before virgin mobile and virgin mobile makes cricket seem amazing!!!!

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    This company is utterly miserable! I would give 0 stars if possible! I had their service on two separate occasions, the first time I don't remember there being any bad issues, I just switched because I found cheaper service. (net 10, they utterly suck too but that is for another review) So I went back to Virgin. Wow! What a mistake that was! Never mind the fact that my brand new Kyocera Jax from them doesn't get a fraction of the battery life claimed, and half the screen died the day after I received it. The most abhorrent issue is their texting network, which seems to have gone down entirely this weekend! I can't send a single text and those that I actually receive do not get to my phone in a timely fashion but rather come in floods at 4 in the morning! It's like a bloody alarm clock that I never set! That is just the half of it though! I call their service number to try and trouble shoot my phone, first of all there is no category for text problems, second when I finally do get direc... Read more

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    If I hadn't passed the warranty date by one day, I would have returned it! Worst customer service and phone service ever! I received a text the day after the warranty expired saying my payment didn't go through, went without any service for two days, bought a top up card, the phone worked but then my bank account was charged for the charge they said didn't go through. Now I had paid $53.27 for one month that is supposed to be $25!! The credit doesn't show on my phone and I thought I was gonna have to make a trip through the phone just to get my money back for the overpayment. Why couldn't my phone just be credited? Finally customer svc says they will credit my credit card in 24 to 48 hours so we will see.

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    Sun Aug 29 2010

    Apparently after "maxing" out my 5 GB card at the end of my first 30 service, Virgin decided to 'limit' my account. During the initial 30 days service, while I still had the oportunity to return the high priced aircard, speed and strength were both very similar to my previous servive with Sprint/Nextel. However, as the 30 days drew to a close, the last 3 days or so, I downloaded several video files to 'burn' off the remaining GB's. BIG MISTAKE!!! When I purchased a subsequent 5 GB of sevice, strenth has remained at 5 bars, however, speed has slowed to a crawl and most of the time, web pages fail to load at all. Occassionally, if I 'refresh' a page after many "IE cannot find this page" errors, whatever I'm searching will load. My MSN homepage will no longer load most of the time! It was near impossible to find any contact information for Virgin, however, once I did find and obscure email address buried in their 'self-help' info, after writing them 5 days ago, I have still had no respons... Read more

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    Thu Aug 26 2010

    Worst Phone Company EVER! I have nothing but problems with my phone( LG RUMOR TOUCH) I can't use my own phone in my own house I couldn't use my phone when I was on vacation The Service Map said I would have gotten perfect signal but no! I've seriously called Costumer Support about 50 times and did they ever resolve anything?NO! They keep on telling me that they would fix it but nothing ever changes! I called and demanded that they send me a replacement phone and it's been 1 week and a half and I still haven't gotten it! Virginmobile is the WORST phone company Don't be drawn in by the low prices paying 10-20 extra dollars is worth it! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    I bought the new LG rumor touch, with virgin mobile. It is not a good service. I keep getting an error when loading youtube videos. Internet sometimes disconnects. Pictures messages and text messages are ok, so is the reception. I keep writing them and all they say is that they solve the problem, but problem is never resolved.

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    Sun Aug 01 2010

    Customer service is a nightmare - STAY AWAY!!!

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    worst cell phone company ever! if i keep one person from expeiriencing what i went through then that'll be the only good thing that came from using this company. i was never able to keep a phone for longer than a year without it breaking, no matter how expensive the phone was. often i wouldn't receive someones text untill two to three days after they had already sent it. while the service is cheap, it's way better to spend your money on a more reliable service.

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    Wed Jul 07 2010

    Keep in mind that all reviews, opinions, are subjective. What is a plus to me may be a minus to you. What I want in my cell phone service includes pay-as-you-go that is straight forward and easy to keep track of. I want a basic but dependable, solid phone and I want decent customer service. Above all, I want good sound quality and no dropped calls. I get that with Virgin Mobile. I've been with Verizon for years and I'm used to their superior customer service. I was hesitant to turn my cellphone life over to a company like Virgin Mobile. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I know they market to the young, which I'm not. I had also heard their customer service was not good. I discovered what I get with Virgin Mobile is a really great experience and dependable phones. The call quality is better than any with Verizon. I even get great reception inside. Customer service is "not" the best. But, it's available and the people I dealt with were knowledgeable and nice. When you activate your phone and... Read more

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    5 stars I have just been online and read the public reviews of Virgin Mobile services: the good and the bad! I appreciate that by advocating the services, I place myself at risk of a bunch of clowns online, trying to prove me wrong (I predicted the guy that would disagree), I get that when advocating Apple, and whatever else I find provides good services, but for the company, Virgin Mobile, outside of the web services as a whole, I can say quite honestly are excellent. I have been with Virgin for very many years now, and have always found their mobile services the best of its kind. I can't rightly go else where, save for technical restrictions imposed on me by technology advances. I have a slim system, old, and sleek. Others suffer code bloat and new operating systems. Java is code bloat, and fools you into believing that its fast, on the end of telecoms, the user finds java very slow. There appears, to me, to be fashions in IT, a few years ago, people raged on about deja newsgroup... Read more

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    Sat Jul 03 2010

    eGDpYevU ****FREE 60 MINUTES On New Online Activations Only!**** 1. Simply cut & paste my kickback code, eGDpYevU , in the referral box when activating your phone online. 2.Top-up at least $20 within a 45 day period. 3. Receive **60 MINUTES FREE**!! *** YES, IT IS THAT EASY! I ALREADY HAVE 7 PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECEIVED THE FREE HOUR! Enjoy!! ; ) This kickback code does not expire!! **Note: I have no reason to post bogus coupon codes as I also get the free hour! THIS WORKS! I think VM has decent pricing, especially for pay as you go plans. They are adding more phones with more functions as VM lagged behind so other cell companies. Miss the Sugar Mama program where you could get free minutes for watching ads & stuff. If you call and have trouble getting a live rep, either hit "0" quickly or say "representative" to get through the automated voice.

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    Simply and absolutely horrible. Wish I could give negative stars. When I first tried to start service it took A WEEK AND A HALF to port my number. That is with constant calls to keep bugging them. The whole time I had no service because it took literally 1 hour for sprint to send them my info and cancel my line and it took VM almost two weeks to actually get my account up and running. THEN 2 months pass with the phone working, all is ok I think. Turns out that my service suddenly and for no reason stops working. I have more then enough balance, I have signal, there is no reason for it not to work. Called in right away and after spending over an hour on the phone my issue got "escalated" 24 hours and the problem would be fixed they said. Waited 3 days and still no fix. Called in, another hour spent, another "escalation" and 24 hour promise. Wait another 2 days still not fixed, call in again, spend another hour, demand to talk to a supervisor, get transferred, phone rings, goes to a voic... Read more

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    First I can say that getting a live person is really not that hard. Problem is you need to keep escalating to managers to get anywhere with problems. They don't know their own phones. I had a Kyocera Loft and when I found no way to put my ring tones on it they suggested I upgrade to the LG Rumor 2 which has an SD card slot. Support and their own web site say you can use that to add your own ring tones. But when I could not figure out how...I called them and after a long time on hold while they checked they came back with the same answer I had re. the Loft. They say that, despite what their site says you can ONLY get ring tones by buying them from their web site. They messed up the port of my old number so I lost that...but that was really not a big deal. They bent over backwards to get me running. gave me a free month service plus a $20 credit beyond that. But that still does not solve how to get ring tones I ... Read more