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Wooden chordophone (string instrument) in the violin family Website

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    Thu Oct 10 2013

    I'll always associate the violin w/Linda from 'Punky Brewster.'

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I love playing the violin. I'll admit it is hard to play and it took me a while to get to 1st violin in my orchestra, but I have gotten very good at it. It is also a fun and intresting instrument to play. Good thing to try.

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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    The violin is a truly magical intrument. But requires great skill to accomplish this beautiful sound that is recognised all over the world. its sound can be soft, smooth and relaxing. But sometimes you can feel the anger or frustration behind it. The violin i think, along with the viola, cello and double bass, are the most trumendous looking instruments out there. Every single one is a work of art. Some violins make me gasp for air, because they are so beautiful, whereas some violins that are deformed in some way genuinely make me feel sick. If i had the money (unfortunately i don't, i'm only 13) i would buy any beautiful violin i saw, whether it plays well or not, i would hang it on my wall. Like what i do with my cello, i place it in the corner next to my curtains: when i wake up, and i see it, the light coming from the side of the curtains shines on it in such a way....i can't take my eyes off it. And that happens every morning. Its not the best of cellos, it doesn't play too well, ... Read more

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    Mon Apr 21 2008

    It gives a lot of feeling. Now we are seeing it being incorporated in such genres outside of classical. Though weird, when you hear it long enough it can be a great addition to a band. Ask Jay-Z who had one in a commercial. I have played this in my elementary and middle school years and I saw and heard its sadness and giddiness depending on what song is played.

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    Wed Jun 06 2007

    This  instrument tells no lies...if you can play it is mesmorizing if not it is one can wing this one hehe.

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    Are there good makes and bad makes of violin. My daughter and I are interested in learning but need to purchase one first.

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    Mon Aug 14 2006

    From the family of 'chordophone' instruments, along with the viola, the cello and the double bass. Before the mid-16th century, there had been the 'lira da braccio,' the 'rebec' and, of course, the 'fiddle.' Already the "early violin proper...had four strings, lateral pegs, a waisted body and f-shaped sound holes...(but) the perfecting of the bow in the 19th century further increased (its) possibilities." (from Musical Instruments of the World,' Bantam Books) Fragments from Wikipedia: "Legendary violin manufacturer Antonio Stradivari (b.1644-d.1737) probably served as a pupil in Niccolò Amati's workshop...In the past, instruments by Stradivari's teacher, Nicolo Amati, and an Austrian genius, Jacob Stainer, who might also have studied with Amati, were preferred for their subtle sweetness of tone. (Cont.) "In 1680 Stradivari set up for himself in the Piazza San Domenico, Cremona, and his fame as an instrument-maker was soon established. Apart from violins, Stradivari also made h... Read more

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    Violin is one of the most interesting instruments. I really hate it grawing up, something about it was so annoying, but over the years, it turned into one of the most unique nstruments for me. I find violins as an emotional instrument. Violin is one of the few instrument(guitar and piano being the other two) that can created quite an emotion. At the time as piano sounds so versatile with its many keys and peddals, violin sounds almost the same, but its monotonious sound is pretty charming, alluring, and absolutely haunting.

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    Fri Jun 16 2006

    World Famous violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg will be appearing with the Edison Symphony at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ on October 15, 2006, 2:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale now

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    A very hard instrument to master.I love a good violin player.Some of the best I've heard are Itzak Perelman,Scarlet Rivera and Regina Carter.My Dad used to play one in an orchestra.

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    Wed Apr 07 2004

    i am a brass player and i dont like string instruments. plus, it takes away the melody from better instruments in a full orchestra.

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    Sun Apr 04 2004

    The violin, with spiccato, staccato, the availability of different amounts of bow space (and more) can help you show emotion better than the piano.

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    A good instrument

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    Mon Jan 06 2003

    I love the violin..not only because I play it, but because of all the other people that play it so well, and make such beautiful music with it. The violin may not be the hardest instrument to play, but it might be the hardest instrument to master...If it is even possible to 'master' any instrument.. so let's just say near-master. But I plan not to let difficulty intimidate me, and I'll just have fun practicing to become a better violinist/fiddler (which won't be hard, because the violin is so fun to play!).

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    Tue Dec 31 2002

    Sounds awful if you don't know how to play it, but hang in there because once you get good it makes a really beautiful sound.

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    Mon Nov 25 2002

    HUGE respect for violin players, it's probably one of the hardest stringed instruments. I'm a rock and roller but I salute Marty Maguire of the Dixie Chicks on making the instrument sound so delightful.

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    Mon Jul 01 2002

    My joy at listening to violin/fiddle music is only eclipsed by the joy I feel when playing. Although I'm just at the barely-intermediate level, I still get so much fun out of playing it. Some days it's a struggle to play it, so I'll put it down, but the next time I pick it up it's like it plays itself. It's alot of hard work but for each week that passes by and each new technique and song I learn, it is so worth it. I'll never be at the performance-for-others level, but that's OK - maybe one day my children will see me playing (in the privacy of my own home, of course!) and want to learn. Playing is a great stress reliever. Creating music, no matter what instrument you choose, should be a part of everyone's life. A violin is perfect, because it's much more portable than a piano, is just challenging enough to keep things interesting and, let's face it, it's a very versatile instrument. You can play cajun fiddle, Irish fiddle, bluegrass, Texas swing, classical, blues, jazz, etc. ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 13 2002

    I have had music lessons but I never tried to tackle the violin. My hats are off to those that have learned to play it! I understand it is one of the hardest instruments to play, but it is so worthwhile! When played well, it is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments there is! Whether it's classical, pop, rock or whatever, a well orchestrated song using violins (or fiddle!) often makes all the difference in the world. I mean it! Violin players are unsung heroes. Lead singers, lead guitarist and other lead musicians get all kinds of glory, while the orchestra with its violins (and other stringed instruments) are often contributing to the quality of the music as much or more as any of the individual "stars." Thank you violinists!

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    Tue Oct 23 2001

    Fantastic for playing in a group or alone. The violin can make you almost see emotion with the sound it makes.

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    Wed Sep 19 2001

    String instruments are crazy because there is no definitive place on the fingerboard for each note. Good violinists sound really good and bad violinists sound really bad. A diverse instrument. Nothing else quite has the clean, mellow sound that a violin makes.

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    Fri Aug 10 2001

    I absolutely love the sound a violin makes. So much that I have considered buying one and taking lessons, if I can find the spare cash and time. I kind of like the more depressing sounds of music, and this definitely makes songs more mellow and passionate. I'm mostly a rock music fan, and whenever a band adds strings to their songs it makes them excellent. Some of my favorite rock songs have strings added to them. One song in particular is "Shimmer" by Fuel. It definitely ads depth and more of a sense of passion to music.

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    Sun Jul 29 2001

    Have you ever heard someone play this instrument badly? When someone plays THIS instrment badly, it's REALLY bad, perhaps the worst instrument to introduce a kid to who has no idea what he's doing! On the other hand, when someone knows what they're doing, the sound is absolutely stunning! This is likely one of few instruments that are able to stand alone, without need of any other musical instruments to compliment, though it still CAN be played with other things for good music!

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