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    Sat Nov 19 2011

    ********************THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A VETERAN******************** I only bring the veteran status into this because I have PTSD/Anxiety and do not handle stressful situations well. I have made Verizon/Altell aware of this on several occasions. I had a phone with them and asked them to suspend my service for three months, they agreed and when I went back to reactivate my account they had given the number to someone else. I asked what I needed to do to get another number and was told I had to enter into a new contract. I asked if I would owe anything on the old one and was told no. I asked if he was sure because I did not want any surprises down the road, he assured me I had nothing to worry about so I signed up for the new account. I took my new phone and went on vacation and about a week into it I get a call from them telling me I owed over $300 for an early termination fee and if it was not paid immediately they would terminate my new service. I explained to them what I wa... Read more

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    Tue Sep 06 2011

    For customer service at least with AT&T you get to talk to a real person. I am so sorry I switched to Verizon. Not only can't you reach a real person the phones are poor quality. The conversations aren't clear at all. Very disappointed. Eventually will go back to AT&T after I use my Verizon minutes.

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    Tue Jun 07 2011

    I'm writing this so that others don't fall into the same situation. Although their prices are quite high, my dissatisfaction relates primarily to the way phone hardware problems are handled. A company should stand behind their devices. I opened my 5 month old flip phone and the top half popped out of the hinge area. It still worked fine. I called customer service and they advised not to try to fix it myself (pop it back in) because it would be deemed "user damage" (he told me that his call just prior to mine was for the same reason). I sent it back and was sent a factory refurbished replacement. I then received an email stating that I have been charged $ 99 for the replacement "refurbished" phone due to "user damage". I spoke with three customer service reps who were "very sorry" for my problem. I was told that I CAN NOT return the refurbished replacement for a $99 (or any other) credit and reactivate my older phone that worked fine prior to my upgrade only 5 months ago. The one I s... Read more

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    Fri Jun 03 2011

    While no cell phone service provider will ever be perfect, Verizon is by far the best company I've used. Unlike other providers, I've never run into any issues with dropped calls or spotty service. I was amazed when I went on a trip to Colorado last summer that my Droid had a signal all the way at the top of a mountain at an elevation of over 12,000 feet. Their phone selection is good and although they've been slow to roll out 4G service, their 3G data service has been reliable and performed well. I've only needed to get help from their service reps at a Verizon store on one or two occasions but for the most part, their reps have been friendly and have been able to resolve my issues with minimal hassle. Do be sure to pay your bill the moment it is due with them as they will not hesitate for a moment to suspend your service if you are even a second late with your payment. All in all, not great but better than average and absent of the many frustrations I've dealt with when using ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 12 2011

    i joined 3 and half years ago was prommissed miltary discount becuse work with miltary never got despite send the information 2 time by mail and 3 times in person they billed me for 2 serprate phone plans so doul;be bill got text messages at the wroung rate would not correct the text message mistake or give the miltary discount that i was promised and tell me that if do pay a incorect bill and they will hurt my credit rationg they suspened service when paid the correct amount and added up reconection charges and say the i am will be bill despite not having any service [email protected]

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    Mon Apr 04 2011

    Verizon Wireless is the biggest rip off going...hidden fees, poor service, and salespeople who will say anything just to suck money out of month my bill is $150. The next month it's $180. Then $296. I have internet service and family share plan with 2 phones. The stupid "smartcard" for internet didn't work right from the start. I was on the phone to customer service every day for 2 weeks until they figured out that the card was never input into the computer. Finally got it straightened out but the card will still kick me offline randomly. What a piece of crap. We needed to replace the phone that my boyfriend lost and went to the local Verizon store- the least expensive phone they had was $300. I asked for a used phone ( I have one) and the salesman showed a phone for $50. My BF said he would take it. Then the guy says that they can't connect it to the account b/c it's "an older phone" and we have a "new plan". Then he shows us a different phone for $65 that WILL be compatible... Read more

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    Sun Mar 20 2011

    This is the first time I have ever reviewed any product or service on an online review site. Given the experience I just had with Verizon Wireless, I decided there's a first time for everything. I purchased a Verizon MiFI for broadband service in November 2010. I was told it could be used for the iPad and my laptop, so I thought it would be a good deal. After 4 months of having the device, I have still yet to use it due to the fact that I haven't quite figured out how to get it to work for my iPad (the main reason for purchase). I decided to cancel--why pay monthly for something I don't use?--and called Verizon. This is where it all started. (For clarity, I did not troubleshoot the MiFi with Verizon, so I don't know if it's actually capable for use with an iPad without an additional fee or not). The first representative I spoke with was relatively nice; however she let me know up front that the cancellation fee would be $160 with no possibility of a waiver. Did she offer to clarif... Read more

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    I was a loyal customer for 7 years. Lately, Verizon would deliver a swarm of messages all at one time. The messages would be as much as 1.5 weeks old. One of the messages delayed in this way was from my wife, who was in the hospital. I contacted Verizon several times about the problem; they were not able to fix it. When I canceled my service because they has not met their part of the agreement, they would not consider waiving the early disconnection fee. They are predatory, unable to fix their problems, and utterly irresponsible. They have absolutely no loyalty to their customers.

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years. I will soon be canceling my service. I recently renewed my contract (signed up for another 2 years) and got a phone in the mail. The phone broke while I was doing the activation (froze up). We took it to a store and they said there was nothing they could do and recommended that we send it back and call customer service. We did that and I discussed my options with a customer service representative. I was told that once they received the phone it would reset my upgrade status and I could select another phone online and have it sent. At no time did he mention I would be charged a $35 restocking fee for the broken phone if I did not have the same model shipped to me the second time. Well since the first phone broke in the first 2 minutes of use, I selected a different phone (actually the same model my husband had selected since I knew that it worked). I called customer service to discuss the $35 restocking fee and they were not ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 26 2011

    I have never had worst service than when I tried to get high speed internet through verizon. We were told that our internet was up and running at the beginning of the month but when we tried to connect to the internet (three weeks later) we could not. We called customer support and we were told that a connection was never made. We set up an appointment the following day to have a technician come to set it up. We were first told they would be there anywhere between 8 and 5. As both my husband and I work this would have been impossible so we managed to get them to narrow down the time to between 8 and 12. After waiting 4 hours for them to come set up our internet no one showed up. At that point I called and canceled our order as it did not seem likely we were going to have our internet set up anytime soon.

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    had horrible experince with sprint and switched to verizon and it has been great. It seems to work as good or better than any other provider where ever I am. I travel all around the country and I end up in alot of places with little to no service and my phone works pretty good. friends with at&t have no service at all. Me and my wife have had verizon for about 3 years.

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    Sun Jan 16 2011

    Our phones haven't worked properly since we switched to Verizon Wireless. Callers get a recording that says "this number is no longer in service". Verizon will not or cannot correct the problem and will not allow me to leave the contract without incurring an early termination fee. I am suing them in small claims court to escape to another carrier. I have never had a problem until I signed with Verizon. Beware of this company!!!!

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    in alabama verizon is great. i drive a truck and go all over the southeast i have verizon for my company phone and att for my personal phone. all over the southeast verizon is even with att or better usually better. i have upgraded to the internet with att via iphone it aint 3g in alabama it might be 1g. or 2 cans and a string. Verizon in alabama is great my dad has it as well as shared internet it is like being on cable. TO SUM IT UP IF YOU LIVE IN ALABAMA GET VERIZON. oh yeah nextel my old provider should call itself notel

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    I hate Verizon with all my hear and would discourage any one who wants to switch. 2 customer service reps gave me a flat fee for roaming then 2 months later found a $777 bill for charges per minute. I spoke with a supervisor and she said they were valid charges but those charges were not disclosed to me at the time I inquired about their rates. I requested to speak to a manager and she said a manager will call back but never did. She Lied. A day later I spoke with another supervisor and he said a supervisor is the highest a customer could speak to in customer service. They are a BUNCH OF LIERS. This other supervisor gave us a 25% discount but my bill was still very high. They will never admit any mistake. Make sure that any changes to your account is documented by the customer service representative you are speaking to. Or, better yet do not call customer service, go to a branch and make those changes with detailed notes in the account. Their customer service reps are so incompetent. I... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    Verizon wireless is the worst! I cant imagine being more frustrated. They screwed up a payment but forced me to pay the bill twice until they could fix their records. They said they would credit my account but that will never happen- ever. I am moving this account ASAP and will tell everyone I know to stay clear. I HATE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART. Try to navigate their website to get a human to help or to give feedback- good luck. They are deamons and the people they hire are- lets just say not the best of the best. =================================================== =========================== This communication, including attachments, is confidential, may be subject to legal privileges, and is intended for the sole use of the addressee. Any use, duplication, disclosure or dissemination of this communication, other than by the addressee, is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete or destroy this communication and ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    Complaint!! Beware wireless customers.. a fee of $9.99 showed up on my statement, when I spoke with associate Stacy today she said "Oh I can help you to stop them from billing you again in the future" It is a company names Topic Text .com . It appears that Verizon allows this company to randomly add their service to your account. I said "Oh! Verizon can stop future billing, but cannot or will not remove the unwanted fee from my bill! "This company is making a ton of money from unsuspecting Verizon customers with only one charge of $9.99 multiplied by hundreds of thousands." "Not to mention those customers who just pay their bill without checking? NO way Verizon!!! June Martin

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    I called to make a change in my contract. When I asked how much it would cost me, the operator replied "not much - a small fee". You can imagine my surprise when the bill went from $50 to $400 on her "not much - a small fee"! I called back and the operator said "there was nothing that could be done" to which I demanded to speak to a manager. Strange how a manager can do things that "cant be done". The manager agreed that the operator failed to inform me of the price cost and that this was a repeated issue they had with their operators. She agreed that if I had been properly informed I wouldn't have made the change to begin with. She fully agreed to change my bill back to the original amounts. She fully agreed that when the operator failed to inform me of the huge costs it equaled fraud! And she stated she would change my bill and everything would be fine. I was happy until the following month when I received a bill to find out some other manager named, James, decided to over rule ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    i think verizon wireless is a joke you cant get a live operater to help you and they do overcharge you for everything there a bad wireless company i would not recommend them to anyone

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    Sat Oct 23 2010

    Verizon is perfectly fine until you need to talk to someone in customer service. My biggest problem when them started earlier this year when my LG Touch would power itself down on its own. I called customer service and they told me that I needed to go into a store to get a software upgrade. I get to the store and the man helping me says that it's no problem and will just take 10-15 minutes. I'm sitting there, waiting for over an hour. I finally get his attention and he gives me an insincere apology. Immediately my phone starts having the same problem. I call, Verizon sends me a refurbished Touch. This phone freezes up any time I try to text. I call again, another refurbished Touch, this one's touch screen won't move, the arrow you slide to unlock the screen will not go away, only up and down. I go into a store to try to resolve this quickly. The woman behind the counter is the nastiest, most unhelpful person in customer service I have ever met. I tell her I am not satisfied with Veriz... Read more

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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    I would never suggest anyone to Verizon Wireless. I have had the worst experience being with verizon over the past 4 years. Customer Service never understood any of the complaints or concerns that i had. The first was that I wanted to switch from the 2000 minute plan to 450 because it was for my grandparents phone only and they didnt need 2000 minutes. Verizon charged me for the 2000 minute plan and wouldnt reimburse me for any of it. Second, my husbands brand new dare just quit working ..the touch screen wouldnt do anything so verizon made him send in for an insurance claim and pay 50 dollars, then if u do an insurance claim they automatically renew your contract without telling you or have u sign a new contract. I dont feel that i should have to pay for a new contract when i didnt want it. Also, i was paying 200 dollars a month for two phones that had no internet, applications or really anything great about them and now im with sprint and i am only paying 120 for two phones a month ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I have greatly enjoyed verizon services. Though I did find one complaint. For those of you that are trying to be more environmentally friendly verizon does "allow" promotions mailed to your house to be shut off. Though you have to be very persistent. They first time I called they actually said they couldn't do it, but I informed them Comcast did it for me so why couldn't they. That changed their tune. They do stated it will take a month to process (they may have thing be printed already with your address on it which they can't pull out of print). A month later I had to call back. And a month later I called again, though this time I demanded to know why this was so difficult. I was disconnected twice. When I got to a manager I was actually given attitude, I mean the guy "hello"ed me. I swear he was reading of some script from his computer and was annoyed I kept asking what they were going to do to make it easier for people to shut off the mail promotions. His only answer was that mine w... Read more

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    Verizon wireless EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS IS A JOKE!! Wrote review on Verizons blog page and it was removed by the administrator, Cathy298!!! Wow..Guess the truth is TOO MUCH for the Company to bear!! Anyway, I worked for Kroger Co and was qualified for the employee discount program (20%) discount on billing. Well, signed up IN PERSON at a Verizon Store. Was told it would start the next month NEVER came!! Calling Customer Service was just a waste of time...didn't clear up the problem...10+ months and, you got it....No discount ever applied to the billing. I've been with Verizon (formerly Atell) for over 10 years, you would think there would be some Customer Loyalty....but no. I now work for US Federal Govt (DoD) and applied on-line for the Employee Discount (now 15%). Was told through the web site that I was eligible. When tried to enter in my phone number, said I was disqualified. Call customer service and said wasn't qualified, but couldn't explain why.....I AM S... Read more

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    I never had a problem with Verizon's service (thankfully, from the reviews below, I'm glad I never needed customer service assistance): coverage good, never really got much in the way of dropped calls except in very select places ( . . . . like in the bedroom of my old apartment. Everywhere else in the apartment was fine, just when I laid down, then suddenly *poof*, no service! Odd.) I don't use the phone much: my husband's and my phones costs us about $70/month for the both of us, so it's not ridiculously expensive (I got a plan that fits our needs: not a lot of minutes, 250 texts for him and 100 for me a month, and we never get anywhere near our limit). I'll just cross my fingers and hope I NEVER have to call customer service!

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    Wed Sep 15 2010

    Good network, but I'm tired of the hidden fees, I asked to change my billing date and the charge me 42 Dollars, I had Metro PCS and I can't wait for my contract to expired.I'll never again get Verizon!

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    Tue Sep 14 2010

    I just purchased a New Blackberry bold 9650. After the first week I noticed a funny feeling with the track-pad and that I had to constantly restart my phone to get the V-Navigator program to work properly.(which I pay extra for) The internet ran slow when I was on my WIFI network instead of the 3g network. I compared my phone to a friend of mine, who had the same phone. It seemed I had gotten a "lemon" phone! I came into a store that was certified in tech support and saw the defects, told me to call customer support, because they had no phones, to give me, and no one else had one locally. I called 611, the number the person told me at the store to call, and the tech support guy advised me on a few options. One, I could order a Certified New Phone (aka used phone) after owning mine for a month or pay $200 and get a brand new phone, and get it credited back after I send mine back. I asked if I could simply go to a store and get it exchanged for a new phone. I wanted to simplify the situa... Read more

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    A lot of people that have Verizon really like them but I know in some parts of the country their coverage isn't as good. I also have heard people complain about their customer service.

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    verzion service is great as cell phone carrier the coverage is great but they are just way too high on thier prices it looks like verzion looking to get rich off customers or charge higher rates to make up for lost business i use to be really happy with them been with them for 10 yrs but iam no longer going to keep service with them my phone bill is almost as high as a car payment i use to pay less than $175.00 a month for 2 phones and broadband internet now it cost me almost $300.00 a month they are just trying to get rich off customer and now they no longer offer more than about 4 plans weather your on single plan or family plan they only thing they have going good for them is freinds and family for unlimted calling myself as over the road truck driver i need good service and broadband internet for business and personal use but dont feel i need to be rip off in be able to have ur service so iam going to switch to a pre paid plan for both my broadband use and cell phone use so verz... Read more

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    When they have SEVEN employees in the store with FOUR behind the counter and maybe a half dozen customers in the store, why I should have to wait 30 minutes to do a simple return is mind boggling to me. I walked out and ordered a different headset online. I suggest avoiding the exercise of purchase at a Verizon Wireless store and using more efficient online means instead.

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    Tue Aug 03 2010

    Alright, so far Verizon Wireless it's not that bad solely talking about the signal. Pretty much is the only service that works where i live. Even though i live in an apartment and i'm planning to move soon, that's the only Wireless company i can get if i don't want to walk outside in my patio to answer a call (if it ever gets to my phone). GSM networks (any) will not work at all in my living room. Only CDMA technology does (Verizon, Sprint and Cricket). I've been with Verizon for almost an year. As i just said the service is pretty good, however the prices are high and the fact of being locked in a contract bugs me a lot now, it is just another bill every month on top of high priority utilities, but this is just a personal idea. Me and my wife share a plan which i downgraded few months ago removing txt messages from my number, forced to keep the data plan because of the phone i have (LG enV Touch) and this is BS for the fact that is entirely up to them, the phone will work even witho... Read more

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    Wed Jul 28 2010

    Horrible!!! Run the other way! I have been only with Verizon for over 10 years. Everything was fine until last year when my two year renew date was up. I got a enV2 which broke in a month. Got my 2nd Env2 that also broke in several months. I had to get upset before they would give me a phone other than the 2 which they new was crap!!! They gave me the enV3 is has lasted one year now. It still works but cuts in and out all the time. I have to constantly ask "Are you there" I sound like one of there commercials. Only its because my phone cuts in and out. Recently I was talking on it and I hear a big pop in my ear and the phone shut off with a full battery. I called them and the lady asked me whether or not I got the insurance. Because I did not they are not going to do anything for me. I have to purchase a new phone. I don't have the money for another phone. I paid money for the one I got a year ago. Why can't they make their phones work for the full two years anymore???? ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    Verizon Wireless is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't get a smart phone unless you want to pay for all of the extra's, i didn't have to do that for at&t. and you have to choose a more expensive package every time you want to upgrade unless you choose a featured phone which are all pieces of shit. They rip you off and lie to you. They act like they are the only cell phone company and the best, and they aren't. I want at&t back, or even sprint and t mobile and i hate spring and t mobile..but i'd rather have them than verizon piece of shit wireless. they should go out of business. they're pieces of shit. at&t is better. and has roll over minutes. and it's a lot cheaper. fuck verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Verizon Wireless Sucks!!! Don't Do it to yourself Especially if you prepay go with boost or metro pcs. I dealt with bullshit from them for years and I'm tiered of it especially there rude customer service. Invest in a good phone and look elsewhere Sent from my iPod.

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    Verizon is a lying rip off! Don't believe their "Worry Free 30 day thing". They charged us a so-called pro rated amount of over $12 plus the regular months fees and then another pro rated amount after the 30 days trial even though we sent back the phone and canceled the service early. The text message block didn't work and we received texts from people we didn't know and were charged for those too. All I can say is they are a crooked company. I will never go with them again. Hopefully this review can save someone else from getting sucked in to their so called "Worry Free Guarantee".

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    7/23/2010 Verizon Wireless used to be really awesome. I used to swear it was the only cell phone carrier to go with. But in the last 2 years Verizon has degraded to no more than shody, unknowledgeable and dishonest customer service reps, collection agency tactics and rip off prices. I called 4 times to find out the cost of calls and txts when I went on an out of country trip. I recieved 3 different answers to the same question. When i got the same answer twice I assumed that was the correct answer to my question. I was told txt would be $0.25 each and $0.49 per minute for calls. Well once I got back and recieved my bill I discovered txts were FREE and $0.69 per minute. This outcome was not one of the 3 difference answers I recieved for my question when I alled Customer Service 4 times!! I called about this and was also told at that time AFTER my trip that Verizon offers a phone for about $25 a month that will give you 250 free for customers that are leaving the country for a period o... Read more

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    Avoid like the plague. Very shady company. Many hidden fees and ultimately will cost you severly to break free but it is worth it. sometimes it costs to get someone out of your life.

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    Wed Jul 07 2010

    Alert Verizon customers I wanted all the people who are willing/thinking if becoming Verizon customers to think before signing any contract with Verizon. I signed a bundled package (Internet, TV and Cell Phone) contract for 2 years with Verizon recently (6 months back). First month I received two bills from Verizon one from Verizon wireless and another from Verizon TV & internet which total up to $150. But Verizon sold the bundled package to me at $110. I asked the customer service agent, they said it will be adjusted in the next bill. I thought that’s fair but this continued for 2nd, 3rd and 4th month. Now when I call customer service they are telling me that they cannot give me what they promised me when I was buying the bundled package because they don’t support that feature any more at the place where I live. If I don’t call this cheating you people tell me what it is? !!! I have explained my situation to every customer service agent in Verizon and all they say is Verizon interne... Read more

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    The cell phone company from hell!!!! Can't wait utill December 2010 not because it Tis the Season but because it so long Verizon they are not in the business of customer service they in the business of you under contract and they can treat you and charge you any amount they want but when you bring thing to their attention it in the contract but when you tell this was not included in the contract well only thing they can do for you is to sign you under a new contract Hell no! IF ANYBODY EVER BEEN IN A BAD MARRIAGE AND COULDN'T WAIT TO GET OUT AND GET THE PAPERS SAYING YOU ARE FREE!

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    I read reviews; and my sister who had a Verizon back in 2005, she hated it. I glad I don't buy cell phone companies. I AM proud to boycott any cell phone companies, I using e-mail, and e-mail service on my computer.

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    I never really have had a problem with verizon until now...i bought the blackberry peral about a year ago and i loved the phone. we also bought phone insurance so we were covered. Well about a week ago my phone started to not work right so i went to verizon and they sent me a replacement. (Note the replacement was not from the insurance company). Once i got the replacement it wasnt the right color, it took me 4 days just to get the phone, then once my phone was activated my internet didnt work. After a day of the phone working the screen just stopped working out of no where. So i went down to the verizon store and they did not do a single thing for me but order another replacement phone...which probably wouldnt work anyways...also i couldnt get any help what so ever from them, i had to ask to speak to the manager just to get help and there final solution was to just get a new phone which they did not discount at all. I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS!!! ONCE MY CONTRACT IS UP IM SWITCHING SERVIC... Read more

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    Fri Jun 11 2010

    We were Alltel customers for a long time before the buyout. Caller ID showed the actual callers name. When Verizon took over it went to "Florida call." Lately it is showing "not provided." I wrote Verizon a letter, when they failed to respond to email, and they have ignored it too. Without a caller ID, our phone doesn't even ring. Might as well not have a Verizon phone. Customer service is worse than lousy, it is non-existant. I've already started looking for a new supplier.

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    The worst customer service ever. They feed you BS and don't do anything to keep you satisfied. I waited 3 weeks for a phone (because it was on back order). The phone arrived defected and then had to go back to the Verizon dealer twice for repair in just 2 days of receiving the phone. They advised that the phone was Dead on Arrival (DOA) and that they would need to order a new phone. I am now sitting waiting another 3 weeks for another phone. Having spent now 5+ hours at the Verizon dealership waiting on line / talking to rep / fixing the phone / telephone customer service, I am convinced that Verizon has the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my 20 plus years of being a cell phone user. Horrific! If I didn't just upgrad my other cell phone lines, I would switch phone carriers in a heart beat. Now that they have me hooked for another 2 years, they don't care at all about the customer.

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    Sun May 30 2010

    Verizon acts like they're the only cell phone provider, and I am tired of it. I don't like their long winded, "You have 2 unheard messages. (Long pause) First unheard message:" How about "You have 2 new messages" and then play them. When I called customer service, the only response I heard from the woman was that Verizon had tested their message, and this was the best understood. (Yeah, and wasting my time.) Also, 45 cents a minute for going over one's plan minutes adds up very quickly. Greed, plain and simple. If any company with their coverage was available (StraightTalk has incredibly bad customer service, unfortunately) I would switch in a heartbeat.

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    Sat May 29 2010

    COPY OF MY EMAIL TO VERIZON WIRELESS ON 5/29/10 Today at 9:39am, we placed a call to Verizon Customer Service regarding the status of our ordered HTC phone. 2 friends told me they were able to get phones at the Frederick MD location in store. My goal was to transfer my May 17th order from the warehouse to an instore pickup as I'm going away for business out of town & having issues on my older Blackberry device. After being throughly interrupted & ignored by your customer service representative, who refused to give her name or transfer the call to a supervisor (after 4 requests during the call), we felt compelled to send a message regarding this poor customer service experience with Verizon. This representative was also extremely condescending in her tone, attitude & completely unprofessional in the way she handled my situation. As a long time customer of Verizon Wireless we have never experienced such poor customer service from a company over the phone. As in the past, I can... Read more

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    Wed May 05 2010

    I love Verizon. Previously I had Nextel and then AT&T, but I have been much happier with Verizon. You may pay a little more for their service, but that's exactly it.... you get service. Every time I need anything, or have an issue, they take care of it above and beyond what is expected. Whether that is comping some text messages for the next few months, discounting accessories, or whatever, it is taken care of. Today I dropped my Droid quite far (about 40 feet). It was entirely my fault, and I did not have insurance on the phone. It was still working, but the sliding screen didn't work. I took it into Verizon when I went to purchase a new case for it, and told them I dropped the phone and wondered if they had anyone who could take a look and repair it. The service rep offered to send me a replacement phone free of charge. They were under no obligation to do this, as it was my fault entirely, but this is exactly why I have remained a loyal customer (even though I REALLY wanted an I-phon... Read more

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    Fri Apr 30 2010

    When Alltel turned over to Verizon..everything went to hell. Customer service is HORRIBLE. I didnt mind the hour wait,when my name came up on the monitor,they let someone go ahead of me that "forgot" to sign in. When I finally get called up to just upgrade my phone,i got the run around and was argued with by the manager!(the account was in my uncles name,and they usually just call and confirm permission to upgrade..i have done this with 5 phones for 10 years but all of a sudden that day this a$$hat tells me its againsnt the law..what? since when? then he wants to fire the person who helped me last time! what a jerk!!The night before I called Verizon and was prepared to do it over the phone but decided to drive to the store so I could hold and check out the phone i wanted,just to be sure. Something I have done for several years,he couldnt help me with...I leave the store angry (just like the customer next to me) the manager calls back and says he was wrong and to come back! Hello? I tho... Read more

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    Wed Apr 28 2010

    I have been with Alltel since I had a phone at age 15. I never had a problem until Verizon took over. My phone completely stopped working. First, they told me it was water damaged, but the sticker beside the battery indicated it had not been in water and I know for a fact it was not water damaged, but in order to get a working phone I paid the $50 insurance. Two week later, the speaker on the new phone went out, they once again made me pay the $50 to get a working phone. Once again, about a month later, the phone stopped working. The battery would not stay charged, the speaker stopped working and I could not even dial out a number. I took it to the store and was told that I could not file insurance since it was not water damaged (hmm, wonder why they made me the first 2 times?) and they would not replace my phone, I would have to buy a brand new phone or keep the one I had that did not work and continue paying the bill. My husband is in the military. He had orders to be stationed ove... Read more

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    Sat Apr 24 2010

    the blackberry tours are a load of crap. do not get this phone if you value your life because if you have to call 911 it will freeze and it will freeze on normal calls as well. you have to go back to the store a lot to stop it from freezing and fix it when it acts up. so do not get the phone.

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    REBATE ROULETTE!!! You may get it, but is it worth it? First, let's get this straight... Verizon does not process rebates - they outsource this to a bottom-of-the-barrel company in El Paso, Texas. I have been told that these companies get to keep the rebates that somehow never find there way to customers. Don't act so surprised! Did you really think that Verizon doesn't know exactly which customer bought every phone they sell under what promotion and exactly for how much and when and where they bought it? Of course they do - they're not idiots. So why is the rebate process so convoluted and fraught with missteps? Bought two Droids on the 2-for-1 offer (subject to a 2-year contract of course). When you dig deeper you find that each phone cost $200 with a $100 rebate per phone if you buy both phones and fill out the rebate forms and include the original UPC sticker cut from the box. Is it just me, or does this already sound unnecessarily complicated? They gave us one rebate ($100) o... Read more

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    Mon Apr 19 2010

    Verizon wireless may be rated good but it sucks! I had ATT earlier and it was much better, never call was cut in the middle and disconnected. Verizon has awful phones and on top the service is really bad too. I don't know how people recommend verizon.

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    Bought a phone from verizon when I renewed my 3RD! 2 YEAR CONTRACT WITH THEM. the phone is defective and they refuse to replace it. after a year with the phone i tried to upgrade at a discount which they offer if you spend $50 or more on a monthly plan after a year. my plan is $40 a month but with data and text it comes out to $90 a month but they refused to give me an upgrade or even the option of signing another contract to upgrade. so they want me to pay full price for a new phone which is absurd for even the basic phones. this phone freezes and locks up constantly so it really only works half the time. im going to wait till my contract expires (its $350 to cancel plus you have to pay for the initial discount you got with the phone) and i am never signing another contract with verizon EVER. Oh they did the same thing to my mother so this is just how verizon does business. DONT SIGN WITH VERIZON

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