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    Sun Jul 24 2011

    I discontinued my DSL service because of terrible service. I called technical support because my internet service had slowed to less than a crawl. Two technical support folks (both very nice) determined that my modem was outdated (over 7 years old). If Verizon was a good service company, it would have sent new equipment to me earlier, rather than waiting for my modem to fail and causing a disruption of service. Nevertheless, I offered to go to a Verizon store to get a new modem. However, Verizon does not allow me to get a new modem in a store for free. Instead I have to wait for Verizon to send me one; hence, Verizon was willing to disrupt my service for several days because of an inane policy. Second, Verizon was willing to be non-green: I was willing to walk over to the Verizon store (in 100 degree weather no less) whereas Verizon insists that a UPS package, which involves using non-renewable energy sources, be sent to me instead. An oh-so-helpful service person suggested tha... Read more

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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    Well...i have read many reviews now. most are just people leting out steem after droping their phone in the toilet and finding out that they catn't make a call and theres nothing customer service can do. truth is, its there own fault for texting on the toilet and not understanding terms of their contract... in my opinion verizon is an excelent carrier, just understan your contract and you will be fine. verizon has a test drive period where you get 15 days to decide if you like the service or not..

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    FUCKING SUCKS. they are way to expensive, service is shit. you dont get the best for your money and even if you have phone insurance, you still gotta pay 50+ plus for a new one when sprint sends you a new one for FREE!!

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    Thu Aug 12 2010

    Verizon's Web mail service is horrible. I have five email accounts that I use daily. Only one is consistently fraught with problems, and that's Verizon. The main problem is the service times out, as if they just don't have enough servers on their farm to handle all their traffic. They really do a terrible job, and I would not recommend Verizon email to anyone. I give them ZERO stars.

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    After Verizon bought up Alltell we have had nothing but problems with our account. Verizon offered to upgrade all of our phones for free; Plus we added a line at that time for our daughter. Our first bill was for $1650.00. It took hours on the phone with verizon to fix the problem but it still cost us more than it should have. Now this month we get a bill with $80.00 of extra charges for not accepting the terms of aggreement in writing at the time of the contract, but only on one of the lines. I told the verizon rep that I didn't accept ANY terms in writing because I did it all over the phone. So I should either have that charge on none of the lines or all of the lines. She said I could just go on line and accept the terms on their website but even she couldn't walk me through how to do it because it was too complicated. She is going to send me a form in the mail to sign. So I have to pay the extra $80.00 now and they will refund it next month when they get the signed form. The local v... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    I’ve had and been battling with Verison DSL customer service for almost a year. The whole time that we’ve had this service, we have been charged for 2 accounts. Every month, when the billing is directly withdrawn from our checking account, we call customer service and it’s the same song-and-dance. The customer service sucks. When we first started our service, we had nothing but problems with connections. They finally got it taken care of but the billing is a total scam. In the remote area of South east Texas we live in, Verison is the only option. Believe me, we have explored others. But, my wife is in school online and we need a connection so we have to endure the thievery. Everyone I have talked to in this area that has had Verison has had the same problem with the billing dept. If you have ANY other options for internet service in your area, take them, even though they may be more expensive. It will be cheaper in the long run. No agency, such as the BBB, will help. I’m sure Verison ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    Just had a very positive in-store experience at the new Verizon Riverwoods, IL location. Rick helped me fix my Navigator, which hadn't been functioning properly since the April/May update (turns out a patch for the update was required). The patch took nearly an hour to install so I had plenty of time to watch Rick and Alex work. Both were were friendly, capable and knowledgeable, without any of the I'm-too-busy attitude that I've occasionally encountered at other locations. Great customer service, guys, you made a frustrating experience much more enjoyable with your easy-going attitudes -- kudos!!

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    Mon May 10 2010

    Wash, rinse, spin in the laundry and a DROID DOESN'T. So I went to the Verizass in Monroeville PA to see what your wonderful customer service could do for me. The obese Verizass attendant explains that she can’t charge a new phone to the account because of previous past due balance. Obese VerizASS attendant claims there have been past due balances since May 2009 (SINCE THOSE PAST DUE BALANCES WE HAVE CHARGED ITEMS, INCLUDING PHONES, TO THE ACCOUNT) Attendant also advised me of a current fifty dollar past due balance. When I offered to pay that balance, she claimed she still would not be authorized to charge a phone to the account. I explained to the attendant of the extreme charges from a cancelled broadband account which caused past due balances and that these charges were not caused by the account holder but by Verizass! Attendant said there was a credit for those charges but that is not the reason why the restriction had been placed on the account. So I asked Verizass what u can... Read more

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    If you make any changes to your services, say you have internet and phone and you cancel one, they automatically sign you up for another 2 year contract! Yes and they dont tell you. So if you decide to go with someone else you have to pay a buyout fee. Talk about service! Customer service doesn't exist anymore.

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    Sat Nov 21 2009

    Got a new 64 bit computer with Vista and my internet stopped working. I noticed that when I put the install disc in the comp would not load it. I figured since it was incompatible with the new comp. I called Verizon who said that was not the problem and that all modems are compatible with all computers even when I told them my modem was from 2004 before Vista was even around... They said there was no problem with the DSL (which I already knew since the DSL light was fine on the modem...). Then they asked me a bunch of dumb routine questions (the usual..unplug everything in your house, replug everything, restart, reload, etc. etc.) and said they were going to have to dispatch a person to come check out my computer. I said please don't do that and I just wanted to know if they could check the compatibility of the modem and computer (which they wouldn't). I hung up and called back (twice) to see if I could get a different answer --this had worked for me before with a different issue.... Read more

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    I will start in early 2008. Placed an order for the Starter Plan and received the package. I was emailed that I will be billed for the Power Plan. I called to cancel and customer service did state that I will be billed for the Starter Plan. I said to send me an email can do. Now I'm being transferred around to this one and that one. Then, I encounter this really insecure obnoxious alleged supervisor who enjoyed pushing buttons. The next day, my telephone is disconnected (16 years without a late payment)...I hit the roof. I called all hyped up and encountered a customer service rep who may have heard the horror stories before. That evening my telephone was reconnected. Yes, I did write Verizon corporate office in New York and Newark, NJ and did receive a telephone call from the alleged Secretary of the CEO...very nonchalant. This year, I tried Verizon again. My peeve is the change of billing address without authorization. Someday, I'll give up using any form cor... Read more

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    I signed a contract for high speed internet. From the get-go, there were connection problems. I don't get the speed as I should, I spent hours with customer service. We established the problem was not at my house but on their side, but they only send techs to my house instead of fixing their problem. They refused to let me out of my contract even though they could NOT fix the problem...more than five technicians...still a problem still having to pay for contracted service that is not provided. DO NOT EVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH VERIZON!!!!! ONCE THEY HAVE YOU ON CONTRACT, THEY DON'T GIVE A LICK ABOUT YOU!!!

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    Tue May 12 2009

    I bought a broadband card and was told that the service is great and you could never go over the minutes. I had the service for 4 days, the service was TERRIBLE and somehow I went over the monthly allotment of 5GB in 4 days. I returned it and had to call to cancel the service. I had to pay a $25 restocking fee and then was billed $100 for 4 days. I am still exchanging letters but it looks like I will have to pay it. Don't use Verizon!!!!!!!

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    I listen to Kim Kommando and she reported that many ISPs slow you do after you use 5 gigs. I had a feeling this is what Verizon was doing with my PC card. Sure enough, I had a tech admit as much when I called to complain about slow connection. Excuse me, but I am on the unlimited plan for high speed broadband, not the unlimited for half the month and slow as hell for the 2nd half. The sad thing is that they all do it so you're screwed where ever you go.

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    Wed Nov 26 2008

    After switching my Verizon DSL service to a FIOS Bundle of TV, phone and internet, I have had nothing but problems with tech support. When the service is working, it works well, but when you call attempt to call tech support they are unable to provide adequate answers often not knowing what the problem is or how to fix it. I was even told by Verizon cistomer service that as long as the services are "working" there is nothing they can do about problems you may have with tech support and the hours of time spent trying to get problems resolved. I recently upgraded my TV for more HD channels and was sent an email to accept the terms of the new service. The email was sent to my verizon account and when I went to sign in the system told me I did not exist. Now the deadline for acceptiong the terms is passing as Verizon trys to figure out why I dont exist but they email me on a verizon account. I will then have to spend more time on the phone getting the money back that I should not ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    TERRIBLE!!! I have been trying to get verizon DSL transferred to my new residence for 2 MONTHS!! I have had 5 different service dates given to me, and still no one shows up. My neighbor had the same problem. She finally got her internet service after waiting 2 months, but she now has connection problems constantly. She has to keep turning her modem on and off in order for it to work. The customer service representatives are NO help. They just keep repeating the service date scheduled, and they can't tell me any more information. So I've been without internet for 2 months; yet I still am getting billed for it!!! They keep assuring me I will have a credit on my account. I still have yet to see that. So it looks like I can't pay my bills on time. Thanks! I have asked to speak to supervisors numerous times, but they will not let me speak to one. Unfortunately, they are my only choice for internet service in the area. Believe me, if I had another choice, I would drop them in a heart... Read more

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    I switched from MSN dialup to Verizon DSL and not only have faster times but I'm paying half the price! I never have issues connecting.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    The WORST...Dial-up with AOL may have been slow for the 10 years I had it but I've never had as many connection failures as I have had with Verizon DSL in 6 months. AOL customer service is great while Verizon's overseas staff is abominal.The Canadian-American Verizon staff is a rose among thorns. As soon as this contract is finished, I will be looking for another provider.

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    Beware Verizon DSL. I have had Verizon DSL for over 7 years. When it works, it is fine. But, when there are problems (every 2 years for me), you enter customer service hell. It has taken an average of 7 days to restore service. There are real technicians which you can't usually reach who are competent (kudos to them), however, the whole customer service center is worse than useless. Even when I tell them what the problem is, they don't get it. I have NEVER had a satisfactory conversation with them. They have some kind of troubleshooting script which they won't deviate from. Right now, I'm trying to get a charge for a new modem (which I told them I didn't need) off my bill since I returned it after (surprise) it didn't fix the problem. It turns out that the problem was in their phone line as I described in the first place ten days earlier. When an affordable alternative becomes available, I will drop them like a rock!!

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    Thu Jun 26 2008

    I have now been waiting over 4 weeks to have Verizon correct my intermitant connectivity. After Hours and Hours of waisted time on the phone and employees who on the phone tell you they know that verizon service is terrible and they even fear when they have to have verizon fix something for them was finaly able to schedule someone to come out to see what the problem was. Then they tell you that someone needs to be home for most of the day, of course only a week day between 9-5 when I work. After taking a vacation day to make sure I would be home, no one showed or even called. When I called in the afternoon to see when they might arrive I was told my issue had been corrected when it was not. I then had to go through the entire phone frustration once again. Then 4 days later had another appointment for them to come between 11 and 5. At 5 I get a call telling me they could not make it. I went crazy and they told me someone would be at my address by 7. Well at 7 they showed and dete... Read more

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    I signed up for Verizon's combo package of FIOS for TV, Internet, and phone service. Then they told me they didn't actually have the HD boxes. We rescheduled for a time that they would have what they promised. Then they rescheduled again without consulting me. Then they failed to show for the new date. When I called, they told me (after getting cut off once and a 40-minute wait), that the appointment had been cancelled. It turned out they did the cancelling, though they did not bother to notify me. When I asked why, the representative said it was credit issues. Our family has NO credit issues. I asked what that was about. The rep said she needed my entire social security number to look into it. I told her everybody says not to give your whole SS # over the phone and offered my last 4 digits. She said she couldn't do anything then. I said I guess we couldn't reschedule, and I asked to speak to a manager. We were cut off then or she hung up. Leave it to Verizon to make Co... Read more

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    Fri Feb 29 2008

    Verizon Fios (Internet and TV) customer in Portland, OR. So far the service has been good. The TV menus (such as OnDemand) load extremely slow - verrrry slow. But I can overlook that, it's really no big deal and it will probably be upgraded in the coming years. However (BIG however), their customer service sucks phenomenally. I have yet to deal with a worse business customer service-wise. My billing was (still is actually) screwed up and I was automatically getting charged a much higher rate than I agreed to. I have never received a bill in the mail or e-mail. I can't get into my account and nobody wants to help me - it says I am being charged from my phone bill - but I have no verizon phone line! There internal communications are horrendously fubared. Knowing what I know now, despite the generally good internet service, I would definitely NOT choose Verizon again. Dealing with the customer service has shaved weeks off my life in stress. In that sense, it would be much he... Read more

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    Mon Jan 07 2008


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    Mon Sep 17 2007

    Verizon North phone, DSL service from March 06 til March 07; month to month thru early July. Changed to Time Warner - no contracts. Verizon North DSL and Verizon north telephone DO NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER, BUT THEY BILL ON THE SAME MONTHLY STATEMENT. I paid my bill in full, including $37.95 for DSL for the month of July that we did not use the DSL. I have called 2xs, DSL billing, to close the account and make sure it was okay, and THEY said THEY owe ME a $37.95 credit. NOW - they have submitted me to a collection agency for $37.95 because phone billing does not talk to DSL billing!!!!! These people are IDIOTS! I am filing a formal complaint TOMORROW. Jackasses.

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    Poor connection and poor service. I went days with no connectivity and since I signed a contract, was charged a disconnection fee. I guess there's nothing that can be done about that. Never again!

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    Fri Apr 27 2007

    "Costumer service" after two months and several calls...I couldnt get my DSL service BACK.address change, no real rezon why.

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    Sat Apr 14 2007

    worst ever... tricked my mom to begin with then I wasn't able to cancel it ("due to unusual call volume, our rep can be reached plz call again." then hang up by itself... it's a 24/7 line but you still get that message for several days straight even at 3 a.m. ..)

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    Wed Mar 07 2007

    I have had good service from Verizon, but my rural location gives me no better choice.  99% of the time service is reliable.  When it's not, though, getting help is annoyingly difficult.  The problem is that around 100 customers from the same area have to call in within the same time period for a system problem to be acknowleged.  If you are one of those early callers you will be asked to do all the basic fixes which you likely did before calling in.  The worst situation is to get the overseas help, as it can be difficult to understand what they are saying.  However, when I have had a problem with my setup, some glitch in my email, etc., I have received very good help from American/Canadian customer service.

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    Fri Feb 23 2007

    You can't win if you live in Columbus, Ohio. Roadrunner service sucks as bad as Verizon DSL. And neither company, believe me, has any interest in their customers at all beyond collecting the check every month. They aren't just indifferent to their customers - they DESPISE them. With Time Warner Roadrunner it is IMPOSSIBLE to speak with a customer service rep. You go through a half hour of pushing buttons and then sit on hold for two hours and nobody answers the phone. Same deal with Verizon. They must be using their own service for their VOIP, that's why you can't reach them! This is a business decision - slash the spending on customer service and ride the customer like the cash cow that they are. So there!

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    Tue Dec 19 2006

    I re-signed up for the "new every two" and was supposed to get a fifty dollar mail in rebate from the Verizon rebate center. They said I was denied the rebate because I didn't cut the upc from the box. Instead I peeled the sticker and placed it on a piece of paper to make it look more presentable. So because I didn't "cut" the upc code I will not receive the $50 rebate so my $50 phone turned into a $100 phone and two years of regret.

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    Tue Oct 24 2006

    DSL drops packets frequently. Horrendous customer service.

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    Thu Oct 05 2006

    I got DSL ten days ago and the Service is very inconsistent. The sad part is their customer service. It takes literally five minutes before you talk to a tech support analyst. All they do is repeat the same steps without looking at the history of problems. One supervison even told that their job is to take the information and pass it to the engineering. When asked to escalate, I was on hold for almost an hour before I got to talk to somebody in their elite "Level 3" team. I would not recommend this service to any of my friends.

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    Thu Jul 27 2006

    I've had it with Verizon. Service is very inconsistent. The latest is a line cut and the company says they have no idea when it will be fixed. Been that way for 4 days, apparently for everyone here in the Delaware, OH area - north of Columbus. My advice to people looking for DSL is to look beyond Verizon.

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    Sat Jul 22 2006

    I had dial-up for years and never had as much down time as I've had with Verizon DSL in just a couple of months. There was one 4-day stretch that just seemed to miraculously resolve itself after many, many, many phone calls. Never has there been an explanation of what happened. I even lost my phone service at one point because of some screw-up they made. I am so very tired of talking with the tech support folks (in whichever country they may be in--they are not allowed to say) and answering the same lame questions over and over again. My plan is to cancel this terrible service on Monday. Verizon has certainly not lived up to their end of the contract.

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    Tue Jun 13 2006

    In short: I ordered verizon DSL interent on April 15, 2006. They sent the installation kit (modem and filters within one week. Then spent another month and the half trying to connect. I called technical support 4-5 times and they relize that the problem is damaged wiring connection in my house. They sent technician and he concluded that wires are conected properly but Verizon did not assigned the IP address. Then they told me that I have to cancel current account and open the new account. The process of canceling the account took about 2 weeks and is stil pending as I am writing this review. I BELIEVE THAT THIS VERIZON DSL INTERNET SERVICE IS THE VORST POSSIBLE. I WAS PAYING THE SERVICE FOR TWO MONTHS AND THEY NEVER ASSIGN THE PROPER IP TO MY ACCOUNT OR CANCEL THE ACCOUNT EITHER. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON DSL.

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    Mon May 15 2006

    WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! Beware-terrible covereage, customer service, price (I am paying $90 for 450 minutes!!!). HORRIBLE PROVIDER!!!!

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    Fri Apr 21 2006

    Good Service!

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    Tue Feb 28 2006

    I have seen all the horror stories here and after 4 different DSL and Cable providers, I can say that Verizon has offered me the highest quality customer service and speed. AOL - forget it, Earthlink - Little or no support, Comcast - Cable offers higher speeds during non-peak hours, but they also have a reliability rate far below any DSL provider I have used. Verizon in 2 years has been solid, with one outage lasting less than 2 hours (I know because my service is always on and my firewall support software reports system outages). I am in a rural are of PA, and one of the last areas Verizon provided DSL service before changing their focus to deploy FIOS (Fiber). If you want 24 hour support, consistant service, and fair speed, Verizon is a good provider.

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    Tue Feb 07 2006

    Verizon dsl has it all dsl is the best isp ever !

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    The top downstream with this service is lower than Roadrunner in this area but upstream is higher. If you want to save yourself the bloody headaches of Roadrunner, this isp is a good choice for single computers. A network it may be quick enough but you may notice the difference there. The latency of DNS resolution is very low, a plus for gamers. The tech support staff tries but never enough on and sometimes not very knowledgable which is why I deduct a star. But except for a defective westell bridge, which is no fault of theirs, the service has been perfect. No outages, no connection problems. Very steady speed and this area is densely populated. How can I rate 2 isp's current performance? Easy, I've clung to Roadrunner with an external DNS and tunnel for ports through proxy to resolve issues there, just for downstream on my network and got Verizon for my fiance's single pc. Price is decent and very reliable, though some may want faster on the downstream.

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    Tue Jan 10 2006

    I agree completely with the review by "BaroqueJim". My rating is one star because it cannot go any lower. These folks should be THE business model of what NOT to do if you want to keep customers. It's a wonder to me how they stay in business?!?! Like "Jim's" experience... and let me tell you it was an experience!.... it is a very, very long story that space (or your patience) will not permit me to write. In a nutshell, let me say this: Now that I've cancelled the service ( I think, as what you're told and what actually happens is the rule of the day for these clowns), just thinking about what I went through before I finally told them, "Get your stuff the hell out of my house and cancel the service!!!" makes my blood boil. Even an offer of a period of free service still could not stop me from getting rid of them for good. If you are thinking of going with them I would urge you to think again. Even if, like me, your only other option is dial-up...the frustration you'll experinc... Read more

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    Tue Dec 20 2005

    all i can say is WOW. where do i begin? i first got Verizon for a house phone since i moved out on my own. then after a few months later decided to get DSL from them at the listed price of $29.99. i now pay $40.00 for DSL and thats not including my phone service. phone service is great. but DSL, i figured if im paying $40.00 for DSL it better have some good service... well it doesnt. i signed up for the year contract. im not in my 10th month. and each month, my internet has gone out at least twice.. the most it has gone out a month is around 6. their customer support is worthless. my speed. hahaha. honeslty i think a 56k puts my connection to shame. im not usually one to get really mad but this time i am. once my cotract is up im canceling my phone and DSL service. i honestly dont know what tech support and buisness division have in common but we got transfered to them. from tech support. anyhow if i could id rate verion's DSL a 0 out of 10 if they'd let me. everytime i go to play a... Read more

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    Sun Dec 04 2005

    Terrible, unpredictable service, always more expensive than what I signed up for. I've had it but stuck with contract that its cheaper to stay with than be penalized. I am done with these companies that will say anything to get you and then add and sneak in all sorts of charges with two or three days a week when email isn't sent of I can't get online. I will never buy another Verizon product and will never use other services, like home phone service. There's nothing else a consumer can do....

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    Slow and not reliable. I was without internet for 12 days. Customer support was very poor. I was without internet one or two days a week.

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    Wed Oct 19 2005

    Verizon is the only service where I get an excuse to call the company 18 times to get the service set up! Not only that, they "sent someone" at least 4 times. I wish I could have spoken with the nice person they sent, but they did their work invisably. The only nice thing is that, 5 months later, this STILL continues. I asked them to upgrade my account to 3Mbit.. which will be faster than CABLE (in my area)! Apparently they enjoy my calls, because after 6 calls and 3 attempts, it still is not upgraded. Now that is personal service! The most disappointing thing is that everyone I know tells me how Verizon Sucks and Verizon gets it up like a 99 year old man. But I keep telling them about my experiences and they say to themselves "why dont I choose Verizon, it will give me someone to call when I am lonely at night." In addition, their website gives me the opportunity to spend additional time accomplishing nothing. Half the features are down, their statement info is even harder to read... Read more

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    Verizon started out as a pretty good dsl provider. However, in the past two months the speed has slowwed tremendously, and the customer service is absolutely atrocious. I have spent several hours on hold just to get a technician. I highly, highly recommend you try another provider. There should be a lawsuit against this company for false speed claims. My average speed has been around 250k, and this was after a technician came out to my home and confirmed that the connect was fine. Don't waste your time or money.

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    Mon Jul 25 2005

    me and my husband had our phones since october 28 of was working great...until we started traveling out of town then the phone just start dying on us...i mean it will always say service...or extended has been like that ever since...and you can't even hear the other person on the other line...jeeze verizon is the shetiest company you could ever have...i would not recommended for anybody...even if they paid me to have there phone......

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    This is a verison samsung cell phone review. Can not be pressed against the face at at all.. else cracks the phone... $300 a phone. We bought 2 camera phones. Contract said replacement $50 for up to 3 phones. Called and confirmed. Replace one phone already due to cracking at hinges. Husband phone cracking at hinges too but didn't replace since phone still works. Plus we called and asked if we could replace. We went down and they call the police to throw us out. God forbid... they steal $600 dollars and we warn other people.. cop said to call consumer affairs. I decide to call every one and warn them about these crooks. Legal crooks. We replace one phone due to cracking at the hinge. Seems the phones can't be pressed on the face at all...... So we had another of the exact same phone and exact same problem in another phone.(had phone one month) Plus same problem in my husbands phone 3 phones.... phones used to retail for $300 dollars each (camera phone). Won't r... Read more

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    Wed Feb 23 2005

    2/22/05 was the second time in 2 months my service was down for the whole day. This time I spend 3 hrs-3 different people telling me three different things resetting my computer and totally screwing it up. The last call I waited 1/2 hr on hold and although the last technician solved my problem he was condenscending and a real asshole.

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    Mon Oct 25 2004

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Verizon are the WORST company OF ANY KIND I have EVER dealt with, anywhere in the world. It's a very long story, but involves me trying to get a phone line and DSL from them. Nobody knew what the hell they were talking about, I was LIED TO 4 times by their incredibly ignorant and rude customer service representatives (the guy in disconnections admitted to me that they regularly do this to get you to sign up for the phone before it's been decided whether or not you can have DSL - he said he deals with hundreds of complaints about these pure lies every week). I was put on hold, cut off, and in all I spent over 300 minutes on my cellphone enduring the most frustrating and stressful experience I have ever had with any company worldwide. Even the guys in installations didn't know what they were talking about. In asking the question of whether or not I could get DSL, 3 people told me yes, three people told me no. All the yes's accused the no's of lying, and vice-... Read more