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    Mon Jan 30 2012

    “Sad, betraying, Utterly disappointing, deceptive, and completely unfair” If anyone is thinking about getting a loan/bank account/credit card with US Bank DO NOT DO IT! I've had a credit card with US Bank for 4 years and never once have I paid interest because I always pay it off before interest accumulates. So I get a letter today that they are charging me a $40 annual fee. I call them up telling them to take it off because it was not in the contract. They tell me they won't do it. I accuse them of only doing it because they don't make any money off of me because I never accumulate interest. The supervisor ADMITTED to me that that was true and they are sending out letters and adding annual fees to ALL clients who have a card but never pay interest to the bank so that they can make money off of you. All clients who hold cards that pay interest and US Bank makes money off of because of that interest, are NOT getting charged annual fees. So for the SAME card, I get charged an annual fee ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 26 2012

    They are SHARKS ! Their smiles are FAKE ! they have so many unreasonable FEES, and they remind you an LOAN SHARKS and Thieves! They find every reason to charge you overdraft fees! They hold your deposit for one day and in the meantime if you have checks coming the pay and charge you overdraft fees! I took my Business and Personal account to another local Bank :) BE AWARE OF WHO YOU WILL DEAL WITH IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR BANKING WITH THEM! THEY ARE SHARKS! THIEFS! FACKE!!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 13 2012

    TERRIBLE can't even communicate to you how awful this bank is.....BEWARE and put your money elsewhere. They are thieves!! The state put a levy on our bank account in error. US bank charged our account a $75.00 miscellaneous debit fee because of the levy (again which was an error). The state sent a letter to them advising that this was their error and asked for the levy to be removed and unfreeze our account. While US bank took the freeze off our account, they would not refund the $75.00 fee which was debited from our account. After calling several times to the branch, I got nowhere. I asked for the manager to call me back, which he never did. I finally got the number of their main office (levy department) and spoke to someone who said they could not refund the fee. I spoke to their supervisor and he told me the same thing. He indicated the state would have to refund it since it was their error. I could not believe this. It was no fault of ours and even after the state sent a letter, t... Read more

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    Mon Dec 19 2011

    I originally signed up for a totally free over 50 checking acount with them, when I moved I did not close it imediately as I had it connected to some online payments. Well, they got my address change and I recieved one statement and started recieving regular advertisements from them (at least 2 a month) but for months they failed sending out statements. This did not worry me as I keep a good track of my deposits and withdrwawls, and had totally free checking. I discovered that they had stopped sending out statements to the correct address(they had no trouble with advertisements), as a rouse to cover the fact that they were charging me $9 a month maintenance fee now. Additionally, the charged me $5 for each statement they sent to the wrong address -- their advetisements still coming fine. They claiming they notified me while charging me for the returning mailings of statements. The US Bank is totally disreputable in my opinion. Avoid -- this will no doubt be one of the first bank... Read more

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    Mon Nov 28 2011

    Was "sold" on this bank because they claimed to be small business friendly. They couldn't be anything further. We had an incident where the bank admitted fault with the way they scanned a check causing the funds to be pulled back out of our account. When they were pulled out, the bank said to just bring another check and we would be fine. We did that, they deposited the check and it cleared. After it cleared they then froze our account because we had over drafted when the money was pulled, incurring 700 dollars worth over overdraft fees. The bank promised those fees would be put back in the account because it was THEIR fault. Then the bank said to unfreeze our account we had to get a certified letter from our investor's bank saying the check cleared. They would not allow them to call and say that. Our investors bank was Sally Mae and they said that was against bank policy. Our account was frozen for 18 days before we could even get a straight answer out of US Bank. We sent r... Read more

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    Mon Oct 31 2011

    I. Hate. USBank. I can only hope that their bad karma gets returned to them--that is, both to US Bank as an entity, and to the sucky, incompetent individuals who work there. I hate to see people without jobs, but some people don't deserve to have jobs--and some businesses don't deserve to be in business. That's how much I loathe this place. That said, they screwed up twice with us. INSTANCE #1 They lost a $21K check overnighted to them from our main (big) bank. Without getting into too many extraneous details, they *received* the check, but somehow it got LOST within their hallowed halls shortly after receipt. They never found the check, and it had to be reissued. The situation was a total pain in the ass to have to try to get to the bottom of given their incompetence, and it delayed something else that was already in-progress. INSTANCE #2 We have an auto loan with them and are within a few months of having it completely paid off. Summary of issue: They "lost" a payment, eventual... Read more

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    Mon Oct 17 2011

    This bank will rip you and your money off without batting an eye. They bought our mortgage and it has been a nightmare. We did miss two payments, but finally got caught up. However now they are charging late fees and "other" fees against our account. Never use this bank for anything!!!! Do not accept a mortgage through US Bank.

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    Mon Oct 17 2011

    12+ years with US Bank in Chicago and legally married in IL as a civil union couple. I moved a few miles west to a new location and usbank refused to cash a check addressed to me and my partner, which he endoresed. apparently they are one of the few banks that have written in their corporate policy the right to refuse to cash a check of this type. I went to my regular US Bank and had the check deposited and withdrew $20. The branch manager from the bad bank called my regular bank had them call me to come in, return the $20 and retrieve my check which they were now refusing. So they can pick and choose their customers, isn't that great! Well luckily we make $300k and can win this lawsuit easily. Extreme prejucide and discrimination!

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    Fri Sep 30 2011

    Here is my story. I woke up this morning. Saw that my Wells Fargo has raised my monthly fee to 15 dollars per month. Not happy about that considering I have been a loyal customer of Wells Fargo since 2002. I called them asked them how to avoid getting charged the additional new monthly fee of 15 dollars per month starting in November (two months from today) and they basically said in a very sad voice "Sorry Mr SoandSo, but there is nothing we can do"... Zip. Nada. Nothing. So I was hunting around online and the first bank I saw was US Bank. Checked out there fees.. Wow a Free checking account. So I went down to the 7 days a week supermarket banking location. Brought nothing but my Wells Fargo debt card and I got a new checking and saving account with no fees as long as I transfer 50 per month from the checking into my new US Bank saving account. This is better than my old agreement for no fees with Wells Fargo before they changed everything on me for no reason. And guess what?... Read more

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    Fri Aug 26 2011

    I am so disgusted by US Bank's Customer Service. My experience with the employees is good, though their willingness to resolve issues is awful . The one and only time I missed a payment was because I went from paper statements to paperless. As a result, they dropped my credit limit from $10,000 to $1000. As a result, I was over my balance and they charged me a fee for it. I still can't believe it. They removed the charge, but did not put my credit limit back. I have been waiting for a credit increase for the past 3 years, and they have not done anything. I recently called to cancel the card and asked for a prorated portion of my annual fee back. They refused and although they admitted that they could refund it if they wanted to, they cannot just adjust the account of everyone who calls and makes a request. I paid for 12 months of "administrative services" of which I only received 3. Of all of the issues I've ever had with US Bank, they've never agreed to resolve one. I wo... Read more

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    Sun Aug 07 2011

    This is my set up with US Bank: I have a checking account, savings account, reserve line (overdraft protect line of credit) and a flexperks cash rewards credit card. I charge everything to credit and get 1.5% cash back on all of it. I pay it off from money that I get directly deposited into my checking account each month. I put any extra money in the savings account. IF my checking account goes overdrawn (which it never does, because I keep track of my transactions), my Reserve Line kicks in. US bank may make money off my VISA based transactions and interest from my deposits, but they DO NOT make money off of overdrafts from me. I'm the one that walks away with the 1.5% rewards. It's really simple. This isn't a hard combination to replicate and you don't even need it all. Just be a little responsible and get your finances together. Remember, this isn't quantam physics -- it's black and white, addition and subtraction. If you pay tons of money every month in fees, you're failing 2... Read more

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    Mon Jul 18 2011

    Used to bank with PFF which we loved but was bought by US Bank. We weren't too happy about it at first but then really liked that they kept all the employees from the old bank, and their internet banking is really good. But in the last 5 months or so they have begun holding most of our deposits sometimes for as much as 10 days. They don't always put a hold, not always fro the whole amount (less $100) and don't always give you notice that there will be an extended hold. Even though it says their policy is to hand you a written notice. The first time this happened we became overdrawn because funds were not available. And they refused to reverse all the subsequent charges. We have never deposited a bad check and have had our accounts for 6 years. Now this week, we had a deposit that was made available immediately (Friday) and then sucked back into hold over the weekend. Something is up with this bank. We will be shopping for a new bank.

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    I cant even beging to describe THE NIGHTMARE ITS BEEN BANKING WITH US BANK. Hidden Fees is not even the word!!!!!!!! NO ONE in that company has a clue what they are doing. US bank is the most unprofessional bank in the world, customers are rude, ive waited 30 minutes to speak with someone to then get transfered 5 times to all the wrong departments. My "accounts" have been closed for a YEAR. And just now learned i owe money from my savings account. YES my savings account is -37.00. How did that happen? Because I didnt close it the right way, and so i got charged. I moved and when the letter they sent me got returned they charged me another 5.00. WHAT A F****** JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Branch manager in St. Charles IL was horrible! Doesnt have a clue what hes doing, and doesnt know how to inform people of correct procedures of closing an account or paying off an account. because i moved and because US BANK is not in a state i live in (go figure? us bank and they are no where to be found??? gr... Read more

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    2/4/2010, 3 Stars:OK, I have seen the bad comments, and all the threats to USBank. To me though, it is just OK despite that I was in the red and paid a penalty of $20 for an overdraft of just $1.04, but I have heard that they will give you a notice of 5 working days for all balances in the red before they charge the fee. If I get another, it will be upped to $35; quite unfair when also if you don't use the account at all, you'll be charged $5 if no use after 6-8 months. For those choosing this bank to store your money, it is Five Star Silver checking or Money Market Savings for personal banking packages. Savings/MMAs: go for Elite Money Market or Goal savings, but the interest rates are quite low, I warn you. For checking, I currently have the Free Checking, but the catch is that I have to use their ATMs to prevent paying THEIR fees, but the non-USB ATM fee will not be waived. Additonally, if you do one deposit OR withdrawal, no fees of any kind will exist, unless it's overdraft. Ot... Read more

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    Wed Jun 08 2011

    We must boycott U.S. Bank. That's the only communication that this heartless and greedy massive bank understands these days. They will bleed the "little guy" dry without batting an eye, until consumers start to show they're taking their business to other (honest) banks. Spread the word to everyone you know about how U.S. Bank does business, without integrity or honesty. Boycott U.S. Bank! Boycott U.S. Bank! Boycott U.S. Bank! When their shareholders take a loss, you can be assured they won't continue to rip-off people in the future, (and other banks will also heed the warning that consumers send to U.S. Bank by their boycott), ...but only if we all take action and boycott U.S. Bank!

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    Mon Apr 11 2011

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    usbank holds my mortgage and I have seen how they operate. They never answer the phone, never answer mails I sent. They lie and cheat customers. Even if you pay their bills on the due date, it is still late because they process the next day. Bunch of greedy bastards. I will never do business with usbank.

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    Fri Mar 04 2011

    I was a customer for 16 years, then I believe a bank teller used one of my numbers to make online orders. This number had not been in use for over a year, and was supposedly closed when I got a new debit card. The reason I got a new card was because of a suspicion of this person in the first place over three separate incidents. I was shut down at every turn when trying to get them to investigate this person. Besides having my card numbers, she has access to my ssn#, my mother's maiden name, my birthdate, everything, but that doesn't matter since I uncovered it outside of their time perameters. As soon as I became a customer with a problem, I was treated like a PROBLEM CUSTOMER. The fraud department was rude and presumptious. I had placed a block on my account and during the conversation the block placed on my account was used as a negative presumption about me. Our previous balance was over 65,000, we had the privilege of being invited to little customer appreciation to-dos w... Read more

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    Mon Feb 28 2011

    US bank alwyas will be a small bank and wont be able to compite with other most succsesfull bank. I think I am the onlt customer who left this bank after 3 months. I opened a business account with them. They charge $6 for sending a copy of my statment. $35 overdraft fee and $23 every week. This is outragous and never seen in any other bank. As far as their customer service over the phone the worst service I have ever recieved from any finnacial service. So to you business people I wouldn't recommand them at all. Wells Fargo.

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else....... I am 95% sure that for the last two months (1/6/11 and 2/6/11) I have not received billing statements from US Bank for my auto loan. I have had two loans with them before and never had a late payment that I can remember. We are talking eight years worth of payments total! So anyway I was late on the February payment and of course I received a call from a US Bank representative who was very nice and understanding. She said "wow you have a great payment history, you should be able to have the fee waved if you explain the situation to the appropriate representative". Well guess what....NOPE! I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I have to pay a late fee when I received no BILL! WAY TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR GOOD CUSTOMERS US BANK! I WILL BE THINKING TWICE ABOUT WHO I GET MY NEXT AUTO LOAN FROM. MAYBE CREDIT UNIONS ARE THE WAY TO GO.....?

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    Very, very rude. The people that deal with customers have a condescending attitude and try to deflect any responsibility from themselves. E.g. they will tell you to - call their 800 number, wait for another rep, talk to their manager, come in to the branch. Not to mention when you go to a branch, or at least the one on BLUEMOUND ROAD in BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN, they will take forever - not an exaggeration to do simple tasks like opening a bank account. It took them well over two hours to open a student checking account for my cousin. If you call them at 262 785 6090 and attempt to do any business with them, you will either be appalled at how rude and uninterested the employees are, or just think that they must have just been shat on by a flock of geese (especially Latonya and Wenoka, huge surprise there at the names, can you imagine the sass?). Anyways, Wenoka/Latonya/God know's how/where she got her name, "aksed" me a couple of questions numerous times just to try and piss me off/spite ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    The worst bank I have ever dealt with (and I used to be an accountant so I have dealt with many banks and large amounts). Every time I deal with them ( with the exception of my former banks employees that now work there) I am shocked in some new way at their egregious practices and the level of rudeness. This week they hit new lows. We are having our house re-roofed so I needed to transfer funds from our credit union. To avoid delays I got a cashier's check for $14,500 and walked it over to our US Bank branch to deposit and was told that only $5000 would be available the next day and there would be a 7 business day hold (that's 10 actual days) on the remaining amount. That's on an account that already had over $5000 in cleared funds not to mention my other account with over $2000. Speaking with the manager did no good so I retrieved my cashier's check and went back to the credit union where I redeposited it and withdrew $7,250 to cover the initial payment on the roof. I then wen... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I work for US BANK! And well... I absolute hate it, Only because all of you DUMBASSES dont know how to balance a check book and come yell at my about your FUCKIN OVERDRAFTS! Hey, we give you an option to opt-in or opt-out. You chose to let your account overdraw, so deal with it and pay the fees. They aren't there as a slap on the wrist, and we aren't going to reveres them. You are going to get charged a fee if you owe us money, and if your account is negative we aren't going to cash your checks. And just a heads up, if you use a USBANK ATM, you don't get charged a fee. But if you go out and swipe your USBANK card at a CHASE ATM, both banks will charge you. All banks switch over Friday afternoons, and if you come in over the weekend we are on Monday's business day. It's like you came in on Monday, so your money wont be available until the next business day (tuesday). We aren't putting a "hold" on your check, your work just isn't processed over the weekend.

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    Thu Jan 06 2011

    Have their credit card and was making a payment at 8:30pm cst but the cut off was at 7:00pm which I did not know about. I called them and the customer service person (Russell) said there was nothing they could do about it. So I asked for his supervisor and he said he would get him but he wouldn't be able to help me. I talked to Russel (the supervisor**sounded like he was 18) Said I would I would have to call back tomorrow and they could review it but wasn't sure if they could do anything about the late charge. I am sure I will call back tomorrow and they won't do anything. I was only late cause I had personal issues and I called an 1-1/2 hours late pleading with them and I got heartless people.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    I have been banking with US Bank for seven years and just closed my account and was charged a $10.00 closing/late fee on top of my late fee. Late fee I can see but $10.00 to close my account! You have got to be kidding! Wachovia you still win my business!

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    Mon Dec 27 2010

    After my husband (a retired, disabled vet) accepted a federal position in Birmingham, AL, we were very excited about the move and our new life. It took 3 months but we finally found the house we wanted. Having excellent credit (high 700's and 800's), no liabilities, we shopped and applied for a mortage loan with a wonderful rate of 4.25% and was assured there would be no problems. Everything went perfectly, a closing date was set for Dec 27th - that is until the underwriter with US Bank decided late in the day on Dec. 23rd to deny the loan, supposedly because he/she did not like the appraisal (mind you, the appraisal came in HIGHER than the contract amount). Of course, being before the holiday's, everyone was closed so nothing could get resolved. Needless to say, we did not close on the 27th, and the seller could not close on his new house, and I don't know how much further the effect trickled. After the holiday, the appraissor went back to the house and tried to explain to the ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    Do you believe ATM could go wrong? This is what happened to me with an US bank ATM. I withdrew $400 but it only gave me $380. I could not believe it and checked it a couple of times. I then went to the nearest US bank branch and asked for help. They asked me to come back the other day and I did. They then said they would open a case for me. After one month, they mailed me a letter saying they didn't make any error! Do they assume I was crazy so I eat in a $20? Worst experience with bank ever.

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    Got an add for %0.00 interest on balance transfers and no balance transfer fees. When I went to make the transfer I was told it was 0.00% on new purchases, but if I used no balance transfer fees it was 12% + prime. OMG. Who in the world pays fees like that. I immediately canceled the card. The customer service person laughed becasue he has canceled so many cards recently for people being pissed off because they have been misled. Beware. The banks now are being super sneaky and USBank is no exception.

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    My husband and I just moved to Madison, Wisconsin and were suggested to go to U.S. Bank. While we where there we happened to get a parking ticket. The man who was helping us open as account felt so bad about the parking ticket that he refunded us for a number of services we had paid for earlier. It was fantastic customer service and I would recommend them to anyone.

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    LOL, Maybe if half of you people actually went and accurately re-read your deposit account agreement your would understand that half of the things you have described are not only typical bank procedures, but also are common in the industry. If you don't like having your funds held from third party checks, and your accounts closed because of negative balance then simply do us all a favor and keep the money under your mattress. USbank is not only one of the strongest banks in the nation, but also one of the most supportive. I will admit that each person within the company works to his or her own ethics, however if you present yourself in a educated way (and no referring to your local branch employees as bitches,fuckers, or assholes is not educated) someone in the company will respond and work diligently to fix your problem.

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    worst customer service in the world. us bank ripped me off and customer service is in on it. make sure to check your statements for forced withdrawal adjustments.

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    Fri Oct 15 2010

    Worst Costumer Service EVER!!! I went in for a visa gift card and asked the teller what my options were and what i needed the gift card to do: able to be used by anyone, re-loadable, and fast. Not a whole lot of requirements and this teller let me know that I had one option, the US BANK VISA GIFT CARD! Well lone behold the next day when I tried to add value to the card I purchase a different teller told me too bad then continued with condescending remarks how I was naive to not know which card to get on my own and to just by another card, for another $4 dollars! I was just trying to do something nice for a co-worker and add money to the group gift card The I have been to a few US Bank branches but i say beware of the one in downtown Seattle on 5th and Pike, you will get attitude and rude service. I should have known... my last inner action with this branch was a rude one too. I was in a rush during lunch and went to deposit some money to by checking, there was no line and so I t... Read more

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    I opened an account with them to try out their service and to see if their services work for me. As i walked to the branch to open up my account, they first put my incorrect information into the system, critical information that they should be very careful, therefore i asked them to fix it and they did. Two months later i went to apply for an auto loan. Although my credit score was excellent and everything look good, they denied me because of insufficient auto loan history. When i tried to ask what they meant by that, they told me that i had to have some previous history of auto loan with them. SO that means that if you never have any you ll never get any loan regardless! insane. I went back to the branch to close my account and i was told that the account had to remain open for 6 months!! or there would be a penalty fee, something that i was never told when i opened the account, then the teller said it was on the manuals that we gave you and the manuals that they usually give you afte... Read more

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    USBank Office Equipment Finance Services (OEFS): TERRIBLE! This is the "financing tool" that copier companies sell their accounts to. USBank OEFS can't get their head out of a hole-in-the-ground! I've been a client for decades, and they do not communicate well with the companies from whom they buy these contracts (the copier seller). OEFS is "GREEDY" in late fees, when it can take 16 days for an invoice leaving their office to reach my desk, I have to sit down the day I receive the invoice and pay it... or they claim they don't get it in time. What is that? Is it really my fault that their "payment processing center" is so slow. It is probably in Pakistan! So I recently called customer service...three months ago I provided proof of property damage insurance on this copier, but, hhhmmm, they can't find it, (this after a verbal acknowledgment back when I faxed it) so I'm contacting my commercial insurance agent again (She said: "Todd, we did this 3 months ago...oh, it's USBank, ... Read more

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    Tue Sep 07 2010

    Zero stars! I have had a credit card and mortgage with US Bank for many years. I have excellent credit. I recently received an offer for a balance transfer from US Bank. I went online to transfer a balance from another credit card to US Bank. This went smoothly until I saw my statement. The balance transfer was processed as a cash advance at 23.99% So I was charged the 3% fee as well as 23.99% interest charge. I called US Bank to see what could be done about fixing this. They told me I needed to have the transaction reversed from the other bank and the fees would be dropped. I contacted the other credit card company and eventually was told that they received a physical check from US Bank that they wouldn't be able to reverse. They said that US Bank should be able to fix the interest rate on their end. I called US Bank again and this time I was transferred to a supervisor. She told me that there was nothing that could be done because I did not enter a special code when I did... Read more

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    If I could give US Bank zero stars, I would. My wife and I went to US Bank to cash in several savings bonds that were at maturity. All but 3 of the bonds had a face value of $200, the others were either $100 or $50. However, apparently the teller at this particular US Bank location either had reading comprehension or simple addition issues, and ran all of the bonds through as $200 bonds. Despite requesting SEVERAL times to see an itemized list of each bond, its face value and the actual value to be paid to us, we were only shown a receipt showing the total, which was required for tax purposes. So, due to the incompetence of the teller, we received more money than we should have for these bonds (somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 more) without knowing that an error had occurred. Fast forward one month later; my wife checks her account online and sees that $350 has quite simply vanished. As we had moved away from the location where we cashed out the bonds, my wife's mother went... Read more

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    I did not choose US Bank, they bought my mortgage, and for the past year they have been charging me late fee's for a missing September 2009 payment, paid through my bill pay, which I have been disputing sending endless copies of my bank statement at Chase Bank. They have also sent letters that I have sent incomplete payments, when the payment amount clearly states that the full amount was sent. They would not accept my online statement from Chase Bank as proof of payment, so I had to go to a Chase branch to have them print a copy of the check to fax to US Bank. Every time I call, I'm told it is a different month that was missing and that the following month was to pay the previous missing payment. Needless to say, late fee's have been tacked on every month. I have refinanced my home several times and each time US Bank has ended up owning my account. I receive letters constantly from them, sometimes on the same day. I am one call away from calling an attorney and using my mortgage... Read more

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    My husband and I have been us bank customers for many years. We started out with a US bank in Wisconsin and loved them because of the personel care they gave to every situation. We moved to Colorado about 3 years ago and stayed with us bank because of our experience with them. Unfortunately this was not a good desicion. We currently bank at the King Sooper, Firestone Branch and for the most part, have been treated horribly as have our daughters. The people staffing this branch are rude, unfriendly and condescending. My husband and I own a business in Colorado, but due to a mixup on 1 of our daughter's student loans and the negative information on our credit report (which has been corrected), they dropped our credit limit to $900 right at a point when we needed to have credit available. They did this without any consideration of our past or the fact that there might have been a very acceptable reason for the situation we were in. We will be swtiching banks as soon as we find so... Read more

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    USbank is horrible! Take heed of the constant comments on customer service, it truly is not there. I come from a different perspective, I work short sales and debt counciling, which involves calling many departments in many banks. I have worked on over 200 short sales/cases, many of which with US Bank. They are so terrible, I hesistate taking any more on files with US Bank as the lender. I have been shouted at, hung up on, and degraded by more than one employee there. In fact, it has happened 5 times! I have had this happen my 7-10 times my entire 2.5 years in this line of work. It is always to my benefit to remain polite... apparently not with US Bank. In addition to this, they are unwilling to work with us in working out debt or a short sale. I have heard them bad mouth there customers, taking the attitude that it is the customer's fault, most of the time it is, but they are trying to WORK SOMETHING OUT. US Banks loses documents like no other, and I have even caught them... Read more

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    Worst Bank I have ever dealt with. Our mortgage was sold to USBank and prior sale, we got into the Mortgage Modification Program. Since US Bank took over (3 Months ago) we can not talk to anyone. USBank claims that they do not have the paperwork and they sending us since 3 months wrong statements and Forclosure Threat letters. They do not respond to any written, e-mail or phone conversation. These guys whould be put out of business.

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    This is by far the worst customer service bank I have ever delt with ! I moved, sold my home & had a po box for a month inbetween buying my next home, they finnally changed my address for my po box only after I told them change it or cancel my account. Then when I moved into my new home , they again wouldn't change my address over the phone.they would send it to my po box & by the time I opened it it would be late already .,,I honestly beleave that they were going after the late fees becauce I had a 3.9% fixed interest rate on the balance & wasn't using there card for purchaces ,,,,I do have super credit & all my other banks treat me great ........I owed them $2,900 so finnally I just paid them off & will never do business with them again ......I can say that there customer service really sucks big time over the phone. If your reading this , than I'm sure that you also have already had a bad time with this bank & that is like me why you looked them up on the web............I hate to sa... Read more

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    I would never do any business with us bank. My son went to Afghanistan, before he left he set up auto pay for his car payment. Yesterday a repo man showed up to his house to repo his car. I emailed my son he asked me to take care of it for him since I'm his power of attorney. So ok I called the the bank faxed them the power of attorney to them explained the situation to them The costumer service BITCH would not listen. She said" your son should have been responsible and paid his bills" umm that is why he set up auto pay bitch, MY son put himself through college while he worked full time and signed up for Air National Guard bought his own house at 20 YES my Son is responsible. Just maybe your bank FUCKED UP mabey it was my son that made a mistake????? But when I called to take care of it and I told them I just wanted to make the payments that were not deducted they wouldn't let me do that. No customer service

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    Tue Jul 13 2010

    I haven't used my US Bank checking account in over a year... I get a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe US Bank $313.63. I was like this is a freakin lie I don't even use the acct and the last time I did I still had a few dollars in the acct to keep it positive. So I call US Bank and get the run around getting transferred like 6 times. Finally some lady tells me that they tried to send me a bank statement and it came back undeliverable so they charged my checking acct $5.00 which made the account overdrawn and they have been charging me overdraft fees ever since. Why would you charge me because I didnt get my own mail??? Uhhhh Why not pick up the phone and say Hey we might have your address wrong, lets get it fixed... They sure got my address right to send me a letter from collections....It is just a scam to get money from me because I haven't been using their bank !! US BANK is the worst bank ever !!!

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    I have not actually had any issues with US Bank at all other than customer service. Although, after reading these reviews I am weary about opening up any loans and having a CD through them. My only real complaint is the customer service. When I go into a branch, the customer service is hit or miss. As far as the retards that are complaining about overdraft fees, please complain to someone else. Every bank charges fees for being overdraft, I don't feel sorry for you guys.

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    Tue Jul 06 2010


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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    This bank has outrageous ATM fees. $2 just to view your balance. Another $2 should your transaction be declined, and another $2 for a successful transaction. What kind of bank does this?

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    Sat Jul 03 2010

    1 star because -10 is not an option. Here's the situation. I deposited a personal check into my checking account on Sunday, June 27 2010 via ATM. Found out that I forgot to put the check inside before sealing the envelope Saturday, July 3rd 2010. So that part is my fault. US Bank decides to close my checking AND savings account, and mail the balance of my accounts to me within 15 days. I learn this all at my local branch. I make some non productive phone calls, no one will let me talk to anyone who has the power to do anything to my account. I even ask them to just transfer the balance to my Platinum checking account, but that doesn't seem to be within their capabilities. Apparently taking care of a customer is not high on US Bank's priority list. I even requested to speak to a president or CEO (far reaching, but worth a shot). I will definitely be shutting down all of my accounts with US Bank and making sure everyone I know avoids this horrible bank.

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    US Bank is a bunch of THIEVES!! This bank is a PREDATOR on your account and will raid your account however possible and call it "FEES". DO NOT use US Bank if you value your hard earned dollars To top it off I call customer service and get some smart ass kid with an attitude. This little shithead refused to transfer my call to another agent and was a complete asshole. US Bank STOLE $175 from my account- called it "overdraft fees" even though my account was never overdrawn. They are PREDATORS and THIEVES and they STEAL YOUR MONEY. Anyone else would go to jail and do time but US BANK does white collar crime all day every day stealing and they get away with it????