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US Airways is an international airline that has over 4,600 departures daily and international flights serving 12 different countries.

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    Wed Feb 08 2012

    My boyfriend and I flew US Airways to Paris last year and I was pleasantly surprised. Each seat has it's own little tv with tons of movies to choose from - and I think some tv shows and video games, too. I watched things that were still in the theatres at the time (Midnight in Paris and Tree of Life) and ones that had recently been released on DVD (like Black Swan). It made our long trans-Atlantic flights from Philadelphia so much more enjoyable and they went by way faster. We also got a meal which is always a plus. I would definitely recommend them!

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    Thu Jun 02 2011

    delayed takeoff. redirected to different airport just to sit and refuel, and sit on tarmack somemore. refused to hand out even water for over 2 hours. when we finally got to JFK 3.5 hours late we had missed our over seas flight. they hooked us up with a different carrier, but refused to comp a room and meal. We missed a free ride from moscow because of the delay also. altogether they cost us about 500 dollar extra. some of this was not us airways fault, but everywhere they could have helped us they either failed miserably or even misdirected or outright lied to us. I'll never fly with them again and would steer anyone away from their service. I wish I could find something amusing or fun about this segment of our trip, but the service we recieved was horrible and the experience fubar.

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Worst flight ever. Bad takeoff, bad landing. Delayed because some flight control computer failed and needed to be replaced, bad service and ugly flight attendants. Never again

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    Fri Dec 03 2010

    My experience was atrocious. I was due to fly from the midwestern U.S. to Europe and back. My flight reservations were made in August. In November, a U.S. Airways rep left me a voice-mail saying that one of my return flights had been canceled. She said that I would receive an e-mail immediately detailing what options were available to me. I received no such e-mail. I followed up and spoke with a rep and she said that she would e-mail again with my options. I didn't receive that e-mail. Ultimately, I finally did receive an e-mail with my options after my third call to U.S. Airways. My new route is a large inconvenience to me, as it necessitates another indirect flight and change of plane. There is always the risk of missing the connecting flight and getting stranded (it has happened to me multiple times). The reason I choice this flight plan was that it was convenient. Well, it did not turn out that way. Then, I contacted customer service to complain or seek some sort of compensatio... Read more

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    US Airways just ruined our vacation!!! We needed to get to Montreal for our half-marathon on Sunday. They regretted to inform us that their plane was "broken" and would not get us to our connecting flight. There were no other flights available until tthe next day. We will then get in later Saturday to turn around and run Sunday morning. Talk about frustrating!!!! There are not enough words to express our frustration...but you can guess who we won't book with in the future!!!! Oh, and by the way, we have to EMAIL them to tell them our unhappiness and no one can guarantee us any sort us restitution!! WOW! If we cancel they take our money and if they cancel they take our money!!! I want to have a job like that!! I wouldn't even give it one star...that would imply that they did SOMETHING for us, but this sight believes everyone should get at least one star...HA!!!!

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    A shit "discount" airline that adds fees every chance they get, and provides lousy service. That being said, there are far worse out there, so they don't qualify for one star.

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    US Airways left an old woman in a wheelchair stranded at night at San Francisco International Airport, after having caused her to miss two of her connecting flights. The woman had a metal plate in her neck, a bag with a sensor in her abdomen, she was in pain, she needed to get to her destination in time for medical reasons, and she had no funds for a hotel. She was crying, and asked for my help, as I stood in line next to her. I told the US Airways supervisor, Sally, "Hey, you can't just leave this old woman stranded, after your airlines caused her to miss two connecting flights. And you can't even tell her when the next flight is departing. You have to take care of her." Sally told the police I was harassing customers and being abusive, and Sally had me sent to psychiatric emergency. As I was being carted-off, the old woman was getting into a hotel shuttle. Cost to me: $1500. Gain for me: none. Lessons learned: never help another person ever, ever again; and never take US... Read more

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    Thu Aug 12 2010

    i flew with them from seattle to Charlotte and back. with stops... I will say the customer service in Phoenix was good and friendly... but in Charlotte and Seattle and Philadelphia it was horrid... worse than that even... My opinion is the most unhappy people in the world are their employees and they make it their goal to make all their customers miserable. I will never ever fly them or United again if I can help it. If you have a problem of any kind, talk to a brick wall. You will get more satisfaction because you know you are talking to a brick wall. You may think you are talking to people when you deal with usair but you are dealing with a machine that is the most uncaring, unfeeling... they will embarrass grandmothers if they have a paper sack they bought something with in the airport and didn't get it in their carry ons... they are the worst airline ever... I used to love to fly... It has become a dreaded necessity...

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    USAIRWAYS COMPLAINTS: From Akron to Philly then a connecting flight to ILM NC. At the check in counter in CAK people were standing and waiting and confused as to cut in line and use the computer check in. There was ONE lady there and it was a mess. Then after a non eventful smooth flight right when landing in Philly PA we touched down and took off again immediately. It was VERY TENSE no one came over the PA to tell us anything. The flight attendant finally did and guessed it was for a good reason. The pilot finally said on the PA that we did not have permission to land. I had the strangest sickest feeling we would have collided on the runway with another aircraft. We were luckily on a 50 passenger and I wonder if we were on a larger aircraft if the touch and go (with the two back tires only-it seemed) would have worked to allow proper speed/timing to become safely airborne again.

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    Mon Jul 12 2010

    US Airways Customer Service is real bad. During cancellation they say the amount is refundable for a non-refundable ticket provided there is any medical condition; but while booking an other flight for the same amount they would say the amount is refundable only if the passenger is hospitalized. They believe the passenger cannot travel only when he/she is hospitalized, but remember a passenger who travels while he/she is sick (without being hospitalized) will eventually be hospitalized. Do you expect that to happen? Is this the way you treat the passengers

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    Nothing special, but the crew is generally attentive. Yes, they do tend to overbook flights, but will give you vouchers to volunteer for later flights, so there are usually enough volunteers. The crew is fairly attentive and accommodating, including the people at check-in. Don't expect any special amenities on the flights though. They'll give you free drinks, but you have to buy all snacks and they are pricey. Usually get to my destination on time, or a little early.

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    I used to fly with them quite often when they were America West prior to their merger with US Air. My last several experiences with them have been awful and I now pretty much avoid flying with them whenever possible. My last three flights involved some of the most unfriendly employees I've ever dealt with and every possible fee that you could ever imagine. Fees for checked baggage, fees for a window seat, fees for an aisle seat, etc. I felt like I could have chartered a private jet by the time I added up all of the garbage fees they throw at you. I was amazed that I didn't have to get out my credit card to use the restroom (maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas). I could probably get over the fees if I weren't being screamed at to store my carry-on "wheels out" on a flight that was about 30% full or if I didn't have to wait around at the gate for hours because they were having trouble "locating a crew". Hopefully my experience is not representative of the kind of service others are get... Read more

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I've flown with these guys on several occasions. I have to say, shame on me for going back as many times as I did. This airline has the worst customer service in history. Now get this, I complained to the company and bless them, the sent me a voucher for a good sum of money to make me happy. I was grateful and it allowed me a trip to see my ailing sister in Hawaii. However, it was the WORST airline experience EVER!!! I'm minimally handicapped (nerve injury left me with a very weak left side and I use a cane and need assistance.) The final straw was the connecting flight from Honolulu to Kona when I stood on the tarmack (yeah, no jetways at those airports) at the bottom of the stairs watching everyone board and NOT ONE host or hostess offered assistance (no way I could climb those stairs with my carry on and I had just been dumped there out of a wheelchair so it was pretty obvious I needed help.) There was a kindly middle-aged couple who offered to help me (made me start bawling like a ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 28 2009

    I recently flew US from Seattle WA to Lexington KY. It wasn't a horrible flight at all and I received plenty of attention from the crew. Was not my best flying experience, but far from the worst.

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    Fri Jul 31 2009

    Not bad at all... especially in comparison with United. I repeat, do not fly united!!!

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    Let's see. How long does it take to fly across the country? Three days if you go on US AIRWAYS. My daughter and her friend had tickets for Saturday afternoon leaving from NH to arrive in Spokane late that night. A delay at one of the stops meant they would miss their connecting flights, so other flights were found, but they were for the next day. They already would miss half a day of the camp they were going to, but decided to go ahead anyway. On Sunday, they were late leaving for Philadelphia where they would change planes but managed to arrive in plenty of time for their connecting flight to Phoenix where they would board the plane for Spokane. Well, after a four-hour delay, they had to get another plane to Phoenix where they missed the last connecting flight. Thankfully, I have friends in that city so she picked up the kids. But now, it's Monday--and we can only imagine what horror it will be getting to Spokane today, and missing another half day of this expensive camp. To top i... Read more

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    Seriously? I dont understand why people still fly these crammed airplanes when others like Jet Blue and Virgin have spacious seating and comfortable flights at more than the time less the price!! Service is always pleasant, but I just don't go there anymore....not so much!

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    I know many people have had problems with US Airways, but I Am not one of them. My flights have always been on time and my baggage has arrived. There was one incident in Vegas where they overbooked the flight and were offering a free flight for a future travel. I did not take it ,but thought it was fair. Flying a US airline certainly is not like flying a Euro airline, but my experiences on US Air has always been good.

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    US Airways is not a good airline. Service is horrible. US Airways staff are not good at telling customers about the status of flights, including delays and issues with planes. They seem to only think of you as someone who is giving you money, rather than as a person. If you can choose another airline over US Airways, definitely do.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    Well, there's just a lot to hate! First- the customer service is just awful... even for an airline. I was astonished to see that after changing my reservation, that the email confirmation showed a different amount and even a different credit card charged than the one I gave the agent over the phone. On the second call to see what the problem was, I got an overseas call center with a person that I was not able to communicate with... we got nowhere and the call ended with the agent hanging up with me. On the third call I was once again routed to an overseas call center. The supervisor I requested was unable to understand my problem. They apparently are unable to do more than read a script to callers. I was and am so frustrated... I hope the flight goes better. Should I even trust this company to get me to my destination? I hope they put me on the correct plane. In any event, I am seriously not going to use this company EVER again! It's not worth the cheap fares and let's fac... Read more

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    Sat Feb 07 2009

    Terrible communication. Changed our flights, no email, no seat assignments. It's now up to the consumer to stay on top of your reservations, check every couple of weeks for changes. Not a nice way to treat a customer who gives you money 10 months in advance to secure the desired flight. Then they change it without notification.

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    Thu Feb 05 2009

    US Airways only cares about your you off and hope you don't come back! My wife recently booked a flight for me online from SLC to Cancun. About an hour later, I realized that the flight was $100 more expensive than the Delta flight. So, I called US Airways to see if I could get a refund. They said NO. Once you give us your money, we'll never give it back. And if you want to change your flight, we will charge you a $150 change fee. I couldn't believe it. Delta let's me cancel my flights and fully refunds me as long as it's before midnight of the following day. What about my Right of Rescission as a consumer? I feel taken advantage of by US Airways, and I will never fly them again! The other things about US Airway is their pricing strategy. The prices on the website are constantly changing. We bought 1 ticket for $450 and an hour later the same flight was $550. Then, I checked the next morning and it was $500. Sometimes when you put "2" passengers instead of "1" in the fligh... Read more

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    I booked flights on US Airways for me, my wife and my 4 year old son on (This is a dual rant against orbitz and US Airways.) There was no mention that the lowest fare quote they gave me was for three middle seats (US Air apparently charges more for aisles and windows -- total BS). When I arrived at the airport they told me that we had 3 middle seats -- meaning my 4 year old son would be sitting on his own next two two strangers. The US Air ticket agents said check with the gate agent. The gate agent said check with the flight attendants. Then when we were finally on board, the flight attendants said, "We are not allowed to re-seat passengers, or ask passengers to switch seats." Why couldn't they have mentioned this at the ticket counter or online or at the gate?? We are on the plane at this point, my 4 year old son is totally distressed sitting in a row by himself as the other passengers file onto the plane. Thankfully a guy next to my wife, who had probably paid extr... Read more

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    Mon Dec 22 2008

    dont buy tickets from US airways, they will try to trick you! i booked a ticket for myself from hartford to florida and then right away went to book another ticket for my bf, and in those couple of seconds, the price went up $120!!! to make it worse, 4 days later, i checked the pricing again for the exact same flight and the price was back down to the original price. i called them and asked what was the deal-- were they trying to trick me? the person on the phone said no, it's all about availability. ha, availability! there were plenty of coach seating available right after i booked my ticket. i know i definitely did not take up the last seat at that certain price. im sorry, but i refuse to fly on an airline that tries to trick their customers just to gain profit. completely immoral, no standards, greedy... i don't need to deal with that.

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    Mon Dec 22 2008

    Had to cancel a flight, ticket said $150 cancellation fee. Can't use the credit on the Internet, need to call them, they bumped the flight $100 over the Internet price. Actual charge $250. Complained, they said even though the seat was the same one as on the Internet it had a different classification so it was more. Last time to use this real budget airline. Hope the go bankrupt then possible a real airline can take the routes.

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    This airline consistently moves people's seats and does not even honor reserved seating. No food ! No movie!  No drink ! Nothing is included and this greedy airline has you packed in like a sardine. Unfortunately, I live in an area where this arline is one of the few that can take me where I need to go, but I will be making an extra effort to try to book another arline the next time I need to fly.

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    A group of us flew from Nashville to Los Angeles connecting in Charlotte. The flight went smooth and the crew was very nice. However, the debacle that occurred on the plane was something of sheer amazement to us. A gentleman on the plane was sitting by a woman and started masturbating in front of her, 4 rows in front of us. Rather than get up and report him, she tried to just turn and ignore him. After about 10 min he told her he had something for her. She said, she thought he was going to apoligize or something, but he cummed all over her. Later we found out that a woman nearbye was breastfeeding and it was too much for him to handle. This may sound far fetched, but this actually happened. When we got to Los Angeles, police boarded the plane and took the man into custody. It was truly a surprising experience for all of us.

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    I'm officially knocking off a star.  I went to select my seats for tomorrow's flight, and I saw the option "choice seat, $5".  Huh?  So I clicked on another seat - and any seat you select is actually a "choice seat", so unless you want to be randomly placed in the middle you're paying $5.  Last month I flew them, and payed $5 to check 1 bag.  And the non-alcoholic drinks now cost $.  Profit margins have decreased so prices increase - I get it - but I'd rather pay the extra $10 on a ticket then get tacked on for each of these so-called perks.  Admittedly I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote my old comment.OC 7/4:  I've had very good fortune with these guys, the planes have been renovated with leather seats, I haven't had issues on delays or lost bags or anything like that on several flights with them over the past couple years.  I've found there prices to be the best, particularly when flying x country.  It's true, you will have to pay $5 for a snack pack, and they don't give p... Read more

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    I think this airline should be renamed "I don't give a crap airline & i charge for everything airline & i have the rudest staff airline & i always have huge delays airline that i blame on the weather airline" Chicago to Athens Greece with Stop in PHIL on the way to Greece stopped in PHIL 2 hours on the runway. On the way back stopped in PHIL 4 hours on the runway and then took us back to airport and had to stay in airport for an additional 12 hours with a 3year old and a 1 year old. The staff is rude does not care about anything and treated us like crap. I would not fly them again even if iwas given free tickets.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    US Air is at the bottom of my list of major carriers.  Even when you pay for a pricier ticket, you are invariably nickel-and-dimed by relatively unfriendly staff.  The staff at their Philadelphia hub is a mess. Of course I have individual horror stories (being told we had a 3 hour delay, and to come back in 2.5 hours, only to have the plane leave after 2 hours with no announcement), but I prefer almost any other carrier over US Air.

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    Sat Jun 21 2008

    US Airways to charge $2 for soda, juice, water. Yes, can pay toilets be far behind? It's not the terrorists that are keeping people at home, it's the big airlines who nickel and dime their customers.

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    Imagine this: you are at the airport, bags packed, dogs at the kennel, mail stopped, kids all psyched to spend a week on the beaches of Maui with their cousins. All that's left is to check in and sit back and relax. Oh by the way, US Airways reservations made a mistake and you don't really have those confirmed seats. As a matter of fact, you don't have any seats at all! That's what happened to us after ATA went under and we contacted US Airways to get tickets for the part of our trip formerly covered by ATA (one leg of our trip was originally booked on US Air). Reservations told us that we just needed our confirmation number and our original paper tickets and they would issue us our new tickets at the time of travel. I have a print-out confirming the new reservations, complete with seat assignments and a $0.00 charge. But no, they still can't honor the reservation. Not even the original flight from Denver to Phoenix on US Airways for which I hold paper tickets! So we had to pl... Read more

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    As others have stated the employees do not wear names tags so reporting an incident is almost impossible. I recently had a female US Airways ticketing agent in PHIL ruin my whole traveling experience. After being treated like a 4 year old and having her repeatably refer to my traveling companion as my "boyfriend" in a rude tone, she demanded an apology from me after I said nothing and complied with everything she requested. All I can say is "Never again on US Airways."

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    Sun Mar 16 2008

    Travel with them and your on "Could NOt Give A Damm" airlines. Customer care - you are joking. Keep to a schedule - never been known.

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    Thu Feb 14 2008

    Started my flight from Hartford, CT to Milwaukee, WI with a layover in Philidelphia. Let me tell you this... I will NEVER fly with them EVER AGAIN!! Once in Phili my plane was delayed due to another plane being before my flight at the same gate. They redirected my plane to another gate. 40 minutes later they said they were taking voulunteers because the flight was overbooked. An HOUR later they said that the plane had MECHANICAL problems and another plane was enroute in about 25 minutes. 40 minutes later they cancelled my flight due to MECHANICAL PROBLEMS. Here I am with my 15 MONTH OLD SON ( the only child on the flight ) (who is sick and needed to get to the doctor )with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. They told all of us to get in line to be re booked. They made me stand in line behind 30 other people before they would even look my way. Finally a RUDE man came over and redirected me to another person to rebook. I got to the other person, and rudely she tells me she cant help me... Read more

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    This airlines has the most terrible customer service ever esp the online sales dept. MOst of the females here are rude, have attitude and dont even TRY to help. I am never doing business with this airlines ever.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    US AIRWAYS is no bueno. Good luck getting a hold of anyone at their customer relations number 1-866-523-5333. I called for 3 hours and kept getting disconnected as they are personally unavailable to answer your call and suggest you try your call again later. After googling for a while I found a number ( on someones blog) where a live person should be able to help you. I believe it is US Airways corporate number- ( not toll free) 1-480-693-2341 they were able to assist me there although I did not get the desired voucher amount that we deserved for our troubles. I will not ever fly with US Airways again. I value companies that value their customers- this company could care less about helping people with the problems they encountered while flying with them.

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    Sun Nov 18 2007

    I have been flying with US Airways for 7 years. Last year we got stuck in the runway on a plane with our then 3 y/o for over four hours. We figured it was just a matter of the weather. The flight attendants where awful. Couldn't even get a glass of water. This year we had our secons son and I flew to PR to see my family and brought with me my disabled husband, my two kids and thanks God my babysitter. I saved up for a whole year for this trip. On the way back US Airways attendants pretended me to let my 4 year old daugther to sit on the back of the plane by herself and all of us separate because the flight was full and they weren't going to make changes. We finally found a good samaritan who gave up his sit so our babysitter could sit with my daughter. Then the plane was late 2 hrs to pick us up, we miss their connection in Philadelphia they had also cancelled aflight to Main becuase they didn't had a crew to go on that flight so there was about 300 people stranded in Philadlphia... Read more

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    Well after flying delta the last few years,i've decided to boycott them,so when I fly home for thanksgiving this month to kansas city to see my folks I made reservations with this airline.connections seem good,although the tickets are alot more,I suspect that Is because I waited until 2 weeks ago to purchase them.I guess I will find out.I have a hard time believing they could be worse than delta.I shall see!

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    Thu Oct 11 2007

    Flew USAirways for over 30 years, but have given up after continually rotten experiences this year. I now drive 150 miles round trip to fly another carrier.

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    Tue Sep 11 2007

    Don't fly with US Airway. Their flights are never on time, and you're likely to miss your connection flights. They'll never explain what's going on and keep you waiting forever. And they'll shout you back if you want explanations. They have also lost my baggage and they don't want to take responsibility for that. I connected to Delta and their explanation was "we don't get along with Delta. Their response on the phone is awful too. They may offer you cheap tickets, but I guarantee that you will have much regret. In short, if you want to have a fun trip--or a sane trip--don't ever fly with US Airway. This is THE most awful airlines you can ever thin.k of. Don't ever ever try to fly with US Airways. They are jokingly bad

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    Sat Sep 08 2007

    rating 0 We purchased a ticket on US Airways (unfortunately, and never again) to Frankfurt Germany in April for June 27. The day of the flight, my husband (with others) was removed from the boarding area and told the flight would not make the connection in Philadelphia in time. After spending many hours in line for help from USAirways agents, he was told that no rescheduling could be done and to go home and come back at 5AM the next day, June 28, which he did, only to find the desk closed. After waiting several hours again he was told this flight was cancelled and a copy of a letter from the airline was eventually circulated among the passengers saying that no rescheduling could be done for the next few days!! He tried endlessly to get through on the phone and could not. THERE WERE NO US AIRWAYS PERSONNEL TO HELP ADDRESS THE PROBLEM AT THE AIRPORT AND NO ONE COULD BE REACHED BY PHONE!!!! We had complicated connections to make in Frankfurt so by that point he could not possibly... Read more

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    Sat Aug 11 2007

    They are cheap but not worth it. We just spent 2 days in their airports and spent hundreds of dollars because of their canceled flights. They were totally unprepared for a few thunderstorms on the east coast. We waited late into the night for three hours to find out that we would have to fly half way across the country away from our destination late the next day to get home. I understand bad weather but they know the forcasts as well as we do. They need to put on extra staff to deal with it just like other businesses. I will not fly with them again.

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    I avoid US Airways at all cost, as I've never had one error free flight with them. We recently very reluctantly used US Airways to go to Seattle from Philadelphia - and it was rotten in both directions. Sure enough, going out we go tthe rudest treatment I have ever seen on an airline and coming back they lost a suitcase of ours. After boarding and waiting for about 35 minutes, a flight attendant stomped up and down the aisle telling us there were weight problems- we needed to take on more fuel for the flight and they need 4 people to get off the plane - no announcement over the PA, no offer of a ticket if you volunteered. Needless to say no one volunteered - after a few minutes the gate attendant stomped up and down saying the same thing, with no offer for compensation - THEN another flight attendant practically screamed at the passengers "If we don't get rid of 4 passengers on this flight, we'll all just be sitting her all day" !! Still no offer for compensation. When my husband st... Read more

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    Thu Jul 26 2007

    My family and I travelled recently and it was fantastic. We had our 8 year old and our twin 9 month old sons. We were barely sitting together (booked too late) and they jump through hoops to sit us together and even give an open seat to our carrier. Wow! Thanks US Airways.

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    Fri Jul 20 2007

    Terrible customer service. Greeted them with a "good morning" and a smile and I got nothing but bad attitude. They don't want to help with a problem concerning their flights and please don't have your luggage lost. Reported luggage was stille in San Juan, PR. The agent gave us a direct no. to call and verify our luggage would be sent. Woman on the other end caught a major attitude and wanted to know how we got the number. She chose not to help us. Most of the agents at the gate don't know what they are doing and make boarding a plane look like the circus. They do what they want with a terrible attitude. Constant plane delays. I heard that there are major problems between pilots from US Air and pilots from America West. That's not the customers fault. Work it out!

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    Sun Mar 18 2007

    US Airways has made massive errors this past weekend, Jet Blue did the same recently. The State of Pennsylvania stranded hundreds on a freeway for 24 hours. What do we need to do to get this country to understand bad weather should be planned for, predicted, and dealt with beforehand?? We are trying to get cheap travel with not enough capacity and we are paying the price in needless human suffering, even what I would call refugee situations... The Federal Government should mandate that every state and every airline show evidence that their systems will stand up for "an elderly grandparent with a diabetic grandchild" in an ice storm "during spring break". Or some such. It is ridiculous to let the airlines off the hook because "you can't predict bad weather." Of course you can predict bad weather, we know it is coming, plan for it!