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Up in the Air

2009 American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman Website

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    The ending was good and the last 30 seconds were perfect.

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    Mon May 17 2010

    A good movie, not great. As former frequent flier, I could easily identify myself with the main characters. However, my business travel was so intense, that I do not remember any case, when I could think about having affairs on the way...

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    Mon Mar 22 2010

    This movie follows the life of someone (Clooney) whose job it is to travel from company to company, firing people. The movie isn't just timely. It's also very well done. The movie does a lot of things well, but what really got me was its message about how awful it must feel to be canned. The rapid-fire sequence of clips showing people's reactions to the bad news, filmed as if you the viewer were the one who conveyed the bad news, was truly hard to watch. One guy's response was something like: "I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow." Sad. Made the economic downturn more personal for me.

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    Mon Mar 22 2010

    George clooney plays a character named RyanBingham. his job is to fly all over the world and "fire" people from their jobs. guess all these companies hire his firm to fire employees for them. He has done this for years and it is getting worse. the world of computers has made it so a person can be fired over a computer. what a horrible concept. Ryan has been assigned a young just graduated from college women who may be book smart, but does not have experience in the real work force. he takes her around to help train her in the unpleasant job of firing someone from jobs they may have worked at for years. he has a ladyfriend he met and catches up with on the road. whatever job she has keeps her on the road. later on we learn this girlfriend has a secret{not too hard to figure out}one incident causes the young upstart to quit near the end. good movie even though it has an upsetting topic. especially when the practice firing a man over a computer and they can see him in the next room. I ho... Read more

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    Sat Feb 20 2010

    It's not hilariously funny, it's not deeply profound, it's not poignant, and it’s not even a great story. But it was well scripted, acted, and intelligent. It was filmed with the eye of a great photographer. The humour was thoughtfully witty. It's a great little film. George Clooney basically plays a variation on himself, as usual, but Jason Bateman and the two female leads are really good. And J.K. Simmons gets to steal a great scene. I think Jason Reitman is the best film director working in Hollywood and should be allowed to make whatever he wants, whenever he wants with nobody screwing around with his artistic process.

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    Sun Feb 14 2010

    I really enjoyed this movie. George Clooney plays a character named Ryan Bingham, and his job is to travel across the country, and to fire employees of various companies. Think of him as an outsourced employment hit-man. The movie really hits home in this bad economy. Clooney's character is a lonely and confused one but I'm sure relatable to a lot of people (myself included).

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    This seems to be the movie to see right now. At first things went along much like in the trailer. At first I was rather disappointed but still curious. I am not a George Clooney fan but he is ok with me. He did seem very believable in this to me. It is relevant about people losing their jobs. It was a bit odd showing them. It goes on and on about air miles that can get a little old. I didn't like the girl that he has to show around. I hate that type that people see in HR. No one likes them. I suppose it is not her fault. It was a little funny with his supposed girlfriend. It is sad what happens. The HR girl that helps him with the firing eventually quits. What is good though? I guess it is the idea of him dealing with the problem and going on. I think the movie has a larger meaning and the idea of it all stayed with me after the movie.

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