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2009 American computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures Website

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Really great movie but it did make me cry.

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    Better than expected. Deeper life lessons than expected. The "Aging" concept isnt easy to express to adults much less children the film did it very well. Thumbs "UP"!

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    I cannot believe this film is at the bottom of the list. What a charming and amazing film and way better than "A Bug's Life". I certainly enjoyed it. It's safe to say this is one of my favourite Pixar animated movie thus far. Not a lot of animations have a senior citizen as the lead character and this is what I found so alluring. Carl Fredricksen is a miserable man, but he has every reason to be. The montage at the beginning of the film was so moving and beautiful and it helped the viewers to gain some understanding of Mr Fredrickson's current circumstance. The star of this entire cartoon for myself personally was Russell. Russell is an eight-year-old wilderness explorer who accidentally joins Mr Fredrickson on this adventure and how this comes about is too funny. Normally children depicted in animation (particularly Pixar movies) are portrayed as annoying little brats. Russell redemmed this quality by showing loyalty, trust, humanity, love and so much comedy (the way most ch... Read more

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    This movie rocks

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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    Good movie, but not my favorite.

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    An adorable cute movie...... addictive sayings.. (SQUIRREL!!!) LOL. Though it was a little sad, it was a great family movie! I will own it:)

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    The film starts with a young boy, Carl Fredricksen, in a cinema watching a black and white documentary about his favourite hero, the adventurer Charles F. Muntz who was renowned for his exploits in South America but was shamed after accusations of forging a skeleton. On his way home he stumbles across a run-down house where he meets another Muntz fan called Ellie. The two of them make a promise to one day fly to Paradise Falls and it is then that Carl falls in love with her. Time then moves quickly and we see that the couple marry and move into the house where they met after renovating the place. We also see their chance for a family taken away from them and their hopes of going adventuring to Paradise Falls slipping further and further out of reach. Eventually we seem them as an elderly couple, having never fulfilled their dreams of going to Paradise Falls. One day Carl buys plane tickets to go there but before he can show Ellie the tickets she collapses and is taken to the hospital... Read more

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    Sat Dec 12 2009

    One of the best Movies I have ever seen! One of the things that really grabbed me was the music, it was great. The whole movie is funny, suspenseful and sometimes a little sad. The characters are so lovable, especially the talking dogs :) I saw it in the theater and I have watched it around 5 times on demand, I just cant stop watching it. 5 stars for this movie for sure! Go see it!

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    Mon Oct 26 2009

    this is a pretty funny movie !

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    Sun Sep 06 2009

    terrific movie from start to finish. Expertly made, well drawn, good story. My 86 yr. old mom and my 20 yr old daughter and me, at 54, all liked the movie tremendously.

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    Fri Aug 14 2009

    Hmm, did that come out ever? I didn't see anything about it here.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    let it come

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    If you ever check out the Rotten Tomatoes website, with any movie that has an extremely good rating, and if any expert critics slams that movie down, you'll find a train of fans spamming that thread to death calling the critic anything you can think of. It's not any of my intention to be in that position, but the sun shines brightly today and I feel I could just about take on the world even if everyone opposed me. While I was in the 3D theater watching the preview, I was astoned by the new 3D graphics one can get in a movie theater now a day. I have seen 3D films before in IMAX, but the experiences compared to the 3D seen in Disneyland or Disneyworld were nowhere close. While I was being wowed by the 3D effect during the preview, I was glad that I chose to view this movie in 3D and just couldn't wait to have the best 3D experience ever. The feature presentation however, really didn't compare in terms of the 3D graphics. There was definitely 3D, but it's not in front of your face 3D. M... Read more

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    I saw this movie in the theaters for a class trip and it was funny and sad and heartwarming and sometimes you laughed so hard you started crying. But even though it is not one of my favorites i think that littler kids would love to see this movie.

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    Saw this with the lady the other day. . . It's not really for kids. The first 15 minutes presents a montage that is quite heartbreaking if you're in a happy marriage. UP can be emotionally tough for those who have lost a close loved one. . . But it's good work. . .courage, exploration, and keeping your word are a few of the values and lessons taught here. I didn't even know that Ed Asner was still alive. . .he's terrific as the old man.

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Everyone in the crowd laughed and cried with this movie, it held no punches, and shows what makes pixar the best animation studio in hollywood catering to both adults and children, nothing is watered down, but yet is still incredibly heart warming.

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    I saw this movie last weekend and I have to admit, I was so moved I want to see it again. The magic of Pixar is that it speaks to all ages. There was an elderly couple behind me in the movie who kept making adorable comments to eachother throughout. This is an amazing, beautiful, heart wrenching story. The delicate montage of a life unfolding together in the beginning is worthy of being it's own art form. The twinkling melody that plays behind images of a couple loving each other through all of life's hardships was so melancholy it made me ache inside. By the end of it, when the old man walks through the door of their home alone, I was bawling. The rest of the movie continues in this great leaps it goes from tender and sweet to honest to goodness funny. The dogs in the movie really steal the show and the ingenious of Pixar truly never fails. Above all, I am blown away by the new kind of love the movie shows between an old man and a boy. The BEST movie I have seen in a long ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    Up is proof that Pixar is maturing towards genius in storytelling, animation and cinematography. The design of each and every environment is exquisite, particularly the interior of Carl Fredricksen's house. With Up, Pixar has created a version of the world full of fantasy and intrigue that comes closer to watching my imagination than anything I've seen on screen before. In short, I loved this film, it was perfection. The story Up tells is timeless. Its core is familiar, and successfully rooted in reality before transcending into reverie. Carl, the old man in the film, loses his beloved wife Ellie after a long and happy life together. While they were younger, they dreamed of becoming adventurers, but instead settled into a routine until it was too late. Faced with the prospect of being shipped off to a retirement home after a unfortunate conflict with a real estate developer who wants his land, Carl decides to check out by unleashing thousands of balloons and traveling off to Paradise ... Read more

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Great movie overall and very touching. It's a shame that all of the bums on Wallstreet weren't as good as predicting the market or how well a pixar movie will do as Pixar is at making damn good movies.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I loved Up because of its simple yet moving human oriented story line and its sense of humor. I wasn't distracted by non-human animals, comic book characters, talking cars nor whiz bang computer animation. It's about an old man and a kid, some funny talking dogs who talk like dogs think rather than imitation people, and a bird with decidedly dinosaur-like movements. It's an UPlifting feel good movie written for adults more than kids. Up replaced Nemo as my favorite Pixar movie. (FWIW, I watched it in Disney World, where I work.)