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    Sun Jun 03 2012

    I worked at UOP for over 2 years. I took advantage of the tuition assistance and earned my MBA. The MBA program was time consuming but not challenging. The work environment at UOP is dysfunctional and the management is incompetent. That translated into disrespect towards the employees. The attrition rate is very high. Over a year ago following awful press releases, UOP transitioned from a sales environment to a customer service business model. No one talks about number of enrollments but there is still an underlying force to produce. To make matters worse the quarterly earnings reports for the past year have been dismal. Sometimes I hear comments about my degree not being accepted or recognized. I'm not sure if the rumors are true but it's very pervasive. The comments are usually about not taking the GRE or GMAT to be accepted and other times it's about the business accreditation. UOP is not a research university; it's a learning institution. UOP may have more MBA students enrolled tha... Read more

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    Fri Apr 27 2012

    Can any one give some information about UOP?

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    Fri Mar 30 2012

    I attended and completed my BSN at UOP. It is all on line and demands that the student is on top of more of the many aspects of their education. You have to have a lot of decepline to go to class and get the work done. I have degrees from conventional "brick and morter" universities and have to agree with some here that they do help a lot more with the finance questions and concerns, but if you pay attention and follow the instructions UOP does work, and is not that difficult. Also, you have to take responsability for yourself. One of the great aspects on attending UOP on line is the freedom to sit at home, on the beach or anywhere in the world you can get on line and attend classes. Also, I was able to attend classes with students from all over the US and the sharing of Ideas and experiences from all of us made the "class room" experience much more rewarding. It expaded all our knowledge beyond the classwork that is provided when student are all in the same geographical location. To... Read more

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    Tue Sep 06 2011

    Well it depends on what part of UOP you are rating... I give the schooling part great reviews. It is fun with lots of interaction from the teacher and students. But the part of Financial AID Department gets a negative star.... I have had THE most issues than I have ever had at any school I have EVER attended. I get "randomly" chosen every time to submit verification of my taxes Which costs me six bucks every time (6 bucks isnt a lot but when you already don't have anything it is more than you can afford)... And that id IF they get it the first time you fax it... Then they ask you to fill out something for a different type of verification, you do, then about a week or two later, you get a call and have to do it AGAIN.... They need to get thier stuff together, this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are trying to say that I own a business/farm and want to know what my property investment value is... WHAT... if I had enough money to invest in property I would not have to get student ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    This isn't a REAL school. This is a "give me your money and you will graduate" school. I would never, ever hire someone from UOP, ITT Tech, etc. It's suuuchhh a joke.

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    Hey moore2mm; My best suggestion would be when you have to repay the student loans you have, if any, you should use 'false certification' as the reason for withdrawal. It sounds to me as though you have been lied to as well. The admissions people only want your bucks and believe me they will not slack when it comes to getting their money or getting you enrolled. Even if it means lying to you.

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    Sun May 08 2011

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    Thu Apr 21 2011

    I received my Associate's in Dec 2006. I returned last year to work towards my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting last year. I have worked for a major corporation for over 20 years. My boss was not a fan of online, UOP in particular, as were quite a few employees. Our company then changed their tuition policy and reduced the number of accredited classes that they would pay for and consider the company's 'preferred' schools. I was pretty upset because many employees were using UOP as an example of companies being removed from the list. Well, low and behold, UOP made the 1st cut! These same people attended some local brick and mortar universities that did not make the list! Turns out that the buzz around the company on UOP was not the same as our department. Executives said that they have a lot of respect for an online education because it provides employees the option to choose their style of learning. I have coworkers who attend UOP, other online colleges, and traditional universiti... Read more

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    Sun Mar 13 2011

    Where should I start? I will try to make this review an honest account of my experience with the UOP. I have been at the University of Phoenix for about 4+ years. I know what you are thinking 4+ years? Well I take a week break minimum in between classes. Unlike brick and mortar colleges we do not get summer fall and winter and spring breaks. We go all year round, and I get burned out really easy. Now technically if you add all my time actually in a class then I am about 3 years in, and I have 1 left before I complete my BSIT. My experiences at UOP are like any other I have had in my life. I have good stories, and bad stories to tell. The first thing I can tell you is the UOP is not easy. You have to be disciplined to get through the course work. It is difficult. I would even say in some instances it is more difficult than the course work I have had to do at a traditional university. It takes a different kind of discipline in order to attend both types of universities. I would even g... Read more

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    Wed Jan 26 2011

    1 stars For all of you people looking to get into the field of Criminal Justice, listen up. I’ve worked in the field of CJ for 22 years and I’ve been assigned all over. If you want to get a job in the field of CJ, then pull your head out of your ass and go to a traditional school with a reputation of offering CJ programs. In my Department, all sorts of traditional degreed individuals come in seeking employment in the field of CJ and the ones with the UoP degree’s get laughed at behind the doors. There’s no way an individual who graduated from UoP would ever be my partner or anyone else’s! A traditional school in CJ will offer the best instructors who’ve worked in the field of CJ as well as have the academia to back it up…I know this for a fact as I’ve taught at a major university as well as was a candidate for UoP to teach. If you don’t believe me, go to ANY law enforcement agency and find out for yourself. Oh, and those who rank UoP high are those who are either currently e... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    This is coming from an individual who never went to UoP. I was sitting at a desk waiting for a career specialist to come back to talk to me, and I overheard this women at the desk next to mine. She was telling the career specialist that she had an MBA from UoP and that she had been looking everywhere for a job, but no one would accept her degree calling it worthless. She is 80,000 in the hole and she was crying, pleading with the specialist to help her. I will never go to a school like this when one of their graduates is sitting in a California career one stop center crying asking for help. I do not know her full story, but that was enough to scare me away from attending UoP. I just wanted to share my information with anyone considering attending UoP.

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    Mon Dec 27 2010

    A friend of mine attended UOP online and received a bachelors degree in business. I told her that she should open her own business and that I would help her get it running (I own a very successful company for 19 years and counting). Her response was "I don't know how to open a business". I am very disappointed in those words. Funny thing is that people come here from other countries and can barley speak a word of English, but manage to open businesses with barley any schooling. It's not hard to open one. The hardest part is keeping it running. After hearing those words come from her mouth, I will NEVER hire anyone that attended an online college. 4 years and thousands of $$$ wasted. Maybe some online colleges are good, but I will NOT take that risk with my company and I told her that there is no room for her with my company. I prefer people with real field experience or people with natural talent and creativity. College degrees mean nothing to me. Just a piece of paper that says t... Read more

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    We are not allowed to consider anyone for employment that attended this college. My boss says that if he can't pick up a college football schedule and see your school listed, then it is not a real school. It is worse than no college at all because he says that it demonstrates poor decision making ability. In my 6 years with the company, I have never found a single person that disagrees with him. Employers won't admit it, but you don't believe they discriminate based on what college you attended, you are a true Phoenix.

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    I will have to say that those who complain about teams and the work that UOP requires, is not cut out for this school. In the beginning I was disappointed with the team concept. I thought "why is my grade being affected by other people's lack of drive?", but after about three courses of begging and pleading with people to get their work completed it dawned on me. This school is about managing people. Since the fourth course I have grabbed the bull by the horns and lead every team that I am on. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED! I understand that many people feel that they are carrying others, but you have to manage them. For instance my team charter states that if someone misses the deadline for an assignment they will be removed from the assignment and will have to complete it on their own. No ifs, ands, or buts! I have stuck with this rule and have enforced it numerous times. Many times the culpret gains a higher level of respect for me and the team. Once they get ejected from an assi... Read more

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    Overall, I had many good and some bad experiences with UOP. I enrolled in March of 2008 to earn a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I finished my last class this month and am officially graduated and certified as a teacher. Online learning is not for everyone. You have to be self directed, organized, and persistent. I earned my first degree at a traditional college but after having 3 kids, distance learning seemed to be the way to go. UOP is not for everyone- it is an accelerated program where you have to WORK HARD! I do know people who have failed courses, I know people who have failed certification exams, and other people who had to drop out because they couldn't keep the pace. I *do*, however, believe that the UOP faculty is expected to pass as many students as possible which results in some questionable passing grades being granted. However, in general, I found that as I progressed through my degree out of the required 200 level courses (math, science, history) an... Read more

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    I dont know why my content was deleted so let me re-state my review. Im about to graduate from UOP in FEB with my bachelors in accounting. Alot of the reviews on here sound like students who didnt want to apply themselves or people who may have not wanted to sit threw Freshmen classes. The first year classes are very basic and some are easy but so are first year classes at any college for that matter. My core classes (accounting) were tough and challenging and I was handed no grades at all I earned every bit of my 3.51 GPA. In terms of complaining about the cost you pay more for the CONVENIENCE of getting a class done per 5 weeks. Try getting that amount of classes done in one semester at a normal college yes cost is less but also the classes you can get done in teh same amount of time is less. To say Phoenix is a joke is laughable all the teachers I had in teh accounting program were either A. Accountants or B. had their own accounting business. Now I dont know how you feel about tha... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I am so disgusted with UOP. I too have gone to a traditional university and excellent junior college. I went to UOP b/c I was a married working adult and wanted the accelerated education. The convenience was important to me but it was NOT worth it. This school will take anyone and their classes are a joke. Granted the dynamic of learning is different but if you want a diploma from a respectable school, look elsewhere. The caliber and class of people is low. Some of these people shouldn't even be taking college courses! But you get what you put into it and I worked hard and got good grades and was determined to keep on. I completed all my required courses with UOP and had about a semester of elective credits left. I chose to transfer these in from a junior college to save money and had some health and major family issues. Now 2 years later, UOP won't take my credits and wants me to retake almost another year worth of upper-division classes! That is crazy. They won't readmit me into a B... Read more

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    Before getting into my review I want to first state I have attended Indiana University for 2 years as well as a local community college prior to attending UoP. I chose UoP because I work full time and I have a family that requires much of my time. I have attended online classes previously and had an idea of what to expect prior to enrolling. The registration process was easy, the many advisors do all of the work for you, even requesting your transcripts from other schools. One aspect I did not like was the fact the advisors do not keep you informed as to what steps you are taking, they email you step by step instructions on how to fill out financial aid forms and registration information. If you are someone that does not ask questions before signing your name to a document then I can see how so many problems can arise later on. However I am a veteran with financial aid processes and I declined the loan portions. This act of independence threw my advisor into a fit, she called me every... Read more

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    Fri Nov 12 2010

    This is the WORST school in the entire world! Do yourself a favor and find any other school. They are only in the business of making a profit NOT TEACHING. Once you are enrolled, their only aim is to keep you in so that they can continue to milk you dry. Be smart and runaway from this school as fast as you can.

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    Thu Nov 04 2010

    I enrolled at Axia college of University of Phoenix two years ago and I just now graduated with an associates degree in Health Care Administration/Medical Records. I was able to land a job in Administration doing Medical Records in a Long Term Care facility with my degree. Like many of you I read all the negative feedback from this school on how the accreditation sucks, staff is horrible and omg!! they ripped me off. I got to thinking geez I wish I would of found this sight before enrolling.. But you now what!! I did my homework, I checked in with all the other online schools and let me tell ya there is not one out there that is totally perfect there is going to be something that someone out there doesn't like and will write a bad review and they are more in-likely are over exaggerating. And to tell you the truth how many of them are actual students, did you ever think that maybe they could be someone from a different school giving the UOPX a bad review so that their school looks... Read more

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    Sat Oct 30 2010 I will post my review after I transfer! My experience has been a learning one. I wish I had found this site and the site above before I enrolled. html Do your research.

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    Tue Oct 26 2010

    3-4 stars for education received. You get what you put into your education. Like everything else there are good teachers and bad teachers. I found the courses to be stimulating and the rigor was intense. Great education. -5 (that is minus 5 stars) for the management and subsequent employees of UoP. They are all about money, money, money. I know every company strives to make a buck and has that right to be profitable, but this company does not have an ethical conscious. I worked at Uof P, they drive you for enrollments?even if it means enrolling someone who can?t afford it or may be a loan risk. I wanted to do good and help people and I found a very greedy breed of individuals working at U of P. They are not there to help, they don?t care about individuals. They care about enrollments, period! I quit the organization as it was too hard watching so many people compromise their credit and struggle with a decision they were pushed in to. I do think they should not be in the business of gr... Read more

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    I currently attend UOP also. I can tell you that every school you go to will have its good and bad. Some people will say great things about a certain school while others will say very negative things about the same school. I have heard so many things about online degrees but I know people who have online degrees and one person in particular that has an online degree from UOP. They to have a job in the area in which they went to school for with that degree. For the position they have it said 2 yr degree in healthcare admin a must. I know this information because it was my MOM. Almost every school you go to now will most likely give you some type of class online and i think soon all schools will be this way. I was told that certain jobs dont accept online degrees but how is this when your degree wont even say online degree, so how would they even kno you have an online degree. It looks the same as those they get from going to on campus classes. Everyone who have something negative to say... Read more

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    I graduated from Phoenix (UOPX) a few years ago with a masters degree. When I entered the masters program, it was very clear what the requirements were (I needed an official accredited undergrad degree with a gpa of 2.5 or over [my gpa was 3.360 from Saint Mary's College of Calif.]. It seems UOPX doesn't accept just any undergrad school either-they must be regionally accredited in particular), significant work experience, references and acceptable writing and communication skills. UOPX's admission requirements to enter their undergrad programs require previous college credits, taking English and math compentency exams, high school grad transcript and other requirements especially for non native English speakers. Therefore, I don't understand why individuals keep saying that it is so easy to get into the University of Phoenix when their entry requirements are basically the same as any other colllege or university. All one has to do is read their admissions requirements and see that ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    I was a straight A student in my third year of college (the first two years were at a community college). UOP is ok if you are focused on getting a degree to say you have a degree. You may want to think twice if your focus is success and prosperity. Some people are so caught up on having a degree. I will not feel happy with a large debt from school and cannot afford to pay the money back or am struggling. Please show me people who have paid back their student loans and are now living in abudance after UOP, not someone who has the received a degree to feed their ego. How has the degree added success to your world or how were you able to achieve financial success and help others because of your degree? The reason why UOP received a terrible from me was because they never kept their word. I could not trust what they said would come to past and trust is the foundation for my partnerships. I refused to give them another dime because they did not care about me they mostly cared about ... Read more

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    Sun Sep 26 2010

    I give 4 stars...I currently attend UoPh and am surprised that I'm not at the 4.0 level! The challenge of time management is always an issue, the challenge of technology is always an issue, and I have had little success in pleading my (weak) case for tardiness and technology troubles. It is my responsibility to meet the requirements, and at this University, I get no more special treatment than any other student. So, 4 stars for sticking to their (crowd control) management plans. Earning my associates after successfully transfering a number of credits from another University (my state university would not honor but a very few), I found most of the professors/facilitators to be very engaged, and honestly interested. One professor was a soap-box political mega-horn, but I let that slide and kept to my obligations and learned plenty along the way. Look at the University professors in brick and mortar facilities that push their opinion on young students all day long. Another plus, I am alwa... Read more

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    Thu Sep 23 2010

    I was persuaded to attend the University of Phoenix-Online even though I am a resident of Illinois. The alternative was Governors State Univ which is located in Illinois. I wish I had attended Gov State Univ. I was given false information when Univ of Phoenix was recruiting me. I was told that my astronomical financial aid bills would be erased via the loan forgiveness program which I find I am not eligible for. I was entering the elem education program to receive a masters degree in special education to become a special education teacher. Upon completion of the program I submitted my material to the ISBE to receive a teaching certificate. To my surprise I was denied my certificate because there are several deficiencies. Apparently Illinois requirements are slightly different from AZ. Among other things there are 3 Illinois ISBE tests that I have to pass before I can get my certificate. My academic adviser was adamant that I take the AEPA which is an Arizona requirement. Hello I am... Read more

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    Fri Sep 17 2010

    I chose three stars (which is an OK rating) because UOP does have its good points. I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology last fall. I chose UOP because it allowed me a flexible schedule. In that aspect, UOP is great. It's faculty is just like any other university in that there are some who care and some who don't. I had a 4.0 GPA because I did my work on time and did it well. What I hated about UOP is the learning team concept because in every class I had, I pulled the load and someone else got credit for it. I can't tell you how many people I carried over the course of three years. I already had a great job when I went back to school so I did not have to enter the workforce looking for a job when I finished. Unfortunately, I have heard many companies do not acknowledge and/or respect online degrees, including those from UOP. If you have other choices, think about them.....If not, look at the reviews from other online schools and choose wisely based on your personal goals and need... Read more

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    First of all, I would like to point out that all of the bad reviews come from people who didn't attend the school, only attended a year, or were ex-employees. I transferred my credits to UoP after my associates degree. I also previously attended Oklahoma University and other public and private state universities. There really is no difference in the education. I have had PhD level teachers in state universities that never taught me a thing. They stood in front of an auditorium class of 60+ students and taught by powerpoint. It didn't matter if I was there or not. My only grade was the one from the test, so if I read the material I could pass the test by attending 1 class per course. This is a fully accreditted and federal funded school. At UoP I am required to post and articulate knowledge in the subject of the class. For my accounting class at UoP, there was no way to fake knowledge on that subject. The facilitator of the class was a CPA and would call BS on fluff posts and not give c... Read more

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    I am just about to graduate for the University of Phoenix online. I really don't have a problem with the online aspect and the way employers view it. It simply doesn't matter to me. What does is the the quality of education you receive from the school. I would rate the school at best, "OK". The school has no teachers, but rather 'facilitators'; and it operates in a learning team environment. If there were two things I could change about the school to make it better, it would be those two. I want teachers, not people that keep a conversation going. And the learning team environment is the farthest thing from reality there is (it's only together for no more than 5 weeks). The grades attached to the learning team assignments can REALLY hurt you - with no fault of your own. Finally, it's REALLY expensive!!!!!!! It costs almost as much as attending Stanford, and it's online. The thing is, it's a for profit school - parent company is Apollo (check out how much they made last year... Read more