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    Fri May 29 2009

    All of the people grading UoP negatively have probably never finished their degree and don't have a job working making more that $25k a year! First of all, at a real job, with real responsibilities and deadlines, you will work on a team - Conclusion: learning in a team environment will prepare you for the real world. I have worked for corportations and private companies and there have always been people that weren't qualified for their positions (nepotism, quotas...), but they made the same or more than I did - Conclusion: whether or not you are at UoP or at a real job, there are going to be people there that are not qualified, or smart enough to be there. The tuition at our local private university is more expensive that UoP! St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX costs $667/credit hour! Have any of you ever heard of St. Mary's having any clout in the real world? - Conclusion: UoP tuition is competitive with other private universities. I got my BBA degree from Eastern Mich. Unive... Read more

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    I do not like how stirctly they grade my pappers. I am a senior manager at my copany and am well respected. yet, my teachers gave me low grades based on my writing skills. Ha, what do they know? Mark G.

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    . . .probably one of Palin's pit-stops on her looong way towards that degree. . .

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    I can see that many of the students that truly wanted to learn from taking classes at U of P are as befuddled as I am about the classmates that cannot write, yet seem to be able to pass the course. This is not a problem confined to online universities. My stepdaughter took advanced placment tests for english, passed with a 4, and was accepted at Texas A&M; starting this fall. She can't write her way out of a paper bag. I took an essay she wrote to the university in order to get into the honors program. I sent it through the grade level check that is a function of Word, and it came back at grade level 7.2. The chicken will come home to roost when they start working in the real world and cannot write. Their paycheck will relfect this flaw in thier acedemic makeup. I am making A's and A-'s in all my classes, but I am also working on them 5-6 days a week for at least 2-3 hours per night; more on weekends. I make good grades becasue I work for them. I know that everyone doesnt make an A,... Read more

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    Sat May 31 2008

    I am in my second week of the first class. I was told that if I o[ted to manage my own funds that I would be able to have access to some of the funds on my student account. I was also told if I were to drop out that I would get the money left on my account. Then I am paying 75 bucks for e resource and then got two books that I dont know why I need them. Can someone clarify for  me.

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    I went to UOP and I rather liked it because I actually learned a great deal about programming, databases and other IT areas. It was very difficult because I had never done any of it before and it was all foreign but I put forth an effort and the instructor really helped. However if my code didn't run properly then my grade reflected that. There are always those who want something given to them and won't work hard to get it. I am currently working in the field of IT and can code with the best of them, and better than some. I won't dispute the profit issue

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    This school is all about PROFIT. It is NOT a quality education. It disrespectfully treats both students and faculty as dispensable. FROM former faculty for five years

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    Mon Mar 03 2008

    For the people that are just starting UOP, dont think that it is going to be easy, they start you off with easy classes to get a feel for the online program. It will get harder, there are tests, and finals, and trust me you will not receive an A just for signing up. I learned alot from UOP and I did receive a raise when I finsihed, and I have had alot of job offers since. Just know that its worth it! Good Luck.

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    by the time I am done at UOP online I will have two degrees. I disagree with what some of the people who have posted are saying. I have not gotten As in all of my fact I don't think a single person in my financial management class got an A because it was extremely difficult. I do have mostly A's, but I also work very hard for them. I work full time and am a single mom, and the only way I could attend college was to do it online. There are definitely people in some of my classes that seem too stupid to be real, so I will agree there. But then again, I work with some people that it seems impossible that they could have a high school diploma, let alone a master's degree. I have had both lenient professors and difficult professors, who picked apart everything I did. It is a lot of work, but it is also more material crammed into a shorter amount of time. I have not heard of anyone not hiring someone because of the fact that their degree is from UOP. Personally, I did the work, ... Read more

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    I'm a graduate of UoP and I honestly think they did an ok job. I received by graduate degree from there. I do agree there were people in my class that I thought were complete idiots but I felt the same way when I was getting my undergraduate. I graduated from the South Florida campus and I had great professors and I felt; most of the most part, that the coursework was meaningful. Unlike many of the people, I did have to take some test and quizzes on a quickly basis along with the presentations and papers. I met some interesting people and learned a lot from them. I don't know if I would do it again, but every school has it's drawbacks

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    Wed Oct 24 2007

    I went to the UoP to get my MBA. I came from a traditional school so I have experience in both types of education. I can say there was a lot I wasn't thrilled with about the University of Phoenix but I can also say there are a lot of things I'm not thrilled with about my traditional education. It's easier to focus on the negatives rather than positives because we're human beings but here is my take on my experience. Like any other choice in life the solution will depend on your current situation. I wanted to get my MBA before I started a family. By the time I chose to go to Phoenix my husband and I were married and ready. Family will always be more important to me than my career. I chose UoP because it offered me a fast and convenient way to get my education before I had children. Plus, I was looking for a new job so I didn't know where I would end up during the course of my education and if I stuck with UoP I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of transferring and losing credits... Read more

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    Mon Oct 22 2007

    After graduating from UOP my I quit my job and found something that pays about 35% more than I was making before. Yes, the school has it's problems, but so do it's students. I find that most UOP students are Adults going on 3, crying like little babies because they didn't like a stereotypical comment the teacher made....because they feel that since they pay top dollar they should be treated like an american idol. Those are the idiots that crack me up, and probably about 50% of the people posting here are those types.

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    Tue Oct 02 2007

    I graduated with a UOP MBA almost two years ago. I have read several of the postings here and, frankly, there is truth in just about all of them, good and bad. Yes, UOP is a "long as you pay, you'll get an 'A'" type of school. Yes, anyone who signs up will be allowed into class with no vetting process whatsoever (I actually had a "classmate" who didn't understand English who posted jibberish in the message boards). Yes, the standards are quite low (I got an "A" in accounting and understood nothing beyond DB=debit and CB=credit). At the same time, however, the UOP's resources for learning are outstanding. The online library of peer-reviewed publications is nothing short of amazing. If your intent is to learn, UOP offers plenty of opportunity. Some of my classmates were private business people who sought the degree, not to impress anyone, but to learn how to better manage their enterprises. I think that says a lot about the school. It offers practical knowledge as opposed to academic. Tr... Read more

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    I'm at the end of my second class at UOP. I came in with an AS degree from ITT Tech. The thing that concerns me is that there are no tests, quizzes, or finals. It's all papers and team projects. Does this concern anybody else? I guess I'll be a goooood writer and a good presenter when I'm done with this degree. YOu do learn alot from studing a subject and have to present what you learned infront of a group of people. People who have graduated from UOP, and took it seriouly, can probably speak well infront of a group of people, that's way cool. I am actualy learning stuff that I've already applied to my current job, and life. I mean people have the same complaints about ITT Tech as they do UOP. Complaints about people skateing through and not knowing anything. When I graduated from ITT Tech there was I would say 5 out of the 15 people that graduated with an AS didn't know 'jack' about the materials they now had a degree in. Now, once again the other hand 10 or so people incl... Read more

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    Mon Aug 20 2007

    I just finished taking 2 classes with University of Phoenix, and unlike most people, I paid out of pocket, because I make almost $200,000 with my business. I decided to take classes to further my education, but I found out that this school is a joke. I didn't even turn in the final for either class, because I became very busy. Guess what? I received an A. This school is horrible. I went to Harvard summer school a few years ago and it was more meaningful. I had a friend in class who kept a record of his scores for each assignment, which consisted of mostly C's, but he got an A. For those of you who argue that fortune 500 hundred companies pay for their employees, and therefore they wouldn't waste their money or whatever. My parents own 11% of HSBC bank, which is the world's largest bank and they do not pay for their employees to attend UOP. I would never hire anyone with a UOP degree, because I know from experience UOP is a joke.

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    Sat Jul 28 2007

    UOP is the worst college EVER.  I skated through the first class pretty easily, and it seemed like the professor was copying and pasting everything (dates would be wrong among, peoples names in the class, ect) I attended a 2nd class, wrote my final paper completely hammered ass drunk and got an A+  on it  (my paper was short of the required words, and full of spelling errors)  After that I couldnt take out anymore federal student loan money until july (this was in april) so I decided to say screw it since I had basiclly paid about $4k for two worthless classes.  They even contacted me recently to inform my I owe an addiontal $500 since I dropped out the government took back some of the student loan money since I didnt complete enough courses with them, 8k for 4 classes ?  give me a break, what a rip off.  IF ANYONE IS CONSIDERING ATTTENDING UOP DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ATTEND A REAL SCHOOL MEET PEOPLE, HAVE PEERS, HAVE A REAL ACADEMIC EXPE... Read more

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    Sun Jul 15 2007

    I work for a Fortune 100 Company and they pay 100% of the tuition to this school. In fact, they bring representatives to our work locations. Therefore, it is kind of hard for me to believe that a Fortune 100 company would pay 100% of the tuition for a degree that is "worthless."

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    Fri May 25 2007

    Ok I have just read every single review on this site and I am completely convinced that this school is horrible. Luckily I have only seen an advisor but haven't committed to anything. I was going to check out some other local community college online courses but have not done so yet but as far as going any further with UoP, I think I'll pass. Does anyone know of legit, positive, and worth while online schools? I hear alot of negative responses about UoP but I don't hear of anyone finding a good way to earn a degree online.

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    Thu Mar 22 2007

    This school is horrible. I graduated with my BS there and then started noticing how people turned there upper lip into a curl when I said that. I enrolled in the MBA program and am finding out it is a complete farce. I just got a C- when I intentionally didn't turn in the final project and another one as well. I wanted to test if they actually grade stuff and another paper that I did turn in was horrible and I got an A on it. This school lack credibility, I am withdrawing.

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    Thu Mar 08 2007

    I couldn't agree with you more. I have been searching for some blog page because I am furious with that school. I am going through some life changing situations that caused me to have to drop. Well, not only did they send the money back to the lender that I APPLIIED to for the balance that Sallie Mae would not cover, but they won't even make payment arrangements. Their collections department is relentless and they are extremely rude!!! I will never ever recommend UOP to anyone. Oh yeah, why would I want to pay $1,000 a class if my grade rests on a team of people that are riding on my coat tails. I wish I never enrolled in that school.

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    Mon Feb 19 2007

    It is not a bad idea to enroll in UoP but it is not a great idea either. I have never attended any of their cohort classes or enrolled in any of their on-line programs but I have some friends that have completed graduate degrees from UoP. It is true that UoP doesn't have a stellar reputation, but it is a regionally accredited school. This regional accreditation will allow you to transfer to other regionally accredited graduate programs throughout the United States. Getting a government job won't be a problem either, since the government, under law, has to recognize schools that are accredited by accrediting bodies that the Department of Education recognizes. In the private sector however, some HR personnel might be reluctant to hire a UoP graduate, others might not. In my opinion I believe that most HR personnel won't turn away an individual simply because he or she has a UoP degree. They will try to evaluate the "whole person". My friends have done fine in the workforce with t... Read more

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    Sun Feb 11 2007

    This is a good school. It is true that it is pricey and there is an attendancy policy that if you miss more than 1 class they will drop you from the class, but there are only 5 classes that are 4 to 5 hours each. Yes they cram a lot of work into those classes. I felt the same about some things at times in the beggining. But this has made me a better person and working for something is good for you. I feel that someone who has only completed a couple of classes cannot fairly review this university. It would be the same if someone had a confused, bad or its not how they though it would be experience at any university.

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    This school is all about money and not about the students a rip off and need to be investagated by the government.

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    Fri Nov 24 2006

    I have had nothing but problems with UoP. Although I dropped the first block and began again due to my complaints about the professionalism of the instructors, I again have instructors who have no hint of how to teach. I received an email today from a student who cannot write and does not know anything about persuasive essays (not to mention spelling, grammer, capitalization, etc.). In the email she quoted one of the articles that I received full points on with a different position. Apparently, all one has to do to pass classes is turn in the assignment whether one can spell, use proper grammer or even think on their own. The class cost is ridiculous, the financial advisor (I, too, live on the North East Coast as someone else complained about here on-line) is non-existent and does not know what she is doing, the professors do not even know where the students are supposed to post in the different forums and I find myself again having to write to them to let them know what it ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 14 2006

    Our daughter chose to complete her degree at UofP after moving to California with an AA degree from another state. She had been accepted at Cal State but was facing out-of-state tuition despite the fact that we still owned California property and had paid California property taxes for 30 years. In addition the school was not accepting a number of her out-of-state credits. She had a good job at a bank and was eligible for promotion with a 4-year degree. Arranging classes to fit with a work schedule would have meant that the degree goal would take years to fulfill. Her boss, the bank's CFO, had no issues with UofP. The classes that she took seemed no worse than what she had been dealing with for the first two years of her studies. I would have liked to see more stringent requirements across the board but that's a complaint that I have with most education these days. I think you have to look at the source when you hear negative opinions. My sister could only bad-mouth UofP but I sus... Read more

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    Thu Apr 13 2006

    I have one more class to go before I receive my Masters in Education & Supervision at UOP online. If I could do it all over again, I would have definitely gone the on-line route, but from a local university. I'm a teacher in pursuit of an administrative position. The classes were okay and I did learn a great deal about education administration. Unfortunately, education is more or less "state specific". Policies and standards vary from state to state. As a result, I learned a great deal from professors and fellow classmates from other states, which really doesn't do me any good in TX. I also must travel to Phoenix to take the AZ principal test. I must get certified in AZ first, then use that certification to apply for a TX certificate. I was misled by admissions counselors on this issue. I've also had major problems with finances. It took two days talking to about 15 lower level financial "specialists" to remove an erroneous charge from my account. They all seemed to have an agenda; t... Read more

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    Tue Apr 11 2006

    I think that the UOP work load is fine. I've enjoyed the classes and I have really learned a great deal. The professional staff is where the work needs to be done. I have had a couple of problems with the finance counselor. I really believe she has no idea what she is doing. Anything she has ever told me about financial aid and disbursements have not been true. I attend the UOP Ann Arbor campus. Why does it take 24 hours for someone to get back with you about your account? The professional staff really makes it hard to say nice things about the school, but I think the academic work is excellent.

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    Sat Mar 11 2006

    Is it just a coincidence that the people who rate UOP the lowest have yet to finish their degrees? Yes, UOP the organization, the 'company', is terrible. They are impossible to deal with and usually uneducated themselves. Dealing with them is worse than buying a used car. However, I firmly believe that the more you put in, the more you get out. Time, effort, dedication, and motivation are vital for true success at UOP. If you have what it takes, your UOP degree should be on par with any degree in the nation. Employers look at people, not university names, when hiring.

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    Thu Mar 09 2006

    Take it from me, someone who quit UOP and ran away so fast! I was shocked and appalled of what I was asked to do and things I saw being done. If you are a student of UOP you have been deceived because ECs are taught to manipulate. You do not have to be special to be a UOP student. If you can breathe, you are enrolled. That's a poor a excuse for a school... an unethical school at that and I refused to have any part in that!

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    Mon Mar 06 2006

    I've been attending UOP for about 6 years. I have 5 classes left. I've been going for so long because I have a lot to do with my job and I need the flexibility that UOP offers. I see many people complaining about UOP here and I see where they are coming from. One person says the work is hard and there is too much of it. I say school should not be easy, you have to remember you are taking 12 weeks of class in 6 weeks time. Another person is upset that she was dropped because she kept dropping classes, this is shocking! A person being dropped from a for profit school because she could not keep up! This only reinforces my opinion that UOP is a good school. I particularly like the comments from the supposed employee who states that half the students run into a lab the night a paper is due to write their reports. I say to this person, don’t you think the work is probably done and the student may only have that time to do the typing? Could it be that you real problem is that you a... Read more

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    Thu Feb 23 2006

    Too bad I can't leave zero stars, The University of Phoenix is a horrible school and the degrees are worthless. While I only took one class here, I've actually had employers tell me they would flat out not hire someone with a UoP degree! I don't know why I was tricked into it especially after reading all of the bad reviews on it. I guess I just liked the short classes and the admission staff seemed to be really nice(of course they did this school is the largest private, for-profit school in the country). The admissions process overall was a hassle, the consolers seem just like salesmen working off of commission, in fact I think they are. The courses are ridiculously expensive($1200 for one class) and then on top of that you have the application fee $110, "Student Resource" fee(every class) $70, plus you have to buy some books along the way. The Student Resource fee is complete BS, all it's paying for is access to this student website, does not cover books, lab fees or anything like t... Read more

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    Wed Jan 25 2006

    I just finished my degree in Business Managment at UoP. After the first few classes I was having doubts, mainly because of the amount of work you put in. However, everything that is taught is real-world, not just the theory that you learn at a traditional university. Traditional universities are not for the average working adult, which is where UoP has identified a problem and offered a solution. As with any experience, you get out what you put in.

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    Tue Jan 03 2006

    UoP online is terrible! I was in it for over a year and had to drop due to personal problems. When I returned, I was told that due to my "extensive" withdrawls, I was not in an "academically eligible" position and I might not be able to continue. This was AFTER I had already completed 3 courses. They dropped me (unofficially) & then said that I could "appeal" & re-enroll. Are they nuts? Since I said no, they put on my transcripts that I was "academically disqualified" which totally screws me up on transferring anywhere else. When I asked that, the advisor told me that if I had appealled, I would have been "allowed" back in but since I didn't, well they had to note that. Absolute crock. Since I won't give them more money, they'll f**k me over totally. I look forward to hearing if I will be able to transfer to a real school in the fall. Oh, and those who say that no working adult can take regular college classes & work 40 hrs a week probably hasn't looked at a college schedule... Read more

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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    I work at the University of Phoenix. I am not a recruiter but work closely with the students and I have to tell you this place is a joke. The recruitment push is like that you would imagine at a used car lot. There is absolutely no sense of ACADEMIA here. The theme of the university is "We Graduate Students". There is however no education going on. Most of the students in the undergrad programs cannot write at a high school sophomore level. I am at work right now and there is a class group that shows up on class night every week and rushes to do there paper in the computer lab during class time while class is being held. Most of the education here appears to be centered on Powerpoint presentations and oral reports (on the level of the kind you did in the 6th grade). I feel most for those going for their MBA's and MAED's. Many came from traditional colleges (National and regional top 1 & 2 tier schools). They should know better. This is a second, part-time job for me. I would not h... Read more

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    Fri Nov 11 2005

    If you are smart, you will not attend this school. The instructors just lecture about their jobs all night. 2)The tuition is so high that it is ridiculous. 3) When you call the campus to speak with the financial aid advisors or student advisors, you get the voicemail telling you they will contact you in 24 hours. I have yet to be contacted. Oh lets not talk about getting your disbursments. The date always gets pushed back and noone from campus or the financial aid center for UOP knows anything, can't explain anything, refuse to tell you anything but the same thing over and over again. When I first enrolled, the recruiter lied like a dog. Promised me all this stuff like she was a army recruiter. You know how they (recruiters)lie. To this day, I get 5000 for stafford and 2500+ for pell. They bull me everytime with my disbursments. I hate that I ever started this school. I am currently researching for another university or college to attend online that is accredited by everyone and all sc... Read more

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    I have been working with University of Phoenix for a year now, and I still have not been able to get my first course started. I am a doctoral student, and because of a mishap during my first course, I had to start all over. The professor would not discuss a missing assignment that was due to a technology error. Despite hard evidence to support my case for a grade change, or even a grade review, I was not heard. In fact, there IS no policy for grevances other than a very mild procedure for cases "other than everyday emergencies.) I was also lied to about the costs and give three different stories by my academic and financial advisors. By the way, they are not counselors, but advisors, and they don't have supervisors, they have managers. The university is a for-profit organization and as such, does not work in the interest of education...only the bottom line.

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    Fri Sep 23 2005

    I just finished my last class with UOP online program, earning my MBA. It took two years and five months to complete. I took one break for six weeks and still finished in a timely manner. I am an advocate for higher education. Now more than ever, I am an advocate for online education programs like UOP. I received my BS from a traditional 4-year university while I was in my late teens early twenties where the classroom setting was ideal, and seemed to be the only alternative. Being a working adult, in a real world business environment at age 28, the program, the courses, and its faculty couldn't have been an ideal fit for a student like me (Busy working and very interesting in alternative learning environments aside from the traditional classroom). People have to remember universities are designed to accommodate high school graduates, still living with their parents, or as a roommate in a dorm. University of Phoenix is the pioneer in adult education and has by far accomplished the... Read more

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    UOP is a horrible excuse for a school! The recruiters misrepresent what is offered, the professors are unavailable and unprofessional. So, if you intend to attend this so-called school, good luck swimming with the sharks!

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    Thu Feb 17 2005

    I have been wrongfully charge with plagiarism. I am looking for help from others that have found themselves in this situation. E-mail: [email protected]

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    Wed Feb 09 2005

    I received my BSIT from UoP in 2003 and I am now pursuing my MBA. I have taken several courses online and found them more difficult than the classroom environment. However, I am more of visual learner and prefer the classroom anyway. My experience thus far has been pleasant. I have received two promotions since I graduated and I personally feel that I am a better writer. I don't think UOP is for everyone, whether that is because of the cost, teaching format, learning teams. etc. I think UOP is critized mainly because of its untraditional format. Generally, people who do not understand change or do not like change tend to resist (not saying that is bad either). It is all what you put into it. In my time at UOP, I have seen people get by doing minimum and that is true anywhere you go. Success is not necessarily measured by the degree on my wall. Always give 100% and you will receive a hundred fold return!

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    Tue Feb 08 2005

    I earned an MBA in Management at the Puerto Rico Campus and could not be happier with experience. The faculty had real-world experience, as well as outstanding academic credentials. The curriculum is relevant to today's needs. Shortly after completing my degree, I was requested to attend Six Sigma training at the company I work for (a Fortune 500 company). I was extremely pleased to discover that I could apply much of what I learned (Statistics, Operations Management, Team-building, etc.) in the process and actually make a difference in my work team (yes, we also have to work in teams in real life!) The team concept at UOP is a microcosm of what we often find at the work place. It allows everyone the opportunity to lead, use conflict resolution skills and, when needed, use termination tactics if no other method of conflict resolution will work. (My team had to terminate a teammate for poor performance). I do agree, however, that there should be more emphasis on quality rathe... Read more

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    Thu Jan 20 2005

    I completed a Bachelors degree at University of Phoenix at the Phoenix, AZ campus (classroom program) so I can't comment regarding the online experience. First the positives. 1.) I found the content of the classes challenging and interesting. 2.) The content was taught at the same level as the traditional universities I attended throughout my early 20s. 3.) Most instructors were knowledgeable, well practiced in the area taught and their experenice brought a fresh perspective on the application of the principles being taught. I had no problems with financial aid and found the counselors to be helpful. Now for the negative comments. 1.) I found the 5 week classes supplemented by 3-4hrs/week of 'group projects' inadequate however as there is so much to cover in such a short amount of time. 2.) I found disppointing the fact that many of my classmates did not put forth much quality effort, and rarely received a grade below a B and many still received an A for what I considered average work.... Read more

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    Mon Sep 27 2004

    Rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scam artist. Cost a fortune for a big fat nothing.

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    Sat Sep 25 2004

    Loved it... UOP gave me the opportunity to learn in an environment and with a schedule conducive to my personal/work life. They have state of the art tools that other colleges are trying to take advantage of and learn from in order to help their students. Those who rated UOP poorly are probably those who could not handle the expectations (THINK ABOUT IT). The team groups were great I made lifelong friends through this program. I WAS HAPPY WITH THE $ I SPENT AND I RECEIVED A GREAT EDUCUATION... EDUCATION IS ONLY WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT.. CAN'T EXPECT MUCH IF YOU DON'T PUT IN THE EFFORT...

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    Wed Sep 15 2004

    One of the biggest jokes in American education. Earn a degree on-line. How absurd. What do you mean??? Are you at all up to speed with technological advancement? Just so you know big Universities are also following the same educational pattern as UOP ( and these were some of the biggest critics of the UOP online program. Now dont get me wrong, I prefer to sit down on a class room and be able to ask questions and take notes, but thats just because Ive been conditioned to learn that way my whole life. Online education is inevitably the way most people will earn their education in the near future. In today's fast paced environment you just can't afford to loose 4 years of your life in traditional learning environments. It has been proven that professionals attending adult schools such as UOP or Standfords Professional Development program learn at a much faster pace than students attending full time and this is because us professionals are s... Read more

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    Wed Jun 02 2004

    This school says they are for working adults. But only if you are a working adult with out a problem in the world. I had to drop a class due to very harsh happenings in my life, and they had NO empathy toward my situation. As a result of the things that happened, I had to take custody of a whole other child, and they could not see to roll my tuition for one night of a dropped class. Absolutely could not work with them at all. They were willing to loose me as a student rather than allow me to move my $200 fee for dropping a class toward the class when I took it again. I may have been a more willing to just pay it if I felt like I'd even learned anything from the class at all. As it is however, a total waste of time and money. UOP sucks staff are not human, they have no emotion. The only driving force behind them at all is money!!! So school for working adults? Just make sure LIFE dosent happen to you while you are there, you'll be charged for it!!!

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    Mon Apr 05 2004

    An excellent University when classes are taken in the classroom. I have not experienced the online version of their curriculum. I feel that the teaming environment coupled with the instructors with real world experience makes for an educational institution that meets the needs of today's business environment.

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    Wed Jul 09 2003

    One of the biggest jokes in American education. Earn a degree on-line. How absurd.

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    Thu Jun 27 2002

    I have just finished my 8th class at the UOP and I love the online environment. It is challenging and fulfilling at the same time. The Professors and Instructors are great and so are the University's staff. The financial aid department needs a little bit of practice and clarification, but the whole school is fantastic in my opinion. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to complete a degree, but has little time. The University of Phoenix offers a quality and challenging education in a very accomodating environment.