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    Tue Aug 20 2013

    Their help in finding an apartment was excellent, and I really like the place where I'm now living. However, I cannot speak as positively about the mover's hired to facilitate my free move. I moved in a month ago, and I decided to write this review now because I keep finding things that were damaged during the move. It's a free move so, I guess, you can't expect much. However, I would expect anyone to take some pride in their work and handle things responsibly. First, they showed up without calling a half hour in advance. Not a big deal; I'm just glad I was up, dressed, and ready to go. Of the three individuals, one spoke okay English and had to translate everything (sorry, I do not speak Spanish). Then, they placed multiple boxes at a time onto a dolly and transported them to the truck, with complete disregard for any of the boxes marked “fragile” in bold, underlined letters. Then, I watched one individual ‘move’ my mattress by himself. I have a heavy, memory-foam mattress ... Read more

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    Mon May 24 2010

    I used to hate moving and would even stay at an apartment complex longer than I wanted to go avoid it. Not anymore! Tess Harden from Umovefree made my move so easy. Not only did she find me a great apartment with all of my requirements in thew area I wanted, she arranged for my move to be free which saved me so much money I needed. I'll use Ms. Harden to help me relocate anytime I need it again. The movers were fast and courteous. They even finished my move when it started raining without ruining any of my stuff! They hustled to meet the estimated time. That's customer service.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    I was surprised how fast and easy it was to use. After only living in Texas for a short time, I had no clue where to look. They were so helpful and I was able to find an apartment right off from the list that was provided to me. I now live in an apartment that I love and feel secure. I would recommend them to anyone and will use umoveforfree again .

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    Excellent Customer Service. They advertise a $200 which I understood I would be receiving. When I called and was assigned an agent, I was told that if I was not using the moving service, I would get a $200 rebate. I received an email also stating the rebate fee is $200.00. Later, I received an email with a 'terms and conditions' button. When I clicked on it, it said very generically that if the monthly rent is not above $650.00 I would receive a discounted rebate. My agent had contacted me several times at this point and never said a word. I was not notified in writing or by phone of this discount. It turns out that if rental rate if below $650.00, the discount is reduced by 50%. I was due a rebate of $100.00 according to the company policy. I was surprised on learning this - at the time of the payment confirmation - and expressed to my agent that I felt misled. My complaint was that this is not clear and even misleading. Almost immediately one of the co-owner contacted me t... Read more

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    Wed Mar 03 2010

    I echo the sentiments that so many have written here. This was my first time using UMoveFree and I will again although I love my apartment so much that I hope I never have to move again. Kelly was the best and the gentlemen, yes I said gentlemen, were superb. They were fast and efficient and took great care with things down to plastic wrapping a group of framed art and night stands and desk. They were pleasant and very respectful. I have told everyone I know about UMoveFree and told them to tell others. Why would anyone ever move themselves again? No one who is an apartment dweller ever should. I know I won't do it. Thanks for the best move of my life.

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    I would love to share my experience with umoveforfree!! This was the first time I used this service, I must say this was by far the best move I have ever had. I thought I was going to have to work but I did nothing but look. I was looking like oh my God these movers are the best I have every seen. I moved into a town home I was scared for them because it's two fights of stairs in the house. I watched the movers carry my washer and dryer up those stairs wow!! They set up my washer and dryer insured they worked which they did not have to do but they were providing excellent customer service!!! Also they asked me where I wanted everything, often times movers don't do that. They did not damage anything!!! They were polite, very friendly! My consultant Kelly was awesome I felt a personal bond, which means I knew she was genuine about assisting me to locate a place. She located the perfect place for me she kept in contact with me. She also still keeps in contact with me. Now tell me if that... Read more