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    Mon Aug 01 2011

    BUYER BEWARE AND FIND A DIFFERENT MOVER. THE ASTON, PA FRANCHISE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. HATES AND DISRESPECTS WOMEN. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! Although I have hired Two Men and a Truck moving company in the past, my move with them yesterday was a nightmare. One mover (John) did nothing and hid in the truck for four hours T0 PAD THE TIME and got lost for two hours while the other mover was great. 4 hours to load a one-bedroom apartment? When the only furniture was a bedroom set and an easy chair? John was dishonest, lazy, disrespectful, asked personal inappropriate questions and is the most passive aggressive person I have ever met. He seemed to enjoy dragging his feet and not carrying anything heavy - letting poor Nate do about 95 percent of the work. Ben in the office was very nice to me and tried to help John find the storage facility. John got lost for 2 hours!.When I tried calling Ben again, a "Mike" at the Aston office was extremely rude a... Read more

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    Mon May 16 2011

    Two Men and a Truck Alpharetta, ga Do not use them. They broke a desk and the mover (johnny) said he would handle the damage himself and for us not to put in a claim. Well, we trusted him--a huge mistake. He never fixed the desk and the office in Alpharetta, GA would not make it good after the mover did not do the repairs. They said no claim was turned in. We took the word of the mover (Johnny). Do not use this location for your moving needs, you will be disappointed!!! They do not keep their word.

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    Tue Mar 15 2011

    Two men and a truck Apharette GA They arrived right on time and ready to go!! I was on a budget and they were willing to help. Chuck and Asa made the move look easy and had no trouble with my furniture. On a previous move with the same belonging Peachtree movers damaged my furniture and had a hard time. These two men made it look so easy and they had a good time joking and talking with us. Plus they saved me money. I was very happy with the move

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    Sun Mar 13 2011

    The two guys that came to the house were awesome!!! Very nice and helpful. They kept working at a great speed but were careful with our things. If we move again we will use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and ask for the two men that helped us that day. One of the guys names was Jermaine and I can't remember the other ones name. We moved with the Stockbridge, GA location on February 11, 2011. - K. Hall

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    When I recently moved (in Orlando, FL), I thought Two Men and a Truck would be a great option. They seemed to be on top of things when I called them for information and reservations. They were a little pricier than the other area movers I considered, but they made it seem like they cared about their clients and would do the best job so I decided to foot the $1000 bill for a local move with them. I packed my own items and was ready to go when they arrived on moving day. Even so, it seemed to take the two guys took forever to load the truck, and I was informed that they wouldn't move any pictures or mirrors or "breakable items" even though they were listed on the walk through inventory (when I was given a price estimate) and packed in mirror boxes according to their own standards and regulations. When they finally had loaded up the truck, they had refused to move nearly one third of my house--again, even though everything was tallied up on the inventory and my estimate reflected everythi... Read more

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    I used these guys a few years ago & I was really disturbed to see their television commercial running... profits must be good! God knows ripping off people is how they do it. I moved from one apartment to another about 1 hour away. I was given a solid quote with 3 guys assigned to me. They stated that an extra charge would be incurred ONLY if a certain number of hours had expired for the move. Naturally, my move took an extra hour or so which they not only charged me an additional $200+, but refused to finish unloading the truck unless I paid the balance of the move. I called the police, but the police can't do much as it is a "civil" issue, not criminal. I guess my being told that they would leave with 75% of my belongings still on the truck isn't considered grand larceny, funny huh? Oh, did I mention that the additional move time was incurred because they sent only 2 guys instead of 3? These guys are a scam, don't even bother!!! Save yourself the headache and heartache!

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    Our experience with Two Men and a Truck was awful. I would strongly recommend avoiding this company!

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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    Michael W. Flower Mound, TX 9/29/2010 Eek! Methinks not. I highly suggest you look at other movers. I did not hire them to move me, but they moved the people we purchased our home from. They damaged the wood floors and were notified by the owners and us of the damage prior to my furniture arriving from another state. There has been nothing but problems and accusations from the manager at Two Men and A Truck that we did the damage and they would not cover the damage. We finally go them all the evidence (I Know Very Sad) they needed to prove to them that they DID do the damage. But to date 2 months later I still send my daily email asking for an update on when, what, how this problem will be fixed.. With little to no response. Oh by the way I asked to speak to the owner who does not live in the Dallas area, but in Michigan and I was told that he does not speak to us commoners.. If he only knew that I work for one of Dallas County's largest employers and we recruit and reloca... Read more

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    I used "Two men and a truck", Livonia MI, first and my last time. Movers came on time, were nice. While they were nice, they were slow and unorganized. They could stare they the chair for 5 min before lift it. Movers are paid hourly therefore they are moving as slow as possible. I had to pay $2000 only for moving my furniture, without any packing or packing (And we moved to the house only 2 mile away!) We received pre-estimate for 8 hr, and it turn to be 10 hr. My recommendation is not to use this company. The people in this company are not honest; they are taking advantage of you and your pocket. It was a complete rip off. I will keep telling this to everyone. Olga Epshteyn

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    Wed Aug 18 2010

    We hired them to move us from 1 apartment to another for July31,2010 our arrival time was set-up between 1-3 pm. They called in the morning and said they were running ahead of schedule and wanted to know since they were already a 3 man move if I minded if they brought the 3rd along to speed up the move and arrival time. My fault for not asking how much more they would charge but I said yes. They then called at 2pm and said they were running late and would arrive 2 hours late and their boss wanted to know I we could reschedule for Monday August 2nd. Really how can just move out of an apartment 2 days into the next month. I told them NO we needed to move that day. They didn't arrive until 5 pm. Once the got there they did load everything up pretty quickly but since I was transporting my cats I didn't go and check that they grabbed everything. Again my mistake, they left a floor lamp and 3 fans sitting in the middle of the living room. When we arrived at the new apartment they unloading... Read more

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    THIEVES!!!! I’d give them no stars but that’s not an option. We have filed a police report and it has yet to be investigated, so I cannot legally say that the movers stole from me but here are the facts ... I used Two Men and a Truck of Blue Springs/Kansas City, MO to move my stuff into a nearby storage unit. Right after the move was finished, and just as I was leaving the storage unit my roommate called me and told me she was missing a bag of prescription narcotics that she had left over from a previous surgery. This bag was located in the laundry room attached to my roommate’s bedroom ... a room they were told not to enter. As of 1 am the night before, the bag of narcotics was present, and then were missing right after the move the following morning. The only people present in that time frame were myself and the movers. After a search of the apartment, the bag was found in a completely different location of the apartment - underneath the sink in the bathroom, but it no longer ... Read more

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    THANK GOD FOR TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!!! My family has moved a lot in the past 15 years. We usually did the move ourself but this time having two young kids and a full time working husband I needed help. I used the Scottsdale branch in AZ! A young lady named Tiffany helped with scheduling, she was very professional. The truck came when I needed them to come and ready to work. They gentley packed the rest of the boxes that I couldnt get to. They wrapped my furniture and couches so they would be safe from dirt and scratches. One of the guys named Seth actually let my son help carry some of the lighter stuff. I loved it! My son was so excited to help and felt like he was one of them! They were so nice and caring. It was so relaxing and reassuring knowing they were doing the job and well at that, and I could tend to the kids instead of running around trying to get things packed and into a truck and doing all the moving myself. After we got to the new house they unloaded everything fast ... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    I was sooo happy yet sad to find other people had problems with Two Men and a Truck moving company. Oh, God! I cannot believe the mistreatment I received from the movers arriving late (one and one half hours), mistreatment of my belongings (trying to JAM my recliner thru the patio door and would not stop when being repeatedly told to stop.), not allowing me to view the back of the truck when they were done. I swear to God that at least one of the movers was high. The corporate office also said they had no control over the Milwaukee, Wisconsin franchise. I just sat there and said, "What?!!" My move was May 1st. I got the run-around from the 'manager' of the Milwaukee office whom I discovered today is not the manager. He lied to me and to the corporate office. He twisted everything around. He said I was offered to view the back of the truck among other lies. This is egregious! I'm ready for the class-action lawsuit for Two Men and a Truck!

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    Thu Apr 29 2010

    Great company, great customer service, wouldn't use anyone else.

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    No stars. Thieving ass)*%#@%^& Stay away from them. My parents passed away. My brothers got these "people' to move everything out of the house. All kinds of things were missing. I only found out about it months after. The stuff was put into storage. When I got a house and moved the things into it, all kinds of things missing. No my brothers moved in the same house. They nod not come in on time. They did not bring everything they needed to do the job. They better not meet me anywhere, ever, or any one of them !!!!! Colorado springs, Co.

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    Tue Mar 16 2010

    Worst company I have ever been involved with in 40 years. I have included the original email to Two Men and a Truck, the response from their "customer service" person, and my admittedly heated response back which was never answered. The $90 refund they promised in the email never materialized. To Whom It May Concern: My husband and I recently sold our home, and scheduled a move on Friday Sept 18 2009. We received several advertisements from various movers, but selected Two Men and a Truck since we see their vans all over town and have a strong reputation for professional service. Unfortunately, we did not have a professional moving experience with the team that handled our move. The movers arrived on time but shortly after their arrival one of the movers asked to use a bathroom. I don't have an issue with this except that the man was in the bathroom for at least 25 minutes and was quite sick in the bathroom. I don't know how else to put this, but there were terrible odors... Read more

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    Thu Feb 25 2010

    I'm adding the entire conversation to this review.. How painfiul, unprofessional and caring attitude shown by Suwanee, ga office. Its kind of long but shows the true color of this mover. From: me To: [email protected] CC: [email protected] Subject: RE: Your Pre Move Confirmation Letter from Two Men And A Truck [ ] Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:01:57 +0000 Thanks you for the detailed explanation. This is the email from local office on closing the investigation on 18th. That is the reason I had to go and fix the floor. If I was asked to wait for the repair and inspection, I would have waited but local office prematurely and unprofessionally closed the case on 18th morning at 11:29 AM. So, I went ahead and fixed the floor. *************************************************** *************** From: [email protected] To: me Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 11:29:26 -0500 Subject: RE: Your Pre Move Confirmation Letter from Two Men And A Truck [ ] Dear Mr. , ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    Two Men and a Truck? More like Two Thieves and a Truck! My boyfriend and I used this service in Phoenix, when we moved in together. His move was not far, so we still had some items in his old house that we were going to move ourselves. One of those items was a Plasma TV, as this company did not move them at the time. (it was about 2 years ago). When setting up the beds at the new house, they had forgotten the screws to the bed, and went back to the original house to get the screws they left behind. They apparently left the sliding patio door unlocked and returned that night to steal my boyfriends plasma TV! TWO THIEVES AND A TRUCK! DON'T DO IT!

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    I was charged nearly $400 for three hours of service that the company did not provide. The workers stole two hours of $93/hr, got lost enroute to my home, and charged me for it. I will NEVER use the service again.

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    Damaged a television in a move. Only after persistent calls did the responsiblile person speak with me. My calls were never answered and then they denied responsibility. This was the Augusta, GA franchise. Everyone's demeanor and responsiveness was quite different in booking versus followup when there was a problem. The few hundred dollars saved in the move I should have spent using a premium mover.

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    First time using a moving company. Didn't realize it cost quite a bit. After everything I had moved it was well worth it! Guys were funny and helpful. Did a great job. Would definitely recommend.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    WOW!!! I really wish I had found this site prior to hiring Two Men and a Truck out of Dallas GA. I dealt with Angie who at first seem to really be professional and helpful. It was a one-way move from Rome GA to Forest Park GA. We decided to rent out our second home and needed to move our furniture (from the basement) into a storage facility. The move seemed easy enough, considering me and my brother-in-law moved everything from the house into the basement. I explained the dynamics of the move and emailed Angie a list of all of the furniture and other items in the basement. In the email, I mentioned several times if she had any questions to give me a call. She and I spoke 3 to 4 times the day before the move. The morning of the move I was up at 5am and made the 2-hour drive from Atlanta to Rome to meet the movers. They arrived on time and seemed ready to get started. It was a flat rate move, that Angie guesstimated would take about 6hrs. It took them that long to load the truck. Three h... Read more

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    They are beyond terrible! I made a move with them back in August 2008 and actually, that was a good move so we decided to go with them again this summer when we moved a second time. The two guys that came to the door were worried because their sheet had said that it was a four family house which was stupid since I told the girl on the phone it was just a 2 bedroom apartment in a 4 family building and I had told the girl that a lot of the furniture we had during that 2008 move had been sold so we had less to move this time. Things were moving along fine until the guys started moving stuff out of the basement and told my mother that they wouldn't be able to take everything. We panicked and I asked, how much can you take and I'm thinking of what I can fit into my car ? I drive a Toyota Corolla. When the guys walked away, my mother and I started wondering aloud, if they thought that we lived in a 4 bedroom house, how were they planning on getting all of the furniture onto their truck ... Read more

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    Unbelievable- worst day of my life courtesy of this company, without comparison. Shortly after arriving, the movers requested "shots" of the whiskey they saw my fiancee packing, and talked openly about using marijuana. They took a fifteen minute break that turned into, literally, 4 hours. They lied to us for several hours and were always "on their way" to the new apartment. The movers left our home unlocked with some furniture outside and the rest stacked in an absolute mess in the living room. They never did come to the new apartment and we are scrambling to find new movers, with no time. Never, never, never call this company.

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    Wed Oct 28 2009

    In 2005 I used Two Men and a Truck in Madison, Wisconsin to move. I had a great expierence during that move and in October 2009 I decided to use Two Men and a Truck from Burnsville, MN for a inter-city move. The expierence was completely the opposite. (It should be noted that my wife and I have made several moves over the past couple of years so we knew approximately how long it took to load / unload our belongings.) Two Men and a Truck arrived on site within the pre-determined time period and the crew was cordial and polite. The problem arrived when they took the round about way to move our belongings to the lower level. They were also moving extremely slow (they either did not have sweat glands or they weren't working). It seemed as if they had been out late the night before and then had to face the music Saturday morning. Since they bill by the hour, my wife and I began to panic and started moving things ourselves to our own vechicles (at least what we could lift). When we called... Read more

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    Wed Sep 09 2009

    The packed everything really well so i was very happy, but then when they moved it they just threw things on its side upside down, sideways. It's a week after drop off and i am STILL finding things that they damaged. My sofa's all the springs popped off and i had to reconnect. My coffee table has a huge gauge out of the top. My office Credenza the door is jammed and is hard to open. My grandmothers antique furniture the back was broken and we had to screw together and the list goes on. It's like they think because they put a blanket on it, it can't get damaged well it can! Also i paid extra for a 3rd guy i should have saved my money as he was hung over and it took and extra 3 hours to move. A total of 10 hours to move only furniture out of a 2400 sq ft. house. Ridiculous!

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    i used 2 men and a truck in pgh and have to say i disagree with these reviews! my movers were friendly, polite, and really hardworking. it was a hot day and they didnt slow down or complain about the heat at all. theyre reasonably priced and such a value considering their knowledge and work ethic. i looooved them and will definitley be a repeat customer

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    Sat May 23 2009

    I moved with Two Men and a Truck in Dallas, GA. and it was a great move. The movers were very professional and took very good care of my things. The office staff was very helpful and gave me good tips on moving. I would recommend this Two Men and a Truck to everyone !!

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    Thu Feb 26 2009

    I used Two Men And A Truck on 02-04-09. I am writing this review because I was SO impressed with my move from Tampa, FL to New Port Richey, FL. First of all I was provided an estimate for my move to take 8 hours. The move was finished in 6 hours!! They saved me over $200. Also, the two movers were absolutely INCREDIBLE!! They did everything that I asked them to and did not complain once. They were clean-cut, courteous, and very professional. My company my be transferring me to Atlanta next year. I will definitely call Two Men And A Truck again!! Hopefully the same to men will still be there.......

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    I would like to take a moment to respond to swintms's complaint. I am the "Nick" in the complaint. Before I respond, I would like to say that no offense is taken by reporting your complaints. It is a perfectly acceptable accountability for companies doing business. I say that so it is understood that this is not an angry response, just a different view on the situation. 500lb 7ftx7ft Wall unit. This note is copied out of our software and pasted into this response. This is a point of disagreement with our customer. We worked with husband and wife on this move. Wife booked the move and we state that we were told what our CSR typed into the file. Husband is who I spoke to about the situation feels strongly that we were told 1000 lbs up front. Our CSRs do not make up information; they understand how critical accurate information is. We have an 800lb limit on what we would move and they know that we would not move an item that heavy. Additionally our movers were told that it took 10 men to ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    Totally deceitful company. Told me I had 30 days to report damage..."don't worry about what it says on the service agreement" Refused to pay for damage to a big screen t.v and gouged and scratched antique piece of furniture. Will never use again.

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    Sat Nov 01 2008

    My horror story is about the Huntsville, Alabama franchise of 2 Men and a truck. My wife called them to unload a rental truck for us. There was one HUGE piece of furniture in the truck that we just couldnt handle ourselves. We told them when we called that it was 91"x93" and 2 ft thick and weight about one thousand pounds. They told us that they could handle it..."no problem". They said that would send "Charles" over to check it before they sent the crew. "Tasha" said he would be there around 10:30. We waited until 11:15 to call and check and was told that they had no idea who we spoke with but nobody was coming out to check but the move was scheduled for between 12:30 and 2:30. Again, we told them to send a large crew because one of the pieces was HUGE and HEAVY. "Tasha" informed my wife that she has already told them and they would be ready. So we waited...and waited until around 2:00. The truck arrives and three young guys popped out. There was not a really strong one in ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 30 2008

    What a mistake using this company. After reading your reviews, I have only myself to blame. Should have done more reasearch. My issues mirror many of the comments stated. Slow, inefficient and inconsiderate of other peoples belongings. I paid an upfront fee of $110, then $110/hour on top of that. They moved my 900sf apartment, drove 1 mile to my storage unit to unload a 10x10 unit, then drove 1.5 miles to my house. All of this in 11.5 hours. The kicker, all my stuff was boxed up and wrapped. They put padding around 5 pieces of furniture - and after 6 hours of their inefficiency I helped load/unload the truck. This move would have take close to 15 hours had I not helped. I could not believe it. Some of what their professional movers brough to the table: 1.) When we got to my storage unit, they wasted 1 hour "unloading" the truck to reposition items to fit my storage stuff (despite the fact that I commented the unit was a full 10x10. 2.) They received at least 40 phone ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    If you value your property, don't! They played "Pick Up Sticks" with my items when they packed. Many items were broken or torn beyond use. Even though I was promised they would stay until finished, they quit after two hours and told me I could do the rest. The actual movers lost items. They stacked boxes higher than my head so I had to stand on a stepstool to open them and unpack. Despite all efforts to talk with someone, my calls were never returned. Someone from the national office contacted me and then told me the local supervisor would be calling me. He never did. I contacted the national office about this but had no response. Better to pay a few teenagers to work under your own supervision and then drive your own rented truck.

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    Large local moving franchise offers customized residential and corporate moving services, including packing, supplies, flexible scheduling and free estimates.

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    TWO MEN AND A TRUCK SYDNEY ! i wish they had a bloody rating -1000000000 worst "attempted move I have ever had" started at 8.00 a.m and they said they wouldnt even be on the road till one.. 5 HOURS TO PACK A TRUCK UP !! ITS ONLY A FOUR BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE !! they asked us to rescudule as there was too much furniture than they expected... which is absolute BS.. we asked for 2 trucks & 4 men but they talked us out of it !! so they LEFT !! what the fuck ! and not even an apology from the manager in sydney ! also heard from a friend today that they used them and took advantage of her grandmother "waching them" and sat around smoking and was kicking her puppy. absolutely the worst experience ive ever had so unprofessional

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    Fri Oct 12 2007


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    Sat Jul 28 2007

    Thursday was my first and last time moving with Two Mean and A Truck. I wish I had found this site before I moved. Like everyone else, I was quoted 7.5 hours to move our entire home and this move should have taken 4 hours. So my husband and I decided to move most of the small items ourself to reduce the number of required hours. They came with 3 people! and still took 5.5 hours although we moved all of the clothes, televisions, boxes, small electronics and small tables. Worst of all in most rooms they scratched or damaged 60% of the furniture not to mention my new walls and foyer paint! I just hope when I call on Monday, I get a speedy response to REPLACE not REPAIR my less than year old furniture or we are going to have a problem.

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    Tue May 29 2007

    Worst move we ever had. They forgot to book us for Memorial Day weekend, despite getting the credit card number 6 weeks before. Showed up on time, but things went down hill from there. Broken floor tiles in the new house, broken stepper, destroyed flowers, sat around much of the time and went hours over the estimate. To top it off, they left the garage door open at the old house and racoons spread trash all over. We will never use them again and are telling everyone we know. DON'T EVER USE THE ORLANDO AREA TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

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    Thu Apr 12 2007

    I recently used Two Men and a Truck again, and they were totally AWESOME! I have used Two Men and a Truck several times in the past, and they continue to be the best, most reliable moving company I've ever used. I've moved many times with other companies, but they just can't provide the same customer service that I get with Two Men and a Truck. They have always been on time and ready to work. The men were friendly, and they definitely knew what they were doing. The trucks were nice and always well equipped. They shrink-wrapped most of my furniture in house and everything was nice and well protected with blankets on the truck. Their customer service reps were also friendly, and very knowledgeable. They provided me with an estimate over the phone that was right on the money, and even offered a free delivery of boxes. The boxes that I purchased were very competitive on the price, and they even took back the boxes that I did not use. I will NEVER use another company again after using w... Read more

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    Fri Mar 23 2007

    I used Two Men & Truck on 3/17/07 to move my small 550 sqft aprtmnt. I have a heavy piece of furniture, so I was told I needed three guys. They quoted $135.00 an hour for the move. This seemed high, but they were highly recommended so I decided to use them. I had two drop offs, so I knew the move would take longer than usual. We estimated the move would take 4 hours: 3 to move my apartment (with 3 movers!), & 1 to move a few items to the 2nd drop off. It took 4 1/2 hours to do the first part and 2 hours to do the second part. I was paying for 3 movers, but I got 2 guys who did the work and 1 guy who "supervised" & spent a lot of time doing paperwork & even took a 30 minute stinky bathroom break. I rushed to get them done at the end of the move & didn't really inspect my stuff (I was still on the clock, afterall). My fiance noticed damage to our wood floors & on the armoire when he got home. This was the final straw. We had already paid almost $1000.00 to move a 550 square foot apartmen... Read more

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    I recently used Two Men and a Truck in Charlotte, NC. Moving was very stressful and needless to say I was not looking forward to moving day. I was in a situation where my closing on my new house and old house were 1 month apart. Two Men and a Truck showed up to load my items 20 minutes early and instantly put me at ease. The guys came into my home smiling and kept that attitude the entire day. They loaded me up very quickly. That took the time to pad and wrap all my furniture just like it was there own. They moved the items into their huge climate controlled storage facility that is more secure than anything I have ever seen. 47 days later they showed up at my new home with the same attitude and everything was wrapped the same way it was when it left my old house. They set up the entire house for me and everything was in perfect shape. I couldn't be happier and know that most people use blogs or ratings to point out the bad experiences they had so I figured I would let everyo... Read more

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    Thu Jan 18 2007

    I hired Two Men and a Truck (three men for this move) to move me approximately 2 miles. Although they showed up on time it took them over 5.5 hours to move/pack my apartment and move to the new apartment. After about 1.5 hours we noticed they were not consolidating their loads, packing efficiently, nor taking the fastest route to their truck. They also packed things inefficiently so as to charge for more boxes and packing material (ie. they packed a slow cooker in the biggest box available, by itself). After receiving the bill I was shocked they didn't credit any time on the clock because of how slow they carried the boxes and inefficiently packed the boxes. Not only did they take their time, which increased the bill significantly, but they charged almost $100 for packing supplies, which included a few boxes, tape, and paper. These supplies (other than boxes) were never described in the estimate that was given to me. I think we were unfairly charged for the packing supplies, esp... Read more

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    Tue Dec 26 2006

    Prospective franchisees who wish to obtain a two men franchise or told this in a prospectus. " You join an organization that has: "Commitment to the customer." "Core values, mission, personal assistance." "Commitment to excellence." I beg to differ. We didn't use the company to move us, only we had one of their trucks "move" our car in an accident. While on her way to a doctor's visit in Manhattan my wife honked furiously and watched in horror as a New Jersey based Two Men truck backed up into her, smashing the passenger side door. Too shaken to call the police she had her doctor come out later to get the necessary information from the driver who admitted blame. Now the company insists our claim was fraudulent and invites us to take the long, arduous path to suit in small claims court, rather than let their insurance company make amends. A call to the parent company got the ear of a sympathetic individual, but the person said, "We have no control over this."

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    Thu Oct 26 2006

    A move I made using my friends and family was a hundred times better than my recent move with this company! Two Men and A Truck employees gouged, chipped, and/or scratched every piece of my bedroom furniture. They also gouged my sofa table, poked a hole in my mattress, lost my armoir hardware, and broke a leg off of one of my wooden plant stands. I was told "their" furniture repair company would be in touch within a few days. Two weeks later I was still trying to get a response as to when everything would be fixed. Then I find out that the repair company doesn't work weekends! I work all week and why should I take a vacation/sick day to let them fix something that THEY damaged?! Anyway, I am still (30 days later) trying to get my things repaired at a convenient time for me and if it goes on much longer, I may file a suit against them. I wouldn't use them again if they paid ME!!

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    Thu Aug 10 2006

    Two Men and a Truck Omaha, Nebraska is terrible... we hired two men to load our moving truck for us, and they damaged our wood floors, threw our stuff around, and didn't pack anything properly unless we were breathing down their necks. As a result our kitchen table was badly damaged (they threw it on top of everything without properly wrapping it) and our mattress was punctured by the metal piece in a wardrobe box... all they had to do was turn the box 90 degrees and it wouldn't have happened. The claims manager in Omaha has basically told me that since it wasn't their truck, they weren't liable, but it's not like all of our stuff was damaged -- just those two items that were obviously improperly packed. Isn't that great? Since it wasn't their truck, we don't get professional moving services! They just show up, toss everything on our truck, take their money, and walk away -- no liability for their gross negligence. I could have hired two guys off the street and had the same servi... Read more

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    Tue Jul 25 2006

    Two Men and A Truck are Stephen King's idea of a moving company. A complete nightmare. They were 6 1/2 hrs late and actually got an attitude with me when I called to question the delay. No notice call was made that they were finally on their way. The 2 men took fully twice as long as any other move I have made with less than half the same furniture I have moved in the last 10 years. That's why they want you to pay by the hour. Oh, yes, the movers told me I could help them if I wanted! LOL They broke a metal table. How do you break a metal table?? Then gave me a sob story about it coming out of their minimum wages and please don't do a damage claim. TM&T; did come back and refund one hour charge ($100) but their charges still are fully a third more than any other move. It ended up taking me 12 hrs to move 10 pieces of furniture and 60 boxes one and a half miles down the road. The office staff was fine, the movers were polite. They just can't get the job done.

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    Thu Mar 02 2006

    If you want help or piece of mind don't use 2 Men and a Truck. I hope this helps someone else not think two men and a truck insured status will help you these people charge and advertise like and insured mover but don't act like it. If they break something they just deny it. They will send you 2 condescending, slow and unresponsive men....and trust me I am the overly patient sort (so if you are not then these people may drive you to insanity). Then they created a dent in our expensive bedroom dresser and when I show them one of the movers says to get and estimate and they will pay to fix it. They also badly scrape up our stair by taking a dolly up and down repeatedly....they then deny the damage was their fault on this one. But the dolly tracks are obvious. On this one they say they will send out an insurance adjuster to look at the damage. I paid them under the false pretenses they created that they: 1) would pay for the damage on my dresser and 2) two they would send out an ins... Read more

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