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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    I recently decided to go brunette after a lifetime of being blonde and at the same time decided to change stylist. I had a color consultation with Jordan who was awesome, and when I went in for my appointment I felt completely confident I was in good hands. All my friends loved what she did with my hair. Having never been to a salon with tiered pricing, I was worried the attitude would be haughty, but there was nothing to worry about. Everyone is super friendly.

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I had heard of this amazing salon in Nashville, TN where stars have been spotted, so I felt complelled to give it a try and...I was completely blown away by the level of professionalism, style and class. TRIM supercedes it's reputation! A new client to the salon, I quickly learned that everyone is treated like a star! I am a Canadian recording artist, and clearly, hair is a huge part of what I do! Well, my hair has NEVER looked better! Thanks so much to the staff at TRIM for making my first experience one that I will keep repeating! Mark was my stylist and he was absolutely incredible! The owner has definitely got it right!

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    you are greeted immediately when you walk in and made as comfortable as possible. Will gives the best haircuts of anyone I've been to in Nashville. I highly recommend this place.

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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    Just called in. You need a reservation to get a haircut and the price is $40 - $100 depending on the stylist.

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    Tue Nov 10 2009

    i just had my first appointment at trim and i definitely will be going back. jordan was wonderful and gave me the best cut i've had in a long time. the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. i will definitely sing the praises of trim!

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    Absolutely the best. She always listen to what I want. And she gives great advice.

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    Tue Jul 14 2009

    No other salon even comes close to Trim! I have been a customer of Melanie Shelly for 11 years now. She is truly the best stylist in Tennessee. Lisa Holland

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    Tue Jul 14 2009

    The atmosphere was unlike that of any other salon that I have ever been in. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a pleasant smile and was asked if anyone could get me anything to drink, I felt so pampered! My stylist's name was Bridgette, I explained to her what I wanted and that my hair was quite a challenge and she more than impressed me! I looked so stunning for my anniversary. As a cosmetology student it is so refreshing to see that there is a salon that has such a caring staff that has such a passion for what they are doing and truly take care of their guests. You have definitely made love Trim. I am so thrilled that I came in and got a service because that let me know what you guys are all about, and that is a great salon experience.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I am very disappointed with this salon. I called beforehand and inquired about pricing, and was quoted about $200. After my cut and color today, I get up to the front desk and the bill is $300- A HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE than I was told originally!!!!!!!!! To me, $200 was a HUGE splurge on hair, so $300 is CRAZY. To top it off, the manager called, and instead of offering to reimburse me the difference- I was nice about it, but obviously blown away by the discrepancy- I was offered "some hair products". Thanks but no thanks. The stylist did a nice job with my hair,but now every time I look at my expensive haircut, I wish I could just remove my hair and burn it. I would call this NOT a good experience, and will most definitely NOT be returning.

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    Wed May 13 2009

    Trim expects high standards from its stylists and Joseph is their best. His cuts and colors have never been anything but perfect. I have never had a stylist that was so nice, professional, and consistently good. He has never had an "off" day with my hair. I highly recommend Joseph and Trim.

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    I was a new client coming to Trim. I had 15 inches of hair that I was getting cut to donate, and I was ready for a new, short style. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted warmly and felt welcomed right away. From the gal who got me my green tea, to the guy who checked me out, I was treated with nothing but hospitality and friendliness. I was a little nervous about getting more than a foot of hair cut off, but being in the very capable and talented hands of Chase put me completely at ease. He was a lot of fun to work with, and made the experience an extremely enjoyable one. I felt pampered, fussed over and special! Everyone at Trim was happy and sweet and I loved the feeling that I got that everyone genuinely loved what they were doing. I also love the retro feel to the salon; everyone from the chairs with the little built in ashtrays, to the fabulously pink everything! Even the music filtering in was super cool! I will most definitely be coming back... not just once, b... Read more

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    I got the best haircut of my life with Chase. For $40 you get an in depth consultation and about an hour of the most excellent service. Everyone at Trim was there to help. When you walk in the door they offer you a beverage. Then I was offered a tour. After my haircut, I saw Rachel for a brow shaping. I never had this done before and was nervous to start, but when I saw the results I was thrilled! On the web site it says "super model brows" and they mean it. Plus she teaches you how to maintain the look. I look forward to going back and having additional services done.

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    I am very spoiled when it comes to hair cuts and I was really anxious about trying a new salon. So looked up the best salon in Nashville and found TRIM. My friend and I made a "girls day" and booked appointments there. She was with BRIDGET and I was booked with JOSEPH. To make it short. It was well worth the 1 hour drive for us and the money. We both received great customer service, awesome haircuts and left the salon feeling like 1million bucks joking which of us looked cuter. We will definetely be back and I can only recommend it. Just the head massage before the haircut is worth it to go back ;)

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    I LOVE Trim. I have been a few times and am always 100% happy! I do not mind paying a little more to have amazing hair!! The blowouts are worth $100 alone!!! I have sent 5 friends to Trim and they all have sworn to never go any where else again! Trim is that AWESOME!!! Gio does my color--- and he is aaaamazing. I have no words to describe the feeling of going somewhere and KNOWING that you will love your hair when you leave. Will does my cut- PRICELESS. Cut is always exactly what I had in mind. Blowout is always 100% insane rockstar awesome! Please try Trim out! You will be SO So So happy you did!

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    What a wonderful experience!!!! Based on a recommendation from the salon where we purchased a special dress for an upcoming event, I made appointments at trim to have my daughters hair styled. She has never let anyone style her hair for special occasions so she was a bit apprehensive. To give her a comfort level we made three appoints. The first was to have her hair cut, the second was to do a ?test run? on the style and of course the third was for the actual styling the day of the event. To say she was pleased was an understatement! She had a wonderful time. Chase was amazing to work with! He listened to everything she had to say. Her hair looked perfect. I wanted the experience to make her feel like a princess ? and my expectations were exceeded. Chase has a new customer for life!!!

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    Sun Jan 25 2009

    This place is AMAZING. This is hands down the most professional salon around. They gave me a pre-appointment reminder phone call, treated me like royalty from the minute I got there offering me hot tea, coffee or water. Chase is absolutely the BEST color specialist and stylist there is. The staff is incredible. The experience was incomparible to any other salon in town. They also gave me a next day phone call to make sure I was happy and sent me a Thank You card! They have reestablished my faith in the art of customer care and the belief that you can go to a popular and awesome place of business and you are treated with total respect and courtesy. I wish everyone would take some notes from TRIM. They are incredible in every way and I can't wait to go back! Thanks, TRIM! You gave me a lot more than a haircut and highlights! I've never felt more appreciated as a client. I recommend TRIM to everyone. Thank God we have them here!

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    I just moved to the Nashville area about 4 months ago and I looked over countless salons before choosing Trim. I read all the reviews from a couple of different websites and thought I would give them a shot. I went to make my appt and asked for someone that would be honest, fun, creative, and open with the suggestions. I was told that Chase would be great. So, I booked my appt and I went to see Chase. I will officially say that Chase is AMAZING!!! I not only LOVE his personality but he got me to try a color with my hair that I have always sworen off. I completely trust him with my hair and don't worry about what he suggests or wants to do. I have never really found a stylist that I have loved but I have officially found him at Trim. Anybody that wants to have their hair done by the most FABLOUS stylist should definitely book their next appointment with Chase!!!

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    Not only do they have an exceptionally talented staff, but this salon provides the highest level of customer service that I've ever seen from a retail business. From the owners on down, they go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied - it's truly unbelievable. This salon is well deserving of the awards it has garnered - I cannot fathom why anyone would go elsewhere for salon services.

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    Sun Oct 19 2008

    Chase is my newest boyfriend. Spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon beeing transformed from an old tired girl into a Princess. I had been having my hair cut by PetSmart and colored it myself for 3 years. Decided to give myself a treat. I drive by Trim everyday on my way to work so I decided to give it a shot. If I had to find something wrong with this salon experience........wait I'm thinking..................still thinking.........ok I give up, it was a perfect experience. I am not used to being treated so well, having a hairdresser understand the concept of color for my skin tone or a great style for my massive quantities of hair and have someone spend so much time just on me!!!! Thanks Chase, see you in 6 weeks.

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    CHASE is not only talented, but also attentive and patient with high maintenance gals like myself:) I have never been happier with my hair color and cut and, believe me, I am VERY hard to please. I am thrilled that I found him! I recommend him to any person looking for a phenomenal young stylist at the top of his game. I heart Chase.

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    Tue Oct 07 2008

    I just signed onto Citysearch specifically to brag about Mary. I got my first appointment with her in the summer of 2007 to cut 10 inches off my hair. It was a big step, so I decided to find a reputable salon to do the job. She is awesome! I have been going to her ever since, and have referred everyone I know to her. Since last summer, I have gone from long to short, short to shorter and, now, growing short to long; all without any eyerolls! My husband also gets his hair cut by Mary, although his last haircut was done by Bridget. She, also, does an amazing job, which leads me to believe that Trim only hires the best! Both stylists are very good about working with what you have, recommending products to accentuate your style and doing "in-between" complimentary bang/nape trims. I feel like I have a lifetime salon thanks to Trim!

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    Sun Sep 21 2008

    Trim was the best salon ive been to.. my mom and i both went- i had 18 inches cut off and was nervous about trusting just anyone to this task! my mom was going to have her cut refined to more of what she had asked for at another salon but of course did not get! when we entered the salon we were immedietely greeted by the very nice lady behind the counter, then we sat down to fill out a 1st time customer form that asked what we were looking for and what not, right away another women approached us and offered a bottled water- which was nice to be noticed so quickly , and for the 2nd time. the salon, as mentioned before on here, had a male side and a female side both designed appropriately. the male side was a darker shade of paint with manly decor and the ladies side was pink with pink chairs and cute light fixtures. i waited only about 5 min. for my stylist CHASE to finish his previous appointment before he came over and got us. he was FABULOUS! he listened to exactly what i wanted and... Read more

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    Mon Sep 15 2008

    I just moved here from LA. Everyone told me to go to Trim and I am so glad that I did. STEPHANIE was amazing. She let me do the talking first. She actually listened and then gave me her opinion. She told me what would and would not work for me. (I'm lazy with my hair). I can't go to the salon every four weeks so Stephanie gave me a style so that I can come every 8 or 9 weeks. I totally believe that you get what you pay for. I love my new haircut and color! Thanks Stephanie!

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    Wed Aug 27 2008

    I just moved to Nashville, and I was worried about replacing my beloved colorist back in Oregon. After reading the great reviews about Trim, I made an appointment for color with Giovanni. My experience was wonderful from start to finish. The receptionist was unbelievably friendly, and I was made to feel so welcome. Giovanni listened patiently as I rambled about my hair, and then made a few suggestions. He took his time with my color to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I left with the best color and style that I have ever had, and I didn't feel the price was unreasonable. This salon really listens to its clients. I can't wait to go back for my cut.

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    I had an appointment with Bridgett today, this was my first time at your salon and I was very impressed. She took the time to show me how to style my hair and offered product that would work for me and not against me. I adore my cut and appreciate the extra time she took. She is very friendly and a talented stylist. Your staff is extremely friendly and very professional. I find it very difficult to find a good salon. You either get a salon that has amazing stylists with terrible attitudes, or a salon with terrible stylist however, you find yourself going back to because everyone is so friendly. Your salon has a the perfect blend of both. Your staff is amazing (your receptionist is so sweet)! You have an amazing vibe and I will definitely make Trim my new salon and refer you to everyone I know. Thank you to the people who made my visit one to remember!

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    Selfishly, I'm sad to recommend the best hair person ever, Will, because I'd like to keep him a secret. But I have to report that he does fantastic cuts and color that turn boring mousy hair into fab bouncy blond hair. His cuts are flattering and easy, and look just as good the day after the salon, and the next day and the next. Perfect for the hair-procrastinator that waits three months to go in for a TRIM! And the coffee is pretty darn good, too. The 8 AM appointments will get your day started right!

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    I am probably the hardest person in the world to please and I have never walked out of a salon with a giant smile before today ! Chase is my new stylist for life. This salon is blessed with some true artists! Especially, the lovely little lady at the front desk ... I think the brilliant little bee goes by the name of Lily.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    I recently moved here from the DC area and before finding Trim, I was beginning to think I would have to make bi-monthly trips back just to get a decent haircut! Trim was great from the moment I opened the door. I was greeted before I even got to the counter and I don't think I waited even 5 minutes before I was in the chair. Will far exceeded all of my expectations. He listened to what I wanted and actually explained each technique he was using and what it would do to my hair. It was awesome! And he was hilarious too! When all was said and done, I was beyond pleased and didn't hesitate to set up my next appointment. I can't wait to go back!

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    Thu May 22 2008

    Today was my first visit to TRIM, and I will definitely be returning. I found the staff to be friendly, engaging, and sincere, and the atmosphere was quite relaxing. I got a cut and color from Jennifer, who was meticulous. She listened to everything I said and seemed to care about the result, which turned out better that I had even hoped. I was wary of coloring my hair for the first time, but I am thrilled with the result. Great work!

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    Thu May 08 2008

    I can't imagine what must have spawned these recent negative reviews concerning the quality of service delivered at TRIM. I found my entire experience to be incredibly enjoyable and every staff member with whom I had contact to be nothing but competent and polite. Hailing from a large city myself, I too have become accustomed to paying quite a bit for a quality haircut, but I found the price point at TRIM to be completely appropriate if not underrated. The atmosphere was immediately relaxing and inviting. I intend to consistently frequent TRIM in the future and would recommend the same to anyone. The staff possesses a degree of professionalism that I deem a true rarity in the business. Keep up the fantastic work!

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    This is only a review of my first phone call about possibly getting an appointment. I never got past the first phone call. What a mess. Why set up an appointment? I didn't.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    After reading all the positive reviews about this place my boyfriend and I both booked haircut appointments at this place. We were both tremendously dissapointed. My haircut didn't seem like anything at all and add to that the fact that my stylist was tired and wanted to iron my hair instead of blow-drying it out and even then she sucked at it. My boyfriend came out looking like he was 12 years old! The people were nice enough, but it's not worth the hype! These citysearch ratings are very often misleading!

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    After reading all the rave reviews about this place, I booked an appt for my niece and me to get our hair colored and cut on Sat 4/12. When we arrived, they could only find my niece's appt and not mine. So I had a seat and they came back to me about 5-10mins later and said that the girl I was booked with was no longer working there and they need to reschedule me. They called my niece to reminder her of her appt, but never called me to let me know that I needed to reschedule. They could have even called me that morning before I left to drive downtown to get my hair done. They offered little apology and no discount or anything for their error. I consider this poor customer service and you would have thought that if they weren't going to call people to reschedule, they would have had another stylist there to cover the clients. Poor, poor customer service.

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    Mon Mar 31 2008

    I can't say enough good things about the staff at Trim Classic!! I have been on a quest for some time now to find a hair salon that is as concerned with the health of hair as much as they are the style. I spoke with Aaron on the phone and she thoughtfully matched me with someone she felt would be best suited to my needs. Merrill was a perfect match. She was extremely patient, sensitive and knowledgeable. She formulated a plan for my haircare needs and discussed thorougly every aspect. Everyone at Trim Classic was friendly and helpful and made what is usually a painful experience for me, a truly enjoyable one!!!Thank you Merrill!!! I have finally found a hairstylist!!

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    Mon Mar 31 2008

    I have lived in or around the nashville area all my life and it seems when I find someone to cut my curly hair that they get relaxed and spend less and less time and raise their prices more and more. I am not generally picky about my hair but I have to admit having naturally curly hair can be a scary when trying to find some one to cut it. I went to Trim on a recommendation and was referred by the front desk to Merrill. I couldn't be happier. She has a great attitude and truly spends time with me and teaching me new things to try with my hair (i honestly do NOT know how to do anything with my hair) and although i may not try everything (out of laziness :)) i appreciate her thoughtfulness and the energy she puts into cutting my hair. I haven't left disappointed yet and have been going to her for about 2 years. Rachel also does my brows and although it can be painful (i'm chicken) she does the best job and is great at making you feel comfortable. I love both of them and would not/... Read more

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    You have to try Trim Classic Barber and Legendary Beauty! The customer service from the appointment desk to the people sweeping the floors is exceptional. I have 7 family members who have all moved to this salon. Every stylist is AWESOME! It's funky, fun and I always feel great when I leave. They even sent a stylist out to care for a family member who is in Hospice care and needed a hair cut. WOW! Not sure anyone else would do that. My family has every kind of hair imaginable from curly wavy thick to thin and straight and the talented stylists handle them all. Imagine getting a thank you call and thank you note- unheard of!! And to think the cost is very competitave with the other 5 or 6 salons I have tried over the past 15 years. It's affordable beauty that makes you feel like you are a superstar! PS- I have never posted a message before... but they are worth it! One more thing.. They are open on Sunday and nights! Imagine that!

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    Sun Mar 23 2008

    Trim is by far the best ever!! My hair is always perfect and Mark is just amazing!! I can be a little particular about my hair and he is always very patient with me. Even though they see their share of celebrity clients I feel like I get the same level of service as they do, which I love! Rachel's pedicures are pure heaven and I am totally addicted! Hair color (highlights & color correction), pedicures and cuts are hands down the best in Nashville. It is a little pricey but is totally worth it....the service is top notch! Mark, Chase, Rachel & Joseph are just fabulous and I would highly recommend checking it out!

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    Tue Mar 11 2008

    i've been going to TRIM for over a year now and STEPHANIE is amazing! hands down the best cut and color everytime i walk out the door. the other stylists/apprentices are always welcoming and eager to assist. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SALON if you want the best salon experience ever.

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    Mon Mar 10 2008

    I have been going to Joseph Barnes for about a year now. He was highly recommended at a time when I was very frustrated with the quality of salon services in the Nashville area. I had a habit of trying out a salon for a month or so and then looking elsewhere UNTIL I found Joseph! Joseph is now responsible for my cut, color and brows and they always look fabulous when I leave the salon. Joseph's main goal is to make you look and feel as great as possible and he loves what he does. I will continue to go to Joseph as long as he remains in Nashville and should he decide to move I will probably go there, regardless of my travel time! He's that great! You have to try him! The salon is great too with very convenient parking. Everyone is so nice and they want your entire salon experience to be a great one! I highly recommend Joseph Barnes and Trim..the best Nashville has to offer!!!

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    I LOVED this place after they corrected a very bad color job. Jennifer did my color and she did a fantastic job. She was sweet, friendly, and helpful. The whole staff was friendly and seemed concerned that I had everything I needed. Don't let the fact that celebrities go to this salon make you think its snobby or elitist. The atmosphere is easygoing. The price for my corrective color was worth every penny and comparable to all of the other trendy Nashville salons. If you want a place to fix a bad hair issue -- they are the ones to call!

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    After trying all of Nashville's "best salons" and being disappointed I stumbled upon Trim, First, the staff members were so polite and helped to accomodate my schedule. My hair stylist Jennifer was quite possibly the nicest hair stylist I have ever had. She asked me what I wanted my hair to look like and then made a few suggestions. At the end of my cut I was absolutely thrilled. This truly is my best haircut yet. Thank you Jennifer for being so helpful. Trim also has really great products! I would recommend this salon to all my friends and family.

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    I visited Trim in February and Jennifer did my color and cut. The salon is beautiful, it is a girly girls dream and the service is outstanding. My haircut is AMAZING and so is the color, however, the prices are a little high, but you get what you pay for. I absolutely loved Jennifer, she was sweet and down to earth and made me feel at ease and helped me enjoy my experience. She also seemed genuinely happy that I was happy with my hair, which was very endearing b/c some stylists can be a little "cool" in the higher end places. She is thorough as well and really consults you before she begins. I have to save up the $$ for next time, but I will return! Definitely worth it!

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    I don't get it. I have been a loyal customer of Trim for 5 years. In the past year I have seen my stylist 's prices jump by 50 dollars a visit. No joke! I have seen the time my stylist spends with me shortend to a quick color throw on, and a rushed cut. I called and communicated my concern with the salon manager. He explained they were under NEW management and things would not continue in the manner they had been in the past. My next visit my sylist had left the salon and they had not even bothered to call and let me know. If this is the NEW Trim, stay away. By the way, I found my stylist at her new spot...couldn't be happier. I know I am not Faith Hill but they took my money for five years. I could have been treated with more respect, even if I am not a celebrity. Shame on you Trim. CR

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    Wed Jan 09 2008

    It is just the nature of people to tell you when something goes wrong, especially when it comes to customer service or places we do business; however, people rarely take the time to tell you when something goes right or when someone does an amazing job. That is why I am writing this review. I started going to Trim Classic Barber in 2003 and was amazed at the professionalism and atmosphere. I was going to meet someone I had met "on line", and when my regular stylist was not available, I was turned over to Joseph. He styled my hair and curled it and I don't think I had ever really liked my hair until that day. I had the Victoria's Secret look and it gave me so much confidence! I ended up marrying the on line guy last November, and Joseph is now my stylist! I always joke around with him about having magic wand, because he can get my hair to do things I never imagined possible, and his personality and personal touch keep me going back. Joseph takes the time to really know ALL his ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    I am relatively new to Nashville and have been searching for a new salon. After a few mediocre haircuts elsewhere, I have found Trim and I am not leaving! Joseph did my color and Libby did my cut. My hair looks the best it ever has! I also love the fact that color is applied in a private room so that you don't look goofy in front of the other clients. All of the staff was very friendly and profesional- I can't wait to go back again!

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    I went to Trim yesterday for the first time and I was extremely impressed. I had heard good things about Trim, but my experience definitely surpassed my expectations. The staff was enormously professional and on top of everything. I love that they are open on Sundays. Mary was my stylist and I absolutely loved what she did. It was by far the best haircut I've ever had. Thanks Mary!

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    Tue Dec 11 2007

    After moving to Nashville from LA, I had a tough time finding a hair specialist that made me feel like a million dollars! I found Trim and I have been there three times in the last week to get color and extensions by Stephanie, and brows by Joseph. I look and feel like a new person! The staff is incredible. Stephanie is not only amazing with hair and extensions, but it is a joy to spend the day talking with her as well. Joseph is lovely and fixed the bad brows I have had for the last 2 yrs since I moved to here. Ben worked so diligently to get me in for extensions before the holidays. The salon bought me lunch, and Bridget was lovely assisting Stephanie and getting my lunch. Everyone is so genuinely nice and caring! I cannot speak highly enough of Trim, and I look forward to many future visits!

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    Fri Dec 07 2007

    TRIM Classic Barber is phenomenal. Their stylists did a beautiful job on our models for a fashion event last week!

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    Thu Dec 06 2007

    I have been an loyal customer of TRIM for 3 years now. Before that I tried every other TOP salon in & around Nashville trying to find the one that catered to it all. TRIM does it all plus more. Sounds silly but I actually feel hip & hot when I leave! My hair requires a lot & my girl, Glory, never lets me down. I never realized I could feel so comfortable at a salon before. But everyone there is so friendly that I have actually made some good friends. The receptionist, Graham, is beyond helpful. And Jana does the best make-up in town. They now have made devoted regular customers out of my husband, 5 of my closest friends & my son's godmother. This place is seriously top notch!