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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Good food and snappy service, but caveat emptor: The recited drink specials may have tacit footnotes. I ordered a $5 margarita up during Happy Hour and was billed $6 because it contained "extra alcohol." The waitress wouldn't (couldn't) correct it, and the bartender wouldn't back down, either. Obviously, Trailer Park is not interested in cultivating a customer relationship with me. Perhaps they have all the business they need, but in this economy, that could quickly change. It was just a dollar's worth of principal, but I won't go back.

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    I love Trailer Park. On Tuesdays night they have a burger, tater tots and beer (PBR) special that not to be beat. Their frozen margaritas ar...

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    Hosted a bachelorette party here for a friend last night, and we had a blast! They technically don't take reservations, but said if I called the day of, they'd hold a table for our group of 7. Went off without a hitch. Our friendly waitress even took a polaroid of our group and put it in a little frame for the bride-to-be to take home. The margaritas were killer, the food was just what it should have been--love those tater tots! Fun, colorful place, great for a low-key party.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    If this place is supposed to reflect the ambience of a trailer park, the trailer park in question houses some of the crabbiest people in the city. I attempted to have my birthday party there. Bear in mind that previous birthday parties at Flannary's pub on 14th street and Welcome to the Johnsons at Rivington paint me as the perfect person to have a birthday at Trailer Park. First, I emailed Trailer Park a week in advance to let them know that 30+/- people would be there. No reply. Second, 1 day before the event, I called, and they said we should just show. Third, upon showing up with 3 friends for a pre-party bite to eat, the waitress seated 3 parties in front of us, and pointedly ignored us. When asked when we'd be seated she was angry that we were pestering her. After we sat and ate, we continued to occupy the table, ordering copious amounts of alcohol, when we were told we had to leave the table and stand. We did, and friends began showing up. The bartender was, well, me... Read more

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    Tue Apr 24 2007

    I read the "rude service" review and was horrorified. This chick was bugging, she must have thought it was her trailer park at home. First off, any bar u go to u freakin gotta tip, at least $1, of course if u don't , ur gonna get crappy service. It's karma, cause and effect and common sense, bartenders work off tips. This place was cool. The decor alone is worth the trip. The dude bartending was a cute hipster from Willy'b. Sweet and accomadating, greatly appreciative of the tips and even did the mostly extinct buy back after 2 drinks. But again, we tipped and tipped well, that's the key to good service and w/ a smile. 2 thumbs up 4 trailer park!! 2 thumbs down 4 the "rude service" reviewer, wicky wack.

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    Wed Jan 03 2007

    I went to TRAILER PARK with my BF a few months ago for the first time even though I must've passed by it a million times before. The decor is fun and the food smelled good BUT the service sucked! Here's what I mean - My BF and I sat at the bar and he had ONE beer (which by the way was overly priced) and I just had some water cause I wasn't in the mood to drink. When we were done we got up to leave and the bartender had the nerve to yell "THANKS FOR THE TIP!" A tip is earned... not just handed out and it's a good thing he didn't leave her anything because she definitely didn't deserve it. Here's a tip for her from us, "learn some manners!" We were extremely unhappy and will never come back! SORRY!

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    Fri Mar 24 2006

    this place rocks, from the music to the $5 happy hour strawberry and mango margaritas we had a great time...we started in the 'bowling alley' until our entire group arrived, we sipped on margaritas and munched on vegetarian nachos...then we moved to a table where we took advantage of the $7.50 burger & beer special (mon&tue)...good food and drinks! the waitress and bartender were silly and fun, a bonus on such a great night out.

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    Tue Mar 21 2006

    This place is fun at its best! I went with a group of friends and we all had a blast. The decor is a trip, gotta see it for yourself, you feel like you've travelled back in time. The music they play makes you want to get up and dance and order more drinks!! Speaking of drinks the frozen margaritas kick butt!!! They are strong and get the job done. The food is fantastic! One of the best burgers I've had in NYC and cooked exactly as I like it, medium rare baby!! Everything comes with your choice of tater tots (yeah that's right Napoleon, TOTS!!!) or sweet potato fries. As far as the cost, this please is a great deal: drinks are strong, food is delicious with good size servings. The staff is great..totally friendly and fun yet professional. They also have a great Happy Hour everyday from 4-7.

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    Mon Mar 20 2006

    Walking into Trailer Park is like walking straight into the heart of America. I love it's funky little novelties like the can of spam in the showcase and lounge area that is actually a chunk of an old bowling alley. I had the most delicious burger, and I usually don't like veggie burgers but I tasted my friend's and it was SO good. Also, when we're out in Chelsea we expect to pay a lot for food, but every plate in here is under $10. Everything comes with tater tots (how cool is that) or sweet-potato fries and the portions are generous. The frozen margaritas are delicious and LOADED!! Just $7 for one and I was already buzzed. Also it was someone's birthday there and they served a moon pie with a sparkler in it! so funny! I am going back there for my birthday with all of my friends!!

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    Fri Mar 17 2006

    TRAILER PARK is DYNAMITE! Great grilled burgers, killer margaritas, friendly professional staff, an actual "trailer park" trailer hung on the wall, you've never seen a place quite like it. This is like one cool joint daddy-o.

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    Visited Trailer Park Lounge recentely with some friends and I must say we had a wonderful time. The Food was great, service was friendly, and man o man what a unique atmosphere. This place is one of a kind will be back soon.

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    Tue Mar 14 2006

    Trailer Park is awesome! The food is delicious. My friends and I go there just for their homemade nachos and strawberry margaritas! Their cheeseburgers are the best I've had in a long time. The waitresses are always fun and their personalities are what make us go back every week. And the decor is trashy just likes it's supposed to be!

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    I like the decor and food at trailer park, and the servers are nice. but if you go at night, you can count on your experience being completely ruined by the obnoxious loudmouth who apparently works the door. he checks your id, which is a bit ridiculous for a restaurant- not everyone drinks. and he's shouting and singing badly the whole time- all i wanted the whole time is for this guy to just shut up. i can honestly say i don't recommend this place, just because this jerk alone makes your time there stink.

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    Mon Dec 19 2005

    You have to be kidding me: six bucks for a small order of tater tots that taste like Ore Ida? The food here is so bad that I wouldn't feed it to my dog, and the service is even worse. The mac and cheese is more like melted Velveeta soup with weird breadcrumb topping. It is obscenely overpriced and the service is unattentive and rude. As a native Southerner, I can say that this place has no idea what soul food tastes like. I don't see how they stay in business... It must be where the people with poor taste go.

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    Sat Nov 12 2005

    At first, this place looked like it would be a lot of fun. The food was pricey for what it was...hamburgers and hotdogs, but the decor was great. Unfortunately, we had a terrible server. She took our orders (we had a table of six), but accidentally left off one person's order. That happens, I understand. But she never even apologized. She acted like we were being unreasonable for wanting our food to all come out at the same time. The person's dinner came out 15 minutes later, and she still never apologized. There was also nothing removed from our bill, which we thought might happen. And because the Trailer Park has a five-person-automatic-tip policy, we were unable to express our disapproval through the tip. Hence this review. So diners, beware. I hope this doesn't happen to you because it dampened an otherwise fun experience.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    I can't believe I've lived in Chelsea for the past few years and have never been to this place! I'm definitely going to make up for lost time. A bunch of friends and I went there last Friday night and had a ball. This place is so much fun! It's hysterical! The food was great...I had a philly cheese steak with tater tots and a yummy strawberry margarita. My friends loved their food too and drinks too! The service was great! Adorable waitress with a cute, perky attitude. I can't stop raving about this place to everyone. I will definitely be going back!

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    Sun Nov 14 2004

    Trailors has the BEST decor! Every time I go, I always choose a "trash" item and try to play I-spy. Last time i found all the pink flamingos =) Food is a bit pricey, but you cant beat the wednesday night Elvis shows while inhaling down some sweet potato fries.

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    Fri Nov 12 2004

    After waiting about 30 minutes for a table after being told 10-15, I had a had a couple of reasonably priced draft Sam Adams ($3.00). After being shown to our table - which had the most uncomfortable chair I have sat in in some time, we order a burger and a turkey burger. My toppings, cheese, bacon and grilled onions increased the cost of the burger from $ 8to $14, which seemed steep for the modest slice of cheese, limited onions, and bacon. The Turkey burger was much more flavorful than the burnt regular burger, and the sweet potato fries were good. I am not sure I would go back for the food, but the drinking is fun as the stuff on the wall is fun to look at.

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    Fri Oct 29 2004

    If you like making fun of poor people, paying way too much for a can of beer, and eating overpriced, not-so-good, food in tiny portions, this place is for you. The only bright spot is the service. Most of the employees are friendly and helpful.

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    Thu Sep 09 2004

    I came here last weekend for a bite to eat with some friends before hitting the bars. We ended up staying a lot longer because it was a fun, relaxing place. Take a look around you when you're there, there are a lot of pretty funny stuff up on the walls. I got the turkey burger and it was great. A friend said the sloppy joe wasn't too good so I would suggest sticking with the burgers or chicken sandwich. Try the nachos too, nothing fancy but still very good.

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    Wed Jun 30 2004

    Trailer Park Lounge is a fabulous place to pull over your RV and fuel up on the best cheeseburgers in town...even better than those at the Corner Bistro (and I thought I would never say that). Their tater tots and sweet potato fries are out of this world and I can't stop craving them. In fact, I wanted to eat everything on the menu. If I had any more of their amazing frozen margarita's, I might have. The restaurant is really a museum of everything tacky and beloved by rednecks. No detail went unnoticed in keeping with the Trailer Trash decor. What makes Trailer Park stand out amongst those "theme" restaurants is that it has stellar food, a very friendly staff, local regulars, fabulous drinks and just a great atomosphere. It would be hard to walk out of this place without a full stomach and a smile on your face.

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    Thu Apr 29 2004

    I agree with some that the service isn't the best (they can be a little slow) but this place is still awesome, and no one mentions the fact that they have vegetarian selections at this place! From most of the reviews you would think all they have is burgers and hot dogs, but they have vegetarian chili and nachos too, both of which are extremely tasty. And if you have an affection for trashy Souther tabloids and decor (which you should ;) then you'll love this joint!

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    Tue Apr 20 2004

    The Scene Follow a down-home friendly server past the bowling ball return that serves as a cocktail table and the honest-to-goodness trailer to a table along the wall. By then you'll have probably absorbed enough calculated kitsch to focus on the food, instead of on the photo of Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie that looms on the wall behind you. The Food The aesthetic at Trailer Park is more fat Elvis than young Elvis, and the food matches perfectly. A solid inch of bacon separates the two pieces of bread in the BLT. Burgers are satisfyingly greasy, with a backyard-soft bun, and they just come right out and call their hot dog a Fat Dog. Almost everything comes in a plastic basket with a pile of sugary sweet potato fries. Nachos are strictly ballpark--salty rounds in yellow cheese sauce or doused in chili.

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    Sat Sep 06 2003

    One of a kind, hilarious concept. Potent margaritas, good grilled burgers and friendly service. Great Elvis impersonator on Wednesday's. I'll be back.

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    Tue Sep 02 2003

    This bar is close to where I live, and a great place to show up for a few drinks. Don't know if I'd want to make a whole night of it, although the atmosphere is a lot to take in. Word of advice: the food is mediocre and overpriced. I'd recommend going across the street to Recharge for some healthy burgers and fries before hitting the bar.

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    Thu Jun 26 2003

    This place was awsome...Everything I heard and read before didn't say enough! The atmosphere, decor, and sweet potato fries were out of this world...A great place to go with friends when you want to have fun in a relaxed and unique atmosphere! Don't miss this experience..when else do you get to eat yummy food in a turquoise trailer with cheap beer and delicous food!

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    Sat Mar 08 2003

    $4 PBR cans.....unprecedented. First time in bar history to charge twice the cost of a 6 pack for 1 beer. Brilliant.

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    Fri Feb 28 2003

    This is a great place to meet with a group of friends. Its cuisine is something that everybody will enjoy, who doesn't love grilled cheese, mac and cheese and chicken sandwiches? The bartender was extremely friendly and made our night very enjoyable. A great establishment to start your night off right with. I would recommend that everybody stop by.

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    Mon Feb 17 2003

    You have got to love a place with Elvis on velvet! The waitstaff goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you have a great time! Great place to go with a group! The sweet potato fries are out of this world!

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    Tue Feb 11 2003

    We liked what they did with this place, funny stuff, very amusing. Surprisingly good grilled food and seriously strong margaritas, wow! Nice place to hang out and the teeny boppers are scarce, good crowd.

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    Mon Feb 10 2003

    Only in New York would you go to a kitschy, overpacked, psuedo trailer home and expect it to be The Next Hip Thing. The drinks are cute as is concept--unfortunately, the service is not and neither is the wait. The hostess said it would be a half hour wait. When we approached her again after the half hour was up, she said: "How much longer? Who knows?! Another half hour--maybe more!" In the following hour, we grew to hate the hostess, the stupid hollowed-out pineapple cocktails, all the loud, drunken people who wouldn't give up their tables, and an awful group of four trashy middle-aged "girls" who grabbed our booth. Wish we'd gotten to try the food, but it no longed seemed worth the "who knows how long?" wait. Love it or hate it--but it's probably best to decide before you go and endure the wait.

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    Tue Jan 21 2003

    These are burgers I crave! Nothing like sitting by the trailer, eating a great burger with those delicious sweet potato fries! Only wish? More food selections. Tasty margaritas too! And enough to look at on the walls to keep any converstaion going. Great, fun place to go!

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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    Really fun place! Food's simple, but tasty. Don't go for the mac n' cheese unless you wanna relive the cafeteria days.

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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    Had some friends in town last weekend and decided to try out Trailer Park on Sunday night. Very interesting decor and the burgers and the margaritas were great. The bartender we had was awesome. Although it was pretty busy in there, we didn't have to wait forever to get a drink and she was really friendly to my friends from out of town. Excellent service all around and certainly a place to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

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    Sun Jan 12 2003

    Fun place to bring friends, and have a loud dinner. The best grilled cheese I ever had! Oh and the sweet potato fries are delicious. Our waitress was so fun- I wanted her to join us for dinner. The beers could be cheaper, but it wouldn't keep us away.

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    Thu Dec 19 2002

    This Trailer Park Lounge is a funny, funny goof on bad taste. You have got to see the decor. It is such a parody of itself. Although food and drinks are pretty darn good, we had a great time laughing at everything else. Fun time.

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    Thu Dec 12 2002

    Had a real laugh fest at the funny stuff that adorns the walls here. Was pleasantly surprised that the grilled burgers were that good. A good bang for your buck.

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    Tue Dec 03 2002

    We threw our holiday staff party at Trailer Park last week. The waitstaff went above and beyond the call of duty as far as service went! Better than that the food was amazing. They have a fun atmosphere and unbelievable decor. It is an excellent place to have a party, gathering, or just a few drinks! When you go definately have a margarita and the mac and cheese. You'll love it!!!

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    Sun Dec 01 2002

    This place is a real laugh fest but food and drinks are very good considering it's basically an overdone roadhouse in the middle of Manhattan. If overkill and bad taste make you laugh, check this place out, the decor is a hoot.

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    Sun Nov 24 2002

    Brought my mom here from L.A. and she was very amused. We ate burgers (very tasty) and had strong margaritas (very potent), loved the decor and the friendly atmosphere. She said that she will tell all her friends in L.A. and they will love the campy decor and tacky atmosphere. TRAILER PARK LOUNGE we salute you!

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    Wed Nov 20 2002

    Love it or hate it, there's no in between at this tacky homage to trailer trash.

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    Sat Nov 16 2002

    Pretty cool place. Dynamite burgers, seriously campy decoration. Fun time, good for groups.

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    Sat Nov 16 2002

    Went here to redeem a gift certificate. We had turkey and veggie burgers, they were fantastic. Loved the music and concept. Nice bartenders.

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    Wed Nov 13 2002

    This place reminded me of chili's or bennigan's with all the kitschy signs to prove it. The food was pretty standard and very unimaginative. I think I've had better Mac n' cheese out of the box. Basically steer clear...

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    Wed Nov 13 2002

    My friends & I went on a Sunday night. We loved the kitschy theme & were psyched to have a good time. After hanging out at the bar (by the way, the bartender was awesome, & really, really friendly), we decided to grab a table & have something to eat. However, when we sat down, the night took a serious turn for the worse. Our waitress was just awful... did they find her living in that trailer that's attached to the wall? She was so rude, so slow, & so nasty. If you go there, eat at the bar. Trust me, you will not want to shell out your hard earned cash after dealing with the poor service & attitude.

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    Fri Nov 08 2002

    Had my company's office party here. Thank you Trailer Park staff for making it so special for my staff. The food and drinks were great, not to mention that wonderful trashy-tacky atmosphere. Thanks for all the little perks. Andy and Tom you've got a customer for life!

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    Tue Nov 05 2002

    Walked in off the street after seeing a movie right next door and was totally amused from the get go. Funny, campy decor, lovable staff and good simple grilled food, (loved the turkey chili). Must admit, margaritas are a bit strong for my taste but my friends disagreed and said they were great, I really liked my "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and I am going to try to book my office holiday party here.

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    Sun Oct 27 2002

    Trailer Park Lounge has really good grilled burgers and chili. The margaritas are also over the top. We had a blast. This other person who said service was rude is coming from another planet or something, our waitress was delightful, so were the bartenders. All I can say is the place is a bucket of fun.

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    Sun Oct 27 2002

    A friend had her birthday party here and recommended Trailer Park to me. The staff could'nt have been nicer and the food (grilled sandwiches) and retro music were outstanding. This place is really alot of fun. One aside, that other angry person that was talking about the restrooms, when I was there you could eat off the floor they were so clean.

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    Sat Oct 26 2002

    While sitting in lawn chairs has its charm, and I get the idea was to be tongue in cheek, the staff is horribly rude and the food is miserable. I would have gotten a better meal and much better service at applebees. The bathrooms were disgusting, was that supposed to be part of the kitsch? I could not have had a worse experience, if you want a laid back vibe, try Acme on Great Jones street. Or if you are in chelsea, there are much better places for an inexpensive meal or a place to meet friends.