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    Thu Dec 08 2011

    Awful!!!! Ordered two Christmas presents on October 25th. Just recieved an email last week telling me they were not going to be able to fill the order but I would recieve a credit on the card that I used in three business days. Needless to say no credit and have called once and e-mailed twice with nothing done. They will not respond. All they send you is an email with a number to use if you do get in touch with someone. I use the internet to shop all of the time. This has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Will never use Totsy again and I would advise anyone who has not and thinking about it, to go shopping elsewhere!!

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    Thu Sep 15 2011

    Totsy is really great! Loving the selection and prices. I ordered a couple of times and no problems so far. Bought a couple of little dresses and hair accessories for my daughter, sooo cute!!!!

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    Mon Aug 01 2011

    Totsy deserves negative stars. I placed an order August 2010 and after a couple of months with no products, I contacted them demanding a refund. Countless times, with no response. Finally after 6 months, they emailed saying that because so much time has passed, they would have to write me a check. They wanted verification of my address and I gave it to them immediately. But of course, then they started ignoring me again. It's been a year and I have no products and no refund. Totsy is the WORST company I have ever had the misfortune of ordering from. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!

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    Thu Jul 07 2011

    Really more then terrible but that is as low as you can go on this review. Totsy had a deal going using promo code VIPMOM and you could get $15 off a purchase of $16 or more. Their site crashed and was running slow and by the time it came back up the code had changed to $15 off of a purchase $60 or more. I questioned this on their facebook page and my post suddenly disappeared and I was blocked from further commenting on their site. Very fishy. Nice bait and switch going I do believe. Will never do business with them again. Not really sure how they have many customers left from the looks of the reviews I have seen.

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    Fri Jun 03 2011

    Totsy is terrible. I have ordered three times. I currently have an order pending that was placed over 5 weeks ago. It still has not shipped despite the fact that on my account it states that the estimate ship date was 3 weeks ago. I have not been notified of any delay or issue. I also had a problem with my first order. Totsy falsely stated that a pair of shoes I had purchased was leather but they were not -- when I tried to get a refund for this item, Totsy would not give it to me without cancelling all the other items in my order as well. I understand it may take more time to ship due to the way Totsy works but that is no excuse for lousy customer service and communication or not shipping when you state you will.

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    Mon Apr 18 2011

    I do 95% of my shopping online and Totsy is the WORST! Their shipping is slow and even worse - they send on PARTIAL orders: I received pants on a set but the jacket was "out of stock" so now I am stuck with half a set. They did not give me an option to cancel the mismatched items. I have sent them numerous emails and have yet to get a single response. Their prices are also not that great. Do yourself a favor and check items out on google or amazon before purchasing.

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    Mon Mar 14 2011

    I have placed several orders with them, all but the last were fine. I bought a double stroller. Credit card was charged, despite Totsy not shipping my order. I received 2 different e-mails that the stroller was in the warehouse, but someone had to go physically make sure it was there. Then, when I finally (10 weeks after placing my order) received a refund, they didn't refund the shipping cost. I will NEVER use this site again. A complete and total sham!!!! DO NOT trust ordering from this site. I will be reporting to BBB and listing terrible reviews on any and every site I can find. Worst on-line buying experience EVER!!

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    Waou lots of unhappy customers, I disagree!!! I ordered 8 times. Always received what I ordered. My orders were late 2 times only a few days, but thats ok as was happy to have paid such a low price. One time it was late and received a $15 credit and an email of apologize from the CEO. Very nice I thought. He told me they had a new warehouse since January and from what I can see all my new orders since January are getting to me super fast!!! Happy mom :)

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    Overall a really great site. Their discounts are unmatched. The world is so used to getting shipping within a week that when it takes two weeks to receive an order, the world comes crashing down. Not that serious!!! They list their shipping timeframe on their website! Anyway, I'm really happy with the products I received for my little cousins. Definitely would shop here again and I love love love the referral credits! Yay for Totsy! Keep up the great work!

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    totsy has given me such a wonderful shopping experience. they have cool toys, fashionable clothes and shoes, accessories, baby gear and great items for me at cheap prices! my orders are always shipped super fast in 2 weeks. i recommended totsy to all of my mommy friends and all of the referral credits were processed on time. their buyers do such a great job finding these deals with these expensive designer brands. i cant wait to get their emails to find the next thing or two or three i am going to buy. THANK YOU TOTSY !!!!!

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    I would not even give this company the satisfaction of even 1 star. I ordered some shoes in dec they were suppose to be shipped on jan 26th which was fine I know they take a little while to ship but I was in no hurry at that point. I finally got one pair of shoes in but I ordered two pairs. I got a email from them stating they were sorry it was taking a while to ship but they would be shipping out to just wait on them. Well two weeks later nothing no shoes no email stating they didn't even have the shoes ever! So I emailed them and they said yes you are entitled to the shipping and to the item a full refund. This was on feb10th remind you I have emailed them everyday since the 10th and on the 20th they said we refunded your money on the 15th I looked in every account I own thinking I used a credit card instead of debit card I called the bank and nothing was pending so I emailed them back and they said sorry we were unable to refund it on the 15th my acct dept says to just wait. Wait on... Read more

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    I really dont understand what everyone is complaining about. i've always been able to get in contact with customer service. yes, shipping is a little slow - i mean, all sale sites like these are. i prefer them over their competition - which i've had many problems with in the past, especially since they messed up my order - twice! anyway, not to stay off topic, but I had a minor issue with Totsy once when their site went down while I was trying to place an order. I left a message on their facebook and instantly got a response. they sent my info to customer service and everything was resolved in less than 20 minutes. I dont mind waiting a month for my order because the price is so worth it! with my $15 credit, i'm even happier. love Totsy and wouldnt shop on any other site! keep up the good work, customer service!

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    I'm a big Totsy fan and have been since day one. You simply cant find deals this good on quality eco-friendly products anywhere else! The offerings for baby are unique and I was thrilled to find designer shades for mommy on huge sale recently too.

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    Warning....if I were you, I would think again about purchasing from this so-called company. My first 2 orders arrived a couple of weeks late - no big deal. My last order, which will be my LAST order, I was billed for 6 weeks ago and having still not received it I contacted TOTSY customer service. They wrote me back stating that they will be unable to fulfill my order and will be crediting my account. Two things I have a problem with: 1) That I had to contact them instead of them contacting me and 2) That I was charged for merchandise that was never shipped or maybe not even available for purchase. Poor business practices!

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    I never review anything but this company was so horrible to deal with that I felt I needed to. I ordered some bedding for my baby crib and they doubled charged me for it. So I called and left voicemails and emails. I never heard anything back. You can't even wait on the line to talk to an actual representative. Then a couple days later I noticed that they put all the money back in my account. I assumed that they just refunded me everything and weren't going to ship the bedding anymore. I decided not to worry about it and that I wasn't going to buy anything else from them. Well then a couple weeks later the bedding showed up and they charged my account a few days after that. I never received any notification from Totsy about any of this. They didn't email me back or call me back. I had already bought other bedding and of course I emailed and called them again about the situation and can't get a hold of anyone. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!

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    Wed Jan 26 2011

    Completely agree with the other reviewers. Totsy is Terrible and definitely not where anyone savvy about anything shops....a second time. My order of 5 items has shown up in 2 separate packages and part of it is still missing. I ordered 7 weeks ago. I wish I would have checked out these reviews before placing my order. Use Gilt and don't look back.

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    This company is ridiculous. They tell you hidden in the FAQ that it takes 3-5 weeks after a sale closes to ship an item. However, this is not the case. I am still waiting on some socks that were supposed to ship a month ago! In addition, I am still waiting on a diaper bag that was supposed to ship 2 weeks ago. And finally, they actually charged me shipping for a gift certificate/voucher that was delivered by e-mail! And to top it off, they fail to respond in a reasonable time. Saving money is great, but this is ridiculous!

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    Sun Jan 16 2011

    I agree with the other terrible reviews of Totsy on this site. The website should have a notice warning people that shipments could/would take over a month to deliver!!! Throughout this long process, Totsy's customer service was M.I.A. via the phone and internet. The typical time for a response was 2 weeks! Meanwhile, a customer would have no idea whether their shipment was coming! My order, when it finally came, was wrong. Additionally, Totsy's customer service finally responded AFTER the correction was made! Just ridiculous, and I would not recommend ordering from them!

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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    This is a really awful company. The prices are fantastic, however I have been ripped off twice with them. Yes, shipping will take about 2-3 months. I'm ok with that aspect since I ordered clothing that was much larger for my child. However, my credit card was charged about 3 weeks before my items were shipped. Then, when I received my items each time I was short of what I ordered. My credit card had been charged the full amount for all the items! I emailed them, asked for a refund, and it was provided in about 2 weeks after my email. Second time I ordered from them the same exact thing happened. I have had to repeat the same process. If I did not carefully keep track of what I had ordered, I would have lost quite a bit of cash because they clearly are not keeping track. This had not only happened to me, but two of my friends as well. There are other sites that provide the same exact items as totsy - zulily and the mini social. I HIGHLY recommend both of those sites! This one is very po... Read more

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Don't call customer service, no one answers, or returns calls. They promise tracking numbers will be provided to track and they don't keep their word. Don't buy from Totsy.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    I have had a similarly poor experience with Totsy. I ordered some toys for Christmas on Oct. 29th and have yet to receive them. I received one email telling me it would take 3-5 weeks to get. However, I cannot get any further information from them via email or phone. I am very disappointed & like others have mentioned wished I would have done more due diligence before ordering from them. If I don't receive the toys with in 2 months, I have to assume they aren't coming, since I can't get any customer service to tell me otherwise & will have to file a dispute with my CC. UPDATE: Finally received 5 of the 7 items I ordered (on 12/14), still can't get any response regarding the remaining 2. Seems they removed their customer service phone number from their website as well. UPDATE: Received one of the last two items on 12/29(a full two months after the original order). I have contacted Totsy via email numerous times regarding the last item and have not had a single reply. I am ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 29 2010

    1 stars (put your rating here! 1-5 The worst on line ordering service I hav ever experienced! Like all of the other reviewers, I ordered back on October 30th in plenty of time for Christmas delivery. I received two of the seven items ordered six weeks later, one more item nine weeks later and after Christmas and still waiting on 3 more items as of December 29th!! The response from Totsy (who has already charged me for these items) has been beyond unacceptable- I specifically requested a cancellation and refund of the items that had not been shipped and they said they don't give refunds. I intend to follow up and put a complaint to the state's attorney general. It is one thing to say "3-5" weeks, but to not allow a cancellation of an order after 9 weeks of not receiving it - is a scam! Further, i believe I would never received the Most recent order if I hadn't emailed them to inquire about the order. Non existent customer service! Horrible company leaning to... Read more

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    Like many of the customers commenting on here, I dont think totsy deserves one star. There is no customer service. The number that is given incase you need to reach them only lets you leave a message, which they never return. A real person never answers. All my emails are always answered by some automated service. it is obvious that emails arent read because the very specific questions i ask on them arent answered. Still waiting for answers about a product i was charged for but never got. i recieved a partial order something was missing, i keep getting no answers to my questions!

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    TOTSAY deserves a 0 star TOTSY is the worst!!! Constantly delivers my product to the wrong address, and if delivered takes what seems a year later, and there's NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, just e-mail. I should of check them out with BBB first too... TOTSY has an F RATING with the Better Business Bureau. I am making a complaint.

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    They shouldn't even get 1 Star. This is THE WORST WEBSITE ever! Especially because it revolves around children, if it was a product/gift for me i would just move on, but it is for my child and i ordered November 14th for Christmas...and like everyone else NOTHING. Had i known, Gilt had the same product and they are COMPLETELY reliable, and i would have ordered from them. SO FRUSTRATED. This company should be ashamed of themselves, and the manufacturers should not supply/work with them in the future

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    Totsy is TERRIBLE. I placed an order on 11/5/10 with a 4-6 week delivery estimate and it has yet to arrive. I emailed customer service and only got an acknowledgement email in return. I called many times during their 10-5 (eastern time) hours and received a recording or a diversion asking me to leave a message. I also placed an order on 12/10/10 with an estimated 1/5/11 ship date. I believe it's unlikely I will get the product on time if at all. Totsy charged my credit card on 12/5/10 (one month after my order was placed) and has yet to charge my card for the new order. I called my credit card company today to dispute the charge and was credited. I also placed a block on the other payment. DO NOT ORDER FROM TOTSY. There are much better and reputable deal of the day sites for moms out there, don't waste your time with Totsy.

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. I ordered items Nov. 6th for Christmas and it is now Dec. 17th and nothing, NOTHING has come. I have contacted them what feels like hundreds of times now with a couple responses here and there but nothing to tell me when I will receive my packages. I spent around $250 at this site for Xmas and will now have to buy the gifts again at another store. Please PLEASE don't buy from this site. I will make it my job to make sure as many Moms that I know do not make the same mistake I did. What a sad, sad Christmas :{

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    You may be tempted to buy some cute little kid stuff, sure it's a pretty good deal and after all mothering magazine is the one who tipped you off to this site! You pick out some shoes, (leather!) regularly $40 and now only $12+shipping?! What a steal! Wait a minute, you haven't read the fine print. Estimated shipping date is 3-5 weeks? The feet are growing as we speak, crap. Patiently you wait. And wait. And wait. SEVEN WEEKS GO BY. Yes, that's right, seven. You dutifully contact customer service trying to keep your tone neutral and non-threatening. You needn't have worried, they're not reading it anyway. Still waiting for any communication and a refund. If you're smart (and I know you are) DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. *UPDATE - after 4 emails, much gnashing of teeth and no response from Totsy I got an email. "hey, sorry it took so long but here's the UPS info, it shipped." hey thanks. I sent an email into the black hole wondering why they didn't cancel ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    I am so sad to give a bad review! I was really excited to have found this site and the great deals. My first orders totaled over $100 and that was on 8/2. It is now 9/24 and still no items. I have called customer service and emailed to no avail. All I want is the baby clothes I purchased before she is to big for them. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get ahold of Totsy please let me know. Thanks!! ***** FYI it is now 10/10/10 AND STILL NO ITEMS. I have called over 40 times and only spoken to someone twice. They "promised" (thier word, not mine) that they would get this taken care of. All I want is for this transaction to be over with and move on. Either I want my money back or the items I purchased. And Totsy employees- please dont log on this site and disagree with my posting. Just focus on customer service. :) **********[email protected] - The best way to get someone to answer your questions is to email the CEO.

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    Wow, I thought this website was so cool. My first order (and only order) was a nice kid's piano for $100 that came with a bench. When the piano came, the legs for the bench were missing. I immediately called Totsy Customer Service info and no one returned my call. I followed up with an e-mail and someone responded saying the missing pieces would be sent to me within 1-2 weeks. It is now almost 5 weeks later. Not only have I not received the parts, I cannot get Customer Service to respond to my e-mails. Truly disappointing and I will never shop here again.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    I purchase a Madame Alexander doll from I am an avid on-line shopper and usually have had successful purchases. The doll arrived much later than was expected (after the first birthday of my child) and it is a fake. When I inquired about the delay in delivery, I also inquired about the authenticity of the manufacturer. They did not reply. I would never buy anything from again and would suggest that you do not either. Besides being delivered late, not being authentic, it arrived in a plastic bag and not an official Madame Alexander box.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    i ordered a few gifts for christmas presents on october 29th, and just yesterday received only one item, yet they charged my credit card for the entire order. they are unable to tell me when my other items will ship. it's been well over 30 days, which is just ridiculous. it's also impossible getting information from customer service or talking to someone on the phone (i imagine they have an overwhelming amount of upset customers). i've also asked them to cancel another order that has been "pending" for months, but they will not, yet there is no sign of it shipping anytime soon. i feel like Totsy is running a scam and i will not be doing business with them at all in the future and will warn others not to as well.

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    Thu Dec 09 2010

    I have had the exact same experience as others here. Ordered a number of items in October and still have not received them, nor been able to get anyone by phone or email. Wish I had checked here first.

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    Well, I have the same experience with Totsy. I ordered something on 10/29/10 and now it is almost 6 weeks and have not heard anything from them. I contacted them and got a ticket number with the promise of further investigation from them. It has been 3 days since. I just filed a complaint with BBB. Turned out they had 59 complaints from customer within the last year. Can you believe that? Now I would have to check BBB for any new website before shopping there.

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    Tue Dec 07 2010 charged me twice for one order. They have stolen money from me and refuse to return my emails or calls. I did file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, we will see if that helps. I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered from them. Moms, what can we do do keep this from happening to others?

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    I only give them one star because I have to give some to review it! I've ordered from flash sites before. Hautelook, RueLaLa, and Beyond the Rack. ALL of these sites have shipped my order within 3-4 weeks. Here we are just over 7 weeks later, and Totsy has already BILLED me for the orders, and still no shipping information is available to me. Customer support has been contacted 3 times- once a week ago, once Friday, and once today- NO response. I'm furious. You would think, even with a flash sale site, that you would recieve your items by the Christmas season if they were ordered before Halloween!!!! It's disgusting that this site targets and proceeds to screw over naiive parents. My first thought was, "Oh, cheap stuff for my daughter? I'm a young mother and my husband and I can't afford much, this would let me get her more for less!" It sounded GREAT. It's not though. I would advise anyone planning on shopping through Totsy to RUN. Go to Etsy, there's cheap stuff there for kids. Ove... Read more

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    I ordered a Christmas outfit for my grandson on September 23. Totsy charged my credit card. I still have not received outfil and it is December 6. The outfit was to be worn all this holiday season. I sent Totsy and email Friday asking to cancel order and credit my card. Let see what they do I would never order from this company again. I have never had a company charge my credit card before the order was shipped

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    Fri Dec 03 2010

    Same story as all the others. I can't even log into my accountS! I set up another one after not being able to login to the first. They ignored my emails except to tell me that shipping takes up to 5 weeks... however, I see that I can expect to wait from 8 weeks to Eternity.

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    Sun Nov 28 2010

    TOTSY IS THE WORST WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET! I am an avid online shopper and NEVER in my online shopping experience have I dealt with a more terrible website than Totsy. I am not exaggerating when I state that Totsy takes over a month to deliver their items. It has been a month plus and I am still waiting. However, Totsy has already taken the money out of my account. WEBSITES LIKE TOTSY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. I have contacted customer service numerous times, and like everyone has been posting, they do stop responding to you all together. They do not value your service or concerns. I too had to contact the BBB. Their rating is an F. The deals on their site are not worth it. I would rather pay full price than to deal with them. Please stay away from them, we need to shut them down. Maybe then, they will start to appreciate our business.

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    HORRIBLE! It has now been over a month and after about 5 emails with no response, 3 facebook messages, 7 voicemails left with no callbacks, I am losing faith and patience. I was aware there would be a slight delay in receiving my item after I researched Totsy, but for the great deal, the credits, etc. I was willing to wait but after no communication and incorrect charges to my card and missing credits as you can imagine I am very, very, concerned! The lack of customer support and service is the main complaint. If a live operator can not answer a returned call is demandable as well as email inquiries other than generic receipt of email notifications. Please assure me that this will be corrected and that this is a company that I can put trust in. My fiance had placed an order as well and has had the same issues as well as numerous others that I have read about online, on facebook, blogs, etc. and that also have responded to my blog posts. I am still crossing my fingers and hoping t... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    I placed one order with this company with the intention of gifting the three items that I ordered. While I didn't assume the shipping would be as quick as, I did assume that the shipping would be reasonable and comparable to the many, many other sites for kids/babies out there (babysteals, kidsteals, zulily, kidswoot, even amazon). After a month had gone by, my status on my order still said "pending". I called customer service, left a message (??!), no response. Then I emailed customer service. No response. Two weeks later, still nothing. I had obviously had to scramble for last-minute replacement gifts since my shipment had not arrived. Arrrgh. Another attempt at calling them. Still, my order status showed "pending". !? What kind of customer service is this? Finally after 8 weeks 2 of my 3 items arrived. I checked my order status-- still showing "pending". What kind of customer service is this? I made the mistake of ordering from Totsy. Never again. Those who... Read more

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    Terrible ,Terrible, Terrible Company. I have ordered many items from Zulily and Gilt and have had nothing but good experiences. This is the one and only time I will order from Totsy and wish I would have read a review on the company prior to placing my order. It has been approximatly 7 weeks and I am still waiting for a portion of my order to arrive and have pretty much come to the conclusion that I will not be receiving it. I plan on making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau (although from what I understand Totsy already has a D rating). I have tried contacting customer service numerous times and can never get through by phone. Totsy customer service initially responded to my e-mails by stating the order was still coming, however then started to become snippy in their replys and have now stopped responding to my inquires all together. Nevery again will I order from Totsy!

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    Totsy is a terrible business. I wish there was a way to give zero stars. They currently have a rating of "D" with the Better Business Bureau, and for the level of service I have received from them, I consider that high. Totsy has horrible customer service and ridiculous order completion time. I have placed several orders with them, and every single time I have had to wait at least 6 weeks. In fact, after waiting over 8 weeks for one order, I tried and tried contacting Totsy customer service by phone and email and they wouldn't ever respond or even answer the phone! The only way I have ever been able to contact them is by complaining on their Facebook page. (FYI, if you complain there or correspond with other customers on their FB wall, they will delete your post as soon as they see it so that their other potential customers won't see it.) Only after complaining there did I finally get in touch with customer service, and they told me that OOPS, they never received that order from the d... Read more

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    As many others have stated here I wish I had searched for a review of this site. Normally I do before ordering before any site - name plus review in google but I guess the products they offered at the prices just excited me and like Pavlov's dog..... There is a very short timer in order to purchase the items so I did not receive all the items I wanted. Hindsight I am actually glad as my purchase price and the amount of money they received from me is less. They also do not state on their site the items will take a month to receive. This is very wrong in my opinion. I have asked for a refund but I doubt I will receive one. No matter how old you (and I am "older") are and no matter how many times you hear it - "if something seems to be good to be true, it probably is." Save yourself some headaches and order from a reputable site even if it means paying more money.

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    Wed Oct 27 2010

    I saw this company from a friend on facebook. Thought it was a great company. My first (and last) order was placed on September 22 for 3 pairs of shoes for my new granddaughter. As of today October 27 the order is just in pended status. They just told me it could take another 3 to 4 weeks after they get the items in for me to receive them. SHE WILL OUT GROW THEM BEFORE THEY EVER COME. I just want a refund if they can't get them now. They just say all sales are final. Boy I wished I had checked them out before I ordered. Never again.

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    Absolute worst flash sale site in existence! I can understand the timeline, I just wish they were a little more up front about it. Zulily is the same, as well as some sales on HauteLook and Gilt. I have noticed, though, that HauteLook and Gilt both under-promise and over-serve...something that could simply be done by overestimating the time it will take to ship my items. Simple change to some text on their page with big results (and a very basic business principle!). My biggest issue is their lack of response and poor communication. I placed an order in July and waited...and waited...and waited. When the package arrived, 2 items were missing and there was no indication of if/when I should expect to receive them in either my ship confirmation email or the packing slip. I contacted them twice before receiving the response that the items were never received by Totsy, thus would not be received by me. Ok. They were going to credit my account for the items and shipping. Sweet. 2 days late... Read more

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    Sat Oct 02 2010

    Shipping time is horrible...and they end up charging you a higher shipping rate than what is quoted. When I contacted them about the discrepancy they said that they were aware and were working to fix the problem; no apologies and no offer to credit me the difference that I was charged without approval. I'm sticking to zulilly! They have fabulous prices and their shipping time is much more reasonable!

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    I ordered at Totsy 4 times since November 2009. I agree, at the beginning the shipment was relatively slow but they really improved the customer service. I ordered a lovely dress last month and I just received it! Totsy offers really great deals (up to 75%!!!) and I think it's worth it to wait a little bit. Let me know if you find a website which offers great quality products at really cheap price (as Tosty does!!) with a short delay...

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    I have ordered 5 times now and the 5th will be my last. I am still waiting on part of my order placed 8/11 (it's now 9/30). Every order I have ask Totsy support for a tracking number. The savings is not worth the headache. I'm sticking to Zulily and kids.woot for daily deals.