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    Tue Aug 01 2023

    Toronto takes the entire cake when it comes to misandry. The social atmosphere is very bad in DuPage County, Illinois, but it's over a hundred times worse in Toronto. In Toronto, guys have to keep their gaze down on the ground, 45 degrees or lower, at all times, and they better see only feet when in a crowd. Men are forbidden to go grocery shopping without a woman present with them at all times. Men are also forbidden on all college campuses. In Toronto, it's in fact illegal for men to go out alone or to be present unaccompanied in the community, and it's enforced by the Toronto Police Department. In Toronto, women don't even have to call the police anymore, the police are known to approach and arrest any man they see without a woman for no reason. In Toronto, grocery shopping alone and without a woman present can in fact get a guy arrested and charged even with criminal trespassing. In Toronto, even riding a bus is one of the surest ways for any man to get a one-way trip to ... Read more

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    It's not that Toronto is a bad place, or a dangerous place. It's neither. But unfortunately it is a very drab, dull and featureless place in a typical midwest north american fashion. I’ve lived in many other North American cities, as well as in Europe. Here is the unvarnished truth about why Toronto SUCKS: For starters, this is an ugly looking city architecturally speaking. Look at the downtown core: gray concrete and class corporate hi-rises. Corporate everything, with a sterile little Starbucks at virtually every corner. What is there to do here? What do people do in Toronto? Work…and shop at Eaton Center for excitement on the weekend. Just awful. You can walk for blocks and blocks in any direction in downtown Toronto and it’s the same: massive, impersonal anonymous concrete and glass hi-rises. Nothing beckons you or even raises your curiosity. You simply keep walking to where you’re headed. Midwest “flatness” both literally and figuratively: like the totally flat, boring landsca... Read more

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    Sat May 09 2009

    I have lived in Toronto for almost four years now, and I have a nice quality of life, but I find the city lacks a "certain something". It is progressive, clean, fairly safe, and has a nice multiculturalism from the immigration over the past 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, I find it is pretentious, uptight, watered down, and kind of "fake nice". It is kind of the opposite of New Orleans, which has so much personality and history, but such a dark side of poverty and racism. The architecture is bland, especially for a city with so much new money and new buildings going up. The CN tower is cool, but otherwise it is a city with lots of concrete highrise apartment buildings, identical glass condo buildings downtown that are ruining the view of the lake, and cookie cutter housing complexes in the suburbs. Some say that this is a city where people live their lives to work: it is mostly about wearing the suit and carrying the briefcase and commuting to work. On the other hand, it somehow m... Read more

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    Fri May 01 2009

    I have been to the airport a million times-yes, I know that an airport is not a city-It seemed dirty and in need of an upgrade, but it was efficient which is always a plus. I did get around to actually visit the city for a week in January. I wont mention that I froze my ass off, it seems unnecessary. For the actual review: The city seemed pleasant enough, it looked like a financial center. It reminded me of Atlanta in that it may be a nice place to live but no real incentive to visit. There was no real night life and not enough attractions to speak of- theCN tower was cool, I guess- So week seemed pretty boring. I will admit that I was only there a week and may have missed some more entertaining aspects of the town, but if they are there than they need to advertise better. There are more entertaining Canadian cities to choose from.

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    A pleasant enough if unspectacular major urban centre with an ethnically diverse citizenry that hasn't noticeably affected the flavour of the city beyond its offering of restaurants.  For Canada's biggest and richest city they have confounding difficulty icing a decent hockey team.  The average Torontonian is a typical well mannered Canadian except for the occasional urge to tell the rest of us to SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Actually, Calgary may be richer.

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    Hope to move there in the future. Will be nice to live in a REAL city for a change (unlike the worst excuse for a city I have ever lived in, Atlanta!)

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    Toronto is a great town. Open-minded and progressive with a huge international and multi-ethnic influence. You'll see pizzerias, Thai restaurants, Jamaican restaurants, within a stone's throw of each other. Pretty cool.It's got an impressive downtown area, easily among the biggest and the best on the continent. Think Midtown Manhattan or Downtown Chicago. Efficient transport, too.I wish the subway was as impressive-looking as the Montreal Metro, but oh well.

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    To all Americans: Please realize there are more Toronto haters in Canada than there are dogsleds. Don't believe the hype: The Montrealers (who are btw, mostly ex-Torontonians) will say Toronto isn't sophisticated or "too American", which can be interpretated to mean, they don't like all "those colored folks walking around" and "people in Toronto make too much money". They like to hold onto some strange notion that there are more European but I meet so many more ex-Montrealers and Eastern-Mediterreans in Toronto than I do anywhere else in Canada. And Vancouver folks will say it's ugly. But everytime I go to Vancouver, I think "This sure is beautiful but god-awful boring". Don't get me wrong. I like it, as I do all Canadian major cities but the nightlife is really lacking - and well, Montreal is a great city but no one will face this - the only jobs you can get after your ready to pay off your student loans are telemarketing-related.  The so-called superior Montreal night-life resembles ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    and by the way i think new york was named after york in england

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    Sat Feb 16 2008

    CN Tower is very cool...and Chinatown is amazing, make sure you have a meal there, it was great! One of the best Chinatowns I've been to in North America. Very nice downtown area. Skip Casa Loma though, that was a bit of a letdown.

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    Sat Nov 24 2007

    where to start? Awesome city!

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    Sat Sep 08 2007

    all you guys have to stop comparing toronto to new york. forget about new york, all you americans are bad mouthing the city for no reason. i bet half of you have never even bin there. sure theres some mean people there, what city doesnt have mean people? and obviously its busy! its the biggest city in canada, not to mention the 5th largest in north america. bottom line dont compare one city to another, there different in their own little way.

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    Sat Dec 30 2006

    The most underrated city in North America, bar none. Vancouver is no comparison.

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    Sun Nov 26 2006

    model global city for teh world to look up at.

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    Sun Sep 03 2006

    I'm from Montreal but spent some years in Toronto. At first, I was pretty indifferent to the place but after some time, settling in, I realized Toronto has many hidden treasures, you just have to dig a little below the surface. There is a very energetic house/electronic scene. There are more cultural/ethnic differences here too, which is not apparent until spending solid timethere. For all those people hating Toronto, I didn't care for Toronto snootiness either. But just remember, that while Toronto was once called 'Hogtown', it was also called 'York' and if you read a little history that famous city across the border, that Toronto is always accused of trying to imitate, was actually named after Toronto. Just as many grand ideas float down south of the border, folks.

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    Thu Aug 03 2006

    I was in Toronto once and the people there were the exact opposite of their American counterparts: polite and courteous. We Americans can learn a lot from our Canadian cousins in Toronto.

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    Sat May 20 2006

    Beautiful city on the lake. I loved my stay there. Lots to do. The people are great. I would give it 5 stars but I hate the cold.

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    Sun Apr 16 2006

    What is Toronto cuisine? No...the bagel and smoked meat are Montreals. Torontonians have this need to tell you how CLEAN their city is. Thats' fine but quite frankly most "world-class" (people from Toronto are OBSESSED about telling you that their city is world-class) cities have grit. This city has interesting patchwork of neighborhoods near the center city, but the majority of the GTA is flat, bland suburbia. And as you get to the Niagara horsehoe...pretty darned polluted. There are plenty of actors to come out of Toronto...but one of my friends who grew up there called the Victorian-English shadow that hangs over the head of the city as "stifling". Torontonians need to remember their city was called Hogtown not too long ago. Your attitude of Toronto as being the center of it all is what many folks in Atlanta say too....a major chump town. Cities like Montreal or San Francisco have soul, cool landscape, and a vibe...Toronto's soul might as well be Phoenix or Des Moines with a few ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 22 2006

    I am growing more than a little tired of reading other's ridiculous reasons for dissing Toronto. Toronto is no New York clone. Well, I have lived in New York, which is, sure, a great city, but I hate to break it to you - the crowd moving there right now are some of the most 'uncool' all-American suburban sorority/fraternity types who have not got a clue about what being cool is. And let's not forget the 16th-century hyper-racist and homophobic paranoi that still looms all over that so-called progressive 'liberal' city. Plenty of what New Yorkers and foriegners alike assume started in NYC actually started in Toronto/Montreal. How about those legendary night-clubs like the Tunnel and Limelight? Designed by Toronto natives. So read up: the Toronto versions are not the clones but the originals. Saturday Night Live? Toronto (SCTV). The so-called 'New York' Magazine, Vice ? Montreal. Stroll through SOHO/NOHO and Toronto/Montreal clothing lines are everywhere, from the super-embara... Read more

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    Toronto is way too Americanized. I find that Canadians feel they have some sort of entitlement to try to act and appear American but they're just as foreign as any other country. How can Torontonians act like they're sophisticated and the center of the world when they live in a non-descript, diplomatically irrelevant country? I find Toronto and Canada in general to be bleek, boring, dull and grey. This is mainly because it exists in the shadow of the world's cultural and military super power, the United States, so the people will never be as cool as their American super heros. I find it humerous to see Canadian teens wearing oversized NBA jerseys, fake platinum chains and baseball caps to appear like American rappers. Look at the CN Tower for example - talk about inferiority complex, build a giant elevator leading to a restaurant to try to seem important on the world stage, ha!

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    Tue Feb 14 2006

    Toronto has no soul, they try to pretend they do thought. They try to copy all the other great north american cities. It has nothing unique to itself.. except maybe the fact that it's population is 50% immigrant! ( im NOt exacgerating).

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    Toronto is a great city! Very diverse. Great restaurants, pubs, and bars. Fabulous music scene. Great theatre scene. What more could you ask for in a city.

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    Tue Dec 27 2005

    The public transit system is EXCELLENT and puts any other city in Ontario to shame. If I lived in Toronto, I'd sell my car, because you don't need it except to leave the GTA. However, I do find that Toronto is a VERY arrogant and stuck up city that doesn't care about anyone else in the country. It is a black hole that sucks in everything in its surroundings, despite its very high cost of living. You can get a house for under $60,000 in London, but you can't even get a house for $125,000 in Toronto, I don't think. Toronto stole the television stations in Barrie and Paris (Brantford). And crime...forget it.

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    Tue Dec 13 2005

    Whoever thinks Toronto is "world class", "friendly", "sophisticated", "center of the universe" or any combination of these, should go immediately to the ER and have their head checked. You shouldn't be walking the streets without some sort of prescription drug (although if you are a Torontonian you are probably taking some sort of anti-depressant or ilicit drug) I have unfortunately lived here for 2 years and it is the biggest wannabe copycat I have seen since Shawn Desman. Oh, New Yorkers like to honk their horns, I'll honk mine too. Oh, New Yorkers wear big ugly furry boots with tassles hanging off of them that look like a dog threw up, I'll take Daddy's Amex and buy a dozen pairs. The people are STUCK UP, especially the gold digging bitches (Toronto has the DUMBEST girls on the face of the earth) who only talk to people with a "C" in front of their title. Toronto will never be New York no matter how much it wants to imitate our friends from the south. Remember what happened to Mil... Read more

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    Fri Nov 18 2005

    One of the world's great cities! Recognized by the U.N. as the most multi-cultural city in the world and it has the restaurants to prove it. Plus international bookstores, cinemas, clothing stores, etc. etc. A clean, safe city that still manages to be exciting. Big-league sports, great theatre, vibrant music scene, shopping, museums, a new opera under construction ... even the architecture is getting more interesting.

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    Tue Nov 15 2005

    Toronto sure seems like it is trying hard to outshine New York. And in some respects, it's, arguably, better. People are more laid-back and it seems less-divided between groups. There's less traffic and better-looking girls. But it lacks the energy, spontaniety and friendliness of New York becuase it trades these in for orderliness, snootiness and 'playing it safe'. There are some glimmers of 'energy' in the club scene, especially if you like house music. But there is this superficiality and phoniness to Toronto that is hard to describe. It's better than 80% of North America's cities. But like another cool city, San Fransisco, I got to ask : where's the soul ? However, I am more optimistic about Toronto's future. If they loosen up a little, I will give it a 4.

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    Thu Oct 27 2005


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    Tue Oct 18 2005

    I have only visited Toronto once, for about 4 days, and as a result I have mixed feelings about the city. On the positive side, it has escaped the fate of so many American cities which have suffered catastrophic population loss and the resulting blight, poverty and homelessness. Toronto seems to be stable, compact and fairly prosperous. But visually speaking, it's rather boring. Flat and uninteresting, with few buildings of architectural merit. And "The Village" is nothing like similar neighborhoods in New York, Boston and New York. Worst, I found people to be rather unfriendly. I'll take New Yorkers any time.

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    Wed Oct 12 2005

    To all tose who say Toronto I have to say get over yourselves. In any city you'll find arrogant and ignorant people, any city has crime. The fact is Toronto is vibrant and always has a lot going on. Multitculturalism is celebrated and respected and crime is low compared to other cities. This isn't fake, many people agree, the Rolling Stones love us. Cost of living is also low compared to other metropolises Canada has a few fabulous cities (Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary) but you know almost 1 in four Canadians live within an hour and a half of the city, this is why it gets a lot of attention.

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    Wed Sep 14 2005

    Toronto is not the city it used to be. Having lived here 36 out of my 37 years I have seen a drastic decline in the standard of living. What was once a very good city is quickly becoming a joke. I'm not sure when it all went wrong but it sure happened in a hurry. What used to be a friendly, clean, somewhat affordable city is now a dirty, ignorant, and extremely expensive place to live. The once proud health care system is in shambles. And the actual care you receive is average at best. Multiculturism is a complete failure in my opinion. Not all, but many newcommers to Toronto couldn't care less about this city, and are looking for a free ride on the taxpayers back. Alot of these people refuse to adapt to our standards and instead continue to be ignorant, pushy, and just plain annoying. So in closing, if you are for some crazy reason planning to come to Toronto for a visit or for good, don't bother it's so not what you think it is. But if you must, one word of advice. Keep your head dow... Read more

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    Fri Aug 26 2005

    If you travel to America and even parts of Canada, there are many misconceptions about Toronto. Many mistakenly view Toronto as an average Mid-Western American city (This is always someone who has either never been to Toronto or simply had a short lay-over connecting flight). Others will say it is a 'mini-New York' which reflects a more thorough visit but still, a sort of superficial understanding. This will unfortunately lead some to misconcieve Toronto as a hostile place filled with thugs or wanna-be thugs. While this is probably not so true about New York either, I can tell you that thugged-out behavior is not a Toronto trait and probably will never be. Some of the resentment towards Toronto, by other Canadians, is probably becuase Torontonians can come off as a little 'arrogant', 'snobby' and 'high-and-mighty' sometimes or becuase it is too urban or ethnic for some people's tastes. First and foremost, Toronto is very multi-cultural. It is a very ethnically-rich city without m... Read more

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    Fri Aug 12 2005

    it be the poop*except for Quebec\loserhomofrenchyland

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    Mon Aug 08 2005

    Ok, I just went to Toronto last weekend for Caribana, and I think this city, or country is creating some serious issues. First of all, immigration is out of control in Canada, especially in Toronto. I am from the Caribbean, but the Canadian government is seriously just letting any and everyone in from Guyana, Trinidad, the islands, India and some Asian countries in. It's getting to borderline ridiculous levels. Are they honestly surprised that crime is increasing there now? The immigrants' kids love to think that they are thugs like the American rappers, who hold a lot of influence there. On the upside, the influx of immigrants adds a lot of diversity and flavor to the city, but on the other hand, it has virtually pushed the other native Canadians, even the ones who themselves immigrated from the islands 20 years ago, aside. And the sprawl...oh my, Matamy houses and all that are just popping up like weeds around Oakville and Milton, among other's insane, everyone's buying, ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 08 2005

    Nice city. Nice night life when you are in the downtown area. But everywhere else, you are pretty much done at 9pm esp during the weekends. Ahhh..bedroom city. Kinda like Baltimore. Everything's expensive too. Not too many competition that's why...

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    Sat Jul 30 2005

    What is with people saying that Toronto is a 'NYC wanna-be?' I've been living in Toronto for all my life and it's a great multi-cultural place! People should honestly stop saying all this crap about how Toronto sucks, especially if you haven't even been to Toronto!

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    Sat Jul 30 2005

    I don't live far from here. Less than a hour flight. There are all kinds of fun festivals here, like Caribana in the summer. Who are you kidding ? I don't see New York as any more 'sophisticated'. Did you know eraser-head Donald 'You're Fired' Trump lives in New York ? Toronto is very under-rated here in the USA. Toronto has a great night-life too.

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    Fri Jul 29 2005

    Probably a draw with Chicago as my favorite city-and unlike American cities,crime isn't a real serious threat.

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    People are saying Toronto is CLEAN! Geez, you cant even see the tops of the building during summer when the air around the city is thick and brown. This problem has gotten much worse in recent years though. It used to be much cleaner. My mother moved to TO about 5 years ago, so I go there to visit often. There's a lot to do there and there is always some sort of event going on. The people there are a lot friendlier than Ottawa, where I live. It is expensive by Canadian standards, but it's on par or cheaper than many big American cities, and certainly way cheaper than European Cities. I'm not really into the nightclub scene, so I can't comment on that. I hear it's good, but not as good as Montreal. It's a fun place to visit.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    Just spent 2 months here, visiting some friends at University of Toronto. As has been said, Toronto looks like it has a high quality of life. There are some gorgeous women here. Funny, almost everyone I meet is from somewhere else in the world. There are some cool shops and bars mostly on the Queen St. and College. Yonge St. is the main drag. Disagree that this is an average American city though. It's seems much bigger than most and with less slummy areas. This place has some huge clubs but nothing compared to London. This is not quite a New York either. Only US city that I have been to that seems somewhat similar might be San Franzsisco or Chicago, perhaps ?

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    Mon Jul 18 2005

    Clean, small easy to get around. Great city by Canadian standards. The amount of nightlife and public transit need some work. Found it identical to any large American city, next time I'm over the pond I'll stay in New York, a true world class city.

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    An average city, the place seemed rather dull, but the people were friendly at least.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    Toronto. The good - cultural diversity, tolerance, clean, easy to navigate, range of restaurants and entertainment options. Toronto. The bad - dull, pretentious, very unfriendly and cold people (for comparison, New Yorkers are much more friendlier and open), self absorbed, severely lacking in character, a nightlife that is all but asleep by 3am.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    Great city, lots to do and many different and interesting people to meet here. Amazing nitelife and very very safe city. This city is definetely worth at least a visit.

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    I have scanned a few reviews here and I feel like I am listening to the rambling of a completely different city being described. I have lived in Toronto, NYC, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Montreal and Denver. Toronto is a great city but the time to visit is from May to September. Whats great? Everything. It's safe with a great club scene, clean, plenty of immigrants, beautiful women etc. The best quality is probably that Toronto is undefined. It's still growing and has no definitive identity. That being said Toronto is not up to par with New York. But the truth is : Toronto is a seriously hated on city - no question about it - and I think most of it has to do with insecurity and percieved "unfriendliness" of Torontonians. I have seen it a million times when I bring visiting friends to Toronto. They go to club and try to approach a pretty girl - they get a cold shoulder. They, then, go on about how much they hate Toronto. Toronto is not perfect - people can be cold. And the soul is mis... Read more

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    Wed Jun 24 2009

    Toronto is one of the best cities I have ever been in. I want to go back soon! Friendly people are all around this city who are willing to help you out. The city is beautiful and very clean. I can't wait to go back. There are many things to do in the city and the public transportation is wonderful.

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    Haters need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Torontonians are not arrogant, full of themselves, or think that they're the centre of Universe, let alone Canada. We don't compare ourselves with mega world class cities like NYC, London, Paris, etc, because it would be completely pointless to do so. I don't know why other Canadians hate us so much. We're the financial centre of the country, but we're nice people. We pride ourselves on our multiculturalism, financial situation and what that brings to the city. As for wanting to be an American city... that's bull shit. I've been around the world and everyone imitates American culture. Also, we are not even close to being the most dangerous city in Canada. In fact, we're one of the safest cities in North America, especially for our size. I love this city, it has a lot to offer, and I can't wait for its future developments.