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To Kill a Mockingbird

Novel by the American author Harper Lee Website

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    Sun Mar 28 2010

    I hear from a lot of poeple i know that this movie is good. But i've only read the book sadly, well it doesn't hurt to try

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    Sat Apr 04 2009

    just greatt

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    Mon Jan 19 2009

    The racial issue was rarely discussed during those days, and this one came out bold and told the story of an issue that many have been reluctant to face. I felt less astonied by it because I didn't get to see this film until the early 90's, and by then there were many similar movies out there exploring the same issue.

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    Mon Jan 19 2009

    I would rate this as average. I confess a bias on two fronts. First, I am sick to death of the overplayed, exaggerated theme. Secondly, I was never the biggest fan of Mister Peck. Robert Duvall is genius, but has hardly any part in terms of acting. This one is good if you've never seen it, it is rainy and cold out, and you have absolutely nothing else to do.

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    amazing!!! everything about it.... it was beautifully filmed and unbelievably casted!!!

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    This movie was one that I will always remember! A very good movie in my opinion! I love how they did it in black and white. The book was pretty good too.

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    When my 10-year old son watched the movie for the first time, he was so involved... For me is the sign of the good movie, if the modern kid, grown up on Pokemons and Potters, can find it interesting.

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Excelllent story, wonderful actors. A real treasure. John J. O'Briem 08/22/2007

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Until I visited this website I had never encountered so many fans of this average film from an average book. By no means a bad film, it is a rewarding thing to watch, but its a long, long way short of great.

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    A true classic. One of the best performances Gregory Peck ever delivered. The kids in the movie were the real stars. The sets were exceptional. See if you recognize an actor who went on to fame and fortune in later roles.Sorry to disappoint the folks who need car chases and explosions to enjoy a film. This one isn't for you. This was made back when most people read books for enjoyment. Fancy that!

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    I too, do not understand some of the ratings of this great, great movie. It was one of those once in a century type movies. Gregory Peck was brilliant, as he usually was. A must see for ages 8-98.

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    I was under the impression this film was almost universally loved but after reading the reviews here I guess it's how you look at it. I like the movie for a number of reasons. (1) It's a pretty accurate portrait of the way things were in that part of the country during the time the story takes place. (2) There isn't a bad or even mediocre performance among any of the actors and a case could be made for Brock Peters and Gregory Peck being excellent. (3) Good story dealing with morals and justice that has you cheering inside for the good guy even though you know he doesn't have a chance of winning. (4) I began to notice things which I had missed the first time I saw the film, such as the meaning of the trinkets seen at the beginning and subtle gestures showing emotions such as when Gregory Peck is sitting and extends his arm as if his late wife was there next to him. (5) There is the parallel lesson between the people of the town who are prejudiced against a black man because he is diffe... Read more

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    I hate to stick my toe into this subject, but really folks, why is everyone still getting the vapors about this flick? I thought it followed the book fairly well, but the book was no great shakes as I remember. I guess it was adequate but it definitely is not a classic.

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    Tue Jun 20 2006

    Still a powerful film to watch. It is one of my favorites, and one of Gregory Peck's best performances.

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    Sat May 13 2006


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    Mon Feb 20 2006

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    Boy did that last entry miss the point! Stay away from "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" there kid, you may fall off of the raft and drown looking for the meaning behind Twain's words. In this spot-on retelling of Harper Lee's diatribe against prejudice and racial intolerance, Gregory Peck (As Atticus Finch) gives one of the most memorable screen performances in cinematic history. His Lincolnesque portrayal of one man's fight against tyranny and injustice is still required viewing in highschool sociology classes across the country and the message in both the movie and the book stand as powerful today as they did in those pre-civil rights days of their initial release. The little girl that plays Scout and the boy who plays her brother as well as their visiting friend Dil (modeled after Miss Lee's boyhood friend, Truman Capote) are also noteworthy as it is through the children's eyes (and Scout's, in particular) that the story is related. We learn along with them as we share their fea... Read more

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    To Kill A Mockingbird is a fantastic book. I finished reading it a couple of weeks ago and i found it amazing. It teaches a numerous of lessons and makes you learn how to be in other people's shoes. I wathed the film in school a few days ago, but i defenately prefer the book. This girl in my class who thinks shes all brainy didn't like it and i felt lyk slapping her. She rhinks she can read posher books. Anyway enough about this girl lol, she's weird and lets not mention her again i hope. As i was saynig, it was good. =D hahah lol

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    This is one of the worst books I have read. I am against racism, and this book is all about it. I have a copy of the book that also has very tiny print, so you have to watch what/when you bought the book, as the words are so small, it's almost impossible to read.

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    Wed Aug 24 2005

    I really enjoyed 'To Kill A Mocking Bird', and found the movie very true to the book. The actors made the whole story come alive.

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    Wed Apr 27 2005

    Still a terrific watchable B+W movie. Get a load of a (very) young Robert Duvall! Gregory Peck is terrific. . .film does the book justice.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    Was going good until it got to the court scene. Horribly edited and was very boring.

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    Thu Mar 03 2005

    Excellent movie. Takes place in the south during the depression. Seen through the eyes of the children of a lawyer.Gregory Peck is wonderful as Atticus, the decent man who defends a black man who is wrongly accused of raping a white woman. well done movie well acted by all.

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    I just recently finished the book, and i haven't seen the movie...but i'm sure its the book was. Harper Lee is a great author, and i hope nobody let him down by doing a bad movie

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    Fri Jul 16 2004

    'To Kill a Mockingbird' is definitely one of the greatest books. On par is the movie version, and who can deny 'Mockingbird's' place as one of the greatest movies of all-time? The movie conveys a deep message: that the ugliness of racial prejudice hurts not only the victim, but an entire society. And for all viewers, there are poignant lessons to point out about the value of true friendship, understanding, and selfless sacrifice to help our fellow man- regardless and irrespective of the color of one's skin. This movie is simply a masterpiece, whose timelessness will continue to inspire others for years to come. And it will forever touch those who watch it.

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    Sat Dec 13 2003

    I thought the book was great because of all of the adventures scout and her friends had. Another reason why it was good is because it was deep into details

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    Sun Jul 20 2003

    This is one of my favorite movies. The portrayal of innocence by Scout and her coming to terms with the ways of the world is well done. Gregory Peck is perfect as her father, Atticus Finch, a lawyer who stands up for what's right even though the whole town is against him. It is a highly inspiring story!

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    Wed Jun 25 2003

    this was a great movie. i had to watch it in high school and i remember going " oh my god this is gonna suck." i am glad i watched. gregory peck is one of the best.

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    Wed Apr 23 2003

    This was an excellent movie. Gregory Peck in one of his finest roles as Atticus Finch. I love the characters of Scout, Jem, and Dill. They were typical kids growing up in the south during the time the movie portrayed. The movie kept you interested, scenes that left you anticipating the next moment. Loved Robert Duvall in the part of Boo Radley. This movie will always be one of the best classic. They don't make them like this anymore.

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    Fri Feb 21 2003

    i loved the book and the movie was just as good

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    Sun Apr 07 2002

    I Love this book and movie so much. My favorite part of both has to be everything with Boo Radly. I find that because i am around Jems age, 14 i can relate how myseterious things are to kids. I think that everyone has also had somthing like that in there childhood. I also think it is the best movie and book ever, they should rellay consider these more. It doesnt have a lot of action, but it doesnt need it. Seeing Robert Duvall as Boo Radley was exciting enough!!!

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    Tue Mar 26 2002

    The movie and the book are two different things. The book was told from one perspective, and the movie from another. The book gave specific details about the characters, the movie didn't give anything but the name of the character. Some of the scenes in the movie did happen in the book, but most of the major scenes from the book never made it into the movie.

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    Tue Feb 05 2002

    Great book, great movie. The cast is superb, especially Gregory Peck.

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    Mon Oct 29 2001

    There are few examples of a great book being turned into a greater movie, but I think this is one. Atticus Finch rules!! Tom Robinson is the bomb! Scout and Jem are the best! I tear up like a baby when Scout says "Hey Boo" at the end. Man, what a great movie.

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    Thu Jul 26 2001

    This was a pretty good movie but the book was better.

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    Thu Apr 05 2001

    This is one of the best movies ever made. It's so hard to pick a favorite scene, but if I just had would be the scene on the steps of the jailhouse when Scout brought that lynch mob back to reality as only a child could have done. The kids’ roles (Scout, Jem and Dill) were outstanding. They took me back to a simpler time when all you needed was an old mop, and suddenly you had the fastest horse in the neighborhood. This was Gregory Peck's finest work. No one else could have brought Atticus to life the way that Gregory Peck did. Brock Peters’ portrayal of Tom Robinson was astounding to say the least (can't just go busting up any ole body's chifferobe). And who could forget the eeriness with which Robert Duvall portrayed Boo Radley. This movie makes you feel as though you were there. They just don't make ‘em like that anymore.

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    Mon Jan 15 2001

    A great adaptation of a great book. Gregory Peck IS Atticus Finch. The movie does a brilliant job of bringing a small Southern town to life.

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    Mon Jan 15 2001

    Excellent story line. Really strong plot and symbolism expressed in the story. Harper Lee's work along with Gregory Peck's acting make it a movie definitely worth seeing.

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    Mon Jan 08 2001

    A great book because it keeps your interest all the way through (kinda' like not having to put down the book). It deals with society's views about race and discrimination from a child's point of view.

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    Fri Jan 05 2001

    If every man were like Atticus Finch,the world would be a much better place.

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    Thu Nov 16 2000

    One of America's classic film offerings. This film is delightful. You need to watch this film because: 1) It is a classic. 2) Hollywood, do not make films like this anymore. 3) One of the greatest actors, Gregory Peck, stars in this film. 4) Who could forget a kid named Scout? 5) Learn a little about the racist South and how contact with Blacks created controversy.

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    Tue Nov 14 2000

    When I read the book as a teenager, I remember being drawn into the story because I could identify with almost all the characters. Then I saw the movie and it was like a reader's dream come true. Why have so many stories of the South won Pulitzer prizes? The yearling, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A streetcar Named Desire, Gone With the Wind, The Color Purple....I'm sure there are more. To Kill a Mockingbird certainly rates among the best of the winners.

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    Tue Nov 07 2000

    One of the finest movies made. True to the book. Acting is superb by all.

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    Mon Nov 06 2000

    I haven't seen this movie for awhile, but I remember it as one of the few movies that has ever gotten me to cry. I remember a father, a great father with great morals, who risked it all to help another. This was really touching and well. I love this movie.

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    Mon Nov 06 2000

    The acting and plot were great.

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    Thu Feb 24 2000

    This was one of the best movies I have ever seen!! It had all the elements of a good movie: Plot, nostalgia, political issues, suspense. It is a movie that I will definitely want to view again after I have children.

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    Tue Jan 25 2000

    "To Kill a Monkingbird" was a great movie. It stuck pretty close to the novel it was based on. It blended characters from the book and totally left out one but otherwise it was a great movie focusing on the problems of the time.

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    Tue Dec 14 1999

    This is a well made movie. Well acted well filmed and a great story to start with. I think it should be used as a teaching tool for would be film makers and maybe we would have a lot less garbage being made.