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    Sun Nov 20 2011

    We all know that medicine doesn't have a good taste to begin with. so when we buy medicine we don't buy to make sure it has a good taste, we buy it to make us feel better. so those of you that are rating it a one star, why don't you guys try rating it again. i was reading a lot of posts and most of them were rated at one star because of the taste. don't rate it because it taste bad, rate it on how well the medicine really works.

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    Wed Jun 08 2011

    I love love love Theraflu. The only thing that actually works for me. It's my best friend!!!!

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    Sun Mar 06 2011

    I rarely get colds or the flu since I am a big believer in vitamins. When I do get one, it's gonna be one bad arse bug. 2 days ago out of nowhere this one hit me. Full blown aches and pains, stuffiness, sneezing, low grade fever...etc. I started taking Theraflu Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough. It really does the job, relieving about 90% of the symptoms. I will admit that it's not the greatest tasting stuff, but take your time and drink it slowly and it's not so bad. The benefits far outweigh the 'less than pleasing taste'. I usually use the liquid Nyquil knock-offs which seem to eleviate about 50% of the symptoms, but decided to try Theraflu this time. I will stick with this product from here on out.

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    Mon Feb 14 2011

    Theraflu warming nighttime saved my life and gave me my mojo back! I do not care for the flavor either, but my goal was not to satisfy my taste bubs but to relief me of the terrible pains, aches, fever, cold, sore throat and temperature something reaching 104F. Before Theraflu, I have tried Ibuprofen, too 2 x 200mg Ibuprofen every 6-8 hrs over two days no relief and the problem with the Ibuprofen is, it take about an hour after taking it to notice any effect and the relief wear off after about 3-4 hrs leaving me with pains and all the symptoms of the flu for another 1-3 hrs before I can pop another dose. I only took 30ml of the Theraflu and WOW! I could not believe the results! I even forgot to take the next dose in 4hrs as recommended, the pains were completely gone! For the sake of it, I took another 30ml dose after 10hrs. For my level of pains, fever, I could not stand, I could not work, I was shivering all over, I could not dare take a bath; I was willing to take the most bitte... Read more

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    Mon Oct 11 2010

    TheraFlu is an effective medicine. However, I have an issue with added ingredients. The sweeteners include the worst of all worlds - Splenda, Aspertame and sugar. If you have sugar in there, why do you need artificial sweeteners? In addition, why do we need artificial coloring in there too? Most people mix it in a mug where you can't see the color of the liquid anyway. Allergies and reactions to artificial sweeteners and coloring and quite common. At least offer consumers an option of a Theraflu without them.

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    Tue Aug 03 2010

    Theraflu is one of the most horrible tasteing medicine. It makes me gag every time, and when i try to make it taste better the taste just gets worse. On the other hand it does work for stuffed noses and sore thoats.

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    who ever said it was terrible ya suckk its great awsommeee my number one remmedy love it love more than my fav singer lol and it taste great just add lemmmon and even better honey yummy lol but yeah it works great im taking mines right noww

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    if you haven't been sick more than 36 hours, see your doctor. Anti-viral meds available can get you over the flu in less than a week. (first site below) If you're nursing, doctors don't want you taking it. (I got the flu when my daughter was 18 months old, and they told me not to continue nursing her while on the meds.) If you don't have that option, then you'll need lots of rest, and pain relievers. Tylenol is my medicine of choice, but you can use any OTC pain reliever. Take Sudafed for nasal stuffiness OR you can take Robitussin plain expectorant. (if you can handle taking both at the same time, that's OK, too). Any antihistamine will make you drowsy, but if you have allergies and take antihistamines, go ahead and take your usual dose. If there is an antihistamine that does not make you drowsy, you can take it. For cough, you can use any OTC med that has "DM" at the end of its name. Be careful to avoid cough meds with alcohol in them. Also, if you know of a cough remedy that doesn'... Read more

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    I don't know about the new formulation, but other than being VERY hard to find, the Severe Day caplets are the only thing that works for me without me either getting "jiggy" or drowsy. I don't drink alcohol, so have to stay away from the liquid. To the burning person, that might be why it burned. The liquid is absolutely LOADED with alcohol. I am a confirmed label reader and want to be very careful about what I take. Everyone should. re: finding -- no one every stocks the caplet any more, and some pharmacies will tell you the product has been discontinued. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM they are only being lazy. My food store said it had been discontinued, but my pharmacy is able to order it -- next day it's usually in. Yes, this is the only thing that works for me -- other products just do not do it. That's my take, thanks for letting me share. Terrific website!

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    Thu Sep 24 2009

    Have had positive results with this product. . .I always keep a little both at home and the office. It's nice to have a product that delivers on its promises. . .

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    Sat Sep 19 2009

    .As a medication it does its job beautifully. Major taste issue though. It tasted so bad I took half a spoon at a time using their dosager. Could not take more than that in one shot. It made me shake and cough and the taste burned my throat. Never taking it again.

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    I was sick, I mean really, really sick (coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, congestion, body aches, shakes) I was told I had tracheal bronchitis (nasty stuff). I went to the doctor, took 3 steroid shots, 3 runs of steroids, 3 runs of 3 different types of antibiotics, cough pills, musinex, asthma puffers, tylenol, advil..... this list is endless. I went that way for 6 weeks, the doctor couldn't make me better, he gave up to send me to a specialist. It was then I went to my local pharmacy and bought Theraflu warming formula (I was ready to try anything). I took 1 (ONE) dose and with the hour I wasn't shaking, the second dose I wasn't coughing as much. Within 3 days I was better than I had been in 6 (SIX) weeks. Within 1 week I was 90% better (never went to that specialist). This stuff is AWESOME!!!!! I have stocked up on it and I am a firm believer in it, God bless you Theraflu!!!!!

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    I've only tried it once. It didn't work, and the taste is too hard to describe. But let's put it this way. It wasn't good.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    Well, I'm a pretty good sized boy and I would not recommend stepping outside of what a physician recommends but... I double down on the packets. I have a pretty good understanding of my body. I never drink alchohol when I'm sick and taking any medication so don't think that I'm advocating that. I will say though if you weigh 210+ and don't have any known issues with OTC medicine try 1 1/2 then move up to two and I think you will find that this stuff will have you breathing and able to sleap at night.... The most important thing to me. I always use the lemon flavor because it's about the only one that does not taste like crap.

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    Sun Feb 17 2008

    One of those rare times I wish negative stars existed --- down to one star for not working, and a negative star for having such an awful taste to suffer through, ugh.

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    It was a year ago this week that TheraFlu almost killed me. Gasping for breath, tongue the size of a golf ball, sinuses draining, corner of eyes closed, numb gums and general facial pain. This continued off and on for almost 8 months. Apparently, it opened up a new "tendency" to allow swelling. My tongue on the edges has never recovered! Called the emergency number, no reply, called the pharmacy chain, no reply. Took over an hour to contact the mfg...they had some "non-existant" employee physician want to come down to "confiscate the evidence". Same mfg and retail drug chain are in on their flu vaccine and immuno product this year. Beware...the phenylepherine is a no notice ingredient change to keep it over the counter (previous pseudopherine-speed ingredient) Where is a lawyer when you need one? Their MD's and PhD's should have counted on a pseudepherine allergic person having the same or similar symptoms when you put the practically kissing cousin ingredient in and NEGLECT to... Read more

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    Sat Dec 15 2007

    I'm drinking it at the moment and the taste is pretty good- it tastes like a home remedy of hot lemon+water. As for its effectiveness, the strips don't really work for fast results but the mix-packets are pretty effective.

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    Sat Oct 13 2007

    I simply don't find this as effective as other remedies. It might work for someone else, though.

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    Sat Apr 21 2007

    The soluble Theraflu packets have done wonders for me while recovering from a flu during this last week: what's better than warm cider for a cold? I tried a few varieties, and can recommend them all with one BIG exception: the "Flu & Chest Congestion" variety with a so-called "citrus" taste. This is the most unbearably disgusting cough medicine that I have ever tried, which is saying a lot. The taste could be described as something like the white of an orange (between the peel and the fruit) which has begun to mold, and then been covered in wood ashes mixed with Splenda. It takes talent to concoct such an incredibly nauseating flavor. What were they thinking?

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    I cannot believe you guys are whining about the commercial. Get over it, it is an advertisement, don't you have anything better to do than whine over things that offend you? p.s. i love theraflu

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    Fri Jan 12 2007

    Thera Flu is my crack for the cold/flu. Ive been taking it for years and NOTHING compares to it. Thank you TheraFlu!! Love, single mom who cant take off a day of work!

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    Well I'm Drinking Theraflu while I'm writing this and I have been having sever flu symptoms for the last few days as well as extreme sinus congestion. And nothing I took seemed to work.But I can feel the congestion and and headache easing already. I do agree they could make the product taste a little better.Other than that wonderful.

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    Wed Nov 15 2006

    The old Theraflu formulations were great. As other's have mentioned the new reformulated ones are completely ineffective by comparison. Novartis really needs to reevaluate whether suckering people into buying this junk versus actually asking at the pharmacy counter for something that really would work makes any sense in the long run.

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    Wed Nov 15 2006

    You morons... this is not about the commercial... it's about the product. Stick to the topic at hand. And to the person who wrote about how the woman on the bus acted like Jesus would... thanks for making me laugh. That was hilarious.

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    Thu Mar 23 2006

    The reformulated TheraFlu does only an OK job at relieving cold symptoms. I've sworn by the old version for many years... it always worked very very well in relieving my symptoms and helping me get a good night's rest without that strange "drugged" feeling you sometimes get with drugs like Nyquil. The new version doesn't clear up the nasal congestion nearly as well. I've resorted to getting the old version's ingredients separately: 1000mg of Acetaminophen, 4mg of chorpheniramine, and 60mg of pseudoephedrine... not as convenient, but better than this new version of Theraflu.

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    Thu Feb 09 2006

    Never felt worse in my life 36 hours ago. Thereaflu completely cured me in a day and a half. Bodyache, headache, eyeball ache, you name it I had it. Highly recommended!

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    Wed Jan 11 2006

    Consumers should be aware that Theraflu has been reformulated. The Pseudoephedrine decongestant has been replaced with the ineffective Phenylephrine substitute. This was probably done so Theraflu could still be sold over the counter in States where Pseudoephedrine is restricted. Unfortunately, Phenylephrine is a vastly inferior decongestant.

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    Wed Jan 11 2006

    Consumers should be aware that Theraflu has been reformulated. The effective decongestant pseudoephedrine has been replaced with the inferior and ineffective phenylephrine. This was probably done so the product could still be sold over the counter in states that place restrictions on the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine.

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    Thu Dec 15 2005

    The commercials are so disturbing, I would never buy the product. Re-think the advertising campaign.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    I love the TheraFlu Strips...The only problem I have is getting the little strip out...I have to use a pair of scissors to open need to find a better way...My husband will just sit and cough until I finally get up and get the strip and open it for him...As for the commercial..I have not seen it..

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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    This is just a general message for the company that makes the commercials for TheraFlu. The commercial with the person going on the bus and most of the people recoiling in fright is upsetting. The most beautiful part of that commercial is the woman who isn't scared but acts according to the way Jesus acts towards us. I love that part of the commercial because it shows Jesus Christ. We need more commercials like that.

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    Tue Nov 15 2005

    Nothing is nicer when you are sick than a warm beverage that will open up your sinuses. I personally love theraflu for those aches and pains associated with the occasional winter sickness.

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    As with most over the counter medications, it doesn't work completely for flu symptoms, but it isn't really all that bad either. I think TheraFlu is one of the best because it isn't a pill. I think the hot liquid helps warm you up and it doesn't taste bad. If you have the flu in the middle of winter, there is nothing like TheraFlu. Very good.

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    I think the product is probably ok, I presonally LOVE Nyquil! If nothing else you will SLEEP! But I agree with Rebel1956 the commercial with the guy on the bus is horrible! The guy looks like a demon straight out of hell. He is grotesque and while I get what the ad guys were trying to convey the overall negativity of the ad is striking. Theraflu should pull that ad in favor of something less horrific.

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    Its not the product that offends me its the commercial. Your commercial for the new flu strips is insulting and demeaning. The guy who gets on the bus is deformed and people move away in disgust. This commercial implies that deformity or handicaped people should be shunned and that by taking your product you can become acceptable to society.

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    Sun Oct 30 2005

    I have used the Theraflu hot liquid, and found it to taste really bad, but then Theraflu ) came out with the caplets.(Severe Cold-Non Drowsy) They work as quickly without having to taste the main ingredients and in the winter time I almost live on them. I am a school bus driver, so I have to be careful of what I take. I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, complicated by Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, and Theraflu sometimes helps relieves some of the symptoms, however, recently the Softgels came out on the market, and I can not find the caplets, and I do find them to be extremely difficult to open. This may cause me to quit using the product that works so well. If I can not open the package, what good does it do to buy this wondeful product? Although the caplets are difficult for me to open, I can still get the open without having to call a neighbor to come over and open several sleeves at a time.

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    Thu Oct 20 2005

    it isnt the product as much as the discusting commercial you have for the flu strips...the one with the guy on the bus. i change the channel every time it comes on. and i see the product in the store and i think of that comercial and get disgusted. i refuse to buy your strips now

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    Thu Jul 21 2005

    This is absolutely the best cold remedy on the market. It's like drinking a good hot cup of tea. Great tasting and really works. As soon as I feel a cold coming, I'll have a cup just before bedtime. They say the cure for the common cold has yet to be invented, but this is as close as it gets.

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    Thu May 19 2005

    it doesnt taste the best but ive had worse too. the warmer it is the better. it not only makes you feel better because it helps yu relax

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    Mon Apr 04 2005

    this is some good stuff. i was teary eyed with a cough n a horrible runny nose. i drank some thera flu n it was gone u could actually feel the thera flu hold back the cold/flu symptons. its not a cure but its a good way of getting through part of the day. i would highly recommend this product to any one with some kinda cold or flu.

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    Tue Jan 04 2005

    My throat was virtually shut off, locked, and welded - until my mother suggested trying Theraflu. After the first three sips, I could swallow again without pain! By the time I was done with the cup, my throat felt back to normal, and I could talk! No pain, no strain, just 6 hours of bliss, being able to once again eat, drink, and talk. I can't live through a sick day without Theraflu.

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    Tue Nov 16 2004

    This product is the best! I was feeling totally sick prior to taking Theraflu. I came into work, sat at my desk, and began sipping the medication. Within a half hour, I was feeling well enough to begin working again. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family.

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    Sat Oct 30 2004

    Theraflu has worked on occasion, it usually relieves cold/flu symptoms.

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    Fri Oct 08 2004

    TheraFlu is strong stuff! Where I live, Norway, it's classified as a narcotic. But it sure made my comming cold perish.

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    Wed Mar 24 2004

    this is... AMAZING the taste isn't bad either, it's like hot lemonade. Just add a spoon or 2 of sugar, and you're set to go!

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    Thu Jan 29 2004

    It works like a charm! There are tablets on the market, if you can't stomach the powder. I don't mix the powder with 8 oz. of water as recommended. I mix it with about 2 ounces, then slam it like a shot and drink a full glass of water behind it. Sleep about 10 hrs, and you wake up feeling great!

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    Wed Jan 28 2004

    QUICK TIPS: 1. ADD SUGAR! It's just that simple! If ya drink it plain, its the equivalent of drinking KoolAid w/o any sweetener! I always add honey, sugar or a piece of peppermint! 2. When taking Alka Seltzer Plus, add it to KoolAid and it'll taste like a soda. Try orange, lemon or cherry.

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    Mon Sep 29 2003

    thera flus lemonade drink was a TERRIBLE investment, You can barely get your kids to drink it with out puking!!!

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    Sat Mar 01 2003

    this is by far the strongest stuff i have ever tasted. the first sip and i coughed it up. wow! talk about a bad taste. after a couple sips it gets better, but you better have a strong stomach. it works great if you can get the whole thing down, but good ;)