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    Sun May 02 2010

    I've had my years of Hollywood and I know what it is filled with, arrogant bouncers and overpriced water'd down drinks, but NEVER have I had such a horrible experience in my life. I've always heard of Vangaurd, I never cared to make a visit there. That night I made a promise to a friend that I would go out with her and Vangaurd is where she wanted to go. Off we went and within the first 5 mins I recieved my first experience. The bartender gave me the worst water'd down drink I've ever tasted. There was a minimum on my card so I said fine, treat all my friends drinks on me. Once I tasted the little drink I had, I asked him if he could add more alcohol because I didn't taste any of it? He pointed to my reciept and arrogantly directed that I signed my charge draft with a tip first. ???? REALLY? whatever so I took my reciept and placed a big fat 0 on the tip and walked away with my cup of cranberry juice. I driectly went to the next bartender and ordered a few more drinks. With... Read more

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    I went to this place last weekend on saturday , I really wanted to meet the place I heard they place great tecno and house music , well I spent $ 25 to get in , I bought my ticket online so It could have been worst at the door, a ridiculous $ 20 dlls to park at the parking and $ 9 dlls beer bottle . I had a bad feeleing before I got in eventhought no under 21 were allowed ,most of the people going in were guys on little packs of 5 or 8 with no girls with them . inside you could see gilrs but with all this little gangs inside they did not last too long on the flor dancing before they were harrased by these drunked gangs. The worst thing is that it is a tecno place where you could dance wherevere you want but . like I said all this gangs inside are crossing the dance floor all the time bugging everyone who really wants to dance . so expect a lot of pushing from guys who are not even dancing ! I sat on a couch to rest for a bitt when I felt a wet sit , thinking it was wather or soda... Read more

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    If you wanna dance to some good house music with great dj's, this is the place on Sunday nights!

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    let me start off by saying I LOVE THE VANGUARD!!! . I read some of the other reviews and they're dumb. OF COURSE you're going to have drunk people spilling their drinks al over the place. OF COURSE there's gonna be hot girl drama. OF COURSE there will be a long line and OF COURSE the drinks are going to be expensive.OF COURSE the cover charge is ridiculous..........IT'S HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT'S A CLUB NONETHELESS! AND THIS IS WHAT NIGHTLIFE IS ALL ABOUT!!!!...male posturing, female peacocks preening their feathers showing off for the males...etc. etc, inebriated fools, rude people, and general craziness. There are TONS of hot guys there, a large population of Armenian/Middle-Eastern guys," They play the hottest house you will ever hear. If you don't like house, DON'T GO.k? Let me make it that simple. . There are SO many people and so much eye candy you should be able to find at least ONE person who catches your eye! And it's not all middle-eastern guys , there'... Read more

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    I have to start off by saying... I literally wasted my $60.00 ticket at this "hole- in- the- wall" joint. My friends and I purchased an early bird ticket, thinking that this place was going to be fun( as the reviews had stated). We arrived to the club, and there was a horrible organization re: the makeshift "will call" lines for the tickets. We then had to wait in a line for an additional 45minutes-1hour. When we finally got into the club @11:00pm, it was beyond crowded. Close your eyes and picture this.. a sauna like gymnasium smelling like the the worst variations of sweaty armpit, butt and breath on Planet Earth!!!! The men was completely rude in that they had no courtesy for women to pass by or get the right of way. Drunk people were spilling their drinks without any regard for the people around them. The drunk men would provoke a fight with other guys who either were in their way, or bumped them by accident. I beg you to NEVER attend a New Years Celebration at the Vanguard in Holl... Read more

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    Dont even bother. This is one of the worst places ive ever been too. Drinks horrible, service horrible and the bouncers horrible. Better going to a regular bar

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    Never have I been ANYWHERE so disorganized and so rude. This was my birthday and my best friend purchased tickets...we still ended up waiting 4 hours in line because they let people without tickets in earlier. They never opened more windows to speed up the process....just two LITTLE ones in a line that didn't exist. It was more like a friend almost got his head taken off just getting to one of the windows. In the SECOND line of the night, there was no organization, people were cutting and getting into fights. Security decided to make the front people 'back up' even though there were hundreds of people behind them and as a result I got smacked in the face. (nice). When I finally did make it to the entrance and was very inappropriately frisked...the dude makes me open my purse, takes my PRESCRIPTION eye drops which I am supposed to take every hour (if you had eye surgery you know) and throws them away without even asking me. When I show him my prescription and say I reall... Read more

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    Wed Nov 26 2008

    If you bought tickets for any event and you were unable to get into this horrible club, PLEASE do a charge back. Don't let these guys get away with it. Write your reports here from your experience. It is time for Hollywood clubs to start respecting their costumers. Vanguard is one of the worst clubs I have ever been to in my life. The service is horrible. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CLUB.

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    I've been here twice, both for friends' birthday. Neither experience was pleasant. The first time I went there, the bouncers are not even discreet to tell you that you need to tip them to get in. But it doesn't stop there. Once we got in, the bouncer guarding the stairs going to the rooms in the second floor told us he can't let us up unless we tip him. The second time I went here, I thought it couldn't be worse than the first time. But it was pretty much the same horrible experience. We got there early enough to get in for the guestlist (9pm!), but they still made us wait for two hours, until it was "too late to get in for guestlist". They started announcing to the people in the line that they are only taking people who want bottle service. They split the line into two, one for the hiphop room only, and the other for the main room only. We switched to the hiphop room only since it was shorter (of course we still had to pay $20). We finally got to the hiphop room and there were approxi... Read more

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    Vanguard Worst nightclub ever! Did somebody heard about the most HORRIBLE organization's event ever? How come they sell more tickets than the capacity? They are hosting DAVID GUETTA, they already know how messy his concerts are!!!!! They didn't sell a few more tickets, probably they sold, 2x, 3x the capacity!!! Was TERRIBLE outside, I bought the tickets a week previous to the event, and I couldn't get in! Because they let people get in earlier, without tickets!!!! Paying only $25.00 bucks, I paid $40 and had the tickets in my hands. Outside the club was a mess!!! The staff was yelling and pushing people, A really rude brunet girl at the door,yelling and humiliating the customers, EVERYDODY had tickets and couldn't get in!!! The securities was very very rude, yelling a lot, the cops showed up, at the door had several fights. Then when they realize the chaos outside they said to go to a trailer with only 2 windows to return our money!!! When I got on the trailer what I saw? THEY STILL HA... Read more

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    Sat Nov 22 2008


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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    Well it was a Saturday night and DJ Sasha was suppose to be spinning, my friends decided to give Vanguard a try, this being my first time I didnt object..Boy was that a mistake..We get there and right off the bat the security is giving my friend attitude and problems..We don't have to wait since we're getting bottle service, and for the first time ever I was padded down before being allowed to enter. After entering I realized the reason, throughout the night approximately 20 people whisper "X" to me. The place was big which was cool but completely packed with guys, the girl to guy ratio was horrible. So we're at our table drinking trying to rid ourselves of the headache from all the bass . Its nearly 1 and I see one of my friends having a confrontation with the security..This is where I laughed when reading another review, my friend was accused of taking advantage of a girl while she was drunk..Apparently they weren't too happy that this girl pulled my friend onto the dance floor and ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    This place is a rip off. If your paying by credit card you need to purchase a minimum of $40 in order to get your credit card back. The staff is extremly rude, especially the bartenders. My friends credit card got declined for a $44 bill. The bartender said "can i see you id" when we pulled out id's out she snatched it from our hands and said "its not my fault you have broke as* friends, you wont get your id's til you pay". we been to plenty of clubs and never ever been treated horribly til now. another friend offered to pay the bill but didnt want to pay the added gradituity on the bill since the bartender was rude. nicely we asked to speak to the manager. the bartender said we can wait til the bar closes or we can leave. as we were discussing wat to do the bartender already called security to kick us out. the security grabed my friend and i on our arms and was flashing lights on us. i told them to not to grab me like that (omg that is so wrong!!) we decided to leave that bs. plus the... Read more

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    Bouncers and Staff was very rude, place was very dirty, definitly overpriced for the quality of club, no control, i definitly wouldn't recomend it or go there again. waste of a time, not worth the drive for me from san diego, ca. could have stayed at the worst bar in San Diego and had a better time. If you want to have a great time i would say it's definitly worth the drive down to san diego.

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    Fri Aug 22 2008

    I will tell everyone I know not to come here. Security treated people like dirt including myself. I get up on the dance floor and meet a girl. Her Friends then ask me to look after her which I do becuase for some reason she enjoyed my company. Security then pulls me away from her accusing me of Sexual \Conduct.(I can't say it differently this site won't let me) On top of that,the girl and her friends yell at me for leaving her.I bring the girls up to the security guard to clear the situation then the security blatantly just walks away. I guess when someone is overweight,and can't get girls,they do stupid things like that. On top of that,myself and the other group of girls were forced to leave early becuase of security.Like all security guards,they talk tough,but they hide behind four other security guards to do so when the want to get personal. I definitely intend to pursue a course of action to have the club shut down for the mistreatment of myself and the group of girls I wa... Read more

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    Fri May 16 2008

    Email me to get on the guestlist for Vanguard Giant Saturdays! They have the best DJ's from all over the world. hyenightlife@hotmail-com

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    Mon May 12 2008

    I will say the music here on Sunday nights is deeeeeeeeep. My only complaint is the one bald asian bouncer who is a complete deu****. It's a shame when club management tolerates abusive and vibe killing bouncers such as the ones at Vanguard. Nevertheless, I chalk it up to them having small wangs and unable to pick-up chicks therefore they get jobs with 'pseudo-power' so they can flex their muscles. I hope girls don't fall for their antics when they try to act all studly when in fact they are simply over-grown apes. I hate how they have a bathroom attendant. What grown adult doesn't know how to wash their own hands? Please, you're not getting a $1-2 tip from me because you gave me a towel to dry my hands. MANAGEMENT: Train your bouncers on CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS or more people will be turned away!

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    Fri Apr 25 2008

    bartenders, drinks, prices, attitude is what u can expect from a hollywood club BUT the real reason to go there is the music! they often have the best djs. last night my girlfriends and i spent most of the night in the front room. there was soem guy dj doc or doc dj or something. the whole room was jam packed and going crazy. he was playing everything. hip hop, rock, oldies, house... fun crowd. everyone was there to party and dance. not stand around and pose, like some other clubs we've been to. and the dj played a song i requested. sometimes djs give me total attitude when i request a song! he was really nice about it. had to write a good review. other djs were all really good too. fun time. definitely go there if u want good music and a fun atmosphere.

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    This FRIDAY only - APRIL 25th 2008 - at club Vanguard in Hollywood (6021 Hollywood Blvd.) if you say that ur on PERSIAN PAPI ENTERTAINMENTS guestlist you'll get in FREE(girls) and only $10(guys) before 10:30! Open tequila bar til 11! WOW! See you there! -PPE Email khalil@persianpapi DOT COM with any questions or info on this event or future nightlife events we're supporting.

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    Fri Apr 11 2008

    What was that!!!! My first time there and I will NEVER go back We went there last Saturday night for a friend?s birthday. It started off with a strip search and security taking my eye drops for my contacts away... I was thinking how bad can this place be? The workers there had too much attitude...I order a round of drinks and tip the bartender 15%...he had the nerve to tell me "that's all you are going to tip" Really he said this...anyway it gets worse...I was out of cash and so the next round I paid with a credit card....BE WARNED!!! They said the minimum order for a credit card use was $40... Fine they want you to spend money, but I get the bill and there is 18% gratuity already on there. I asked the bartender about it and he stated that "that's their policy" and "When you spend more than $40 then 18% is added to your bill" let me see??? They make you spend a minimum of $40 to be able to use a credit card and then say they have a policy to add 18% gratuity to orders of $40 or ... Read more

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    Fri Mar 28 2008

    Vanguard has an excellent dance floor and sound system. There's a huge open-air patio also. The last time I went, it was like being in a can of sardines. It would have been a great experience if it hadn't been for how ridiculously crowded it was!

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    Mon Mar 03 2008

    There has been an interesting wave of uncanny methods by the bartenders at Vanguard to drive the meaning of ?it?s not about how much you spend but how much they think you should spend?. On Saturday night several friends and I attended the club with clear intentions of drinking with our limited spending budgets but the bartenders had a scheme planned. They unscrupulously had the audacity to give themselves the freedom to charge credit cards with a 20% tip up front and not giving us, THE CUSTOMER, the option to give them the tip based on what they were worth for their service. On one occasion, we merely bought three beers, one shot of tequila and one mix drink and the bartender decided to give him-self a $9.60 tip. Yes, I could have refused to pay, but because I was intoxicated at the time of the purchase, my guard was down and just signed the receipt. One of the reasons you go to a club is to cut loose not to be cheated and taken advantage of financially. I realize bartenders wor... Read more

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    Tue Feb 19 2008

    Im from NYC so these clubs don't compare to our clubs. Vanguard is a pretty large club. I had no problem getting in. Bottle service is the same as everywhere else ( price wise). The staff was really friendly. Music was great. I can't say anything bad about it really, besides the crowd isn't that good looking. All the clubs in LA close at 2, and what's really awesome about this club is that it closes at 3, but you can't drink after 2. It's good on friday nights especially

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    Ok coming from Europe and being a DJ myself in Europe I gotta say the sound system is bad here. As for the service well think of all the other bad reveiws on service, somehoe I think they speak for themselves. Hey we know this is Hollywood but quit being so damm pretentious!!! Vanguard if you want to get it right then treat your customers right and give you staff a reality check as well as a training on customer service. Drinks way over price and for what they charge I would like glass not plastic Somehow I don't think I will be going back again unless you radically change your ways.............mmmm is that lightly Good thing I left early and went to Club Sinister a much better place to hang out

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    Sat Sep 29 2007

    I absolutely love this place! I can't say that I have ever had a bad time here! The music is awesome especially on Saturday nights for GIANT. My friends from different states fly out here to see some of the DJs. They don't have a two bottle minimum like most clubs in L.A.....and the bottle service girls are slammin! Every time I go here, the club is packed and has a great vibe! You can't find a club like this out here- the place is HUGE!

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    Sat Sep 22 2007

    If you're into hanging with a bunch of drugged out people dancing to techno, ugly girls who are beetchy, and sketchy dudes asking you for special K, this place is for you! Seriously, a huge waste of your Saturday night. Go somewhere else if you're interested in attractive people who are fun.

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    Sat Aug 18 2007

    Ok I pre-ordered Infected Mushroom tickets. I waited in a will call line for about 15 minutes and then in a door line for another 15 minutes. The parking was $10, the minimum credit card charge is $40. A rum and coke is $10, a 500 ml Evian sports bottle of water is $5 and a domestic beer is $4. I ran up a $43 bar tab and was charged a 20% gratuity. I recommend bringing cash to this place, because I don't think i have ever tipped $9 for two rounds of drinks before tonight. There was easily 1000 people in the club and the temperature inside was around 85 degrees. The clientele was made up of a variety of different walks of life. There were a handful of muscle beach looking guys with their shirts off, but the majority of the crowd was made up of average looking guys (wearing t-shirts and jeans) who looked like they walked in off the street. The ladies were looking fine in their party dresses and their go go outfits. The music was super loud the bass speakers were so loud that you didnt mo... Read more

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    Sat Aug 18 2007

    Making money is important to any business, but using shady practices will never make things right. Vanguard is one of the bigger clubs in LA with a nice outdoor patio. But I'm regretful to say, it's service that is their downfall. The door staff is very rude, often ignoring your questions should you have any. If you're used to service with a smile, don't come here unless you have VIP tables. Of course the VIP coordinator was smiling, because she gets paid to sell tables. They do a police style pat down, so don't be surprised when they make you assume the position. Once you get inside you have to make your way to the bar, which is often understaffed.. Fine , quit complaining and deal with it, right? But here's the good part. Once you purchase your drinks, they force you to keep an open tab unless you spend at least $40! If you just want a couple drinks, too bad. Start buying drinks for random people until your tab reaches $40. Of course they conveniently don't tell you this until yo... Read more

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    Fri Jul 27 2007


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    Fri Jun 22 2007

    Look, there's only a limited amount that I can say about the Vanguard, because I've never been in it. My friend and I were on a list for a private party, but he was not allowed in because of a dress code that is apparently enforced by a gentleman in jeans and a t-shirt. Basically, he felt that my buddy was not dressed "upscale" enough for their "exclusive" club. I'm surprised to see that someone else has found the dress code to be comfortably lax, that was not my experience. I am very confused by my experience at the Vanguard, but if you're into the upscale, exclusive, seats 2000 scene, I guess it must be the perfect place for you.

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    Wed May 16 2007

    I went there for my Birthday and got to experience the VIP room which was great to have a comfortable place to sit and watch everyone in the club from a window with a view. The music was okay, but a bit too techno for my taste, it also felt strange that everyone was faced in one direction as if watching a concert but instead they were watching a DJ. My reason for not ever going back is that the Door Man was extremely rude to some friends that came and argued with me about letting some friends in who had prepurchased tickets. On top of that, the drinks are expensive, $12 for a small plastic cup for a vodka drink, and the bartender who seemed nice I realized the next day charged me 20% gratuity on my receipt when she never gave me the heads up that she would do that. So just be careful when you are signing your receipt. Also, the Bartender told me there was a $30 minimum, of which I then found out they told one friend of mine there was a $40 min. and that the charge wouldn't go throu... Read more

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    Sun Apr 22 2007

    Other than the ok decor and nice outdoor patio, this place is shady. Do not charge drinks on the credit card b/c they automatically put a 20% tip. Also, I had forgotton to put a $0 in the extra tips portion b/c the bartender was saying something and I signed the bill without writing a final amount. Ended up it was 50 dollars for 3 drinks because they are Shady and put in extra tips and an end amount that I did not write. Also, the valet people ARE shady as mentioned below. I will never return to this venue.

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    Sun Apr 22 2007

    If there's anything I like about the Vanguard, it would be the lax dress code. Though I like dressing up to go out with the girls, it's nice to know that there's somewhere out there that you have the liberty to show up in grungy jeans and sneakers. Also, it's nice not to stand outside of a club freezing in a miniskirt. In regards to the ambience, the most I could say is that it's dark... and LOUD. So don't expect to hold any intriguing conversations throughout the night. Also, they play mostly hip-hop on the dancefloor, so if it's not your thing, then you might want to reconsider.

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    Wed Apr 18 2007


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    Mon Apr 09 2007

    I don't know why people are complaining so much about this club. I am not pretty and i don't know anybody and i get in just fine on saturdays every time I go. As far as how good the djs are you might want to know whos spinning before you drop the cash, If you know anything about that. A bit of a meat market but i go for the music, and yeah the waiting in line for booze is a bit too much. Don't know what the whole "asian invasion" other people were talking about, bunch of wannks.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    the staff make you wait in line while you watch them let their friends in. unless you know someone, it sux waiting in line. their performances are are weak and include some gay backstreet boy asian singers and off beat djs. their $10 shots and beer are skimpy like any other club in hollywood and you have to wait through a crowd just to get a drink. beware of valey parking and parking lots nearby as we found stuff missing in our car with the security denying everything. very shady people

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    bad service, bad music, wannabe renta cop security, ugly people, bad drinks... probably one of the worst clubs yet...

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    This is an asian packed club filled with a bunch of ravers and wannabe gansters... So are the promoters and people that work the door. I did not like it for the crowd.

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    Fri Dec 22 2006

    The line outside doesn't move. The people who get in are the people who work there and their friends. Everyone already knows each other. The customer service is rude.

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    Fri Dec 22 2006

    It was my friend's birthday. We got hooked up but, it was still bad. I wasted my $200.00 man! There are so many better LA clubs in Hollywood!! I ain't ever going back to Vanguard!!

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    Fri Dec 22 2006

    Beware of this club. The lines are long, drinks are skimpy and expensive, bouncers and security are rude, and the crowd is asian invasion. Unless you are into that, my suggesion would be just to go to pig and whistle or florentine gardens just next door. The crowd and service there is a much better.

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    Thu Nov 09 2006

    I love the Vanguard! Maybe because I know the right people to get past the line, but inside is excellent!! One of my all time fave clubs! Great Djs, Bumpin beats, HUUUUGE dance floor, HUUUUGGE bars, excellent interior design and tons of fly honeys! The outdoor patio is massive and so are the speaker walls inside. I go to hear drum & bass @ Funktion on Wednesdays, i'm sick of top 40 & hip hop clubs, too many fake people. My only real issue was the 18+, waaaayyyy too many little girls & boys there, but a great time nonetheless!

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    Wed Oct 25 2006

    Floor layout awesome with many attractive dancers. Great Women to Men ratio. Overall a great time. Insane wide bar. Get full experience of hot club during peak hours.

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    Thu Sep 07 2006

    Instead of waiting in line, you have to stand behind a fence and they CHOOSE who they want to go in. I got turned off by that and went somewhere else. I mean, long lines are frustrating as it is. But to be chosen to go in? I'm leavin...

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    Mon Aug 21 2006

    This nightclub, is big and fun. Its like another vegas club, kind of reminds of Rain = Palms. They even take pictures at the club, and post it online for you to keep

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    I felt very out of place here. It is for a certain demographic and lets just say if you aren't in that demographic you feel pretty weird. It...

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    this club had a lot of nice features but i wasn't really into it. its very big and there are tons of people there. you might have to wait in...

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    Mon Mar 20 2006

    This place fits the bill if you want a night out with a good group of friends who won't sit and analyze everything down to the short people or the scene. Vanguard has ample space to dance, aerialits / dancers that function as conversation pieces and entertainment, and alcohol. We arrived out of the cab and it was early so we got in free, so I can;t complain about the $! Even with 20 bucks , I've paid that and gone to clubs that were way weak. This place is there unpretentious and fun without too many frills. If you want all that , go to the fancy clubs for sure. Had some calamari there at their counter service eatery and wasn't revolted either. I was consistently happy there and wasn't disappointed by much-i.e. short guys, ugly people, dark...who says that anyway! That's not a helpful review!

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    Weak all around. Had a table for a friend's bday. CF getting in even though we bought 5 bottles. Crowd was not good looking, trendy or cool. Music was dated, ariel dancers were hot.

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    Thu Jan 12 2006

    I have been to The Vanguard a few times now and I love it. This place has a great patio and awesome atmosphere entertainment inside. The neat thing about this club is that there are very talented dancers or aerialists up high above your head on swings and fabrics. Very Cool! The staff is very polite and the food is actually very good. I highly recommend going on Saturdays, although it is a little caotic to get in, but what top Hollywood club isn't?