The Skin Type Solution (Leslie Baumann)

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    Sun Apr 19 2009

    After 60 yrs. of living and thousands of $$$$ spent on skincare products, I finally know what type of skin I have! There is a very easy quiz at the start of the book which will tell you what skin type you are (there are 16 types!) and what products work best for that skin type. I can now go to the drug or department stores and buy what I need to keep my skin from breaking out or wrinkling. Dr. Baumann lists many products in each category that you can choose from - they range from the economical to the expensive - and she also lists the stores and/or websites where you can purchase them. She also recommends a daily routine for AM/PM. I highly recommend this book for the younger generations so you don't waste a lot of time & money on skincare that will do nothing for you.

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    Nice book to have, not helping me much right now because im expecting, hormones is messing with me.

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    A co-worker recommended this book to me after we discussed skin issues. I've found the advice useful, and the writing interesting. The book looks huge and overwhelming at first, but realize that while you can read the whole thing, you truly only need to read the first few chapters and then the ones specific to your skin type. The only caveat is that the recommended products need to be updated. I'm just getting started trying to follow her recommendations, but some of the products I've looked up have been discontinued or replaced by another product. While it's nice to have this quick reference, however, Baumann does include a list of ingredients to use and to avoid per skin type. This can be used to research any products you're interested in, whether it's on her recommendation list or not. So, updates or no, I'd rather have the book than not at all.

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    Sun Feb 08 2009

    I have so much enjoyed reading this book. It is very informative and i have bought some of my skincare products based on the recommendation of this author.

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    Fri Jan 30 2009

    This guide is comprehensive and has a lot of the answers to my skin-type questions. Very informative and concise!

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