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The Mummy

1999 American action-adventure film written and directed by Stephen Sommers Website

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    Sun Mar 16 2008

    Basically a big-budget Hollywood extravaganza starring COMPUTER-GENERATED SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! and...oh, yeah, brendan fraser and, uh, some other irrelevant people. This type of film does absolutely nothing at all for me, on any level, whether it's a "horror" movie (like this, or "Van Helsing" or some of the other mindless abominations churned out in recent years), a "comedy" (the 10 or 20 films a year starring Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell or somebody else from SNL), a piece of history turned into soap-opera melodrama ("Titanic"), a "comic-book" adaptation, a cartoon with "big celebrities" like Jim Carrey and Angelina Jolie (YAAAWWWNNN!!!), or whatever. Yeah, the pictures of yesteryear didn't spend a fraction of the same money, and they maybe haven't aged well and are a bit cheesy in retrospect, but they had a lot of heart if not necessarily a lot of imagination. If you have to have a Mummy movie, give me Lon Chaney Jr. and George Zucco any day of the week...

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    Mon Jan 09 2006

    I didn't hate this movie completely. It has some scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat. What bothered me was the fact that Brenden Fraser was in such a serious role. I'm used to seeing him in more comdeic roles such as George of the Jungle and Blast From the PAst.

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