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The Lion King

1994 American animated musical drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures Website

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    This one of the movies which is just great! My kids love them a lot, they like and just love animated movies...

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    Fri May 29 2009

    One of the best movie ever made. simba and musafa were great too. Timon and pumbaa were in there until they made there own cartoon.nice background, scenes and characters. It remind me of me and almost looks like the wild and narnia.

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    This is one of the movie animation i never forget. nice to watch.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    An excellent Hamlet adaptation that is intwined with what can actually happen on the Serengeti. Of course, the characters are loveable and well drawn-what makes them unique is that you can see some 3-D in the movie stills. Also hiring big stars was the best idea for this movie. There is no reason to deny this movie's success when its net revenue was close to $3/4 billion. It had everything in it- romance, adventure, humor and science fiction (Mufasa reappearing in the clouds) while almost being correct to what nature can do including demonstrating Darwin's survival of the fittest. I know that in real Hamlet, the main character dies, but if it did stay true to Shakespere, it would not be sucessful. Having this animated nature movie win 4 Golden Globes (including best picture) and 2 Oscars in addition is forever an achievement for a company.

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    Wed Dec 28 2005

    Not as big on this one as many others.

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    Sun May 01 2005

    One of My Disney favs.The classic(Shakespearian) story works on all levels.The voices & songs are perfect. I saw the Broadway play,it too was great!

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    Sat Jan 29 2005

    Skizero you either never saw the movie or just flat out lying. Lion King is a fabulous movie with amazing animation, great vioce actors and a epic story brilliantly based on Hamlet. You may say you don't like Disney but deep down your a very very big Disney Fan.

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    Wed Jan 19 2005

    This feature is probably THE best production of the newer line of Disney animated flicks if not the best period. The soundtrack alone which features some of the most rhythmically beautiful music Ive ever heard, would be enough to give it five stars. But, it also offers interesting characters, actual bits of humor, flawless artwork, and an interesting story. The voices of James Earl Jones, Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg and Jeremy Irons didn't hurt either. (I think some people need to realize that while the world is not all roses and puppy dogs, there are still a few things left on the planet that aren't born of hate, discontent and filth. Predictable plot - well, DUH! It's for little kids and adults who might appreciate a mental vacation from being combated on a daily basis by the above mentioned hate, discontent and filth of the world. If you cant see the value in doing that from time to time then I really feel for you.)

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    Wed Jan 19 2005

    while i dislike all Disney movies, it's hard for me to pick just one as my least favorite. oh wait, here's the Lion King. this piece of total junk came out in 1994 during a resurgence of Disney movies, brought on by that other classic lump of dog poop known as the Little Mermaid. the Lion King: what can be said? on the one had the soundtrack is horrid and the music is grating. the story, the plot is about as old and 1/2 cocked as a movie can get. i could've predicted the end of this farce. i hate those two characters: pumba and timon, complete garbage, the Disney idea of a comedic duo. god i hate Disney. how did i see this movie? well, i was dating some chick and we took her niece and nephew. they liked the movie. of course they like the Burger toys even more, which figures, since Corporate marketing and brainwashing are Disney's true hallmarks.UPDATE: well Juliet some people can not like the Lion King because it is stupid pseudo-sappy Disney flick. not everything in this world is pupp... Read more

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    Tue Jan 18 2005

    I CANT BELIEVE SOMEONE GAVE THIS ONE STAR! How can anyone not like the Lion King? This is a great movie that made me laugh, cry, everything. This is just a great movie overall. Its my 2nd favorite Disney movie ever.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    Maybe the best Disney has done.

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    Sat Aug 28 2004

    One of my favorites as a kid. This was one of Disney's better and more memorable animated films.

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    Wed Jul 21 2004

    lion king to me is a classic! i own the dvd and the vhs( from when i was younger) and i still sit and watch it lik im seein it for the first time because its such an incredible movie...but i say all the words!!

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    Tue Jun 15 2004

    One of my favorite Disney films, I especially like Timon and Pumba.

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    My favorite thing about The Lion King are is the terrific voicework. The wide assemblage of actors they hired to voice these creatures of Africa are entirely wonderful. Each fit the character so perfectly. They brought them to life so well that I could nearly forget they were talking lions, hyenas and baboons. I was surprised a Disney film would show such a genuinely tearjerking, horrible death of Mufasa that way. It's difference from other Disney films make it stand out to me as one of it's best.