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    Tue May 19 2009

    This is the best a classic movie. There is a little baby in a basket crying until a panther bagheera took him nearby the wolf den. Bagheera put him down and waited. But he tryed to make the baby cry the wolves looked at the baby and took him. The man cub mowgli was fully grown and he called his friends the wolves they were grown too. Bagheera and the wolf pack had a meeting about mowgli that shere khan return to the jungle and surely killed that man cub. Bagheera decied too take him to a man village and climb a tree. Then kaa came down hypnotize the boy bagheera woke up as soon as possible and hit the the snake in the jaw. Kaa was mad at bagheera now and started to hynpotize him instead. Mowgli found out he pushed the snake coils of the tree and the snake feel down kaa was mad and told mowgli i'll be back. The next morning the elephant pachyderm start to march and mowgli want to see what was going on he did. He follow the hathi son. Hathi got mad at him and bagheera stopped him just in... Read more

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    Wed Dec 28 2005

    Baloo ROCKS!!!!

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    True, those buzzards are like the Beatles and the movie itself has some rhythm in its songs (even the Indian jungle background underscore almost throughout the movie)and storyline. The artists made a great job in drawing the animals- it seems that they drew them while being confronted with them. I may want to read the story to compare with Disney's live action one with Mogli giong back to the jungle with Kitty when he's much older and the other Disney action movie seen only on TV where Mogli does socialize more with the wolves and Shere Khan does more Attacking. This movie would be the best to watch out of all of those versions. I guess the reason why there is a sequel is because he shrugged his shoulders at the end, and many would question if he comes back. Hey, being hooked can occur whether or not you were in the wild... :) Overall, for any age, it's a sensational movie to watch- a masterpiece you want to buy for the holidays!

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    Sun May 01 2005

    The influence of the 1960's is all over this Film,right down to the Buzzards,very reminiscent of The Beatles.One of the few Disney Films that dates itself.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    I loved this as a kid, and to my surprise I rather enjoyed it as an adult. Not too much cutie-pie crap, and if it doesn't stick too close to Kipling's story it doesn't do a bad job.

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    Tue Jun 15 2004

    This film needs to be back on DVD! By the way, why was the sequel made?