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The History, Present and Future of Happiness

Book analyzing happiness from a scientific angle. By Website

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    Fri Aug 18 2023

    This book viewed happiness through a lens I had never thought of it before: scientifically. It was a very thought provoking read (and don't worry if you're not a scientist, it's not targeted specifically towards that demographic). It tackles hard questions like "How do you measure happiness?" and "If we're measuring the entire world's happiness how would we measure happiness for animals or insects?" Whether or not you consider yourself a "happy" person (haha see what I did there?) I recommend reading this, if nothing else for the thought-provoking questions it raises (and hopefully it'll help you spread a little happiness).

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    Mon Aug 21 2023

    In this fantastic book, the authors analyse the past and the present societies in search of answers to one question: “How can we make the world a better place?”. Using a scientific approach to such a basic question is a very original way of explaining the fundamental elements of our existence as individuals, species, and a part of the broader ecosystem. While the book uses the scientific method, the concepts, vocabulary, and style should be approachable to everyone—it’s fun to read and very easy to digest. Overall, a 10/10.