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The Hangover

2009 American comedy film directed by Todd Phillips, co-produced with Daniel Goldberg, and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore Website

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    this movie is the funnyist movie i ever seen

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    It is one of the good comedies I've seen in years because you really laugh at it, not smile, but really laugh. And the funniest part of it, what really makes you reconsider the entire comedic situations of the movie, is the ending during the credits, when the pictures unveil what really happened during this crazy trip in Vegas.

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    It's really a closet chick-flick. . . .complete with the cutesy wedding at the end, boys trying to be bad-but-they're-really-nice-family-guys, the whore/stripper with the heart of gold, and the homoerotic subtext that pervades Hollywood attempts at portraying male bonding and friendships. This was sold to me as a funny road pic- but it winds up being a chick or a gay screenwriter's portrayal of what they believe men to be on extreme days. Still, I laughed three times. Any movie where Mike Tyson looks at someone with the "you're crazy" look is indeed worthy of three stars. It was funny in parts- but it might be one of the most overrated comedies I've seen in recent years.

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    i thought this movie was really funny. i didnt expect it to end the way it did and it kept my attention all through the movie. they did a great job with this! they did a lot of random stuff all the time, like the baby, tiger, the tooth being taken out and the Chinese guy in the trunk! that really caught me off guard. the chunky guy with the curly hair was the funniest of them all and the reason for all that happened lol love this movie

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    I thought this might be funny. It happened to be not that funny to me. They went to Las Vegas and had a large suite room. The price was pretty high. Maybe if they had told them they were going to gamble and happen to win $80,000 they might have comped it. They woke up the next day and all could not remember anything. It was too much for me. I hate people saying that. There was a tiger in the room that you see in the preview. That was all it is just there. It belonged to Mike Tyson. ha ha Then there was a chicken. I didn't see that as all that funny. Then there was a baby. The only thing funny to me was when the tiger woke up in the car. It looked like someone in a tiger suit I am not sure. Then it was a tiger again. They stole a police car. Then there is Heather Graham and I thought oh no she's going to do that and she did. One had gotten married even though he was married with a really mean wife. Oh geez. They lost the bridegroom but it was finally straightened out. They were out on ... Read more

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    Very funny movie but there are a few things you should know. - the chinese guy has the smallest penis God has ever made. it's the size of a jellybean. - you get to see one of Heather Graham's boobies. Awesome! - Mike Tyson needs speech therapy - damn that penis is small! Please note that this film is not meant to be a comedy but rather a shocking depiction of how stupid man is and how we will soon reverse-evolve into piles of stool.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    Saw this movie in the theater a few days ago. It was very funny, as everyone has mentioned already. I can't give to much of the intricate plot line away, but Heather Graham is in this movie... it's been a while since we've seen her, no? I'm in love with every inch of her body, and now, I've seen nipple. It was wonderous. Five stars for that alone. Of course, I had to see some asian mans penis as well, but the scene was pretty hillarious anyway.

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    Sun Jun 28 2009

    As i am a huge Zach Galifianakis fan, I had to see this movie. Then once I watched this movie, I only thought it was only as good because of Zach. This movie isn't as bad as i heard so if you want to bring your 13 year old, it wouldn't be terrible. If you want to see this movie, I recommend it.

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    If you were offended by the type of film like "Tropic Thunder" then this is definitely not your kind of comedy. The "R" rating is earned mostly through raunchy and shocking moments that I'm not too certain will maintain the same comedic impact upon repeat viewing. However, they are hilarious the first time around. I also like this film's premise of a comedy focusing on the day AFTER the "crazy night in Vegas" and dealing with the repercussions of said night. And the scene with Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins alone makes it a movie worth seeing at least once.

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    Thu Jun 25 2009

    Mostly funny, especially the first half of the movie before the events unravel and they've figured out the events of the night before. These 4 guys are really an odd pairing of friends, and try to find out what happened to their missing friend during the night of the Vegas bachelar party that no one can remember. Some bits had been done in other flicks - ie, they find a tiger awaken in the backseat of a car, and the same guys who sang the dirty wedding songs in Old School are singing at this wedding. How the bride to be was not hysterical when finding out that these guys would a) be spending another night in Vegas and arriving back on the day of the wedding and b) not hysterical when they still hadn't arrived at the start of the wedding, may have been the biggest fictional element of the entire movie.

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    If you enjoyed movies like Superbad, Pineapple Express, Bottle Rocket, or Knocked Up, then you're probably going to enjoy this movie quite a bit. It has the same "buddy movie" themes and slightly twisted humor. The Hangover almost feels like the Memento of comedy films, given the movie's premise. There was a fairly small audience at the showing I went to, but the laughs didn't seem to stop during the movie. Honestly, it seemed like there was something funny happening almost non-stop throughout the movie. The film felt fresh and incredibly funny, even though most of the set ups and jokes have been around for what seems like forever, yet somehow it never seemed trite or forced. A lot the jokes are pretty sophomoric, but overall it works really well given that it's a group of guys in's almost expected. I was especially impressed by the visual jokes and physical comedy, while some of it was pretty out there, there were subtle funny moments that really made the movie for m... Read more

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! It kept me and my husband laughing from the time the movie started through the credits! (Stay for the credits!) If you were anything close to a "typical" teenager in high school, this will definitely bring back some memories. More than once my husband and I went, "Ooohh, remember when we......" This movie was definitely worth the price of the ticket.

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    This is a four-star movie, if you want to know the God's honest. I don't like to start with a knock, especially on a five-star review, but I don't want to let expectations balloon past the reality. I'll get to the reason for the extra star in a minute, just had to get that out of the way first. About the movie: If you've seen a Todd Phillips comedy, you pretty much know what to expect (bawdy male humor, a few dick shots, well-placed cameos, a great middlebrow time), and while he's had a few misses (School for Scoundrels), he puts out good product. And this is probably at Old School level or slightly past it. And he did it without much star power. So while all of that's well and good, and the Todd Phillips brand picks up some huge amount of shine, it didn't reach Holy Grail level. Four stars. On the other hand. It takes the extra star for being a movie that everyone will see this summer, something that you'll be able to talk about with the lurker at the party, and your boss,... Read more

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