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The Batman

2022 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman Website

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    Sun Nov 19 2023


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    Mon Oct 16 2023

    I finally got around to watching The Batman as it was available free on Prime Video. I'd been reluctant due to them casting Robert Pattinson as Batman. But it was pretty good. While not as good as the Keaton Batman movies (or even Batman the Animated Series, for that matter), I enjoyed it much more than the Christian Bale Batman movies. Pattinson actually makes a pretty convincing Batman (not quite as good when he is Bruce Wayne). As far as other characters go, Zoe Kravitz missed the mark a bit as Catwoman. The Penguin and James Gordon casting seemed a little odd to me at first, but both were solid. It was definitely a different take on The Riddler, but interesting and not bad. Hard to see Andy Serkis as Alfred, but he played it well. Not everything was the way I would have liked, but definitely an improvement from the Christian Bale series. Some decent potential for a Batman franchise going forward.

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    Tue Aug 01 2023

    The Batman was a film worth awarding five stars. I couldn't fault it. It is riveting and raw, with a magical appeal and an endearing charm.

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    Sat Jul 29 2023

    this is best movie ever i watched i love everything in this movie

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    Tue Apr 16 2024

    One of my favorite superhero movies

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    Mon Mar 04 2024

    Best favorite movie