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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    I discovered Terry Pratchet recently, and while it was a fun ride, I'm pretty much burned out. At first I was impressed by the flirty 'now you see it now you don't' deftness of his satire and the thousand shifting facets of his world-building. It was fun to pick up on snatches of modern Earth as his stories whirled along, and he does a masterful job of dropping sassy "wink wink" Easter eggs without showing too much of his hand. As soon as you think you've got an idea what you're dealing with, he brings out the smoke and mirrors and keeps you guessing. How similar IS this science fiction scenario to the real world? Which person or institution or idea is he lampooning, exactly? What kind of game is he playing? It makes for a fun time on a Saturday afternoon. The problem with books whose object of pursuit is the wit of the AUTHOR rather than the life of the STORY is that sooner or later you DO learn the rules of engagement, even if they include (as is the case with TP) breaking ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    Prattchett is a sad pain in the ass. The guy has absolutely no originality, passion or sincerity to offer, so what he does is make fun of the fact that society is lacking in originality, passion and sincerity. His supposedly wise characters, generally all female, spout out truisms non stop. Things like "Sin is treating people like objects". Uh.....no. It really depends on how one treats such objects. Its not a sin to objectify people. Its not nice, but its not sinful. Sin is mostly action, not thought. What you think or feel doesn't define a person's morals. Their actions do. The one I hated the most is the "Blah if something isn't simple its not true...Only liars say complicated things blah blah". Oh man. Im sure stupid people would like to think so. But truth is often complicated and difficult to simplify. Wheras simple solutions sound good, but seldom work. Thats why rather simple minded presidents aren't that good for a country. Theres tons more, but I don't want to vomit. His wink... Read more

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    Fri Nov 21 2008

    My Pratchett is an amazing writer, a satirist, as mentioned above, but he also has a wide and deep metaphysical streak in him, and insight into human nature that is at once hilarious and right on the button. A new reader, I have to admit an addiction to the Witch stories: Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad and Lords & Ladies.Granny Weatherwax's motto seems to be, "They should all know better...but they don't (or at least completely ignore the fact), so here I am to sort things out." With Nanny Ogg, anything goes (well for everyone except hedgehogs), while Magrat is busy agonising about the pressures of being a witch in the modern world. It's all headology, really. Just read him.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    Inventor or at least, innovator of a sub-genre? Pratchett has the ability to write fantasy that contains vast and deep humour that parodies our own world in history and present. A failed wizard who can beg for mercy in hundreds of languages, a witch who thoroughly disapproves of anything modern, the personification of Death who likes good parties and the occasional curry... The earlier books tend to be hilarious, but as Pratchett's style evolves, the stories become slightly more serious in tone, exploring feminism and morality, but always with a hint of parody cast in the general direction of us. Best wishes and thanks, Terry.

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    Pratchett is read by annoying people who like annoying writers.

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    Sat Dec 22 2007

    Never read any fantasy book as funny as those in the Discworld series. I read the first 26 books in unde 20 days! Terry, beside being a great writer, actually knows something about magic. His characters are easy to fall in love with, and the plots address many social and cultural issues around the world. Very recommendable!

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    Fri Apr 27 2007

    He and Douglas Adams are geniuses in my opinion. They  have written the most humorous books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

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    Wed Jan 10 2007

    Way to hard to read. All over the place and his Characters are not really believable

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    i never read any other funny books like this! pratchett is a genius! love the discworld!!!

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    Fri Jul 28 2006

    Terry Pratchett is just about the best satirist I've ever read. He not only write satire with a point, he manages to make it *good* satire with a good story to it, and then he goes and makes it funny. You have to have the right sense of humor, though. If you cracked up over Douglas Adams or Monty Python, this is for you. His books are a bit like the Far Side in that the more you know, the funnier they are as you catch references to movies, music, books, and science. He's my favorite author. Pratchett can have a decent message about war, or racism, or the dangers of being patriotic to the point of brainlessness, and still manage a decent story. Pratchett is my fantasy author for laughing and thinking. David Eddings is for when I'm on an anti-Tolkien kick. R.A. Salvatore is for a heart-pounding action-fantasy story. Out of the three, though, I'd most like to meet Pratchett.

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    Thu May 18 2006

    Pratchett's ability to write any generic storyline into his Discworld saga is part and parcel of his genious. The plot lines are the reason you should buy his books but not for the reasons a person would normally do so. Pratchett absolutely decimates the currently popular notion among editors and writers that strong character development can cover up a totally unoriginal storylines. Of course they can't, but Pratchett spends hundreds of pages making fun of the flat, over-emotional characters that generally inhabit sadly inept storylines that readers clearly crave. His books are the reason a trite testimonial using words like "uproariously funny" shouldn't be banned from use. His books represent just that. An uproariously funny look at society, expectations, and sick little authors whose imagination ran dry prior to the 1980's murder of originality. In some ways Pratchett represents what Harley Davidson attempts to, "If you don't know, you never will." If you read a book by him and don'... Read more

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    Tue Feb 21 2006

    Terry P is one the best writters EVER!!!! he is comical, he puts a spin on everything, and it is all fresh and exciting! i would love to meet this man just so i could ask how he could ever think of such brilliance! i world on 4 elephants on top of a giant turtle! what absolute masterpiece!

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    Thu Dec 22 2005

    This author is a vile, old man, who uses how works to mock the best genre in the world - fantasy. His attitude in his interviews is also disgusting. This is the author I hate most.

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    Fri Dec 02 2005

    Funny. Nothng more nothing less.

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    You like humor? Read stuff by this guy. You don't? Read it anyway.

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    Mon Apr 04 2005

    A humorist, by the rather nebulous standards of sci-fi/fantasy writers. Pretty dull humorist by any objective standard.

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    Wed Oct 20 2004

    Great quick reads. Funny and intelligent.

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    Sat Aug 09 2003

    Terry Pratchett, is undoubtedly the funniest sci-fi/fantasy writer ever (Not that that is hard, just a contest between him and Adams) The constant evolution of things in the books, along with extremely well-drawn characters (Granny Weatherwax, Sam Vimes, and Death are some of the most complex and well drawn characters I have read.) make his books always a delight to read.

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    Fri Jul 18 2003

    It seems to me that those who dislike his work have only read the first few of his novels. Although I am a great fan of his, I am very ready to admit that his first novels were relatively crappy compared to most of his later novels. It isn't until his later novels that really begins to find his voice as an author. Although the puns and humour continue to an extent, they tend to take a back seat to the plot and moral of the story.

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    Sun Jul 13 2003

    Terry Pratchett is one of those writers I love to hate. Pratchett's books always start out with a very interesting and original idea; however, as the book progresses it tends to get bogged down in a flood of novelty, iconoclastic ideals. It always takes awhile for me to finish one of Pratchett's books...I tend to dog it off toward the middle, then come back from time to time, forcing myself onward toward the ending, hoping that by the time I reach the last chapter, that the interesting and original idea that made me want to read the book in the first place makes a comeback.

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    Wed Jul 02 2003

    Pratchett is a literary genius! I've nothing more to say appart from read the books.

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    Thu Apr 03 2003

    BORING. Stupid jokes, in every book. Only the Cat was cool, but his fantasy is one of the worse.

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    Sun Jan 12 2003

    I've only read the Discworld series. Clear and flowing non sequitor writing that can be as deep as you want. Skip the shallow parts; you can wade back to them later, and sink.

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    Sat Nov 16 2002

    Quite a nice distraction from the real players Hobb, Modessit and Feist.

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    Mon Apr 29 2002

    terry pratchet's writing is one of a kind. the best way i can describe his so original sense of humor is a combination of sophisticated retardness with the mockery of logic.... now if that didn't turned on your interest than you are just wierd. :)

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    Sat Nov 17 2001

    The pizza-world-books were not the best I have ever read. They were funny in a way, but to really catching. I could easily put them down, to f.eks. go get something to eat. When combining Pratchett with Neil Gaiman, however, the story is quite another. Wonderfully hilarious

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    Tue Oct 09 2001

    A very talented writer.One of the best fantasy novelists alive today!

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    Mon Aug 06 2001

    What a pity there aint 6 stars to use here...I could go and go and go about Terry but it still won't be enough. This is just the best author that the Earth has ever given birth to. I do still stare at amaze when i see people posting about not liking him. Hating him even, for god's sake?!?! This is pure madness. Not that there is anything wrong with madness but still...Wits, puns, references, philosophy, perfect chars, nice plots (whatever ppl say)...Terry is just the best.

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    Sat Mar 31 2001

    The thing that's immediately clear about Terry Pratchett is that he's an author that's either loved od hated. Part of it is undoubtedly political, he has strong views and is not afraid to express them, so people who judge within the narrow confines of their prejudices do not like him. I know people who do not agree with his ideas, but love the books all the same, they argue with the books, but wouldn't stop reading them. Part of it is the style: full of puns, insights on language and its use, echoing the sound of voices, of people talking about just about everything, and, of course they are British voices. People who conmplain they don't get the jokes, forget TP's Discworld novels are not joke books. They are novels, there are living people in them who act and react to circumstances as well as they can. This is very very funny, we are very very funny most of the times, we just don't see it because we happen to be in the thick of what to us is a crisis or a catastrophe. Literature, defi... Read more

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    Sat Jan 13 2001

    Terry is without a doubt the most original and funny fantasy writer I've ever come across. I was hooked from the first moment I started to read the Discworld series.

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    Fri Aug 11 2000

    It's almost impossible to describe Terry Pratchett to someone who hasn't read him -- except to appeal to Douglas Adams fans and urge them to give Pratchett (who's marginally funnier, far more prolific, and far more talented) a chance. His early work, like most parodies, specifically attacked genre cliches; as a consequence, it's lighter and less moving. By "Mort" and "Sourcery," however, Pratchett seemed to have found his voice -- one capable of melding pathos, solid characterization, and logical absurdity. Pratchett's greatest strength is that he is not forced to rely on Adams' penchant for complete silliness to create laughs; the subtle in-jokes and clever quips written into the texts, in particular, reward a careful reader (even in his children's books). New readers looking for some seriousness with their humourous fantasy are recommended to start with "Small Gods," "Mort," or "Good Omens" (which is co-written with Neil Gaiman of "Sandman" fame); those looking for more absurd... Read more

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    Thu Aug 10 2000

    I can't stand his comedic style, it bugs

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    Thu Aug 10 2000

    How can anybody not like his work? It's parody, it's satire, and it's a mirror to our own world. He has a great view on people's manners and human character in general. And all this is presented in a really profound, entertaining and funny way. Definitely 'literature'.

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    Mon Aug 07 2000

    pratchetti sthe best satireist writing today, discworld is brilliant but none of them compare to good omens, his best work.

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    Sat Aug 05 2000

    Funniest fantsy author there is. Should be read!

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    Sun Jul 23 2000

    despite my low rating i think the first two discworld novels are actually quite good in a sub-Douglas Adams kind of way. everything the man has written since then has been the most godawful unfunny rubbish on the face of the earth. his idea of humour seems to be a combination of cringe-worthy puns and "oh, how witty am i, i'm plagurising shakespeare, how ironic".put quite simply, the man is a skank.

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    Thu Jul 13 2000

    Weirdness that frightens even me...

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    Fri Jun 09 2000

    i hate his guts

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    Mon May 29 2000


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    Fri May 19 2000

    Put simply: Terry is the MAN!

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    Sat May 06 2000

    A parody writer... his wit and humor are interesting but his stories lack the heartfelt trueness of life.

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    Fri May 05 2000

    The GREATEST!!!!! Interesting, funny, ironic. This black humor is super. Generally, super.

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    Thu May 04 2000

    He is incredibly funny and entertaining, yet also quite insightful. The books are entertaining on so many levels.

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    Wed Apr 26 2000

    The man is without a doubt the funniest science-fiction writer there is, yet at the same time a great subtle (or not) moralist, and raises plenty of good points relevant to our soceity today. Plus, his discworld series have some of most imaginative and funniest characters and worlds in science fiction anytime, anywhere, notsimply carbon copies of previous fantasy works.

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    Fri Apr 21 2000

    I simply worship Pratchetts Discworl series! Good omens with Neil Gaiman is also very cool.

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    Sun Apr 16 2000

    I know you don't know me from Adam, but you have to trust me on this one: Terry Pratchett is one of the funniest authors you'll ever read. He is the creator of the Discworld series, which can best be described as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets Lord of the Rings. But while Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's petered out after three books, British author Pratchett has been going strong for decades, and each book is as well-written and hilarious as the last. My advice though is to avoid anything he's done outside of the Discworld (excluding the great book Good Omens he did with Sandman creator Neil Gaiman), as these tend to be not funny at all. Start with The Colour of Magic and prepare to laugh yourself silly.

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    Sat Apr 08 2000

    Terry Pratchett is one of the funniest writers I have ever read and has the most unique heros ever written

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    Wed Mar 29 2000

    Terry Practchett is pretty good.

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    Tue Mar 21 2000

    These books are always excellent and Terry Pratchett is a great author.

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    Sat Mar 04 2000

    Without fail, the funniest writer on the list.