Ten's Cabaret

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    Thu Feb 26 2009

    LARRY LASPINA ARCH-CRIMINAL CLUB TENS PAEDOPHILIA UPDATED click on "comments" link below for follow up and more information. Addendum to Eddie Merckx previous post... "The whole tone of the place seems not quite right, like there's something going on that you're not supposed to know about." You have it right Eddie, here is why. Part 1... Any club like this has to give something to the "big boys". Instead of directly paying the mob, the security job and bouncer jobs are given mostly to the mafia's little guys. Hence their overly-aggressiveness. This club is vampiristic of its customers out of necessity. It's manager/owner, Paul Coppa, is only a strawman owner. As a club that was making 2 million dollars + a year was sold to him for $125,000 through the efforts of the club's lawyer, Steve Schaeffer (who had to illegally backdate sale documents in order to prevent confiscation of club by authorities prosecuting the club's real owner). It's original and present "hidden" owner, La... Read more