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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    I have nothing but bad things to say about Telus. I signed up on a contract term nearly two years ago on a basic phone (talk and text only basically) with a my5 plan and 250 texts a months and voicemail. That's all, no data, browsing etc. For some reason my bill has never been under $75 a month, which is a disgusting cost considering how little I get in the plan. It should be costing me $55 but I've never seen a bill that cheap. I realized recently that they had been charging me for games every month when I had never downloaded one or even browsed the net. The wouldn't fix it. Reception is terrible in a lot of locations. If you live in a basement apartment or work in a concrete building DO NOT buy their phones, the signal won't go through the walls. The first one worked alright for what I needed, nothing special but no major complaints. While working at a summer job this past summer I got water in my phone and it was ruined. I went to Telus to talk about my options and took full resp... Read more

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    Sat Jan 09 2010

    What a horrible company. They seem to make their living by disconnecting people and charging the $30 reconnection fee every second month. I will NEVER deal with them again. How do I get out of the 16 months I have left on their so-called contract I've never seen and can't remember signing. Maybe the Better Business Bureau could help...

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    Don't stop at Telus Mobility! Telus is by far the worst company ever, PERIOD! Remember they're "experts" in communications. So we consumers are lucky enough to be offered: Lousy Television Lousy Internet Lousy Hosting Lousy Email Lousy Home phone Lousy Bridging... . actually - the bridge people are pretty awesome. It must be mandate to ritualistically upset every customer they have. Literally treat them like sh*t. I work for a technology company and it does not matter what walk of life or background you come from every single employee I work with will swear about one of the absolutely awful human beings that work at that company and how they've been treated by him/her. Here's some examples: Accountant - charged for text message that never showed up (sms never worked). Couldn't contest. Designer - penalized for internet overage when signed up for television. Couldn't contest. ENTIRE COMPANY (client) - given the wrong server settings so 16 offices could not receive email for 3 day... Read more

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    Fri Nov 06 2009

    First I just want to give a tidbit to all of you who are reluctant to cancel your Telus Mobility account for fear it wil be reported to Equifax....they CAN NOT REPORT YOU. It is not legal for them to do so in Canada due to the mobile companies being inable to accurately bill customers...sound familiar?? For us, we signed up with Telus about a year ago. I got my daughter the LG Keybo, good phone...crappy CSR's. Last week I called to let them know I had sent a payment online. Well somewhere between the bank and them something screwed up and the wrong amount was sent. It was a little short so they cut my daughters phone off. When I called yesterday to find out why they said " You falsely reported a payment and now you are being punished, from now on if we don't get every cent from you when it is due then we will terminate your service until we do get it" I told them I had paid it and offered to give them the transaction number from the bank, they said it was not good enough, that it is u... Read more

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    Telus is the WOORRSSST company EVER! if youre looking for a cell phone company, go anywhere but telus. Missed calls, missed text messages, the phone just stops vibrating even though its on vibrate mode, the alarm stops working whenever it feels like it which made me miss two classes at university (IMPORTANT classes). And this is for BOTH phones i've had. Oh ya! and i was supposed to get a waived 25$ fee for info transfering for my "new" phone (which was just as bad if not WORSE than my other one)... so the girl is trying to transfer...OH! what a surprise!! it doesnt work! so there i leave with a list of 150 phone numbers to add manually... try adding those when you have a million exams and essays due non-stop. i havent even had time to finish and its been 2 months since then. and as for the lies... either they're all completely incompetent, or they're all liars. one tells me my phone is a refurbished phone, the other says its a brand new phone thats worth 200$, and then they're rude t... Read more

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    Sat Oct 17 2009

    I find that Canadian cell phone products, services and contracts are very confusing and misleading to the average person, and I think thats why there are so many complaints. We don't read the fine print or make practical solutions, and their sales people sure don't tell us. I look after a dozen or so cell plans for family, friends and business associates so I have taken the time to understand the complexities. I've dealt with Bell M, Rogers, Fido and Telus, and I've had issues with all of them. However, Telusmobility is my pick for best customer service and plan pricing. The fact that their current phones don't use sim cards is not convenient to the customer. However when I've hand handset issues and needed to swap service to a different handset they always waived the fee. They have made mistakes and I was satisfied with how their staff resolved my issues. I find coverage same or better than Rogers. Both have service issues in isolated areas so its best to test beforehand. ... Read more

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    I've had nothing but great experiences with Telus. They've always been friendly, courteous and flexible when I've dealt with them to change a plan, change a phone, sort out payment arrangements, etc. Also, they've got a great new website that let's me manage every part of my account online, very convenient and hassle free. I was with Rogers and Bell on work and personal accounts in the past, would never consider leaving Telus, they've taken care of all my cell phone needs. Just wish I could get Telus TV and internet in Ontario.

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    Telus has screwed me over and lied to me so much it's unbelievable... All I've had it problems with them. I signed a 3 year contract with them and shortly after getting the phone there was problems, I would bring the phone in and they would fix it... temporarily. I would miss phone calls, text messages, it was extrememly slow and slowly but surely the problems got worse and worse until my phone basically stopped working entirely. I went to different Telus booths and no one would replace my phone even though I was with them under 1 year and there was supposed to be a 1 year warrenty on it. I was told different things from every person I spoke to, finally I was told I could suspend my account until things get resolved which was explained to me meant everything was on hold including payments, instead I found out later it puts everything on hold except payments. I had moved recently and got my mail late, finally getting a big bill from them along with them wanting to terminate my acc... Read more

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    Thu Mar 19 2009

    I chose Telus' $20 for 200 minute plan in a 3 year contract (and a Motorola Razr2 PCS phone). I also agreed to try out some additional options like web access and text messaging knowing that each time "I used those options" there would be a charge but I wanted these options in case I needed to download updates from the web or if I wanted to send a text message. Unknown to me, simply by agreeing to have web access, Telus took it upon themselves to send my phone web update requests so each time I used my cell phone, it would check the web for updates and simply by agreeing to text messaging, Telus decided to send me daily informational text messages each of which cost me an additional $1.00. I was not a heavy cell phone user but I typically used my phone 3 or 4 times a month and I never sent a text message or checked the web myself but my monthly bills were close to $70.00 for this $20/200 plan. That is gouging the customer.

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    Sat Jan 10 2009

    Worst experience ever. DO NOT DO BUSSINESS WITH TELUS. We had a 3 year family contract. Paid every bill on time. Was a good customer. We had issues with broken phones, no connectivity (all the common telus issues) all of which WE resolved without complaint. When our contract expired we were glad and VERY ready to leave telus. I phoned customer service to tell them we would not be renewing the contract. To my surprise I was informed that I had to give 30 days notice (weird huh? The contract expires, why would I give 30 days notice. I was just being courteous) After dealing with the combative, abusive and purposely unhelpful Telus staff to cut my losses I paid extra to leave this corrupt corporation. AS LONG AS I LIVE I WILL NEVER AGAIN DO BUSSINESS WITH TELUS. Think about it, why would your experience be any different.

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    Telus Mobility has ruined my life... I have given them over 10,000 dollars in the year and a half that i have been with them...HORRIBLE COMPANY.

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    My contract with Telus ended in July. I signed on with Rogers in September. I just got a bill from Telus for a termination charge of $160. Furthermore for the past year the Telus phone didn't even work anymore. They said there was internal damage not covered by the two year warrantee I paid for. Also the Telus service rarely worked inside of buildings. So of course I am not happy about any of this. I was led to believe that after the contract is terminated there would be no termination charge. I waited especially for my contract to terminate before switching to Rogers and they still stick me with this charge. If I had known that, I would have switched a lot sooner.

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    Tue Oct 28 2008

    Worst company ever. They disconnected me for going $4 over my credit limit, they then twice changed the amount due in one week. I then paid the full amount online with a credit card through their website. I didn't copy confirmation #. They then reconnected my service for a week. It was then disconnected again with them saying they have no record of any payment. Visa tells me Telus authorised and took the $ off my card. Now Telus is insisting on payment again or they'll cancel the contract and bill me $1200. I've had no service for three weeks out of this monht but will be expected to pay a full month again as well as $204.81 twice according to them. They are rude nad impolite on the phone, aren't open to provide customer service on Sundays, and their website is so outdated you can't do much with it. I then typed Telus and complaints online and have discovered they are the worst cheapest company in Canada...I understand they have 7000 overseas employees perhaps they should consider pull... Read more

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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    by losing touch with their customers, telus mobility has lost touch with reality. this week they lost a loyal 16 year customer because of said billing issues. they were inflexible and would not correct their mistakes. they would not apologize for their error and i cancelled everything. i was even hung up on by a customer service rep! go figure that one out. for a company that says they want to retain your business, they sure are going about it funny. if anyone out there wants to be dealt with like a human NOT deal with telus mobility. i am willing to pay their cancellation fee because i am cancelling all my telus accounts. i figure that i would still save money by doing this now rather than stay with them any longer. like the guy with the accent (ING), save your money. go deal with someone else.

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    Fri Oct 10 2008

    worst company I've ever dealt with...they bill me without details being available, I went over my limit by $4 they demanded a $104 payment, I went to make that payment a couple days later and they demanded $204 for reconnect. I haven't even recieved a bill for that much yet The girl I spoke to was ignorant and when I asked to speak to her supervisor or manager she told me NO. That she is her own supervisor. If it didnt cost so much to cancel I'd be done...thinking of letting it go to collections rather than deal with this pathetic slow 80's bell style company.

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    Sun Sep 28 2008

    I am a 4 year client of Telus Mobility and never once have they disconnected my service because of a late payment. Yesterday they disconnected my service because of a late payment. I'm a busy guy and when I do make payments I make them out for $200 or so at a time so that I don't have to be bothered every month, which lasts me 3 months at a time. When I am late on a payment a get a text message or voicemail reminder from Telus and them I make a payment. However I did not receive a text or voicemail reminder this time and it was disconnected. I informed them that I never received the text or voicemail and they said that in their system it showed that it did get sent out... I replied that it didn't surprise me that I didn't receive the messages because a number of my messages had been lost (a consisted shortcoming of Telus). I informed them that I have made a payment that morning and would like them to re-activate my phone. They said they would but would have to charge a re-activ... Read more

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    Sat Sep 13 2008

    i wish there was a lower rating than 1. Their phones suck the LG chocolate stopped working after 1 month come to find out you have to give a 75 dollar deposit for them to fix it wtf??! plus u continue payin for the phone while they take 2-3 weeks to fix it, i was on a 17/month plan, but my phone bill was always mysteriously more than 60 bux a month and i KNOW i didnt go over the minutes. I cancelled that shit and they sent me a cancellation fee of $620 bux LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they will get that over my dead body hahahahah@ 600 cancellation fee hahahahhhaahahahaha. Fuck them, im not getting ass fucked because it will "ruin" my credit, if i ever need my credit beaureu pulled i will tell them telus tried to fuck me over and i wasnt havin it! APPROVED! LMAO

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    I am in a subdivision just south of Spurce Grove. I want to get a Telus land line and am so frustrated by the fact that I couldn't even get any contact information online to call and request an installation. Well finally I did after getting some mobility dealer for Telus who was kind enough to give me a number in Calgary which aparently is the only place you can call to get a landline. After going through of eons of waiting through virtual messages and selections I finally got a person to talk to. I gave the person my mailing address and was told by her and one other person that they do not service this area. Of course I know thats not true because my next door neighbor has a telus line. I am home again today and decided to try once more. I typed "contact for Telus land line installations in Edmonton" into the browser and after searching the first 2 pages of listings , no contact invo on telus. Info on Telus Word of Science, HD and a load of other crap. I came across your blog... Read more

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    Thu Aug 21 2008

    Telus is the absolutely worst provider we have ever been with! I could kick myself for leaving Rogers. We signed up for a one-year contract with them, and when we called to make sure they would cancel our phones at expiration, they informed us that we had agreed to a 3-year! Yeah right! We asked them to prove it by letting us listen to the recording, they didn't have it of course! DO NOT sign up with telus... let alone signing up over the phone... the phone operator can basically write anything he wants in their database and you have no way of knowing! And as far as I know, we have no way of protecting ourselves! Never again.

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    I use to work for Telus, let me tell you don't get sucked in with this company: - A lot of billing issues - Some people have poor reception and have a lot of dropped calls, yet they can't return their phone - They will charge a fee for everything...tell them you refuse to pay fees. - Telus chooses phones that have had issues. They are unwilling to give promotional pricing mid-contract. They will give you $100 towards a new phone mid contract if you sign for another three years. -If you have any issues with your service just tell them you are going to another provider, they will transfer you to the Loyalty and Retention department that will offer you cheaper rate plans, some feature for free such as txt messaging, caller id, and vm. Don't take NO for an answer. You are the consumer tell them what you want from them. I could go on for hours about horror stories with Telus.

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    Fri Jun 27 2008

    To start off with Telus has been charging me an extra 15 cents often enough on my pay as you go, I have no idea what it's for and they don't even give an explanation as to what it's for. I also hate when you are one day late topping up and you lose all the minutes you had built up, that's theft in my books.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    there ring tones are short and expensive. there phones are over priced. they try to make you give them money when ever possible. If you want to go with telus, research it before and you will want to change you mind! I wish i never went with telus!

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    they put my telus mobility cell phone number as my landline rendering my cellhphone useless...i cud then only MAKE calls from my landline..not receive them...missing crucial calls from the gov't etc.

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    Tue Apr 01 2008

    When Ampd mobile, powered by Telus, was introduced I was thrilled. I signed a 3-year contract for the sexy MotoQ with an End the Boredom 125 (ETB 125) plan, including unlimited Data, and Ampd premium multimedia services like streaming Much Music. I even received a free slingbox to get unlimited streaming cable TV on my MotoQ. This sounds amazing right? It was, until Ampd went bankrupt only 2-months later, and I realized Telus is (in my opinion) the most evil company you can possibly imagine. Heres what happened: Telus announced the AMPd plans would no longer be available. I thought, that sucks, but its not Telus fault. They cant provide services they dont have access to. Telus Mobility called and offered me several nice incentives to sign another contract and choose another plan. They even offered to give me another free phone and pay for the accessories I purchased previously. I listened politely and reviewed my options. Unfortunately for me, there werent any new plans that suited ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    Just terrible! Bad service, bad lines, weak connections. Monthly calls to find out that telus problems were indeed on the Telus end. Many weeks last year spent w/o service and stuck w/ contract. Do NOT get sucked in. Learn from my error. Telus provides TERRIBLE internet service!

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    I terminated my contract on the correct day, and I got a bill for a $100 termination fee today. I'm so fucking pissed off it's not even funny.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    Telus customer service is good, but there coverage is terrible. They are cancelling analog in Northern Alberta but haven't done nothing for service with digital. I guess that means back to land lines

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    Tue Jan 29 2008

    I have been a customer since 1998, when they were Clearnet and had one phone, the Sony. Since then, I have had a Nokia and 3 LG phones. I cannot really say enough good about my personal experience. All phones have put up with my abuse relatively well (I worked in industrial, warehouse, and refrigeration, and only had one phone get damaged by an overeager toddler getting it wet). Phones that I have replaced did their job, and when I have needed or chosen to get a new phone, I have been able to get it for little or nothing in exchange for the contract extension. This is part of the cellular industry all through North America, and I am fine with that. I have had the same service plan since 2001, which I still believe today's plans cannot touch. I check my bills online monthly, and can always see where my money goes. I occasionally review modern plans to see if there's anything that would suit my needs, and have never been pressured to migrate to a newer plan. I occasionally c... Read more

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    Sat Jan 19 2008

    Avoid this company at all cost. I've had a cellphone plan for two phones with Telus in Toronto for about a year and a half and have another year and a half until I'm free. Terrible phones, terrible cell service, warranties that aren't worth the paper their printed on, but none of which compares to the unbelievably bad customer service. I've been battling with this company almost from day one to get them to live up to their commitments, but things just continue to get worse. The only solutions they offer "sign on for another three years and we'll make everything better" or "buy out the contracts for over $300". The last time I called to try to get past the first line of defence and talk to a manager, I was told the managers weren't "allowed" to speak on the phones, and if I wasn't interested in the two options they provided there was nothing else they could do. After asking to speak to a manager several times, they eventually, if you can believe it, hung up on me. I wasn't bein... Read more

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    Wed Jan 02 2008

    Yeah telus ripped me too. I am slowly cutting back extra lines and changing provider on others. No real competition availiable in Canada where i live. Telus is only concerned about bottom line but the way they treat preople will come back to screw them. ceo is another dickhead only taking care of himself, I'd be embarassed to run a company with no regard for employees or customers! good riddance, can't wait to lose my connection with TELUS!!

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    Wed Dec 19 2007

    I have recordings of Telus commititng fraud against me on U tube, enjoy

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    Sat Dec 15 2007

    I recently went to England. I needed to make sure my cell would work when I was there so I could be in contact with my office. Telus said that my nice 6 mo old phone would not work and I would have to purchase a world phone for $250 (if I signed a 3 year contract). I went it and bought it, quizzing the sales clerk again if this would work in England and yes it would. Got to London, stepped off the plane, switched to GSM mode and guess what? It wouldn't connect to the network. We messed around with it for two hours and nothing. So we gave up and used my partner's Roger's phone, which worked right off the hop, because Rogers operates on the GSM system all the time. When I got home I called Telus. Their lyeing weasel service rep said for me just to take it back to the dealer and they would give me my money back. No problem. So the next day, I drove to the dealer which is about 1 hour from my house. The dealer apparantly has an all sales final policy and there was no way they were going to... Read more

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    If I could give a negative rating, I would. When we first signed up with Telus, they put us on the wrong plan and literally wrung the money out of us. Instead of paying their huge cancellation fee, we held on until the contract was over. Many, many phone calls to them before switching to Rogers to avoid the outrageous early cancellation fee. We found out that we had to wait until the day after the contract expired in order to switch or they'd get us for a cancellation fee. At this point, no one bothered to tell us that we needed to give 30 days notice, which apparently talking to them about canceling doesn't count as a part of. So, they apparently have the right to charge for a full month because of this, and we ended up essentially paying the late fee anyway since our phones we active all of 1 day into the full month we paid for. I can't believe that this is legal?!?!?

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    Mon Dec 03 2007

    I hate this company. Their service sucks and they lie about everything with a bloody smile.  They overcharge and under deliver. I'm a platinum perks client, that means I get a little kiss before they butt jam me. They have an excuse for everything from dropped calls to delayed text messages and broken phones. Thank out government for allowing this monopoly  to exist because Bell is no better.

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    Tue Oct 30 2007

    they are cheating people out of their money by putting on services for free then suddenly changing them to huge charges my family has a long distance plan free phone to phone for all across canada costs us almost 300 bucks and they still charge us 430 and add a ridiculous 98$ internet charge to our cell phones telus is the cheapest place in the world their customer service is there only to tell u they wont change anything that will help and tell u that ure not being cheated when u are my family is switching to rogers for the same thing + more at less than 150

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    Tue Oct 16 2007

    Well, I mean to give them -5. or MORE. I am fed up with Telus. I was on a shared plan for a while after being on the 25$ a month plan. Then asked to be put back on the 25$ a month plan. What do I get in the mail? A 700$ bill, AND they put me on the WRONG plan, which didn't include evenings and weekends, which is what I had signed up for in the first place. Called Telus, got told I was stupid for not noticing, and that it's my own fault. Despite the fact they had record of what my old plan was, AND the phone call in which I asked to be put BACK ON IT. 30cents a MINUTE. Oh and after I called in, they disconnected me. Even though the bill isn't due yet. So then I called back and asked to pay the 160$ to cancel my contract and just get the whole balance sent to me. They can't do that because i've been disconnected. I CANNOT believe Telus. 700$ WHY? they are horrible. I intend to talk to a manager or someone who can do something about this!

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    It's fun to read this. I broke my main LCD due to sucky conception of the LG8600 after only two weeks. I had no garantee for this as it's sure that it's my fault because i didn't let the phone on a table the whole time... They gave me a 50$ credit for reparation but after almost a month waiting for it, I recieved it and realized that they broke the touch bottons on the cover. They sent it again for another month, changed the whole cover and realised that they forget something in the camera lens! The worst of it is that they call me to ask me about my experience and the guy told me that I'm not serious to give 1/5 score on every question so they will not that my answers into account. They disturbed me while i was driving for this stupid survey. I would gave -100 to all question. No i don't work with stupid score. I was about to throw my phone in his face.

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    Accurate Rating? 0 x Infinity - 1 PLEASE READ THIS, EDUCATE YOURSELF AND PASS IT ON!! We were Telus Mobility customers for 2 years (we had a two year contract with them). After the first year we moved from beautiful West Van to a small Manitoban town, 20 minutes outside Winnipeg (that's a horror story for another time). Our Telus service wasn't the greatest in Manitoba and we realized we could save $ if we bundled with MTS as we had home phone and internet with them. I called Telus at the beginning of July to tell them we would not be continuing on with the contract and that our service would end on the 26th of July. I told the rep that we wanted the same phone numbers and would like to transfer them over. She explained that I needed to do this BEFORE the contract ended, as the phone numbers would then be lost. The next week I heard from someone that Telus Mobility will try and stick you with Termination charges for stopping service. I called again, spoke to someone else and they as... Read more

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    Wed Aug 29 2007

    -5 I have been a telus cell phone customer for 7 EXTREMELY PAINFUL YEARS! I promise AS SOON AS SOMEONE comes up from the states and gives good reception in the same areas I WILL change! I have had problem after problem after problem. I know my account says I am a huge b*tch but I don't care I am SO sick of it. This telus to telus that can't be figured out in billing makes calling for my refund EVERY month SO annoying and I have nothing better to do then sit on hold and wait. At least now I don't wait 3 hours anymore - is that a positive? There latest thing if you swich to a PDA you get charged $5 more for the same call display, text messaging and voicemail then with the old phone. Now it's $20 plus the $60 I pay for the PDA services instead of the spark 15. Sneaky, no wonder they want everyone to switch to a pda. I told the service girl well then why aren't they two $7.50 plans to equal the same $15 she said "we don't have those plans". Also what's with eliminating the * code to make c... Read more

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    Tue Aug 21 2007

    they don't take care of there customers. They will know the phone is defective and will sell it to the customer and then the customer gets stuck with it. i took the nokia 6265i on a 3 yr plan, the phone was discontinued after 2 weeks.the software on the phone became defective within 26 phone has been in repairs for almost 2 months now. it was returned to me within the 2 months but when tested in store the phone was still defective. called telus many times they can't do anything because the phone belongs to nokia. they only provide the service. my thing is, if you are only providing the service; why then offer the item with your service? i am so sick of this company. i am willing to pay there $620 to end the contract. will never recommend this company to anyone and will discourage those who even think of it.

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    Fri Jul 13 2007

    Telus has a monopoly. Their stock price has gone up 8 fold in the last 5 years while they scam their customers. Where is the competition? Where are the regulators? I think the fact speak for themselves. I think most Telus customers would agree with these statements. 1. Their customer/sales service is a boiler room. They sign you up for services that you did'nt ask for and lock you into contracts that you are unaware of. 2. They make their money by false billing customers for services they never order because they know that most people don't have the countless hours on the phone to correct it. 3. They have deceptive and misleading advertising to lure new customers in so they can eventually screw them for a few hundred dollars. If you have been a victim, don't pay their bills. Fight it in court and ask for compensation. If there are enough complaints there could be a class action lawsuit. In conclusion there is something wrong with this piture. Their stock price has risen 8... Read more

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    Tue Jul 03 2007

    worst company every disrespectful call centre people and liars. Don't fall into the trap of signing a contrat with telus.

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    Sun Jul 01 2007

    wow, i didn't see one positive thing on here. haha. i've been with telus for what, coming up on 3 years now. i had one problem on one bill.. and it was fixed in an instant. double charged. i just wish they would get the motorola(red) already. all other providers have it. i've read all of the other reveiws of other providers and everyone just complains about them as well. so, the moral of the story is that you will never be satisfied and it's time to rely on something other than a mobile phone for your happiness. good day!

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    Wed May 30 2007

    Telus sucks in every aspect. Customer Service is horrible, Signal is horrible, phones suck, stores suck. I HATE ANYONE THAT WORKS FOR TELUS, AND WISH EVERYONE OF THEM WOULD CONTRACT A VIRAL DISEASE

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    Fri May 04 2007

    -5 if I could. They have the worst customer service I have erver delt with. I have a Pay and Talk Cell phone with Telus Mobility Canada. This week they suspended my account without notice. I've called their call center several times but all they will tell me is that the Security Department suspended my account. I've asked to speak with a manager or to the security department but i get the run around. I'm told the only way to speak to a manager or the security department is to submit a request and someone will call me back within 24 hours. I did submit a request but I haven't received a call in almost 4 days. When I call back to inquire why nobody called me they tell me they don't know and I must be lying about the 24 hour thing because they never say that!!!! In the meantime it's Friday and I have to go over the weekend without speaking to someone.. I know I didn't do anything that would prompt an inguiry and even if I did you would think they would tell you whats going on be... Read more

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    Fri May 04 2007

    Where are the negative stars? I recently received a large bill from Telus Mobility after transfering my numbers to Rogers, due to poor cellphone reception and customer service issues. The bill contained (amongst other charges) a $240 cancelation fee. Upon contacting Telus customer service, I was informed that there were service contracts remaining totalling 9 months between two phones that were on the account (72 month commitment between the 2, 63 months fulfulled). I requested a comprimise for the 9 months remaining, since the value Telus attributed to the 72 month commitment was $400 (their quote to me), I offered to pay back the percentage remaining 9/72 of $400 or $50 total. The agent refused to compromise - I then offered to reactiveate the account in order to payout the remaining contract. They would not take this option either. Finally, I quoted the more than 11 years (between the 2 phones) that I had been a customer - and asked was it their intention to make sure I wou... Read more

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    Mon Mar 19 2007

    we have been on hold for three hours...THREE HOURS! And we are nowhere near fixing the problem we called about. One star for the nice lady in the "loyalty" department.

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    Minus 5*. Very bad service. The customer is never right, it is pay up and shut up, don't ask questions. If Telus Mobility makes a mistake it is the customers fault. How many people have been harassed by their collection agencies I have perfect credit rating except for Telus Mobility, they failed to close down my old account before they opened my new account I paid my bill monthly they never applied any of the money towards my old account then they accused me of not paying my bill and called a collection agency to abuse me when they had my money and I wondered why I had a positive balance on my account. I would accuse them of confusing, bad billing practises, dictatorial customer services, customer is never right, rip off the customer at all costs. Get as much money as possible from the customer, thats all that matters. I say BOYCOTT Telus Mobility until they straighten out their billing practises AND START RESPECTING THEIR CUSTOMERS.

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    Thu Jan 11 2007

    Telus I give you a big ZERO.You sure are good at stealing money from your customers but that's about it.I fully agree that people that says positive things about Telus either one are bias or two fortunatly for them they haven't had to deal with any representative and getting tossed like a ping-pong ball.

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    We arrived back in Canada last year after working overseas and signed up for the Family Telus Mobility plan. They told us that they would need a $1200 security deposit to ensure payment of our bills, which we thought was expensive, but we felt like we didn't have a choice. The Family plan was supposed to be $54.95 a month (for 3 phones) with unlimited between family minutes. We never received a bill of less than $160, and we found out that we do not qualify for our $1200 back, because according to them, we were late with 4 payments (all the payments, even the last were made). I said that I had paid my bill as soon as I had received it, and that some of them seemed to arrive late, to which the supervisor said "I cannot comment on that". This seems to me to be out and out theft, and has left a bad taste in my mouth (not to mention a hole in my wallet). I will NEVER - I repeat NEVER deal with Telus again, under any circumstances. Luckily in Alberta there is some small choice, and I am swi... Read more