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    Wed Sep 05 2012

    WHAT A JOKE!!! TCF Bank is the worst bank in America! They should not even be legally allowed to operate in the manner they do. The are strictly a PROFIT ONLY bank. They have very poor Customer service, their tellers are very unprofessional and uneducated, and the "free checking" they offer, NO WAY!! I went negative by $3.84 and they took a total of $259 within a week because the kept returning a check. Now I do understand it was my error that I was overdrawn and did not replace the funds for a few days, but $259 in fees over $3.84 really!!?? I have had my account with them for 20 years!! I am closing my account this week and setting a new account up with our local credit union! Bye Bye TCF, you won't be making any more money off of me!! I will also be BEGGING my friends and family with accounts at TCF to switch banks and I hope you will too if you haven't already!! TCF IS A JOKE!!

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    Wed Aug 22 2012

    In my opinion, TCF bank in Palos Heights, Illinois is the WORST bank on the planet Absolutely NO customer service, NO profession management with the rudest , most ineffecient, uncariing employees anywhere in any industry at any time in history

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    Wed Feb 08 2012

    I opened a TCF account when I moved to the Twin Cities area b/c they had the most convenient locations & hours, and because they had free checking (both personal & business). Every interaction with them has been absolutely horrible. If it can go wrong with a checking account, IT DID. Their customer service is a joke: the HQ customer service refers you to branch locations, the branch locations tell you to call customer service, and only certain locations can provide certain services. I had 3 accounts with them, and 2 of the 3 were set up incorrectly. Nothing can be accomplished via email/phone/fax, so it requires multiple trips to the branches. When TCF changed its fee schedules ($5+/month for business checking, $10/month for personal) I decided to switch to a credit union. It's a slow process making the change, since almost all my payments are automated. I finally closed 1 of my 3 accounts two days ago, and today all 3 accounts are closed, along with access to all my funds. I ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 16 2012

    To give them even one star would make a mockery of the rating system! I know I will get some flack for this review cuz some of it was my fault, but I digress. I opened an account to "park" some money ( the amount was five digits so I wasn't wanting something for nothing) I wanted to get some interest on. The amount was enough to meet their minimum requirement for no fees. After about two years I needed the money and withdrew all but about 10 bucks. I know that I was required to keep a certain balance in the account but what I did not realize when I signed up is that they can charge penalties for overages that they initiate! Let me explain. Once I lowered my balance to 10 bucks I was charged a minimum balance fee which brought my account to the $2-ish range (I also neglected to monitor my account for a period of time, I mean really... I have a life and wasn't checking on my account). When I did not remedy my balance I was further charged another minimum balance fee which made my ac... Read more

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    Sun Nov 13 2011

    I have had similar problems with TCF. I just pulled up my account balance and it is once again negative. A couple of days ago I checked it and I had gone over by $8.00. Because of this there were 2 $28.00 fees on my account causing it to be under by quite a bit. I rushed to the Branch by my house and put in enough to cover the negative amount plus a few dollars extra bringing it up to a positive amount. Thinking all is okay (I do afterall have a receipt showing my account to be positive again) I did not check it for a couple of days. I get on to check my account again today and it shows that there was $2.23 in my account and then it shows another $28.00 fee for overdraft. HOW IS IT OVERDRAFT IF YOU SHOW THAT I HAVE $2.23 IN MY FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT??? I called them and asked them to reverse it since it shows that my account is not negative and I was told that they will never reverse a fee. I try not to use this account for anything other than my mortgage due to the bad customer... Read more

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    Fri Nov 11 2011

    Why I closed my TCF Account and how much is it going to cost TCF? I have been a loyal customer of TCF bank since 2006 with various accounts during those 6 years time span. But yesterday, i checked my balance online and saw $28 DAILY fee slapped because my account went negative. And the reason my account went negative was because TCF charged me $6 on service charge. I would understand (although not agree) TCF’s policy to charge overdraft fees if my balance went negative because of my purchases. But to charge me $28 DAILY fee for a service charge that TCF imposed on me, goes beyond my comprehension of how a bank that claims to have an “outstanding customer service”, can be such an anti-consumer. Back to the topic again; I called TCF customer service and after half hours of back and forth, she said she was not unable to reverse those overdraft fees. She also told me that unless i pay whatever accumulated overdraft fees, i will be charged $28 EACH DAY. I even told her i would close my ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    YOUR MONEY MORE SAFE UNDER THE PILLOW THAN IN TCF BANK! Omg the worst customer service I've ever experienced. ( I went to the bank to cover my overdraft and make deposit) and I found out that I was charged $28.00 every day for my $80 bucks overdraft so that put me in total to $400 for a month only in fees. I tried to talk to customer service and I told them that this is not what I sign up for and that's not in my contract that ill be charged $28.00 per day .... The answer what I got was- "we can change the rules whenever we want to".... I just don't understand how u can steel money just like that and plus be so impolite to your customers. I'm writing a letter to TCF main office and FDIC.I'd rather gonna keep trying to have my money back ( MY stolen money ) than have them enjoy it that easily.We have rights!!!!

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    Wed Nov 02 2011

    TCF is nothing but a banks of crooks now the are into loansharking by chargeing $28.00 a day I will bet closing my account with them and they don't care about the people who bank with them I hope tcf gets sued for everything they have and get shut down I'll tell everyone I know not to bank there or to get out if they do bank there

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    Fri Oct 21 2011

    Well TCF a new class action lawsuit I am sure will be coming your way thanks to your new daily overdraft fees of $28 a day!! I have been a customer for over 15yrs and I will be closing my account and going with my local credit union. Enjoy the money you have stole from me and you can keep the .02 cents of interest I'm getting on my crappy savings account! When is someone going to bail out the hard working citizens of America instead of these greedy, self-serving BANKS!!!

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    Fri Oct 07 2011

    The other day 10/4/11, I recv'd an email that I was overdrawn and will receive a $25 a DAY charge up to 14 days. Yes, I knew I was overdrawn. I usually am a few days b4 payday. However, the "new" charges, were BURIED in the July 11th change notice booklet. My bad for not reading all the fine print. So you can imagine my surprise months later finding out about the new fees. READ the fine print people. They will quietly notifiy you of changes months in advance hoping one misses the fine print, or forgets about it. After 6 years of banking with tCF and keeping them in the black with twice a month overdraft fees I have closed our account. The good thing I will say, I will manage my money better not to make the rich banks even richer. $25 A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is OVER $250 they can hit you with daily fees. BEWARE say NO TO TCF!

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    Wed Sep 14 2011

    This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with and I'm 49 years old! If you have an overdraft of say 160 dollars on friday, they will say it went through before the two or three small charges you had the previous day and they will hit you up with 4 overdraft charges! They'll say they aren't in control of when a charge goes through. You've got no way to prove otherwise. It happens time, after time, it's always the large charge that overdrafts your account that goes through first! The only comfort I have is trying to warn others to NEVER, EVER BANK THERE! I've also got the comfort of knowing someday they'll have to answer to God for stealing my money. At least this is the last time these scammers get a hold of me I hope, I'm closing my account.

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    Fri Sep 02 2011

    There is a special place in h*ll for people like those who run TCF Bank. Grossly inappropriate charges for routine services, insensitivity and discourtesy to customers, and deceptive consumer relations - they have it all! DO NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT OF EVER EVER USING TCF BANK!!!

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    Tue Jul 12 2011

    Seems I am not alone in dealing with this GARBAGE bank....and we wonder how we have financial issues in this country....I live in Michigan and here is my warning to all current TCF customers....GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A PENNY TO YOUR NAME!! MOVE YOUR MONEY TO A CREDIT UNION!! When I opened my account, I set up an automatic transfer from checking to savings each month of $50...actually, I was told it, as well as direct deposit, was mandatory for the type of account I was signing up for. I recently remarried and my wife and I opened an account at a Credit Union. I let this account run down to $10.05 with all outstanding debt cleared. Last week, I received a letter stating that I was overdrawn by $174.90. Aghast, I checked to see that they had transferred $50 to my savings that wasn't available from my checking and started CHARGING ME $25/DAY OVERDRAFT FEE!! They also charged my savings a $4 maintenance fee out of the money they transferred. So I call to see about closing the accoun... Read more

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    Thu Jul 07 2011

    TCF Bank has dishonest, deceptive practices. I have banked there for 35+ years, and now that I am retired and must take minimum withdrawals from my IRA, they are lying to me, falsifying my paperwork, stealing from my IRA, and treating me VERY badly. And why, I do not know. The minimum mandatory withdrawal is 4%, and that is what I told them I want. The branch manager insisted that the minimum required by law is 24%. That is a blatant lie. She also insisted that I must start withdrawing a full year before it was necessary. Even that was not enough for the dishonest branch manager. Behind my back, "somebody" started making 24% withdrawals and sending the checks to my home. I NEVER authorized such a thing. I went back to the branch, in person, and told them I said only do the 4% minimum mandatory withdrawals, and only once per year, in December. But no, now two other extremely lying, pushy, aggressive IRA "experts" said it must be 24% under the law, and they were taking out of... Read more

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    Mon Apr 25 2011

    Get your money out as fast as you can. TCF bank prides itself in predatory banking practices and doesn't care about you as a customer. Go to a small community bank that prides itself on customer service and wants to help you grow your funds and work with you, not screw you every chance they get. Big banks have a lot of overhead and tons of overpaid people in management nationwide or even internationally devising plans to take you for a ride in order to collect big paychecks and big bonuses for themselves. Small banks want to invest in your community, keep you as a customer and help you grow. Big banks want too bleed you dry so they can build bigger skyscrapers and buyout companies. Unless you are a millionaire, big banks don't care, only care about the millionaire. *hey that rhymes*. Smaller community based banks will always be the best fit for us non-millionaires. Good luck to all you big bank customers without a clue, they will eventually get to you too!!! So figure it out... Read more

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    TCF Bank is no more than a criminal enterprise. They've already been convicted in Florida and other states (the list constantly grows) for defrauding their customers. Unfortunately, our Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has never had any interest in protecting Illinois consumers and as of the last time I checked, has refused to join the other states in taking action against TCF Bank. In my personal case, TCF Bank stole $3,000 out of my checking account in overdraft fees. Unlike most instances where the bank simply enrolled its customers in a scam 'overdraft protection' program without their knowledge, TCF actually went into my account and changed the dates of all my transactions by as many as 5 days. Even after issuing me printed receipts from CASH deposits that gave both my 'ledger balance' and 'available balance' (it usually took 3 days for the available balance to catch up), 5 days later, they made my cash deposits 'unavailable' always explaining that it takes up to 5 days fo... Read more

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    I found out today that my 8000 deposit that had showed cleared and was still posted as cleared apparently wasn't and I had 105 in overdraft fees, not to mention the ones that will be incurred from the places i spent my money, at which by the way one of the overdraft fees was from a transfer to another TCF account, so wrong. When I called to ask what had happened they told me that they had not recieved the money from the other bank and there was a hold on the money until the 25th and that i should call the onther bank to see what had happened and that I should always call issuing banks to make sure their checks will clear, right. Anyway I called the other bank which was very confused because they cleared the money to TCF on the 16th, all my insuffecient fund fees were on the 17th. So after dealing with non helpful customer service reps, I finally got a supervisor who confirmed with the other bank the the check had cleared and agreed to return all my money including what I would be cha... Read more

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    Mon Feb 07 2011

    Having once worked for them. I opened and account. I had to close it back in 2005 as i needed a bank with more national locations. I was a victim of check fraud and had to pay the penalties. I worked out with the loss preventions to pay back the bad check (1 yr AFTER I closed my account) and the return fee of 30 would be refunded and I would be cleared. Well this didn't happen and I was sent to collections for 30 (which i had no clue had happened). The collection agency compound interest and last charge TCF for one year after I was sent (2006) and I now owed 41 (still no notice or information was sent to me. Fast forward to today 2011. I opened a new account with them (not knowing that I was in collections). I had the account for mnts when I called in to find out why my account was not credited for a new account opening. Where I was then told i owed them 41 dollars. I asked why they couldn't tell me. To shorten this up I found out from the collection agency that it was one year of co... Read more

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    Thu Jan 27 2011

    I give them a negative star I have never been moved to complain about anything as a consumer before. But my experience with TCF has been a NIGHTMARE. I did a refinance on my home loan with a "loan officer" (oh yes he is a "vice president"). He was the most unprofessional person I have ever had to deal with. All he did was lie and change the senario until the end of the closing Then he said I would get a refund on my old escrow with in a week it is now been over a month. He will not return my calls. How could I be told I was approved to get cashout on my home loan and I ended up having to bring money to the closing to pay down my debt? The biggest insult to me as a consumer who had had many experiances with loans in my 50 years is that he did not even bother to shake my hand at the end of closing. TCF in Arvada, Colorado I wish I never had set foot in your doors. I cannot wait until the day when I can close out all my acoounts and get you out of my life.

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    Thu Jan 06 2011

    First of all - This is to the person that said TCF employees are uneducated. I don't think you understand how much work this job entitles. There are thousands of transactions that have to be processed. TCF doesnt like to update their software or operations. WHICH MAKES TELLERS have to do A TON of work. MISTAKES HAPPEN in this environment. Think of the tellers as poor college students that are trying to just pay the bills to get by. I bet 80 percent of tellers working for TCF hate their job because the customers scream in their face everyday. It is very hard to stay positive when customers are coming in angry about how they got fees because THEY overdrafted their account. TCF does offer a courtesy fee reversal every six months. Most banks only offer 1 reversal EVER. Try working in a low paying job, and not only is it low paying it has people like you coming in every day. Tellers like to help people that approach them nicely. If you are going to walk up and start yelling you might as w... Read more

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    TCF Bank is a very strange bank with poor customer service. They seem to try to make a lot of money on customer fees rather than lending. There are hundreds of reviews on-line rating them one star out of five - "terrible," and very few positive reviews. I was one of the people who didn't check the Net before I opened my account. This is an objective review based on depositing a large amount of money with them and then deciding to withdraw it soon after because of the poor customer service. I have never had any overdrafts at any bank, and simply tried to have a normal savings and checking account with them. But they won't let you. TCF did all sorts of strange and deceptive things that aggravated me. The final straw was when TCF made a "mistake" and put a "hold" on my checking acccount, which had thousands of dollars in it. If I hadn't caught this I would have been charged multiple $35 NSF fees by them, and also bad check charges from those I wrote the checks to. After rea... Read more

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    They are the ultimate worst bank and my advice to anyone is to stay away from them. I had some people write me a check and I went their to cash them only to find out they would charge me $5.00 per check since I didn't have an account there. One of the checks was for $7.00 so net would have been $2.00 how ridiculus is this. I will never accept another check from anyone if its from a TCF bank and each of the people that I had a check from received a letter informing them that I could not simply cash their check. Isn't a check suppose to be the same a a cash payment? It is in most banks but not to anyone who uses TCF. Everyone needs to close their accounts there and move to a bank that cares about their clients. TCF SUCKS.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    0 stars TCF is a terrible bank! When they first opened they were the best, as long as the transaction was still pending and you put the money in there they would not charge you any overdraft fees. Now they rack up on you, say if you had a transaction that was covered and then u overdraft a second transaction, you will get charged for both. They are a total rip off. I hate TCF bank. A civil suit should be filed against this bank. Chase is the best. Iisha.

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    A criminal enterprise. TCF exists solely to steal your money. I have two accounts with them, one personal and one business. Sometimes a client will make a check out to me instead of my business name, to keep things simple for them I just deposit it in my personal account and when it clears I write myself a check to move it over to the business account. The last time I did this they LIED to me, telling me the client check had cleared when it hadn't because it was deposited at about 2:03 pm. As a result, the check I wrote myself bounced. Because of the sleazy "overdraft protection" they now scam you into accepting, I went a week spending money that wasn't in that account, for a total of $380 in overdraft fees. Hey TCF, I hope you're reading this - I'm heading for Yelp next, I'm not resting until I've cost you 10 times that in lost new accounts. If enough people do that, maybe we can put you thieves out of business.

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    My story is too long and boring to write about in detail, but let's just say that their customer service is the worst I've come across in ANY business. I ended up having the VP of the bank, Lori Jockum, tell me she'd call me back that afternoon, and then I had to call her back a WEEK later to see why she hadn't called me back as she promised, and I had to leave a message. She then called me back a whole day after that message and gave me a lame excuse that she passed it off to someone and THEY dropped the ball. That may be so, but she told me SHE would call me back, and that never happened. When you have the VP of the bank doing this kind of stuff, it says a lot about the bank. Sadly, the customer service I received from everybody else was WORSE than that. After closing a personal account with them years ago in disgust, and now closing my business account with them, I will NEVER be banking with TCF again. DO yourself a favor and DO NOT waste your time and resources with this s... Read more

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    Opened an account and 5 years later they changed the policy from a free checking account to must have a monthly deposit of $100 or more. I rarely used this account so they deducted $10.00 per month until all my money was gone and then they overdrafted the account and then closed the account without notification to me. Thanks TCF. Your bank is a joke!!!!! Will never bank there again.

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    As a former TCF employee, I can say withoout hesitation that this is the worst bank in the country to deal with. As employees, we were constantly encouraged to manipulate the truth regarding bank laws and regulations. I worked for a small local bank that was bought out by TCF. The local bank focused on customer service and relationship banking. TCF swooped into town and told the employees that they did not want to keep the current customer base; but instead to focus on opening new accounts for "Joe Lunchbucket" - the guy who lives paycheck to paycheck, goes negative a couple of times a month and is too dumb to realize why. This is seriously how they view their customers. I found TCF's ethics completely lacking. They encourage their customers (make them) open new accounts everytime a customer requests a change in account ownership because this means commission for the branch. Contests are held to see who can open the most accounts in a month and then the winning managers are sen... Read more

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    My story with TCF begins in 2001, when I opened a checking account with TCF because they had a special arrangement of some kind with my college. I don't remember the details of the arrangement, but the following year I decided to open a savings account so I went to TCF. I thought it would be convenient to have my accounts at the same bank. I was told by the employee there that the interest rate on my savings account would be 1%, which seemed low but the economy was bad at the time so it didn't seem unusual. I went ahead and opened the account. But as I went back to my car I took a look at the paperwork they had given me, I discovered that the interest rate was actually only a tenth of what they had told me; in other words, 0.1%. I went right back inside to speak with them again. Not only did they refuse to own up to their lie (I know I didn't mishear them because my dad was with me and he heard them say 1% just as clearly as I did), but they got really nasty with me when I decid... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    I work at TCF in corporate I can tell you how awful this bank is...Tellers are uneducated, getting paid way too little to care, and have no idea how to treat customers or actually help with accounts. The banking rules constantly change and any way TCF can make a buck off you, they will...they are not flexible or willing to help out when you need help! Working in IT, I can tell you the systems used are way out of date and constantly going down, and upper management is a bunch of "good old boys" who support the Republican party and laugh how they target low income, urban customers. Overall, awful bank. Do no bank with TCF unless you want to be robbed of your hard earned money.

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    When I lived in Chicago, I used TCF Bank for a short while. I should have known there would be problems, when it took over 3 months to get a debit card that would work. They also continued to practice of issuing money at an ATM, knowing there would not be a sufficient amount to cover it, so they could charge you an over draft fee, I spent over a month trying to get what I considered fraudulent charges off of my account, and when I took action to report them to the Banking Commission, I received a letter from them stating they were closing my account. They offered to mail me a check for the funds remaining, however, at that point I had not trust in the bank, and told them I would rather come in and have them give me the funds in cash. It's sad when a bank makes its living on creating charges and being dishonest, and for the most part filling its banks with untrained people who have no idea what customer service is all about.

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    DO NOT USE TCF BANK! I am hoping to sue them. They are fraudulent and dishonest when withdrawing money from your account. I have kept track of how withdrawals are processed and they take out whatever they want whenever and then charge the client. This is so wrong the way they treat people.

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    I don't want to even give it 1 star. This bank is rigged against the customer. Stay away from this bank. They don't charge $35.00 overdraft, they charge $37.00 overdraft! I ended up owing $150.00 on overdraft - overnight - on payments of $35.00 simply because they held my deposits until they charged the overdraft fees. This bank needs to be run out of business and fast! Be afraid, be very afraid of doing business with this bank. I can see why there's no customers there when I go in. They are now less one more customer. This is the worst yet.

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    $35.00 overdraft fee on a .79 cent overdraw!!! Really?? This is stupid. Then for them to hold deposited checks until you overdraft your account so they can charge you!! This is theft!!! They have NO reason to hold a Government issued Tax Return Check even if you deposited it in an ATM machine. Well, They do it!! They held this check, with NO notification, and when the account was overdrawn they added their $70.00 fees!! When confronted, they said that since the check was deposited in an A.T.M. they would hold the check till the account was back in the green. WTF!!!! If they would just put the check in the account the account would not be in the red!!! It would be several hundred dollars in the green!!! The bottom line is that practices like these are wrong, underhanded, DIShonest, shady, two faced, and just plain criminal!!! My advise to you, NEVER bank with TCF!!!

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    We had several problems with TCF over our 13 years with them (like having to wait overnight for a cash deposit to become available, what the heck?). The worst and last of these being them changing "Totally Free Checking" to $9.95 a month checking, giving us only small print notification in the space usually reserved for their annoying promotions and happy sales talk. Something we got into the habit to ignore over the years. Fine. It's their right to change the policy, just give me a chance to adjust. Okay, honest mistake on both sides. They should have sent a separate letter, or done a one time "your account has changed, see inside for details" printing on the envelope, or something. And I should have read every statement I get from my bank, every month, like an attorney. No big deal, right? Wrong. We talked to TCF reps for hours to reverse the $130 fees, all the way up to the top of the customer service chain, and was told they could only refund $70. We closed our account, ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    Being a former Minnesotan I don't think the executives have any idea what kind of hot water mess they have got into. Another Minnesota Company, Best Buy, was a big looser in Bait & Switch Charges. Shame On TCF - REMOVE ALL YOUR MONEY NOW. Notify the state attorney general & insist to your branch manager you be notified of a class action suit civil suit. Don't forget to cite CRIMINAL code leagalse - "to defraud, swindle, or steal, or take from another by trickery." These folks have unfettered access to your money. Frankly, if you complain & they don't reverse, you will loose your money or your credit. This is only one of several consumer fraudulent practices going on at that bank - keep an eye on how and when they calculate balances, run, or hold off on running deposits received, etc, to maximize fees. Its a complex algorithm with one purpose - trick you into letting them steal right out of your account with ZERO redress.

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    Sat Jul 10 2010

    The only good thing about this bank is that they are open 7 days a week. This is really helpful as sometimes i like to cash checks on the weekend. But besides that, this is a terrible bank. They have the dumbest overdraft rules. You get charged like $300 in overdraft fees when you haven't even over drafted. Every single person that you speak to in person/ on the phone has a different understanding of how their overdraft protection works, and how transactions are not actually posted to your account as they happen. They also don't even take the time to try and explain them to you. I hate TCF Bank with a passion. DO not trust them with your money.

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    Wed Jul 07 2010

    I have a terrible day of my experience, they charged me for approximately $10-20 each month when I got a mail. Shame on you!!! I had some money but I have had $70. I had $130 about 6 months ago. Tomorrow, I will go to bank and tell them I will ask them get my money out and ask them close my account for good! >:( scumbags!

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    Wed Jun 09 2010

    Reasons why TCF is not the bank for anybody. 1. They limit your online password to 8 characters, which can be cracked in a matter of minutes. 2. They started charging me $10 a month to keep my checking account without informing me of the change. When I called, they said they sent a "flier" informing me of the change. Personally, I'd rather have a letter addressed specifically to me when something with my account agreement changes. They said that the only way they would wave the fees that I had incurred was by signing up for more services that they offer (singing up for direct deposit or maintaining a balance of $500).

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    This review comes from a customer since 1989. Yes, you read that right- over 20 years. Over 20 years, I've had a few TCF bank errors (ATM deposit was "lost", incorrectly entered deposit- missing 2-3 dollars, "posted" deposits suddenly become "pending", etc). I thought- hey we're all human, right- mistakes happen. Well, I just closed my account this week. After reading some mumbo jumbo on my April statement about a new deposit system.. something like 10% of your deposit will be available the next business day, 20% on day 3, 50% of day 4, unless you have this kind of check, which will be 5 days to post. RIDICULOUS! I even called customer service to see if someone could explain it in plain english... the CSR had no idea what I was talking about. Then this month, I get charged a maintenance fee, which I had no knowledge they were implementing. (I signed up for no paper statements- there were no alerts, nothing US mail, nothing on my statements). And to top it off, the fee resulted in a... Read more

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    Two days after I opened and account with TCF, they put a check through twice They taken out the funds twice for 79.00 so the same check charge my account 79.00 X2, once I seen it on the web I contacted them, they delayed the refund for one day which thrown my account in the negative. They reimbursed me charges, however when they put my account in the red, they also charged me for current charges based on the negative. Which in layperson terms I never did recover since from negative, even though they admitted they mad an error. I even put more money in and had deposit slips that show all positives the next day they took 105.00 for so called NSF fees, I reminded them that was because of there error, the bank said it was the customer responsibility to make sure all errors are corrected and that it was the responsibility of the customer to notify the bank of its errors and if not found then the bank is not responsible for there own errors. I went to bank with my figures the manager would... Read more

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    Fri May 28 2010

    I have been watching my account carefully but still get NSF fees and inconclusive the online statements and NSF letters are confusing as well as the NSF charges for pending transactions really saps my account. I worry about pending transactions that are only the companies way of making sure your account is valid where then they resend the transaction and you still get the NSF charge. When I go to my branch their is on person dress in Goth. I thought there was a supposed to be professional decorum in a bank. I have a company refund my money (189.95) and somehow it never got to my account I don't know where it is as the company is just as crooked.

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    Tue May 18 2010

    CAN'T BELIEVE THIS BANK IS STILL UP (AND STEALING) !!! Took out a HELOC loan in April 2008. The first payment was sent 15 days in advance of the due date. Received my next statement, payment was almost double. Called the bank, they said they had not received the first payment yet...that's why the high amount. Sent out another payment for the (now due) double payment. Received the next statement that showed my first check was received but not the second (and they were going to charge the extra interest for both "late payments"). I am now in Texas, which does not have any TCF branches, so after many frustrating phone calls, a bank representative volunteered information that all the TCF branches did not share real-time information with each other, so if I was mailing my payments to the Minnesota address, the Illinois branch would not know the check was received until it was manually entered into some shared database............that is pathetic. So I collected the exact address I needed t... Read more

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    Fri May 14 2010

    Opened account last May..Had issues with charges for checks and account fees....finally went to "free" checking account...opted for online statements to go greener but who knew it was gonna come bite me now... Just checked my account online after 2 months and they've been taking MY money $9.95 every month WITHOUT asking ME?? Pissed me right off so I called 'em and that horrible rep said NO, its not our fault and blamed me for not checking my ONLINE STATEMENT every day....WHAT?????...Ok they're NOT going to REVERSE it so I WANT to close my account NOW...and that HORRIBLE rep said NO again...Go to your local branch and do it.....Even a pizza guy had better customer service skill that her...WOW...can't wait to get off work and drive to TCF to close all of my account...In fact, I might leave early JUST to do that.....STAY AWAY from TCF and let them go Bankrupt

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    Wed May 12 2010

    While there is already legislation outlawing overdraft fees that is due to take effect this summer, TCF bank still actively draws upon this shady source of revenue - often charging $35 for a negative balance just one dollar (a sum which multiplies when another charge occurs, even if for another dollar) - and will not remove this practice (even upon request). Most banks already have given customers at least the option of removing such "overdraft protection" (misnomer really since the customers need to be protected from banks that continue such underhanded practices) in favor of their card being declined rather than accidentally spend a few dollars they don't have and get fined 10x for it. TCF however does not, being the shady provincial bank it is, and will keep using overdraft fees until the last day that it is legal to do so.

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    Sat May 08 2010

    Hi Like everyone else I was also charged 9.95$ account maintenance fee for two months . I asked them if they can reverse it they said they can not so I went ahead and closed my account. One more problem I noticed was my account had become negative due to their mistake they did correct it but never sent me any explanation why that transaction was posted on my account. My wife's account also has been charged with this stupid maintenance fee and they say she can not cancel account from out of state. To close account they are saying one needs to come to the local branch. One more problem with this bank is though they attract you with 100$ opening balance they charge 20$ for checks .

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    Fri May 07 2010

    TCF bank is EVIL they have stolen my 500 dollars without a trace from my checking account. they impose fees without informing you. i have close my account with TCF. TCF bank recently started charging customers for a monthly maintenance fee for previously free checking accounts. Guess what? They forgot to tell their customers. They charged me- a student $9.95 without any prior notification. They mentioned that they had sent this info. in my statement-checked it out-nothing there. Then they said it was in my mailbox in my online account-nothing there either. Excuses, excuses....What kind of company makes policy changes and doesn't communitcate this to the customer TCF is the worst bank ever. I don't know how they still have customers with all of the mistakes they make and none of which ever get corrected. TCF bank is simply thief

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    Fri Apr 30 2010

    I Just opened a checking account with TCF a few months ago. I didn't have any problems with them until about 1 and half months ago, I over drew my acount with twice which was fine i knew i did after the fact, I charged the over draft 5 times. They way they take out your money when you use your card is very weird. If you look at any bank statement it shows pending and posted charges now what happens is they take all charges out of your account like any other bank so if you go over they charge the over draft fee of 35 for each. Then the next day they re add the pending amounts to your account then takes them back out as a posted charge so again you get charged the over draft fee for each one. Beware if you bank with them make sure you have a crap load of money.

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