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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    I cannot stand this classless, gaudy, tacky, way overpriced tourist trap.

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    Sun Nov 29 2009

    Wow...after reading the last 10 reviews, I'm not going there.

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    I went here for the first time this weekend. The food was excellent, down to the rolls the waiters pass out. Their pasta @ brunch time was awesome, and their fish and chips were also great. A few things prevent me from giving them 5 stars...the decor is worn down. The white metal chairs need re-painting, and the carpet is worn out. At such and expensive establishment, I would expect these things. In addition, they expect you to tip everyone! There is a line on your receipt for the captain's tip. I don't even know who the captain is, so shy should I tip him? They also make you check your coats, and of course you have to tip the coat lady. This all adds up, so in addition to an expensive meal, you can expect to add about 10-15 in tips, not including the server.

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    this "awesome" halloween party that was advertised was a complete scam. I & 6 friends bought tickets at $60 a piece for the halloween on the green party. it was advertised that the event started at 10, we were waiting in a "line" til after midnight, i say "line" because it was more like a mob scene. Thousands of people crowded in the rain for hours outside. we never made it inside, leaving when things started to get violent. Thousands of people were sold tickets and were not able to get in. the police came because over the overcrowding was a fire hazzard. Although i wasnt able to get in, I heard that it was so crowded that even though you paid for an all you can eat buffet and open bar that you couldnt even get to either one because of the crowd. again COMPLETE SCAM!!!! so many people are discussing lawsuits is ridiculous

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    This place is beautiful! There is a great Halloween party coming up. Saturday October 31st Tavern on the Green “Halloween on the Green” 67th St & Central Park West Free Food & Drinks All Night 6 Rooms & 2 Heated Tents Tickets are $60 & $130 and you can order them through Clubaddict. com or pickup at the NYC office by txt/calling 646.529.5183 So for all you hungry people that share my desire for the #1 best party of the year, well we have finalized the food menu and you are in for a treat for Great food, Great drinks, Great Prizes, FREE TRIPS… Really… how could we ask for more? So what do you get you ask??? In short you get: General Admission Ticket ($60) Includes: - 6 rooms, 12 DJ’s - Open Bar Grey Goose all night - Free food (See flyer for menu) - Up to $10,000 in cash prizes - FREE trips to Paris and more. VIP Table Tickets ($130 ticket min 4) Includes: - 6 rooms, 12 DJ’s - VIP Table Service with Unlimited Bottles dropped all night. - Free food (See flyer for menu) - Up to $10... Read more

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    Thu Sep 17 2009

    BRYAN KALMAN, Director of Private Dining at Tavern on the Green is a total nightmare. He has been the worst event planner I have ever dealt with. He is rude, arrogant, and will turn your special occasion into a horror. Anyone reading this, including future employers should be aware of this horrid man and what he does to customers!!!

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    Went to a wedding where the staff took the grooms bag (because he felt it was in the way) in front of everyone without notifying anyone where he put it. As a result the grooms camera and other items were stolen.

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    Wed May 06 2009

    We just got back from a trip to NYC for our first wedding anniversary and felt that we must warn others as soon as possible about dining at this 'restaurant.' 'Horrible' just really sums it up perfectly, but the details are as follows: We wanted to have dinner somewhere romantic, intimate, fancy and fun at the same time. Thinking that Tavern sounded wonderful, ("Twinkle lights and gourmet food in Cental Park- what could be more perfect?") we booked a reservation for our anniversary dinner there. We should have known what we were in for when we had to pass the cheap tourist gift shop just to get to the dining room. Ahh- the dining room... We were placed into the Crystal Room. "Shabby chic" without the chic. Dirty, worn carpet and furniture. Tables placed so close to each other that there was no chance of any private conversation whatsoever. All the lights kept on full blast even though it was late, so that there was zero atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to 'apprecia... Read more

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    I took my wife to TOTG for Valentine's Day after having received a review from a friend of horrible service, overpriced meals and average-at-best food. I thought maybe he had had a "one-off" experience and that on such a special occasion the experience woudl be different - WRONG!! We have lived here for 2 years now and TOTG was on our list of things to do while here. We often are asked for our list, but agreed this one should be taken off. The food truly was average-at-best and we could have had a much better meal for $110/person. The service was horrible and they added an automatic gratuity of 20% without the possibility of reducing the amount. The only reason I can think for doing so is that tips have been historically bad so they had to institute an automatic gratuity to ensure their staff are "rewarded" for the horrendous service. With the contract for this space going out to bid this year, we can only hope that someone outbids TOTG and brings a restaurant to this location that i... Read more

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    Fri Feb 13 2009

    We are planning a trip to NYC in May and planned a visit to the Tavern for our wedding anniversary. After having read the majority of your reviews, we'll pass. It seems to me that New Yorkers get the better deal probably because they are "locals". Anybody from anywhere else across the States or Europe get a raw deal. I'm sure there are thousands of restaurants in NYC where the food and service is far superior, for half the price.

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    It is a shame that such a unique location has fallen into the hands of such a shoddy operation. The guiding principle of the management seems to be to get into the patron's pocket in as many ways as possible, from the dual tipping (waiter and "captain"--whatever), to the cornball gift shop, to the roving photographer, to (my favorite) the towel attendent in the restroom whose sole purpose seems to be to point to the air dryer, since there are no towels in the restroom--what a tip-worthy service! Add to this clumsy and inattentive service, seriously sub-par food and insultingly inflated prices, and you have the county-fair-like experience that is Tavern on the Green. Avoid this place like the plague. It is NOT a requisite NYC experience for visitors, any more than getting hustled in a less-elaborate street con.

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    Fri Nov 28 2008

    I don't live in NYC, but I travel there often. I thought that it would be a great idea to go to this place for Thanksgiving (did the whole tourist thing- parade, ice skating, etc)...I couldn't have been more wrong. The food was well below average and ridiculously expensive. There were no New Yorkers there....which was the first sign that there was something wrong. We had reservations, but waited outside in a line for an hour anyway. The interior is beat and old and the service was terrible. DO NOT GO HERE unless you want to get ripped off. There are so many great spots to go in the city, try someplace else.

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    I love this place!! Everytime I come here I have the best time with my friends. It's such a great place to unwind and let loose! I was here for New Years last year and got my tickets through JoonBug and they hooked it up!! I'm definitely coming back again this New Years and getting tickets from JoonBug again!

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    Tue Oct 28 2008

    We hadn't planned on going to Tavern On The Green beause of all of the mediocre reviews we had read. We landed here at the end of a carriage ride through Central Park & said, "why not?" We were lucky enough to get a table and thouroughly pleased with the food, service, and ambiance. The lobster was cooked to perfection and prepared beautifully. The prime rib was marvelous as well. The wait staff were on their toes and aimed to please. It was a great beginning to our first trip to NY. We would definitely revisit here again!

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    Sun Sep 28 2008

    We went for Sunday brunch. The crab and cheese quiche and watercress salad were very, very good. THe quiche's crust was flaky and the crab and cheese just melted in my mouth. The salad dressing was not overpowering. The bread was hard but tasted good. I am very glad we went. I'm giving it a low score because our "wait captain" was very cold and rude. He never brought my girlfriend her drink and acted like I was bothering him when I asked for a knife. It's also alot to pay for a small amount of food. However, I am very glad we ate there.

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    Fri Sep 26 2008

    Went here for the location, but was quickly disappointed. Waiters OK, Food OK. But my real disappointment came when I left there and realized I had left my camera sitting on the floor at the table. Within 15 minutes I called, and was told they had already seated someone at our table, and refused to check for my camera. So did the couple take it, or was it the waiters? NO Class here. Save your money take a carriage ride around central park instead.

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    Fri Sep 26 2008

    I have never ever felt compelled to review a restaurant, especially in a negative manner. However, my visit to this restaurant this past February was one of the worst ever and I must make sure to let others know so that they do not waste their money or time on this restaurant. It was my birthday so my sister in law wanted to treat me and my husband to an afternoon tea. She's traveled around the world, and has tried many fine afternoon teas in many superb restaurant, but she hasn't tried this restaurant right in her hometown so she thought it might be nice for us to go.The moment we walked in, we could tell that most people were tourists (and my sincere apologies to tourists who visit the city. To us, however, it was a big warning sign that the restaurant may be hyped). The hostess who directed us to upstairs was rude, but we let it slide - we were dressed very nicely for the occasion since this was a special day so we did not take it personally. However, when we ordered the tea, the w... Read more

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    Thu Sep 25 2008

    This is the kind of place you need reservations for- we made ours for lunch. It was a beautiful restaurant, we sat in the Crystal room. Several chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and I?m sure if it was sunny out, the light would have caught the crystals beautifully. Lunch was rather expensive, about $50 for each of us. I ordered a special three course meal that included Red and Yellow Tomato Napoleon (red and yellow tomatoes stacked with ricotta salata cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and a pesto crouton), Roast Chicken Provencale (garlic-mashed potatoes, tomato olive caper sauce, sauteed spinach) and Chocolate Mousse Cake (berry compote and whipped cream). They also bring around a bread basket and little butter rounds. Delicious bread- light, fresh, and chewy. I have read a lot of reviews from people that say Tavern isn?t worth the ?hype? but I was happy to pay $50 (including tip) for this meal. It was awesome, down to every side dish, crouton, and iced tea. I am trying feverishly... Read more

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    The first thing that was a huge disappointment about this lovely place was the wait. We had reservations...no need to wait nearly an hour. S...

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    Mon Jun 30 2008

    First of all, I am only giving this place 1 star because Citysearch is making me. A group of friends and I made a trip to NYC for Memorial Day. Being the planner I am, I made it a point for us all to go to the Tavern on the Green mainly because it is famous and in Central Park. Of all the things we did Memorial Day weekend, this was the WORST experience of our entire trip. Not only was our brunch bill over $100, (which isn't terrible if the food had been worth it), but our service was terrible and our food was not prepared. If I order a Lox, I want it served to me in one piece, not just sides and I make it myself. The Tavern on the Green is a tourist trap. It's pretty, it's in Central Park but the food is horrible and the prices are outrageous!

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    The absolute worst place in Nyc!!!! I took a friend for lunch and it was the worst food and by far the worst service in the city!!! Over priced and over rated....... The only time the waiter or "captain" as they call them was attentive was when he gave me the check then he stood over me like a vulture and then had the nerve to give himself a 20% tip!!!! Which I immediately took to the manager to resolve! The soft drinks were just under $4.00 and once you are finished don't expect a refill!!! They won't even ask! they will just take your glass away..... I would not recommend this to an enemy!!! Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else!

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    Sat May 31 2008

    We went there for brunch. I knew the food wouldn't be great but was willing to forgive that for the lovely setting. However, the customer service - or lack thereof - ruined the whole thing. First they couldn't find the rest of our party - who were supposedly already seated - and told us to call them on a cell phone to find out where they were. Then they refused to make a simple substitution - smoked salmon (offered on the menu with a bagel) for the bacon and sausage part of the scrambled eggs dish. we were willing to pay more, but they told us the only way to do it was to order both dishes! i.e. 20 bucks for the eggs, and 24 bucks for the salmon and bagel.!! In a fine dining establishment this shouldn't be a problem, right? We saw some butter and asked for it but were told that we could not have it because it was not at our table's station. The final straw was in the bathroom - I gave the lady a dollar tip for a flimsy Tavern on the Green cocktail napkin to wipe my hands on, an... Read more

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    Fri May 30 2008

    An absolute gorgeous location, lovely gardens but a sense that some of the inside is out-dated, carpeted with flowers. My bf and I sat outside, received great service, ( I'm from c.a and you can't drink alcohol before noon in n.y =( ) I sooo wanted a mimosa/bloody mary, but whatevs I had ample drinks the days prior. Brunch was great, but I've had better eggs benedict and for a whole hell of a lot cheaper, this place is a New York landmark, I was glad as a tourist to have visited this lovely place.

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    Sat May 24 2008

    Went to a wedding there today. Would NEVER recommend this place for weddings, NOT EVER. Good things: valet parking, appetizers were scarce but good. Eat them because you'll starve on the dinner. Bad things: rudest maitre d' ever. Ignored simple request to know WHERE the wedding was held - NO sign, no guidance -- just ignored til one CAPABLE lady answered me in seconds after I Fumed about getting there on time and about to be late trying to find the right room/area. WORST FOOD EVER. Choice of filet or salmon. Brown bag it if your going to a wedding there. WORST!!! Filet cooked til it was shoe leather after asking for med rare. Potatoes au gratin with HAIR!!! yes a HAIR cooked into the top of it. The only edible thing was the spinach. Caesar salad over dressed and drenched. Shrimp cocktail lacking. Only the cocktail sauce was good. UGH.... Never ever ever. I've been to DINERS with better steaks. UGH!! Last? Stinkiest smelliest bathroom ever. Got in after ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    Went to dinner on April 20, 2008 and was expecting magical but.... Had to check coat and when I turned around and saw the way it was almost hanging off hook I had to ask attendent to hang coat properly. The crystal room had beautiful chandilers but was loud. My steak was good, potatos horrible and service was average. My husband did not eat his salmon and the man paying for the meal was disappointed. I too feel it was a tourist trap that I fell in and would not recommend. New York has MANY wonderful restaurants and this isn't one of them!!!

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    Wed Mar 05 2008

    I dine out failry often and have had some amazing dining experiences at places like Babbo, Ramsey's at The London Hotel, Gramercy Tavern, etc. and I have to say Tavern on the Green is still one of my favorites. I am a born and bread New Yorker and one who truly enjoys good food and dining in fine restaurants. Most everyone I speak to about or run into at Tavern has had enjoyed their overall experience there. The food is very good, above average for what you may expect or what you might have heard, and I have to say the same for catered events as well, a few of which I have been to at TOTG. They have a new Chef and although I have always felt the food to be good, it is now more inventive and less traditional and really quite amazing at times. I probably frequent Tavern 2 - 4 times a year, sometimes for a special occasion, sometimes before a show and sometimes just because I get the itch. The location, views and ambience are second to none and the new mural depicting scenes of Central Pa... Read more

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    Sat Feb 23 2008

    The dining experience at TOTG in NYC is fabulous! The dazzling ambience is second-to-none and the dessert is extraordinaire. After dining, take a carriage ride through Central Park - it's the cherry on top! Laura Drewa

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    This place is definitely a tourist trap. The food isn't bad, but lets just say its average at best. My appetizer was very tasty (orecchiette with broccoli rabe)...though what should have been a hot dish was lukewarm. My main course (grilled porkchop) was also tasty, but nothing special...diner quality. The service was medicre. One of my dining companions ordered medium rare and got well done....the wait staff disappeared after literally just dropping the food on the table and when we finally found one, there was no apology, rather a snotty attitude. Service was really medicre through the entire meal. The chocolate cake dessert was also average at best... and they dropped the check off with the dessert and after coming back 3 times within 10 minutes they asked us to pay so they could close out our section (it was only 1030!!!!). This place which should have a wonderful atmosphere felt more like a catering hall or even a cafeteria. Definitely a tourist trap. Satisfy your tastb... Read more

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    Thu Jan 31 2008

    We enjoyed dinner at Tavern on the Green during Restaurant Week. Reading the reviews prior to going, we knew that most likely we'd be in for a touristy experience but wanted to try it our for ourselves. We ate in the Crystal Room, which was decorated in a fairy-tale of pastel colors and chandeliers. It was quite lovely with the trees outside festooned with little white lights, and knowing that kitsch is what sells Tavern, this suited us just fine. However, we were a bit disgruntled by the photographers standing by each table, asking for a photograph to "capture the wonderful memory of eating at Tavern on the Green". Blech, can you BE any more hideously overt and tacky? Please, Tavern, banish this practice immediately. My beau ordered off the Restaurant Week menu: orecchiette to start, salmon as main course, and chocolate cake for dessert. I ordered off the Pre-Theatre menu: iceberg lettuce wedge to start, herb-crusted filet of beef as main course, and creme brulee for dessert. T... Read more

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    Fri Jan 25 2008

    The food is good, not great; the prices are a little steep. But, again, it's like going to New Orleans and not eating at Cafe Du Monde. It's an institution. The sights are wonderful, the service average, but being able to eat there at least once, is worth it. They have a fixed price menu that includes from the appetizer to the dessert, it's not a bad deal at all. And again, it's all in the magic of the place. My daughters loved it and the momento of the picture next to the Christmas tree is priceless.

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    As it was our first time to New York, it seemed it was only reasonable to dine at the acclaimed Tavern on the Green. We made reservations online with no problem - and were excited to see what all the fuss was about. Once we arrived we were seated promptly - but were not offered a coat check like other guests. During our meal, we had 3 waiters tending to us - none of whom felt really on top of things. We poured our own wine and routinely had to ask for more water and bread. My meal (I ordered the butternut squash rissotto) came out luke warm - while my husband's dish (he ordered the scallops) were over-cooked. Upon my complaint, my meal was reheated - but with little acknowledgement about the unsatisfactory conditions. Mind you, this place set us back (in total) about $250 - for which you would have hoped to have immaculate dining. The gardens outside were beautiful - though the hostess managing the doors was quite irritable. Bottom line: save the money - but have the experienc... Read more

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    Sun Jan 06 2008

    New Year at the Tavern on the Green.. Avoid this place (for new years eve). This was the most unorganized party I've ever been to. One police officer for 1500 people standing in a line for hours is not enough.. I must say that Americans amaze me with their patience and good mood because in Europe this place would have been smashed into pieces. In short: Standing in a disorganized line before a door that opens an hour late and a smiling security guy taking pictures of the line is not a good idea.The waiters didn't have a clue what was going on and provided zero service. The food was bad. The tents were put up like a maze, really a huge fire hazard. The screens to watch the balldrop weren't ordered. The restroom facilities were not suited for the amount of people and I can go on and on like this. Obviously the organizers made a lot of money and saved money on everything including the safety of their guests. These guys should be arrested. A pro was that the crowd made the best of this t... Read more

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    I have never eaten at a restaurant that was so bad & so overrated that it inspired me to actually seek out a website to write a review on how bad the place was..until now.My girlfriend and I went to NYC for Christmas this year.I heard from many people who highly recommended we go to the Tavern on the Green.So, I decide to make reservations & we go on Christmas night.First, we had reservations at 8:45 and didn't get seated until ~9:30pm.I knew ahead of time that the meal was going to be pricy, I'm not writing this review because I'm cheap & was unhappy with how expensive it was.I am writing this review because when you do go to an expensive restaurant, you expect to be treated well & the food to be fantastic.The waitress in the bar was rude,delivered a drink to our table that was meant for another table and delivered our drinks to the wrong table. After we told her she brought us the wrong drink, she simply swapped the drinks... who knows if the other table tasted the drink or what they... Read more

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    Thu Jan 03 2008

    I made the huge mistake of attending the New Year's party in Tavern On The Green thinking it may have a certain charm. Firstly, the organizers should be put up against a wall and shot. I had a VIP ticket so was amongst the first 100 in line. For a party that was supposed to start at 9:00 PM the doors did not open until almost 10:00. People in line were close to riot, yelling at the handlers who offered no explanation as to the wait. I eventually got to my table at 10:15pm. There were still 1400 people outside. Amongst other reasons the event stunk (and this is at close to $400 a ticket: (1) No line control - people jumped line as they pleased. The organizers and bouncers just ignored them and the yelling crowds. (2) Supposed to be set seating for VIP TICKETS - not. (3) The food was awful - Staten Island Wedding Hall standard. (4) Mile long waits for the bathroom - no additional facilities to handle the crowd of 1500 (and this is coming from a guy). (5) No directional signs throug... Read more

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    Wed Jan 02 2008


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    Sat Dec 22 2007

    Was popping the question tonight to my very special girlfriend. I asked the reservationist for a table with some breathing room. We were sat at a lovely table near the Christmas tree. The room was full but by no means crowded. The service was prompt, almost too prompt-- but I know the staff knew what I was up to so they wanted to save me the wait!! Once we were done with dinner-- We had the wedge salad and shrimp cocktail--followed by a beef loin and chicken that was served with a to-die-for polenta with marscapone-- I snagged the camerman and said hey take a picture of this!! got down on one knee and proposed marrige to my love. The room took notice and everyone clapped and tinked their glasses after I sat, i got back up and kissed Margaret again and the room went wild!! after that they let us be. Bought us a glass of champage. then we ordered a nice dessert. The food was really good. This is not a bistro mind you-- they can serve a few thousand at a time.

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    VISIT ONCE TO SAY YOU HAVE BEEN THERE and then you never need to go again. The "Beautiful Setting and Movie Magic" setting is worth trying once. The building and the Crystal Dining Room are beautiful! Patrons are stuffed in like sardines. The food is only average, "at best".. The service is "below average".. The prices are ridiculous! There are so many incredible dining experiences in NYC that the only reason to ever visit The Tavern on the Green is to say you have.... Try it, you will see what I mean!

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    Thu Oct 11 2007

    In Short The fairy-tale Central Park backdrop and the lush private garden, filled with illuminated trees and Chinese lanterns, are the real draw here, particularly in warmer months. Menu items include lamb shank, duck and various seafood dishes, as well as starters like shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque and heirloom beets.

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    Mon Sep 03 2007

    As a New Yorker,and a lover of music and dancing, I used to go toTavern almost every summer night for dining, drinks, and dancing. Thisyear,some foolish manager has decided to add a $10.00 cover charge to the garden admission, unless one has the full dinner, which is over $60.00 per person including the $15.00 cocktail charge. The food has gotten better, but the portions much smaller. The waiters have gotten surlier, and the service worse. If you have not been to Tavern On The Green, by all means, experience it at least once. Eat in The beautiful Crystal room,(or somewhere else) then roam outside (in summer) for drinks at the bar, and dancing.

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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    Tavern on the Green is a New York landmark and perhaps as a result, a tourist destination. The food and service was average and the prices steep. I suspect there wasn't one true New Yorker in the packed, loud, and fast-paced dining room. But, again, this is a true New York institution and tourists will most likely enjoy being in a "legendary" place. My recommendation is that you skip having a meal here. Stop by at night, before or after dinner elsewhere, and enjoy a drink in the garden which is fully illuminated with lights and Chinese lanterns. Follow it up with a carriage ride (they're right outside) and you have a classic NY night.

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    Mon Aug 13 2007

    The Steak was perfectly prepared, great wine list. We had a blast. Only bad thing was we got drunk. Largest out-door garden we have ever seen, absolutely beautiful.

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    Tue Apr 10 2007

    We where a large group and had made reservations on line...got to the restaurant and where promptly seated after giving our coats, etc... the table was ready and the set up was great. The waiter was informative and helpful with our orders. The food was excellent most of us ordered the Lobster bisque and Surf and Turf, DELICIOUS...the place is not cheap but it was worth every penny. Thank you we had a great time.

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    Tue Apr 03 2007

    My first trip to New York, my husband took me to Tavern on the Green despite knowing it was a bit of a tourist trap with poor ratings from locals. We decided to give it a try anyways. BIG mistake! I was 2 months pregnant at the time and was experiencing morning, noon and night sickness. The only thing that really made me feel better was Dr. Pepper. We are seated (and yes the decor is crazy strange!) and a waiter with a sour look on his face tried to take my drink order. I wanted a Dr. Pepper. I was a pregnant woman (though not visibly) who had been flying and sightseeing all day and I wanted a Dr. Pepper darn it. He actually scoffed at me and told me they don't have that. So, I ordered a coke. Now, normally I would have shared a bottle of expensive wine with my husband, but my condition would not allow for it. Besides, it's not his business WHAT I drink! Well, then comes time to order. I wanted the Filet Mignon, but again, being pregnant had been advised to eat my red meat... Read more

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    Sun Feb 11 2007

    1. Food is worst than diner food. Had appetizer, entree, and dessert. All were very disappointing. 2. Decor is a joke. Felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland. 3. Major Tourist trap joint 4. Lame photographer walking around trying to rip you off with "souvenier photos" 5. Did I mentioned the food was not good? 6. Bill came and felt like we shouln't pay for this junk. There were 2 section for tips. One for the waiter and the other for the "captain" who walked over for 2 seconds to ask us if everything was okay. I've been to all kind of restaurant and have never encounter this before. Is it just me? Or this is a very tacky way to run any type of establishment? I would pay $200 per person if I had to for fine dining with good ambience and exquisite food. This place lack both. What a shame. BE WARNED-STAY AWAY-DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

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    Fri Jan 26 2007

    Just like Desney land, Decor,Food,Service, etc.. People were kinda tourlist like. But so what? Enjoy your 35$ menu ! Who expects wonderful food and great service for 35$ in a service week price? I really enjoyed here! I don't think I will go back in usual term but I will definetely go back in next restaurant week term. 35$menu ? 2, Guigal GIgondas 34$ made us happy eat out !! TRY HERE, but NOW !!

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    Tue Jan 23 2007

    Went to Tavern during Restaurant Week. Waiter rudely and blatantly rushed us out of there, warning us that our entrees were getting cold as we were eating our appetizers! We had to get up from our table twice to complain, which we never do. Food was terrible and overpriced, even at the discount price. Place is super cheesy with tacky and dated decor-even has a store where you can buy sweatshirts! Someone is walking around taking pictures of the patrons, which you can buy as a souvenir=Total tourist trap. Must check your coat at the door-and oh, you must pay 2 bucks for that too. Completely unclassy service, food and ambiance. Save yourself the cash and embarrassment and go somewhere else! Anywhere!

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    Mon Jan 08 2007

    Granted we went a couple of days after Christmas and everything is harried in the City at that time. However, people jammed against each other in every dining room - service designed like a fast food restaurant - food that was mediocre - make for a plain 1 rating. They're obviously coasting on their reputation here. Our party of 4 was crammed into a space so small that we had to run a maze of tables to get there. There was no direct route although it was only a few steps away. Very, very uncomfortable. We started out with some appetizers and salads that were decent. Then came some of the most pedestrian food I've tasted since my cafeteria days. The turkey was actually cold. The salmon, pretty much flavorless, the mushroom dish with pasta was ok - but you would expect more. No one at our table was satisfied in any aspect of the dinner this evening. Extremely disappointing. It is a beautiful setting but instead of eating there, just grab a hot dog and walk around it at night. ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 10 2006

    OK, if you go to NYC on any regular basis, you know you are expected to visit Tavern on the Green. You read a lot of reviews about over-rated and bad service, but you still go. Well the fact is, the view, especially during the Christmas season is spectacular. Lots of lights, color, and excitement. However, I found the reviews about food and service right on target. We were seated promptly, having made reservations weeks in advance. Unfortunately, we were completely ignored for 10 full minutes. I finally flagged down a manager and asked for some help. He apologized and moved us to a better area and took our order. The food was average at best and nowhere close to the price paid. If you want to impress your date, it's probably worth the visit, but you may want to feed her before you come.