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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    I need to be honest. My review is biased, I've linked this gin to so many great memories it's hard to be objective. It got parties started in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Rome and Brussels. Each time the first sip takes me back! Tanqueray is simply the best gin. It's got that specific and destinctive kick. It blends perfectly with the tonic creating an unbeatable cocktail. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but I mix it in about 50/50 gin and tonic and it's still pretty smooth. A few of these before going out and for sure some memorable nights will follow ;)

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    i love tangqueray cos it somehow "stands up" even if it's mixed with other drinks. it maintains that smooth sharp flavor

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    Tangueray and Chronic man I'm fucked up now.

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    Like Bombay Sapphire, this is a good, standard gin. It is not too strong, but it is not as refreshing as something like Bluecoat. I will do gin and ginger ale with this, but I do not like it in something like gin and tonic because I just can't deal with the pine needle-y taste from the juniper berries. Go with Hendrick's for a superior gin!

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    Tue Feb 10 2009

    I like the clean fresh bite. I drink it on the rocks.

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    Sun Nov 16 2008

    I prefer its smoothness over bombay and bombay saph.

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    Mon Dec 03 2007

    The best gin - period. Clean sharp with a terrific combination of subtle spices. Unless you're interested in more spicy gins, then I'd say Bombay Saphire. Tq #10 isn't as good as Bombay but very similar.

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    Mon Sep 03 2007

    Greatest drink ever made T&T;

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    Thu Aug 30 2007

    This stuff tastes terrible, avoid it at all costs!

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    Wed Aug 22 2007

    Best buy in the middle range of gins. Makes super gin and tonics with Schwepps tonic water.

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    Wed Jun 06 2007

    This gin has a really great flavor to it.  It is a bit more fruity than others but that is how I prefer it.  It's hard to recommend this or bombay sapphire since I like them both and they both have different flavors to them, but if I had to pick I would say bombay since it seems a little smoother.  Still a great gin that works great in gin and tonics, highly recommended.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    Tanqueray London Dry Gin ($20) was judged the best gin in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both 2005 and 2007 and awarded a Double Gold Medal in 2006.

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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    Gin with a real bite to it.

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    Wed Aug 16 2006

    The only Gin I can stomach straight up,but I'm a Bourbon & Beer kind of guy anyway.

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    Tue Aug 15 2006

    You can try Sapphire, Beefeater, Boodles, even Tanqueray 10, but you'll always come back to the green bottle.

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    Tue May 02 2006

    Delicious. It's got a deep juniper flavor. If you ever have a venison steak or duck, try this to wash it down.

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    Tue May 02 2006

    A wee more citrus then Bombay Sapphire- but elegant and smooth- great in a Gin and Tonic because of the citrus, while a little more flair and 'sparkle' in a Martini then Bombay Sapphire.

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    Sat Mar 25 2006

    The gold standard for Gin drinkers! You cannot have a authentic G&T; without it.

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    Life wouldn't be worth living without the Tanqueray 10! Okay okay I am streching it a little bit, but h*ll it is the certainly the best gin out today. As far as I'm concerned its the best spirit on the market.

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    Thu Jan 12 2006

    Life wouldm't be worth living without the Tanqueray 10. Okay so sue me I'm going a little overboard, but it still is the #1 gin in my book. H*ll its the nuber #1 spirit for me.

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    Wed Aug 31 2005

    My favorite bottle design. Subtle, elegant, classy, stylish.. And the gin ain't bad(though I ain't a true gin fan)

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    Thu Aug 25 2005

    More bite than other premium Gins. Great in a Gin and Tonic, but a little strong for Martinis in my opinion.

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    Thu Nov 04 2004

    Great martini gin- and great for A Gin and Tonic-

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    The best Gin on the market, make sure you drink it on the rocks with lemon, rub the lemon around the edge of the glass for the perfect refreshing drink

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    Tue Mar 09 2004

    Gin sucks.

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    Sun Feb 22 2004

    Genivieve Gorder of Trading Spaces designed the new Tanqueray 10 bottle! who knew it?! i love the stuff and i love the bottle whats not to like?

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    Sat Feb 21 2004

    I'll endorse any gin that is also endorsed by Snoop Dogg. Tanqueray and Tonic, yeah I'm f_ched up now! Also a key ingredient in Snoop's Gin and Juice.

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    Thu Feb 12 2004

    Tanqueray may say it's gin, but it sure doesn't taste like it. It has nothing on Boodle's or Beefeater. Tanq is only tolerable when mixed with more than one other mixer, not a gin n tonic.

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    Tue Feb 10 2004

    Very good. Dependable with no odd aftertastes.

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    Mon Aug 18 2003

    Joint fave for me, with Bombay Sapphire. Have you seen the thin bottle version of Tank?

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    Mon Jul 21 2003

    I have been ordering Tanqueray martinis for 20 years.

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    Tanqueray really is the best gin. In blind taste tests with my friends, Tanqueray beat out everything else we could find, including Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray 10, and several other elegant gins.

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    Mon Apr 21 2003

    I prefer a Sapphire martini, but noting beets a Tanqueray and Tonic. The premium Tanqueray 10 is perfection--and dangerous.

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    Sun Dec 29 2002

    Tanqueray is an excellent gin and a very close second to Bombay Sapphire, for my taste. And although Bombay is a better dry martini gin, I think Tanqueray makes a slightly better G & T - being a touch sweeter.

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    Thu Dec 19 2002

    I would give a five, but then what would you rate Tanqueray 10? Damn I love this stuff!!! If I had enough $$ to keep this on hand I'd be an alcoholic.

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    Thu Dec 19 2002

    Best base in a Gin & Tonic

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    Wed Jan 10 2001

    It's excellent with some dry Vermouth and olive. When you pour it into a martini glass, you feel almost like James Bond, all sexy, like I'm gonna get a piece.

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    Mon Jan 08 2001

    Honestly, this is the best stuff! I believe that I have acquired a taste for hard alcohol and nothing, nothing, compares to the strength yet smooth taste of Tanqueray. It effects me more strongly than others. It is great to drink straight because it has a smooth unique taste. It also mixes particularly well with such beverages as 7up, and cranberry juice, but I guess that's just standard fare. This is my favorite.

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    Thu Jan 04 2001

    I know everyone wants to associate this fine speciman with Dr. Dre's "Nothin' But A G Thang," but there's more to love! A crisp, clear taste with fairly smooth aftershocks highlights this lovely liquor. Tastes great on the rocks and mixed. This is a bottle to write home about.

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    Tue Nov 07 2000

    Ghetto ass crap! It tastes like mouthwash. Can't get the crap out of my mouth, strong aftertaste. Good marketing though, 'cause lots of people are drinking it. Even Snoop Dog be sippin' on it, so you know it's marketed well.

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    Sat Jun 17 2000

    Together with Bombay Sapphire, the best mainstream gin for a Gin and Tonic. It's a little pricey but it is in a different class than the Nikolais and Gordon's of the world.

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    Tue Dec 07 1999

    the queen to sapphire's king

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    Mon Nov 15 1999

    It's not a great gin and tonic unless it's a Tanqueray and tonic.